thanks for visiting the capricorn message board. capricorn men and women are supremely ambitious, but controlling. do you capricorns?

Why does he try to....
Get a reaction out of me? I have December cap friends & January cap friends...& the two are like night & day. I've reali
Caps, what has your experience with Virgos been?
I say mines was alright. How bout yours?
caps, what are you committed to?
I just ran across this video on YouTube. Shirley is a Capricorn and I can feel her sadness and relate to her struggle. I
calling all cap moons
hey fellow dxp cap mooners, I wanted to ask you a question regarding our moon. So whenever someone puts on a dramatic
How do Capricorns see sex?
Feel free to get weird ;)
Is Virgo the best match for a Cap?
Please share your experiences :)
I was born a Cap, but don't feel like one
Well, I was able to get a free reading of my chart and only the sun and mercury is in Capricorn other than that it's som
Capricorn male coworker situation
I seem to have attracted one of my Cap male coworkers without even trying. I am a classic Cap female through and throug
Help me you mysterious Capricorn Men!(I'm Pisces)
Heres the story about a Capricorn man and Pisces woman. We met in middle school where he admitted to me he was crazy for
Capricorn and Scorpio friendships?
How do you Caps feel about your Scorpio friends? For some odd reason I attract Scorpio's, in both relationships and fri
Ask SirHorns Anything!
I've been busy but I figured I throw this out and see what I get. Personal, Astrology- Related, go for it! Don't wo
Confusing Capricorn ex, mixed signals. (long story
My Cap and I have known each other for roughly 11 years. Last April I felt a compelling urge to contact him and it had b
Do Capricorns flow with or against the current?
Ever hear that saying "You fight the current on the river and you'll drown but if you don't struggle then you'll live?"
Is there a difference...
Between being controlling and getting things done? I know I can be pushy when it comes to getting projects underway a
In Lust or In Love ???
Me and Cappy man have been friends for almost 3 years and fwb for 10 months. He has his typical MIA moments and I try to
Breaking Up With Caps - Friends or Clean Breaks?
Hey Caps, thanks again for taking all my questions about my Cap boyfriend. It was a big help. Unfortunately, on Monda
Capricorn grudges
Can a Cap ever get over grudges related to someone they love? If so, what does it take? can they ever start over with th
Why would a Cap man do this&how should I react?
So I posted a previously-Cap man playing games- earlier in the week. I work in a pharmacy & the other day his name came
Salman of Saudi Arabia
so i was curious about the "KING" of Saudi Arabia. :P Then i saw his birthday on Wikipedia, December 31 (oooohhhh tha
Who are your favorite comedians?
Hey everybody, I wanted to start a light-hearted thread to give myself a break from the heavier ones on here. What co
Cap playing games?
I need honest opinions please as my heart is breaking. I'm a 20 year old Scorpio woman &met the man of my dreams (or so
Is this Cap man interested?
So theres a cap guy at my work who I like. He works in a different department/building to mine, but comes into my office
Which celeb comes to mind when you think of Caps?
I'm not really into celebs but just for fun, since I'm in a fun kind of mood today ... Which celebs or famous people com