Religion Vs. Astrology

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female from NY  

My birthday is Jan 19. So im an Capricor

What do you think about the truths and reality of the zodiacs versus The Bible?
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female from NY  

My birthday is Jan 19. So im an Capricor

I like that
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35 years old female

Sun in Scorpio (The Sun is in Scorpio f


They are both part of belief systems that are open to interpretation, scrutiny, disbelief or acceptance. How do you really compare the two...unless you are pitting one gospel against another? They are both man-made...they are both ancient forms of explaining man's exsistance...they are both a little far fetched so they require faith...they both contain rules on how to interact with others...
I need a Venn Diagram

Doesn't the bible have some astrological references in it?"

I agreesLook into ancient roman and greek mythology and you'll have astrology only being a small part of a religion.Its religion before it becomes myth.Don't know about the astrology part in the bible but the greeks and romans are in it so its possibleAlso some of the other things in those two are very similiar to some creatures in the bible.Seven headed dragon-hydra,the other creature describes a chimera,so forth.Christianity is the newer of the two though but astrology doesn't have that much more hold on reality since the only thing that happens to be true is the planets and constellations being there,the myths attached to them is just faith if you believe in them.And go figure,they looked at the stars and planets to put those beliefs into effect.
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male the Legend of the Zodiac, God was the who created it

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from Khuan-ettii,

yes astrology is in the bible--The religious doctrine--called Christianity is the largest religion-and its 2000 years old--the youngest.
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Strangely connected Scorpio

The three wise men were very good astrologers

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