thanks for visiting the aquarius message board. aquarius men and women are original and one-of-kind people. do you aquarians?

lets be honest
question for the ladies of this sign. when you find out that your ex is dating someone else, do you stalk that person
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Aquas not being maternal ?????
Ok so i decided years ago that i dont want children. I just feel that i dont have maternal instincts like other women. A
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Recently married to Aquarius man! HELP!!!
Am a scorpio woman who was married to an aquarius last may. Weve been in a distant on and off relationship for 17 years.
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Aqua lounge
Share your thoughts on anything.
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They always leave me feeling unfulfilled
Let me start off by saying, no negativity please. I don't need additional crap. You will be blocked. Just understandi
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Aquarius men
I met an Aquarius man nd all the time he was going on and on about seeing me again. I thought ok this is cool. Next da
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Aquarius men
I met an Aquarius man nd all the time he was going on and on about seeing me again. I thought ok this is cool. Next da
by loopypops · 1 replies · updated 8/26/2014 7:57:48 PM
back again about aqua,she said we need talk soon
Some of you remember me about this aqua... We started hanging out back in sept. we were friends first.. in November we k
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HELLO , Well this will be a WEIRD topic but here i go . I am an Aquarius but i truly dont understand my actions
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sign of friend zone ?
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Someone please help need support!!!
I am so hurt to the point of tears my aqua ex is trying to ruin my reputation he told people some things (we know some o
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Do you test people you like? I've been reading about other signs testing people before they start a relationship and
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Well if you liked it then you shoulda-
-Puts one of Saturn's Rings on you- ...put a ring on it. ;) You move, Aqua-Board.
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Aquarians are so penetrable
My mother feb 2 aqua.......asks the most thought provoking questions about life i wanted to run lol as soon as i thought
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Please help! Need advice on an Aquarius man...
Hello there, Well i have been getting to know an Aquarius guy through a dating site, we have been exchanging messages an
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Need urgent advice Posted here before about how i was startjng
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Why do men do this?
What I want to discuss today is how men seem to drop a LTR (5+ yrs) as if nothing happened. I seldom come across women w
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Aquarius Men Fan Club
_3 Love you guys. :)
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UFO SIGHTING IN THIS TOPIC! Neah..just Sun/Moon combos. Enjoy :) *hope all combos are available, I will google for
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Random questions for the aquas!
Random questions for you all: 1. Do you always seek out to please everyone to ease the situation or not create dram
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The hell...
Why do I keep reading Aqua= Swingers, Polyandry, Harems, etc. Have not met one Aqua in to that though. Heard of one h
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Can't understand aqua guy
He said he'll arrange for us to meet after I asked to see him. It's been two weeks. Should I contact him? I mean is he w
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Aqua baby!
So I'm a cancer with gem tendencies and my baby's dad is a libra...we're having a Aquarius baby this February. Any hea
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am I the only one with a horrible temper or is that an aqua thing
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What attracts you to people?
I'm not necessarily talking about romantic but in every sense of the word: platonic, romantic, professional etc. Wha
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Is it acceptable to ask what you think of me
I mean like beyond everything you do see. Like what does my x-ray say, do my skeletal bones speak a parable. Just wri
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sign of friend zone ?
by smellycat · 4 replies · updated 8/14/2014 6:46:56 PM
Signs of the aqua man in love?
I've been reading around a lot in this forum but i dont know exactly how an aquarius guy acts when he feels for you. Wha
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