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Advice for all people having trouble with aquas
Im sorry i have to take a stand and say in the most sincerest form that no amount of distance,disrespect, or tests shoul
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Please tell me I'm looking too much into this:
I personally can. I have never developed a crush on my guy friends. Those I like, I don't make friends with them. Re
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Aqua gal
Met a really awesome Aqua Gal and I am falling hard and don't want to show to much love being a Pisces with a Scorpio mo
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making plans and not showing up?
hey guys, so this aqua guy I've been friends with for a long time is acting really strange. Basically, I know we both li
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Have you ever had a man not go away?
Back in 2011 I dated a man (Taurus) that was in the Army. It was a short romance and ended abruptly after I found out he
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aquas wearing glasses
I have noticed that many aquas wear glasses. Do you notice this or is it just me ? Astrologically sun rules eyes(right)
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Aqua lounge
Share your thoughts on anything.
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Can Aquas be obsessive?
Well...... can they? I've dealt with an obsessive Sag. And now for the past month I've dealt with an Aqua that I have no
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aquarius - your first love?
So, reading Linda Goodman's sun signs, she explains for the aquarius guy (and most likely,girl) that they never forget o
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I'm all for trying, working on it and all that butter. However, really, when it becomes apparent that my good nature
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The Mothership requests your observations
Please report. What observations of the humans have you discovered. We need to record the good, the bad and the ug
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A present for you..
...bored with people getting in your face? bored with annoying people? bored with general? I have the perf
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As u know those of you who have read my previous threads "Aqua wont answer" and the other prev thread i cant think of th
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Aquarius on the fence. Will he come back?
I am Pisces, Aquarian moon. People say they cleanly move on but he’s not doing that. We dated 10 years ago for maybe a
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dream job
Is there something even close to the concept of dream job where you are automatically motivated ?For me I don't think t
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Confronting Aqua When I Knw He's With Another Girl
I've been following the Aquarius thread for quite some time to understand this Aquarius friend that I'm, well, 'friends'
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Aquarius friend has backed off
Hi, I started to really hit it off with a new colleague at work, we work seperately but every now and then would bump i
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Why doesn't he call me out on my crap?
Okay, aquas, yall know I understand yall. But this question right here I don't understand at all. I'm sure I've done
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When and why do Aquarius lose interest in someone?
be it somebody they loved or just people in general. cancer here. lololo
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can hate be conquered by love ?
what do you think ?
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any insight into what is going through his head?
I've been dating this aquarius guy for the past 3 years on/off (long distance). I've known him for about 8 years. He has
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Aquarius men?
Aquarius men: what are they like in relationships? I've never actually known an Aquarius male in my life except for one.
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Aquarius girl & Aries guy??
Hi guys, I'm new to this forum so sorry if I'm repeating the topic :) I'm an Aquarius with Libra ascendant and moon in A
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Who is your Favorite Aqua?
Who is your favorite Aqua? besides yourself of course. :) I would have to say my brother. Aquarius Sun Aquarius Mo
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Too much Chemistry????
Have any of you great fellow Aquarius folks been intimated by the chemistry you've had with someone else? If so, what di
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Why are Aquarius extremely humble?
Doesn't it get boring and lame after a while? also why the treetrunk do you guys always think of other people? what is so gre
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I don't understand whats going on with him?!!?!?
I have an aqua friend who I have known for a long time. While I have learned and understand that Aquarius individuals h
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