Capricorn women on thirsty guy interested

— OK I'm not good with Capricorns women, I mean we are great friends but I have never really knew how to make them stay interested on a romantic level, but I do know this one Capricorn girl that is single and I'm thinking about hooking her up with my friend...

How to Forget a Capricorn Man

— Good day all, Met a Cap man a few months ago and we had great chemistry, however he went from I want to spent more time with you to disappearing totally. I reached out to him several times but no response even though I saw that he was online on whatsa...

the dumping garden


Capricorn guys jealous?

— So im talking to this Capricorn ( Moon in Aqua ) - im kinda feeling his vibe & he is trying very hard to pursue me . But i dont want to get involve with someone who is overly jealous. The Capricorn men ive met tend to share this trait , but im just wonder...

last resort

— hi firstly before i post the story i want to say i really appreciate this place cos what I'm bout to post i cannot tell anyone and will affect my life. its cos none of my friends no i am not a virgin as they will talk and gossip and I'm very scared to tel...

cap women

— the ones that get away......

So Tender

— I would like to discuss and learn more a out this aspect of Capricorns. The Capricorn I am seeing is SO tender. And in his own way, very romantic. Very sweet. I have read they are not particularly emotional. I would not label him as either emotional or...

Would you choose career or personal happiness?

— I'm facing a situation probably only other Cappies will understand. I had a job that I really loved. Wonderful culture, comfortable, proud to represent the company. But there was no room for me to climb up, so I left and started a new job. The new...


— Hi, Who knows a lot about horoscopes and who can help me to get a prediction based on zodiac and ascendent compatability? I am female with zodiac sign Capricorn, ascendent gemini and Chinese sign snake and the man that I love it zodiac Virgo, ascen...

Damn Capricorn!

— Just thought this was interesting. The Cap man I dated at the end of the year last year stopped talking on New Year's Eve (we were over well before that)....the last conversation was him telling me he wasn't sure we would work out but that he wanted to be...

Do cappies always mean what they say?

— sometimes i get confused if the cappy is just being sarcastic or brutally honest. thanks

Why Cap man dont answer?


Share your experience with a Capricorn

— I have always attracted Capricorns. My first boy friend was a Capricorn. And my last fling was one 2. He could have been a bf but I found out he had 5 other girlfriends. People say Capricorns are emotionless. I find them too emotional. I love the...

hw u gonna solve ds cappies?

— Crushes on ppl easily happens in my case n dey also get drawn towards as soon as my crush starts to get serius abt me,god knws y i starts to get nervous in dere presence n feel lyk hiding frm dm...funny in a way! Guide me frnds if ds happn...

Capricorn man and pisces woman - any future for us?

— Dear Cap men and women, I'd like to ask your opinion on my story with a cap man. I've been reading so much about them but I'm still not sure if I should wait any longer or not. I read that one has to be patient and wait for a cap man to commit but how lon...


— It is with great sadness that I give you the news that Metaphysical passed away on December 27, 2015, after many years battling health issues. I will not give out his personal information, nor the obituary for the sake of family privacy. No, I am not Meta...

The Art Of Letting Go

— How to the rest of you Caps feel about letting to of something? Whether it be an ex, friend, dilemmas, etc. I feel like if somebody hurts me deep enough (or I get mad enough about something), I can let go and stop talking to the person from one day to...

Should I confess my feelings with this Capricorn Woman? HELP

— Hi Cappy ladies. Should I confess my feelings for this Capricorn woman? I liked her since September. I tried being friendly with her; we do texting, sometimes we talk on the phone until dawn, I tried asking her out on a friendly dinner but she would alway...


— Does a capricorn and capricorn work?on a relationship?

Capricorn male and Aries female

— A Capricorn male approached me he instantly asked me "Did I have a man" as the usually me responded no although I in fact have many lovers. He's tall dressed very well and chased me for two days. The sex was phenomenal he took control and lasted for close...

im feeling empty,


Cap with low libido.....doesn't want to talk about it.....

— It's been going on for some time now. He doesn't want to talk about it. I'm turning myself into " the cold one" to protect myself because i don't know how to help him.... To other caps: how would you react if you were living with someone and had these...

Capricorn woman rejects me but won't leave me alone

— She rejected me twice, and wasn't nice about it. But she wants to be around me all the time and touches me constantly - this has been going on for a few years. When she's around, she won't let attractive women get near me. She hates anyone I go out with....

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