Cancer man being wishy washy?

— I have been with my cancer man for a year now. He has always been typical cancer. Retreats in his shell when mad, comes back as if nothing happened. We have a long distance relationship, although we both come to enjoy it, as we like the road trips to visi...

UPDATE!! Cancers!! They do come back...!

— Few months ago, I posted a message about waiting for this bf who broke up. Well, after six months this guy comes back. What is he thinking now after all these time?? well, now I have said him no. because I don't really understand how can these people make...

creampied this cancer lady who works at a supply house

— she said ahe loved feeling me inside her throughout the day while dealing with customers ps she is actually a taurus

Email open in front of me

— This is the low down: Few weeks ago Cancer man tells me that he gets an email from some girl he dated over a year ago- and she sent a picture too- asking how he was. He said he didn't respond. He was irritated on why she would bother contacting him- th...

Do Cancer women have the same attitude problem as Scorpio woman

— The supply house woman is giving me attitude again WTF I'm un-sure if she a Scorp or Cancer. She's treating me like we've known each other for years and I did something wrong and I should know what it is, really? The first Scorp did the same thing to me...

my bday

— So its my bday and crab boy posted on Facebook Happy Birthday Darling Victoria. Wtf...I feel like its so formal.No private text like before he had the g/f. Should he have said happy bday anyway? He broke my heart

Pisces girl attracted to Cancerl man but he doesnt text and respond. Please help

— Hey all, I am new to this forum and here to seek some help regarding dealing with Cancer man. Here are the points to explain my situation. About me : - I am a 35 yrs old pisces female, never married and been single for past 4 yrs. - Friends say t...

The funnies

— Cancers usually have a great sense of humor! :D let's make each other something funny! anything at all!

Cancer man left me...

— Because someone has to keep score.

What should I do?

— I met this cancer guy 2 months ago. I initiated all contacts, we swapped numbers and Skype details on my request. I'm basically doing all leg work here and I don't really know if he is interested or is just being polite. i sneakily told him that I like h...

What's the best way to approach this convo?

— Disclaimer: Yes, I realize I have the emotional maturity level of a 4 year old. I need to have a conversation with the Cancer guy. He has previously made it clear that he sees me as a "buddy", but keeps emailing me at work and being very nice and solic...



Why am I jealous?

— Same cancer guy from my last post. I text him all the time and we talk about random things. We haven't hung out in weeks. We were just texting yesterday and he told me he was going to Cali with a friend. A guy but, he posts a snap with a chick and she's h...

Cancer males

— Do you have a lot of friends of the opposite gender? How often do you talk? What differentiates them from acquaintances or girls that you are interested in romantically?

Hurt so much

— Ive been hurt so much its hard to feel anything. I dont have any emotions at all. Well my personality is laid back anyways but i feel now im at the point in my life where being single is ok even if its forever. What do other cancer ppl think, maybe i...

Cancer Man Just Wants Sex

— I know everyone is just gonna feel like scolding me. I'm probably gonna get ignored since you have "told me so" & how clichéd this is... What I see is his classic Scorpio Mars in action. Wanting control over me, making me promise & listen wholly to hi...

She wants me to meet her entire family

— Her brother is graduating tomorrow and she wants me to come meet her family at the ceremony. I'm nervous. Does this mean she cares about me? What should I do? I'm not great in groups...

How are you cancer people?

— Just figure I'd give you a thread where you don't have to explain the actions of each other or use your psychic powers to mind read other cancers and explain why the do X or don't do Y. So to start things off, how' the weather where you guys are? Havin...

cancer's cooking recipes

— its no secret that cancers love to eat! but do we also love cook? I do! what are some of your favorite dishes.....can you cook? share some of your favorite recipes!

First Misunderstanding with cancer man, is he still holding a grudge?

— We had a bit of misunderstanding right before our last date. I thought he was going to organize ticket for an event, but he thought I wasn't interested in going. Tone got lost within text and he ended up saying he sensed the disappointment in my tone and...

He's Cancer i'm Aquarius,,, i want this to work

— A stranger I met in a hotel, a gentleman to be honest, we talked and had sex he treated me like a princess always calling me my lady. After a while I told him I want more than just sex and he left me. Now he appears suddenly in my life, I don’t know w...

cancer relationship meme's

— Hey guys! I decided to bring someone humor to the cancer board...cause it seem like some the people her could you a can post your own if you want....*whisper please don't a dick*.... cancer man and commitment cancer of any sex being pus...

Do Cancer women like playing the mother role in a relationship?

— I'm curious. I have two acquaintances with Cancer girlfriends, and in both relationships the Cancer women is the older one - by a couple of years. The Cancer also doesn't mind driving their bf's around and paying for their meals. They are also a bit do...

Cancer man Virgo woman

— Hi fellows Cancerians, Would love to have your advices on this man. We met 5 years ago and it was an unforgettable crush for both of us. We just met each other for the 2nd time last week and ironically, though both of us doesn't believe in marriage, he...

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Happy birthday beautiful lady! :) _3
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Who date people without them . o_O
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Mr. Defense
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Last night, my BF's Aries mother invited me to join her and her family in the living room to discuss plans for a family night. She wants to dedicate at least one day out of the week where she and her hubby cook, and we all get together and play games, etc
I love this app!! Anyone tried it? I am obsessed!
she said ahe loved feeling me inside her throughout the day while dealing with customers ps she is actually a taurus
- does that reflect our family/upbringing? My sister married a cancer-leo cusp. I fell in love (the only time I´ve ever been in love) with a cancer-leo cusp. My sister and him did not work out. He was head over heels with her, but wanted that tra