thanks for visiting the cancer message board. cancer men and women may be the most misunderstood of all of the zodiac signs. find out more about the do you cancers?

cancer man and their feeling
Is that true that cancer man is not easy to trust people and to talk about their true feeling ?
Your moon and you.
It's said being the lunar citizens we are that we are more like our moon signs and that we show it more often especially
What does it take for Cancers to grow up?
I mean no offense by this, it's something I read here that immature Cancer men will treetrunk up a relationship through manip
What the hell?!
I honestly don't understand anything anymore regarding my lover. He's going through a rough phase once again because
breaking it off with a cancer? can we just be frie
Met this awesome cancer in the beginning of the summer. Had fun together. Sex was great. After a few more sexual encount
Sharing some LOVE for Cancers
I read on one of the posts that one of you Adorable Cancer men felt like you are hated because of all the negative posts
Full moon last night
So was I the only cancer last night that couldn't go to sleep and then when I did I had the most vivid and crazy dreams?
Your opinions
I feel as if in the zodiac the cancer male got the short end of the stick. There is just so much contradiction in one pe
Theme song for cancer guy relationships
I feel as if this song has the vibes i get from a large portion of the posts here. Well leaving that aside i just wanted
Your favorite sign from each element?
IF you can only choose one which would you go with. Mine would have to be cancers, virgos, geminis, and aries maybe
No time for love or relationship butter
So few know this but just a background info - my ex failed 5th time in his degree exam in mid july and he disappeared (h
Is he interested?
I posted in the Cap forum, but didn't get many replies so hoping I can get more insight here! So theres a cappy guy a
Lets face it
I think us cancers dont mean to, but we do kind of make our partners insecure. And i feel like accepting it its the firs
Cancer Leo Cusp Issues...
I know there are a lot of feeds about this but I am very confused and don't have time to waste on a guy who isn't into m
it actually works
Ladies my cancer guy texted me last night after like 2 months ( we don't live in the same state) when am I coming back t
Mike Tyson
Tyson getting the Cancer feels is really touching.
the unlucky !!
Oliver Sacks who died today of Liver cancer at age 82, wrote recently about being faced to face with dying.. he also wro
The Cancer Recalibration Thread
Time to recharge Crabs. I suggest for every crap (yes, crap) post that appears here, post either a vision or preferred
love hate
Ive noticed that with the Cancers I know there's always this love/hate relationship between them and people. It's starts
The "Vibe"
This song just really fits the vibe i get from most of the posts here complaining about cancer guys. It could be the the
Do Cancer men respect their marriage?
I'm facebook friends with this guy and I'm not saying that this guy wants to hook up with me but he's always telling me
help me out
I have been here quiet some time because of this Cancer. Since I have known her it has only made me feel depressed. I h
Why do cancer men play games?
Seriously cancer men; especially if it's a long distance relationship why ignore all texts/calls/social media
Will this be my closure? I guess.
I write because I feel like I finally hit the nail in the head… Yep is me talking about the same cancer person, ag