Favorite Crab Celebrity

— Im really feeling Khloe Kardashian, i don't like her family, but i like how she vibes, you get a feel for her on her social media and it screams CRAB to me why i like her


— Most of you know my cancer man moved to a different state and I've decided not to move with him. We both wasn't ready to make that move. So now I've decided to be celibate. Reasons...growth, find something as meaningful as he and I had. (if we never get b...

virgo melting my heart

— so I have a Virgo friend (guy). he's an idiot. I like him though. we're close and I once wanted a relationship, he didn't. it was awkward but we remained friends and it's all good now. anyway, since I've moved on he's started to tell me he is attracted to...

To those of you who dissapear.

— When you decided to come back have you had people ignore you right back? If so how did it make you feel? Did you chase or just move on?

how often....

— cancers fall in love? Would you say you have a lot of loves of your life? And do you hold onto past love that ended on good terms/friendship?

Ugh, Cancers why are we so forgiving?

— I loathe it. I swear I get pissed when someone I like does something but as soon as they come around and do something sweet. It's like I get amnesia or something and stop with the quiet attitude. I irritate me. This really doesn't apply to the third...

Strange relationship with Cancer Male, distraught

— 3 years ago I met a 61 YO Cancer male, we met on FB and then in person after 8 months of messaging, phone calls and texts, mainly because I was in a middle of a divorce plus lived an hour away. When I went to his house for the first date, he was all over...

Hey Cancers...

— Can you help me out with something? Have you ever experienced a situation, where something happens that would on another time would set you off, but due to the time it happened, you weren't nearly as effected by it if at all? Think of raging after stub...

Mercury in Cancer:

— Thoughtful and endearing, or just possessive and moody? Your thoughts, observations, options, as well as experiences with such people are welcome :).

Music...Just Music

— The Mood Music Threads seem to have disappeared. So, this thread is for

I only Like Taurus

— as an Earth Sign. Caps are great, but they're negative as feck and rigid virgos are hypocrites and really bad for Crabs...

Cancer man dumped me 4 and halmonths ago. Should I wait for him?

— Hi guys, I am totally confused and broke and don't know what to do . So, long story short, my cancer bf dumped me, because I started to give him back his butterty behaviour. And this happened after 2 years of intense relationship. Till then he always went i...

Do Cancer men play games?

— when they ignore for lets say; many months are they deeply hurt or do you think they could be trying to passive aggresively Psychologically trying to punish you? I hear this from many females,gettign silent treatment from Cancer males.

what have

— You learned about cancer men?

feeling alone

— my cancer man just doesn't care anymore if he hurts my feelings or not. I ask him why he wont just break up and he says because he cant... im five months pregnant and im so depressed because of this... cancer men help me understand why is he like this now...


— Sorry everyone just a small message to someone I know. Linda if you wanted me to message you then you would have to allow people to message you lol. Look at your profile and make it so people can privately message you. Hope this gets across.

Scorpio women

— to a Cancer man Scorpio women are like that one hot or decent girl that likes Cancer men, are down for Cancer men and wants to be with Cancer men, totally devoted to Cancer men, but Cancer men don't really like them like that, their not really into them l...

Ignoring old Cancer man...

— I'll share a situation with my Cancer. I know they change as they get older. Seducing a 20 year old Cancer is very different than seducing a old Cancer. So, I met him 2 years ago and since then we are FWB( Well we don't had intercourse. We just do pe...
Cancer Lady

Crabs are right to cut people off

— So I made friends with a Virgo chick and things were good until I felt she was using me only for her benefit and just negative all the time. So I pulled the classic crab disappearing act and just stop communicating with her. After a few months I started t...

Baby Crabbies

— i love my baby picture so much, i kissed it a million times, i wish i was a twin so i can stare at myself. anyways crabbies, where's your baby pics and only yours, i really don't care about the rest of the zodiac turds.

Oh Crabbies


Need a fellow cancers support, losing my mind.

— Had depression last year, docs never got round to actually helping me. Self helped but maybe still lingering. Keep having loud screams in my head and they come out as excited stupidness and me making strange noises of excitement. I describe it as when...

Afraid to go down the cancer road again ...

— I'm a Virgo , recently stopped seeing a 29 yr old Cancer man .. who declined to tell me he was married when we met .. I found out after I was already in love , we both were .. Or so I thought ..& I stayed around , believing his "separated" bullcrap .. he...

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Im really feeling Khloe Kardashian, i don't like her family, but i like how she vibes, you get a feel for her on her social media and it screams CRAB to me why i like her
Is it common for a Scorpio man to want to come to a girls house on the first date? I suggested a pub not too far. And he asked what was wrong with being by a bottle of wine and getting to know each other. I promise I'm not a creep he said lol I just to