thanks for visiting the aquarius message board. aquarius men and women are original and one-of-kind people. do you aquarians?

nicotine free
I know this has nothing to deal with relationships an all that but I just recently quit nicotine. Smoked cigarettes for
Aqua lounge
Share your thoughts on anything.
Understanding an aquarius
So this Is my aquarius dilemma. Met this guy a while ago at work, always had a bit of banter but never done much about i
Aqua Woman and Pisces Man?
I want to preface this by saying that I'm well aware that all Aquas and Pisces, men and women, are different, I'm just l
I am the great sabotager
Haha so I pulled a good one. I Like to see people in their true rustic, naked, unbiased character. If some one doesn't s
aquarius people.. madat me?
need help with aqua man!!
Hi all, i am new here and i must say i have been going through most of the posts and i feel like i might i get some insi
I want an aqua girl like feby
I need some randomness in my life. Are all aqua women random like feby? Or will they rebel and turn conformist on me
Where's my switch?
I need a switch to turn off my flight mode. Every time a great relationship gets super intense, I start fluttering my wi
Intense love
Can aquas deal with intense love? I am at a place where I'm struggling to hold back any longer! Love this man like it's
aquas born on Feb 14th make your way to this post.
describe yourself in a relationship please and thanks.
how do aquarius men flirt? plz help! stange situ.
Ok so im in a strange situation.... The man im with has a cousin who is aquarius. He comes over all the time and he lov
Aqua with Cap Stellium
Can someone help me with this? Does that mean that he operates more as a capricorn? He has a cancer moon
Aqua vs scorp
Hi guys I've read so much stuff on this site but I only got confused... so here's my story... there's this aqua guy I li
I argued with my Aqua bf, and now he disappears
We're joking around on the text. I told him I feel sloppy. Then we discussed about what "sloppy" means. He loves to use
aqua people
What kinds of careers are you most attracted too or makes you tick professionally?
Aquarius guy messaging me, the signs
I've been friends with an Aquarius guy at work for a while now and damn he's a hottie but had a girlfriend so never real
Are aqua men submissive after marriage ?
Ladies who have been married to Water bearers please share your experiences
I hear aquas don't play games, but sometimes it sure feels like games! I swear, by the time my aqua realises that I'm 10
two stelliums
does anyone know about having more than one stellium? i couldnt find much info on it i have aquarius in sun mercur
Aqua men dont like to cuddle/hold hands?
i find aqua men highly interesting but im constantly getting told theyre not the touchy type. So id like to know if this
Seeking advice for my Astrological Chart
Hello guys, i am new to this forum. Firstly a warm hugs to all loving Aquarians out there. For astrology experts here, c
What do you ooze? Topic
So as an aquarius what one thing about yourself you believe you ooze? They say what you ooze is what you attract have
Aqua Sun/Scorpio Moon
Anyone else in this boat? I had a reading and was told this is one of most difficult combos to be.