How do you know if a Sag likes you?

Just wondering... how do you know if a male sag is really interested?
I've been dating one for about 4 months now... and sometimes, I fear he will be flaky or will one day, decide to just go away?

Had a Leo and a cappy do this to me before.
He's already been talking to me.... and more.

Is there anything that makes sagi's kinda wild?
I heard that if i distance myself sometimes, it gets to them...
Hi Cappycappy1981!!

I had something with a Sag once, and I am still trying to figure him out!

At the start of our relationship, he was very interested in me! You just know when a sag is interested! He is just always around you somehow! Being clumsy, funny and always happy to be with you! His friends will also know if he is interested in you!

BUT don't get to serious! You might just get hurt (well, thats what happened with me)! I am a Taurus girl and wanted to have a steady relationship, but I think it scared him off! He then became cold all of a sudden, no more phone calls and always making up excuses that he was busy!

Sag's love their freedom! They don't want to be tied down! They are adventurous in spirit! And sometimes they just wanna have fun with their friends (with no girlfriends hanging around)!

And Yes they are wild! The sag I went out with taught me to have fun in life!

I then distanced myself from him, to try and see if he would eventually come back... but no he didn't!!

we still talk when we bump into eachother, but that flame that he had for me was like it never existed before...

My opinion is that if he is still around... thumbs up for you!!!! You are certainly doing something to keep him interested!!
i don't know if distancing myself would help in anyway...

we've dated for 5 months where he stays over my place once a week... it's been too long to just fly away and turn cold turkey. Frankly... I tried that once and he said he felt that I was and got quite mad. but we resolved it and talked things through.

So turnign cold turkey on him is no good... hopefully he doesn't turn cold turkey on me?

I had to ditch the sagi.

This 31 year old saggi... is living with his 38 year old gf.
I knew... that it wasn't just a HOUSEMATE!

So hurt right now.
Wow... i just don't know what to do.

he apologized profusely.. and admitted that this is something he's done before and should have learned from the past.

his best friend told me that his gf knows that stuff's being happenning.. but being at that age.. she's not going anywhere.

i'm... shocked, sad.. mad...

Am terribly sorry cappycappy1981!

I can feel your hurt and pain!!

I just don't know what to say!

My ex sag left me hurting and I know that he didn't mean to hurt me and even feels bad about it!!! But then again he moved on pretty quickly to another girl... and then another girl... and then another girl... and he keeps hurting us all!!

My experience with sag men, is that they are very unpredictable and very selfish at times!! I feel like they only focus on their needs and wants. Its as if they were a "baby". They want their needs to be fulffilled at the present moment but are unable to envision the consequences of their actions!!!

They seem to seek for love.... but never seem to get it, because they believe the grass is always greener on the other side!

I just never had thought that sag men lie to such an extent that this one did(living with his girlfriend? and never told you the truth?).... I thought that because of their "innocence" that they always told the truth!! Well, I guess I am wrong...

Move on girl!!! I know it is easier said than done... (I have been there once)... but we don't want you to hurt yourself more than what you are at the moment!!

The worst part of it all, is that Sag men (despite it being only 4 months and not a year), leave an incredible mark in your life!! But at the end of the day, you deserve someone that is faithful, loyal and truthful and someone that is willing to stay over at your place more than once a week!!!
thanks queridagirl.

I am upset and sad and such and i will move on...

but it just sickens me that he could lie through and through like this. He's been lying about his whereabouts to her, to me.. and he turns around telling me he can't live a lie anymore and that hes not like that and can't sleep at night... but hes done it BEFORE...

so every weekend, he tells her hes sleeping over at a friends place? his parents place?


and he said i am a very emotional girl and hes not like that. and i told him that yes, i am. but that isn't the problem here. the problem is that you're lying and cheating. I'm not very emotional unless I can't trust you and I feel that. which is what I felt and it turned out to be true.

i know saggis are not emotional creatures.. but it doesn't mean that he needs another unemotional person to be with to accept his behaviour. i can't stand but feel slightly used.

Do you know what's retarded?

After we broke up, he contacts me all the time to workout together or study together.


Very Old Post!!

I Agree, I Feel the same Way.. I'm a Sagg and I like to keep in tocuh even if it doesnt work out especially if they are a great person and I enjoy their company, in ocassions they mention that it's harder to keep in touch. (I guess we see nothing wrong with being Lovers and then just Friends)...
As a Scorp with a moon is Sag, I would say that I usually keep on going as if nothing had happened but I will make sure to give more attention to my person of interest...Also I tend to talk about myself a lot when I'm into someone...because I am too shy to ask them questions about opposed to when I don't care about someone I just let them do the talking and I don't share any info about myself.

Once I am no longer interested I make sure to not send any mixed signals...I'll usually completely avoid the person and if I run into her and she asks me to do something sometime soon I'm ready to pull the I AM EXTREMELY BUSY card these days!
Posted by Dynamite Parfait
"How do you know if a Sag likes you?"

You will have our complete and undivided attention.

No small feat, considering our attention spans.

The lack of attention span is just a general sag trait? I always tried to blame it on my gemini moon. I'm a proud sagi I like to think all my bad traits come from all my non-sag planets.
Lol Im Sag and I too have a lack Of Attention Span...I always turn to something more interesting
"ARE NOT 10s because they're better in bed. hot girls just lay there."

..... really? ok .... so what is that about? Do the 'not so hot girls' have to prove themselves because they are not hot so they'll do whatever is necessary to keep the dude there? I think that's what it is.

I've noticed that, the girls that seem to have to work harder tend to over-do-it ... BUT as a result, they have a guy for a while because many guys find out hard to turn down a wild woman in the sack :/

Whatever, I think I'll take my chances on the other side of the lawn
Oh wait ... is the Saggie guy like really hot though? Most Saggie guys are unless they are lazy, they tend to be pretty hot lol.

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