how do you aquarius deal with cancer mothers? or cancer people?

— Anybody here that has a cancer mother? my mom is born in July 17, 1976 and I am born in January 24,1996. She is very abusive in all ways, emotionally, pyschologically and verbally. She always think there is something wrong with me, is very manipulative,...


— Do aquas request a three some from someone they love and see a future with? I'm wondering if my aquas request is a test, or I'm not enough for him anymore. Or ever was. He's Aqua sun, Venus, Mercury, Leo moon, libra Mars. I'm confused and he k...


— I will never allow another Aqua to waste my time and ladies if you plan on getting to know the guy good luck! U just bought oh excuse me rented a selfish one trick pony bcuz these hoes r 4 erybody yes erybody & it's ur fault u didn't know them since the a...


— Do any other Aquarius's lack motivation lol, I work in bursts of energy but often find myself getting lost in my thoughts or interested in other things to get any work done :/ Studying for exams, it's a hard life. I also get distracted and bored easily.

Swore I would stay away from Aquas

— Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum hoping to hear what others think about my situation. I had an amazing first date with a Aquarius guy. It was the best date I've had in years and I felt a connection with him. We started with drinks, walked down t...

threat or nah

— how is a Sagittarius Aquarius match,. There is this Aquarius dude that is flirting with my girl heavily. I heard from friends that they seen her with this guy at different locations. Well they didn't know of our time off. That why they called me asking me...

Should I officially give up on this Aquarius man?

— Hey all, this is my first time on a forum. I have gotten to the point where I actually want some online friendly advice, away from people that I know. Anyways, I'm a cancer man and I'm a bisexual. The man I like is a gay Aquarius man. Everyone knows he's...

what's your occupation, what do you like to do?

— For Aquarus, or anyone. I saw the topic at the Scorpio forum where they ask what's your job/career, ect. how about you aquas. Anyone else can pipe in if they want.

Just a Libra trying to get his aqualove back

— Hey y'all, my situation seems pretty straight forward but I love this girl so much I don't want to make my chances to rekindle our flame any worse. I've known her since 2009 and we have many mutual friends, we started dating in June of last year, after ab...

are aquarius boring?

— i read in a interview that the weeknd said he's boring and i've gotten that same response when it comes to females. me and my taurus buddy was in the studio mastering this song and his girl said y'all boring. we look at each other like.. get this cookiemonster ou...

Aquarius guy update / help me?

— Hello, So I've been seeing this Aquarius for about two months now. I think it's going well... We used to chat more through messages maybe like 2 days on 1 day off but now it's mostly weekends. I don't know if it's because of school and assignments and d...

Do Aquarius men like to be chased

— There is an Aquarius man that I can never seem to get over. I met him 9 months ago and we dated for a few months but he was not ready to committ to anything and I got frustrated and moved on. Shortly after we picked up again and would talk or see each oth...

Aquarius update .


Opening up

— How hard is it for aquas to share their feelings? My aqua is going through things, and I give him his space, but I really want to (a) know what the hell is going on. And (b) want to make him feel better. I told him the "I'm here if you need me," stu...

this old man is after me, I hate him

— An old man in my block is trying to woo me into being his girlfriend. Mxm this is just irritating. I mean this man is older than my Dad but here he is thinking I wanna get to bed with him eww! Just because he doesn't see me with men here doesn't mean he s...

What is your interpretation of this?

— Good match? Or Bad match? Solely on the signs. Me: Sun- Leo Moon- Cancer Venus- Cancer Mercury-Cancer Mars- Leo Him: Sun- Aquarius Moon- Libra Venus- Capricorn Mercury- Pisces Mars- Aries

For the Aquarians


Help with an Aquarius male.

— I met this Aquarius guy online. From the start he has been flirty and super kind. He talks to me for 3 or 4 nights in a row and just when I think it's become a nightly thing, he disappears and doesn't message me until the next day. He sometimes ignores my...

Coming out of an emotional fog

— Blah! I'm having the hardest time eliminating thoughts about my last relationship. I don't want my ex back but I really need this emotional fog to dissolve immediately. I wake up and rehash the situation, I go to sleep and rehash the situation, on my brea...

Air fakeness identified

— I guess I'm beginning to comprehend what non air people mean when they say that we're fake or flakey. Here's an elaboration. I do think of fixing humanity and people's bad behaviour a lot. Most of the time I'm very nice to people, but I can be just as me...

Aqua lounge

— Share your thoughts on anything.

Confused with and Aqua man

— Hello, I am a Leo female, I have been seeing this Aqua guy for about 7 month now. He is amazing, loving, respectful, always there when I need him. I understand his emotional distancing. He was very clear with me from the very beginning that he doesn't...

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