My boyfriend just told me my friend was promiscuous. Right away I got pissed. Not sure if he was calling her a ho, if she flirted with him or if he's curious. When I asked him why would he say that, he just says she is with no explanation. Why am I so pis...
cancer with mars in gemini
Soo I just found out both of us has mars in Gemini... He's a cancer and I'm a Gemini. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
I feel like I can't get excited about the holidays because nobody has kids, no mistakes, nothing. It's treetruking boring. No extended family. No friends. My family is purposefully isolationists during holidays.

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Do cancer take a break from everyone for a while?
Not talking about if you are dating someone or involved and then you *dissapear* as everyone calls it. I mean: do you ever just stay at home and chill by yourself and take a break from everything and everybody for a period of time? Just a question a...
I feel blue
I don't know why. I hate this sheet!
Broke up once.. and now again!!
Hello. So I'm here again because, guess what... My cancer man broke up with me! We have been together for 7 months and in the beginning we had a stupid fight and he disappeared, then called me to explain and to say why he didn't want to be with me anymo...
Need love-advice from cancer women
Hi you :) I am so, so confused about a cancer woman and really in need for some advice and kind words. This, she got me hooked without even trying. Short story: She admitted she has been into me for several months, but not taking any...
Cancers, which sign do you feel is your best match?
Romantically. I'm not talking about your fave friends or anything. Or three if you can't nail it down. 2nd question: Which sign do you find yourself physically attracted to or lusting over again and again? (I know this doesn't mean the s...
How's everyone and what the treetrunk happened to this place ?
Advice needed for Cancer Male shutting me out
I've been with my Cancer man for 3 months, for the last month, he started to withdraw. He said that his mum was having problems. We used to talk everyday but it slowly decreased because of his issues. I got frustrated because he never told me details of h...
Break Survival?
A lot of what I've read on the forum is about the beginning or the end of a relationship, but what about the part in tbe middle. That's where I'm at. My cancer boyfriend and I were in a relationship for a little over 2 years, living together for a yea...
Cancer girlfriend ignoring texts?
Hi everyone, this might be a long story but I hope one of you can help me. I am a pisces man and me and my cancer girl have been together for over 2 years, I feel she is my soulmate; we clicked instantly and have talked almost every day. She is my best...
Music...Just Music
The Mood Music Threads seem to have disappeared. So, this thread is for
Hi cancer folks
Ok, this is to understand my cancer cousin who can't seem to make her mind up about guys. She is lucky in the sense that she has many suitors but she can't seem to make her mind up about any if them. She in in love with a cancer fellow who seems to be...
should i try?
Its been a month since I last had any communication with my cancer guy. I sometimes think about him I missed to closeness and the time spent together. Should I try and reach out?
Can't let go?
Why can't cancers just let go even when things are horribly wrong and obviously are not working out? Why the clingy? I know you don't like being called clingy, but when it comes to relationships it is like no matter how bad it is, you don't want to let it...
Cancer males and long distant relationships
I've read that caners are very connected to touch, connecting by touch(for instance they love to cuddle and feel that physical bond). My questions are, how would a cancer male do in a long distance relationship? Would they wind up cheating because their p...
Likelihood of getting back with Cancer after breakup
Last Saturday, the Cancer I'd been dating for 14 months, and I had another explosive argument (which often arises because things escalate so quickly). What started the argument was that asked me if everything was ok, and I said that I'd been feeling reall...
Cancer Males and "stalking" tendencies?
Are they prone to do this? Like through social media, phone calls with weird numbers? Curious to know cause some pretty interesting stuff is starting to happen, lol
I love you. Now stfu already!
:) We can get married and have babies and be free to be happy once the balance is replaced.
So into a CANCER Man. What does all of this mean?
Hi! I need your analysis based on the fact he is a CANCER Man + Age 30 I met this guy this summer. We live in the same city and he is a coach at the gym I go to. To start from the beginning, we went on a few dates, we ended up having sex at his pl...