thanks for visiting the aquarius message board. aquarius men and women are original and one-of-kind people. do you aquarians?

I feel like you folks understand me the best :)
Your communication, you zeal for life, your restless minds. And yet you also need to withdraw, much like I do from my mo
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Supportive of their Parents
i notice a trend, like that Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, and even Mischa Barton....
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Self-Discovery in relation to Aqua,maybe maybe not
I posted here a while back stating how I was raised by Aqua father/Libra mother and my best relationships were w Aquas f
Grateful for Aqua Moon's Painful Disappearing Act
Hello Everyone, Let me preface this post by saying that you don't have to respond (unless you feel compelled to). Thi
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When to tell Aquarius Man falling in love?
So I've never really felt like I was in deeply and madly in love with someone and I never said I love you first to anyon
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Aqua sun Pisces moon disappears
My LDR bf who has aqua sun, pisces moon and venus is disappearing for almost a week now. We didn't fight or argue at al
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Blood ft. Water
How do you become emotionally dead?
Please respond you pasty mothertreetrunkers!
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Supportive aqua
Hey Aqua friend. Hope you are well.!! I don't really know what my question is, but I can use an ear or a few words.
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Aqua lounge
Share your thoughts on anything.
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Am I going to lose this aquarius male? :(
Firstly, I'm a libra. There's this aquarius guy I've had a "thing" with for 4 years now. We dated before but broke up du
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He loves me, he loves me not...
An aquarius guy I really like said 'I love you' really fast and quietly to me. I heard it, but wasn't sure how to react.
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Everyone is superficial!
I hate it when people say they're not superficial, but another person is or that they are less superficial than someone
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Are Aqua males lone rangers? lol
I've known an Aqua guy for about eight years, always super pleasant and the best energy to be around. He basically loves
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Taurus Visionary
I love my Aquarius bf but can't tell him
We've had some good time and some rough patches. I'm a Taurus sun and Gemini moon. He's an Aquarius sun and Libra moon.
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I need control..
Over making a stupid mistake. I just want to see him once.. It's slowing eating me alive. :'(
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When people tell you they love you?
How does it make you feel? I've had two aqua loves, but the 1st one I never told and I'm not sure if his feelings were a
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fallen inlove with your bestfriend?
have any of you aquas fallen inlove with any of your bestfriends? if so how did you move from friendship to relationship
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Mixed signals or disinterest?
I used to see this aquarius guy for 5 months, and we had a break up in April. I stopped all contacts with him until he p
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Aquarius man and Taurus woman
Astrology says we're not compatible. I'm a Taurus woman. I met a Aquarius man about 2 months ago. When we first met we h
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How to be there for your aqua female friend?
Hey lovely people. My closes friend of many years just broke up with her boyfriend. They were together for 8-9 months
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Dear Aquas, do you prefer Gems or Leebs?
I'm just curious because I've been discussing this a bit with two lovely Aquas on this forum :) and I'm just curious abo
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If I ask something's bothering him he'd act all cool and say that he's fine. But he would tell his family that it did hu
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Mutual feelings between my co-worker and myself...
I'm new here to the site; I have come on and off reading for answers to many things that have made me curious and baffle
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He looked in my handbag ?
I left the room and he looked through my bag ! I know he did bc my secret things were at the bottom and when I retur
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how do aquarius men flirt? plz help! stange situ.
Ok so im in a strange situation.... The man im with has a cousin who is aquarius. He comes over all the time and he lov
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