thanks for visiting the capricorn message board. capricorn men and women are supremely ambitious, but controlling. do you capricorns?

capricorn men: Do you like innocent girls ??
All Men with Sun, Moon or Venus in Capricorn, Do you people like to marry girls who have childlike innocence ? If so. Wh
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Capricorn and Agression
I first of all want to say that I love you all Capricorns out there, both men and women, you all fascinate me! Im a litt
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quick question: will he stay faithful or cheat
I am dating this guy and we plan to marry in near future. I just wanted your opinions whether he will stay faithful to m
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Disgruntled Cap
Hello all, Complicated story, here it goes… Met a cappy about 2 years ago. Things moved slow, he repeatedly came into
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All in favor...
of vanishing StillWater to New Jersey? in which she'll spend the remainder of her days. on the upside, she can bud
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Scapegoat. Pan Goat. Mountian Goat!
The ambitious Capricorn archetype is a fairly old one. Caesar Augustus was said to have minted coins which depicted him
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Where is M?
I hope he did not leave for good. :(
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How do you deal with heartache?
I'm just dealing w my split from the man I love. He was my best friend, my supporter, a lover much more but that's over
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Caps, what would you do?
Okay, I'm a little ticked right now. One of the parents in my kid's youth group at church has an issue with something th
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Come flirt with us Capricorns
The rule are simple. Release your sexuality in a confident attractive manner. You only can select a target that has pos
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analysis me please
First time I ever decided to calculate my signs Sun in:20°42' Capricorn Moon in:5°01' Scorpio AS in:19°44' Leo
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Cappys and disagreements
Got a Cap friend but we're not getting along because of a disagreement. I'm willing to meet her half way and agree that
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Capi: do you like romance?
When I asked the girl i was seeing to be my gf I did so with flowers and a poem. She had been hinting as to where the re
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Drunken I Love You
So this week was a little rocky with the Cap, with the trust issues and everything. Yet still, he wanted to go out yest
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Caps and Attention How much do you lot want ?????
Ok so i went to see the girl that i like at her work place yesterday and we had a good hour and half conversation ( well
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Am I more Cap or Aqua?
TBH I've been in question of where I lie on the spectrum between Aqua and Cap. A majority of my chart is Aqua, at least
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Cap Women Abusive to their S/O
Okay so the thread was just removed by the op and I was just leaving my comment. As a cap woman, I do have a temper
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Caps and relationships
Do you tend to find yourself in romantic relationships that take a lot of work or that are easy and comfy? Look back on
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Are caps meant to be alone
I'm a Capricorn woman, approaching 25 and I've become hopeless towards relationships. I know I'm still young and have my
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i need help guys
So he is away on training for months. Before his departure we agreed that we are only "dating" and not exclusive so to s
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Hitokiri Gensai O.O
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How do you know you are in love?
Is there a moment, event or a thought that suddenly makes you realize that you are in love?
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My dream
my dream was to meet the one, get married, have a family and a homestead in the tropics where i farmed. i wanted to
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Cap Men - out of control in love
I have been dating a Cap male for the past 8 months. He is 50 with two adult children and I am 40 with two minor childr
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What's the foolishness ??
I might be 2 young for marriage. But I'm definitely too old to be playing games!! I'm too old to be just talking to some
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What's with cap women and mothering?
Not that it's bad. But I keep getting mothered and smothered by cap girls/women continuously at any point of life. The w
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Worst experience with a Cancer Man
After a year and half of being a lover, best friend, lady to this cancer man I realize we are not at all compatible! Eve
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