Im an aquarius and im not compatible to earth signs like virgo, been to one for 4yrs on and off stage I had a relationship with a scorpio for 10yrs again it ended because i cant handle the controlling thing and the possessiveness although we are still
Hello everyone, Have been on a couple of dates with a sun capricorn guy with venus in aquarius. I realise how aloof they are. My best friend funnily enough is sun capricorn with venus aquarius which is why i know exactly how they can be. He gets really s
I have know this guy for two months. He has always been very closed off since day one but he usually always initiated contact. He went away for work a week ago and he did contact me 2 days during that week but then he stopped and now he's back home and I
There is this boy at work. He is 4 years younger than me & is a junior colleague who has been with the company since the beginning of this year. I haven't particularly paid much attention to him but lately I am feeling stronger with time that he has set h
Ok firstly. I'm gay and he's gay. I'm a cancer man libra moon and he's an Aquarius and Gemini moon Last year we had a thing. We were on the verge of dating. He was there for me when I most needed him. Texted me all the time, always wanted to hang out.
Aries get to a point and they don't feel like the person they are talking to puts in effort they are gone. They maybe even your acquaintance or even some what of a friend but if you can't open up to us or make time we just close off. Maybe it is my Scor
So its kind of weird I was talking to this one guy on tinder but just cause we are both from Aus and he was having a party and wanted girls to go. So a few wks later he was like oh i showed my friend your photo and he can't stop talking about it. Do you w
I just wanna say hi to all 30 Jan :D HI fam!!! Love you all 30 Jan.
Greetings, I'm getting to know an Aries man whom I fancy. However, my only knowledge of Aries men is their propensity for being quite the lady's man. Has anyone ever seen this combination work for the long term? What are some characteristics of Aries s
I've known of this Aqua for about 4 yrs now (I'd say we're acquaintances) & every time he's always flirting w/ me or standing super close. He is constantly trying to make conversation with me when he sees me in person and always affectionate (mostly hugs)
Im a cancer, So we dated last year but broke up because of my insecurities and him hiding stuff. We became friend in July little after my birthday one night he told me about his relationship with his girl and that he can't be himself when they're togethe
Got tired of this Aqua man (age 51, me 34) stringing me along for a few months now while not making any effort to see me. We only met 3 times, but he constantly texts me & has NOT vanished on me unlike other Aquas I hear about. He always texts me quickly
I was so hungry from weight lifting and cardio today, I scarfed down a turkey avocado sandwich while slurping a lobster bisque soup. It tasted soo good!! 😭😢
If you are an aqua, you might want to take this L immediately. why are you guys all miserable and ugly?
Anybody experience a bad relationship or dated with a Aquarius guy. Btw I don't think all Aquarius are bad. Just have one bad experience that's all. I'll start the Aquarius I was dealing with was still messing with his ex & me. Playing with both our f
Tell me about there personality/characteristic? in General
hey all, I've been reading quite a lot on this board and came across an interesting thought. It goes: aquas want someone who will put them to their place for bad behavior. Is it true? I am a cancer and I feel treated like a doormat by my aqua bf and
I know i shouldn't be asking this question. But should I leave this aqua man? His been honest and all that which I'm very grateful and I know the TRUTH hurts for all of us. Instead of lying and finding it out later on. This aqua man and I are not coupl
im a libra (sun libra, moon libra, rising pisces) hes the typical, mysterious, quiet, distant, never had a gf before, aqua male (sun aqua, moon leo?, rising leo?) we've been flirting/interested in each other for about 2 years, but i dont think either
I love these. If you see a post like this online somewheres. Post it up in here.
Just curious how aquarius's like to approach friendships and their typical actions with friends. So far i've picked up that aquarius can be very social, with lots of friends, but also love their independence. I've only started befriending some aqu
The aqua guy I'm dating stood me up this week and I got upset and have been being distant with him. Will he lose interest? I just felt hurt:( He left for a while week job trip to China and he didn't even see me before he left. He asked to see me.But the d

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Once we get there, goddammit, is it hard to turn back. Things fall apart, and we may be able to force ourselves to try our luck again at love, or go through the motions, rather...but it always seems dull and unpromising. Because our minds stubbornly c
So I'm gonna be straight up, I'm the stoner hippie mom, who speaks to her child and shows her the beauty of life. Guide her through the disadvantages of living but firmly explains why such things just won't happen in her favor. I also encourage self e
I'm talking about Dreams people. Working on my interpretations, so anything you want clarity on, let me have a crack at er :P
Hi fellow Scorpio man here. First post so here goes. Can't give out too much personal info so going to just get it in a nutshell. Recently come out of an relationship with a cancer woman. Got dumped by her first then managed to get her back.
I know I hit a button on my keyboard that caused this to happen, I just donèt know what one.. See what happens with my apostrophe thereÉ .. okay.. nvm, I guess it does it with question marks too.. What did I hit ÉÉÉÉÉÉ Lol..
He's Cancer rising, Leo sun/Scorpio moon, so he's got cancer rising, that means he needs someone who fulfills him, with Capricorn/Aquarius/Sagittarius energy right?? she's Aries sun/Gemini moon, also ASC cancer. they both have 4th house Gemini
Good morning sir's and ma'am's Down to business.. Is Scorpio sun/aqua moon/cap Venus a difficult sign to date? I swear these placements make one too cold and really sensitive with zero sense of humor.
And he totally left the conversation 😑 I shared with him my summer trip and some pics of it and I asked him about his hometown. I was being conversational and asked a simple question 'so there wasn't much to do there?' It shows me tht he saw the msg b
Im an aquarius and im not compatible to earth signs like virgo, been to one for 4yrs on and off stage I had a relationship with a scorpio for 10yrs again it ended because i cant handle the controlling thing and the possessiveness although we are still
What sign/placements/aspects/whatever that treetrunk you want, are a good match for cancer men? Preferably something that won't treetrunk my butter up. I love these comics.😎
Does it? Like example, 6th house in Libra says you're prone to digestive issues or 6th house in Sagittarius say you're prone to hip problems?
Hey all you scorpio males and females out there... I need your insights about my ex scorpio He recently just broke up with me Before that scenario happened, he was hospitalized because he had gallstones that needed to be removed he was hospitalized f
Why should I? I don't like ether presidential candidate. If it's between those two and you don't like them, there's always a third choice. Who else isn't voting?
She's been dating this guy for the last 3-4 months but she has been contacting me for the last year and a half to "hang out" with her. We have history together. Does her persistance mean shes trying just to reconnect with me as a "friend" or does she e
I know you goats are slow, but do you prefer to make the first move since you guys/gals like control, or prefer to be asked out/or the other to make the first move?
I still have dreams but I can't remember them in detail like the ones before, I feel slightly anxious going to bed because I don't want to dream about a certain person, the dreams are too vivid, strong but short, sweet and to the point. 98% of the time im
Women sitting alone together in a cafe would not give most observers pause, but in Russia, a group of women alone acts as a reminder of the country's deficiency in marriageable men. Lonely Russian women are commonplace in Moscow and other major Russian ci
So I'm dating a Capricorn man and he has a girlfriend. He doesn't know that I know that he has a girlfriend. It's strange because we are always talking and see each other on the weekends. We talk throughout and he always text me goodnight, it's as if we a
I found this super interesting and thought I would share...... There are days throughout the year that a planet appears to move backward and forward in orbit. Although this is a trick of the eye from our perspective on earth, the “station” — or the mom