Caught offguard.Feeling Vulnerable.Please Help.
Offlate I had mentioned that my aqua was growing emotionally close but physically distant.I wanted to be intimate last time though but he wasn't ready which kinda upset me a little.He tried to convince me but I didn't listen,however, towards the end I sai...
Starting to hate my aqua stellium
What does this aqua stellium does to a person? Being the most aqua here, let me say that it's true what astrologers s
Aqua lounge
Share your thoughts on anything.
Aquas- Have you ever boycotted a business?
I am curious if this is an aquarius thing. If you have a negative experience at a certain store or restaurant such as a sarcastic sales person or a slow waiter, etc. would you boycott that business from then on? Or if it's a chain store, boycott every...
Aquas and parents
Do you live with your parents or on your own, away from them? What's their signs? How's your relationship with them? And, if you live away, do you miss them a lot?
Do Aqua men ever "get their butter together"?
I've met several aqua men in my life, dated 2, almost a 3rd recently but decided I'm not over my cancer guy plus this new Aqua bums me out. Everything was fine. We have fun talking on the phone and texting, but can't spend more than an hour in each other...
Aqua ladies, what's your favorite/least favorite sign and why?
Aqua lady here, wanted to reach out to other aquas... Or people that have dated aqua ladies. Seems like there's a lot of aqua guy drama on this forum! What's your favorite sign to date? Who's your best friend? What sign do you strongly dislike? Signs t...
What kind of Lingerie do you like?
Okay Aquas! Just curious to what kind of lingerie turns you on?
Bad first experience with Aquarian man-LIES
I posted about my aquarian a while ago and everyones advice was helpful but now once again I am at a loss. After many months (almost a year) of being friends with him and dating him and seeing him once a week or so things started getting serious so I mad...
Something is bothering me but I'll tell you later
Firstly happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. i'm away for the Thanksgiving break. Last night aqua and I were texting and I asked him how he was doing. I asked is everything OK? He told me "not really but I'll be fine. I just need some ti...
leo hopelessly in love with aqua man but confused as dog butter
on and off since march. 3 month break in between, now trying things out again, he says i love you to me, then distances, then loves me then distances, and so forth. i dont know whether to wait or give up, i wish hed let me in. But i think im a little scar...
need advice from aqua men
few questions: have any of you dated a leo women? how is/was it? im in love with an aqua man but its proven to be pretty difficult, but the heart wants what it wants. do you like being pursued, or pursuing? how much space do you actually need/want fr...

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Moon and Mercury
What if a man had both Aqua Moon and Mercury together? What would they be like?
Why would he lie?
I've been talking to this Aquarius man for about 3 months. We met on a dating website and really hit it off. From what I can tell, he seems really into me and I'm really into him. We've talked almost every single day since we met on the dating website. La...
why are aquas so confusing??
im a libra girl and have been talking to this aqua guy for the past year on/off because he leaves but then comes back anywhere from 4 days to a month, he doesnt have much experience with girls and he moved multiple times throughout the year but still stay...
aquarian magnet- but how?
I was out with my friend last Thursday, and we went to a bar we normally go to. we got there at 1 am after we went on a "booze cruise" in Chicago, so I was exhausted. the only reason I went was because it was her brothers birthday and she wanted to be the...
Crazy insecure Aqua female
So I've mentioned in here before about my Scorpio brother who's never settled down even with girls he's loved.... He met a girl last year she seemed the most sensible human in the world, until she got pregnant! She turned into an emotional wreck.. He...
aquarius ex
hy, i broke up with my aqua 4months ago after 2years, we both agreed things aren't the same anymore. the point is, i thought it wasn't end for good, like this is just temporarily and he will eventually change his mind. we met each other 2months after o...
Leo man returns after 6 years, I can't stay away.. help - Aquarius Woman
6 years ago, I was madly in love with an leo man, as an aquarius woman I found it to be nearly impossible to stay away from him. We had crazy chemistry, but after 6 crazy months we called it quits. I moved away as a way of coping with the loss, but i stil...
What does he want?
Hello everybody, So, I met this guy (he is an Aquarius, I am a Scorpio) 2 months ago and he was so sweet. We texted, flirted, had awesome dates and awesome sex on our 7th date (5 weeks after we knew each other). Before having sex, we always had argumen...
Pisces with venus and mars aqua
I'm currently crushing on a Pisces with venus in aqua and mars. I'm not familiar with this placement. Anyone have any advice on this placement. I have venus in aries and they say air venus signs should be able to handle a fire venus but I'm afraid h...

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Emotionally close but physically distant?
So when my aquarius returned from his hometown,he called me up.He was very affectionate.However,somewhere in between,he mentioned that we won't make out next time onwards.(Okay,a little flashback detail,last time when we met and were making out,someone ob...