Opening up

— How hard is it for aquas to share their feelings? My aqua is going through things, and I give him his space, but I really want to (a) know what the hell is going on. And (b) want to make him feel better. I told him the "I'm here if you need me," stu...

He asked..

— And I said yes!! It's official! We're getting married!!!!!!

Do Aqua cope with long distance?

— How do you guys relate to being in a long distance relationship

Eye contact

— How important is eye contact to Aqua? Do you guys need it in certain scenarios? What does it mean when you avoid eye contact? I know you guys hate multiple questions, but I don't know how else to ask.

Scatterbrain Much?

— My scatterbrain, flighty-ness, airheadness seems to be getting worse! Give me a report to write or a task that requires briefing staff on updates- I'm your girl. But hell my brain works faster than my mouth that half the time I'm tripping over my words...

Virgo Sun/ Sag Moon with an Aquarius Sun/ Pisces Moon

— So my boyfriend and I met two summers ago on OKC. We started out as a hookup transforming into friends with benefits and we've always been very comfortable with each other. Literally on our second date, he told me to pull his finger. It never bothered me,...

Tell me old habits you've grown out of

— What are habits that you've grown out of? How'd you break them or why? When I was younger, I was very good at cutting people off. One reason to not trust you, and I was disconnected emotionally and buh-bye, you're out of my life. And good luck coming b...

Mercury in Aquarius

— Hi everyone 😆😆 Ha anyone got experience with this placement? This placement seems to have the effect of not being able or being awkward at least...with expression. Expressing emotions. So how would a person who has this placement express w...

No lie...

— Im on facebook and there's this girl that has some interesting posts and I be liking her butters sometimes but idk her in real life but she happens to be my aqua ex's bestfriend and I think my ex peeped that and she and her start hanging out more and postin...

Curious About Other Aquarius

— I honestly don't know many people who share my sign, so I wonder if we match up. What annoys you? What's your temperament like? What do you enjoy? Tell me about yourself. Details! As for myself, I'm neither friendly or unfriendly. I hang back and obser...

aaq4ar54s f6r40

— aquarius fourm is dead.. what's up?

Aqua ladies, what's your favorite/least favorite sign and why?

— Aqua lady here, wanted to reach out to other aquas... Or people that have dated aqua ladies. Seems like there's a lot of aqua guy drama on this forum! What's your favorite sign to date? Who's your best friend? What sign do you strongly dislike? Signs t...


— I will never allow another Aqua to waste my time and ladies if you plan on getting to know the guy good luck! U just bought oh excuse me rented a selfish one trick pony bcuz these hoes r 4 erybody yes erybody & it's ur fault u didn't know them since the a...

Why Do Aquarius Have a Calming Effect on Crazy People?

— I can go from 0 to 100 in 30 seconds, an Aquarius will say one sentence and I am cool and calm. Linda Goodman said " Aquarius can reduce the anxiety of the criminally insane....and the Aquarius has a marvelous knack for calming hysterical people." Why? A...

threat or nah

— how is a Sagittarius Aquarius match,. There is this Aquarius dude that is flirting with my girl heavily. I heard from friends that they seen her with this guy at different locations. Well they didn't know of our time off. That why they called me asking me...

Aqua lounge

— Share your thoughts on anything.

any Aqua guy and Saggie girl couples (successful)?

— So I'm a Saggie Ive had my fair share of Aquamen come into my life. My first love would love to disappear without a moments notice then show up again and be even more enamored than before and have no clue as to why I was upset for him ditching me to ha...

ever felt like you were alone around a lot of people?

— just got a rude awakening that people are more than fake and can use you for their own gain. It's really painful! I still can't believe it! My f

Scorpio gave up...


How to tease a Aquarius

— In bed Because I know intellectually stimulating conversations make them tingle. I find it hilarious whenever I'm done talking to my Aquarius friend about something interesting and 30 minutes later I receive a naughty text. But what really turns...

Dating an Aquarius

— All of them are different. How they are has to do with their birth chart but also how they were raised/ their influences. Some are affectionate and some aren't. My ex was a mix. His birth chart is Aquarius, Taurus rising, Cancer moon. Mine is Cancer, Vir...

When an Aquarius says

— Hey there, im new to this message board. Im a Gemini 6/11 who fell for an Aquarius with the exact same birthday as my father 2/15. I understood him being distant because my father doesn't show his emotions either and this aqua man just like my dad, did...

Calling all Aquarians....

— Hi everyone, I have recently met another Aquarius guy, but this one is completely different. He's very attentive! He doesn't seem to want space from me! He never disappears! He wants to talk to me constantly. He's almost very intense....very personal & a...

question for aquas

— particularly aqua guys or jan aquas if you like/love someone is it easy for you to move on? would you hook up with other people if you havent seen the person you like or love for a while? why do you stop talking to them? how long can you go?

Valentine's Day babies

— They all find me. It doesn't matter the year. Super weird. Even a guy born in the mid 70's (Valentine's Day baby) came up to me in the bar, and my Leo friend told me how after I left (we both spent the night at his house with his other friend) he knew...

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