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Recharge Time
Mr. Aqua is currently on alone relaxing time. He's still in contact: replies to me and inquires on how I'm doing at leas
by Huldra · 44 replies · updated 3/27/2015 6:49:35 AM
Should I back off from this aqua man alitle bit?
Well, I feel like I'm too affectionate to my aqua date recently such as.. I texted him today first after he didn't text
by 1thgirls · 73 replies · updated 3/27/2015 5:00:21 AM
aquarius frisky when it rains
I was on Instagram looking at images and came across a couple having sex in the rain and the caption written was love th
by kagerain22 · 6 replies · updated 3/26/2015 7:10:19 PM
I know this guy who turns into a giddy (lol) girl when he sees me. I know that's a very bad way to describe a guy but th
by aquarius09 · 5 replies · updated 3/26/2015 7:02:34 PM
Aquas...what would you do?
Aquarians what would you do if you weren't there for your partner and they're ticked off at you? Would you be clueless
by truecap · 32 replies · updated 3/26/2015 12:36:31 PM
Aquarius most likely to produce dictators.
A friend sent this. Dictators and the elements I got an idea tonight and ran all dictators of the 20th century I cou
by CYAN · 53 replies · updated 3/26/2015 11:42:12 AM
Curious about an Aqua man
I have been interested in an Aqua man who I work with for well over a year. At first I was under the impression that he
by lostinwanderlust · 8 replies · updated 3/26/2015 12:39:55 AM
Sweets & Desserts
Like em? Hate them? What desserts do you like? All my Aquarius friends say they don't like sweets when I mention it,
by SingASong41 · 30 replies · updated 3/25/2015 9:49:32 PM
Well, I did it....
After 10 years of flirting, talking about what-if futures, and adventures I finally told my best friend (male Aquarius)
by herlimbicmind · 56 replies · updated 3/25/2015 9:06:02 PM
Ok I set her FREE
So I had posted a few weeks ago about this Aquarius woman I'm trying to nab. She is into me, however she's only out of a
by nysag86 · 5 replies · updated 3/25/2015 3:01:51 PM
Did you delete the thread? I had some questions to ask 😉
by Aquadeer · 67 replies · updated 3/25/2015 1:15:57 PM
He likes me a lot but doesn't want a relationship?
I met this aquarius man and from the first moment we connected. He told me often that he likes me. He finds me intellige
by Heidi33cap · 34 replies · updated 3/25/2015 12:58:11 PM
Aqua lounge
Share your thoughts on anything.
by aquapiscescusp · 1384 replies · updated 3/25/2015 12:52:53 PM
Age problem
I'm sick and tired of going to place and people treating me like I'm 17, I'm 24 cookiemonsteres! Lol They treat me rudely lik
by flowingwater · 22 replies · updated 3/25/2015 12:24:29 PM
Aqua Gals. Do you get nervous..
When you like someone? :) So much that you aren't yourself. Been chasing up this aqua for a while (2 topics on here).
by CaptainPimp · 12 replies · updated 3/25/2015 8:47:43 AM
Curious about an Aqua man
I have been interested in an Aqua man who I work with for well over a year. At first I was under the impression that he
by lostinwanderlust · 1 replies · updated 3/25/2015 12:02:44 AM
Questions to Aquarians about the emotions thing
Questions to Aquarians about the emotions thing (for SCIENCE and okay I'd like to get a clue on this stuff already) :)
The BEST way to Piss an Aquarian Woman off
1. They hate being smothered. They hate it when their partners can't keep their hands off of them. Yes, Aquarians are af
by krysrenee7 · 188 replies · updated 3/24/2015 7:54:11 AM
by Aquadeer · 1 replies · updated 3/24/2015 12:03:49 AM
Venus in Aquarius
How are venus in Aquarius people like in relationships?
by Mcmoth061 · 15 replies · updated 3/23/2015 8:28:43 PM
Another post about a confusing Aqua male?
I will try to keep this short. I would greatly appreciate and advice. I met an aqua man 14 months ago. We met very br
by Colorofmysunaet · 56 replies · updated 3/23/2015 5:48:41 PM
Capricorn guy/ Aquarian girl?
So I'm going to tell you my story, but first I would like to address all those who will say we don't make a good match.
by titaniumode · 15 replies · updated 3/23/2015 8:28:15 AM
Should I Respond?
Hello everyone, I have a question and I would you all to give me some feedback on it. So I met a capricorn guy a few
by aquansidenout · 5 replies · updated 3/23/2015 8:09:46 AM
Aquarius and Emotion
You know, what I find most interesting is it seems like Aquarius have some seriously intense emotions. Especially the mo
by LordTerramine · 32 replies · updated 3/22/2015 12:59:16 AM
Pitching aquarius
I am a capricorn female who has never to my knowlege talked to an aquarius person and I have very little aquarius in my
by HappyCapper · 11 replies · updated 3/21/2015 10:13:35 PM
We did it! :)
We got married! We are officially Mr. and Mrs. EvilTurtle! :D _3
by misslissa · 21 replies · updated 3/21/2015 5:14:09 AM