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Oh no!! Neves deleted 😧
Who are you here with? Bc they are hooking you up with all the best in Seattle lol. Most people just do Pike place and the needle but you're going to THE SPOTS.
Going to brunch and justice League with my brothers. Time to get ready.
You know you're ugly 😓 When Hydorah's old crusty balls won't slide into your pm's.
Someone tell me my jowls are sexy?! I can't help it that I have two dimples on each cheek and a chin dimple 😞
Scallop & Shoyu Tuna Poké and Clam Chowder
I keep mistaking users. Nevermore is a taurus and seemingly cool. Harukka is the over egotistical sag bytch. Sheez remind me ppl. I keep attacking Nevermore thinking she's that fake weirdo Harukka. Smh

Lazy Sunday mornings are the best