thanks for visiting the capricorn message board. capricorn men and women are supremely ambitious, but controlling. do you capricorns?

Cap Female Music Muses
Rolling Stones- She's So Cold - Written about Marianne Faithfull born December 29. "..when I touch her my hand just f
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What kinda music do you like?
Curious what music other caps like.. I personally like older music. Older rock and hip hop. I hate most newer music, esp
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How do I come off?
How do you see me? I'm testing out a few schools of thought, using myself as a test subject. Be as nice or cruel as yo
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Use this thread to show that wonderful wit you have my fellow goats. Or anything that makes you think of your sign. ht
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Things you want to ask confusing Capricorn Men
There seems to be a lot of confusion towards capricorn Men. Ask a question and I'll give my opinion.
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What sign do you usually find instantly attractive
Hello, Jan 18 Cap here. New to this boards, but thought I'd just come by and say hi to everyone And also make a ra
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If Capricorn was a...
if it was a medicine, it would be ICYHOT ;o
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Is this Accurate?
Never took Capricorn for Mages. I think we do better when were something that doesn't use "magic". I think Samurai or Dr
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Anybody Speak Capricorn Male?
I'm a Taurus woman. My first time meeting this Capricorn man was at the gym after chatting online for a few days. We tal
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Cap & Leo relationship ( women)
I am posting in both forums because i want to see the varying views and advise . I need some insights on leo and ca
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Cappy man very hot* and then suddenly silent
Can any Caps shed some light on this phenomenon? He's all over me and planning for the future when together, and the
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Anyone give a butter?
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What do you Caps think about
people who have no tact? I find them refreshing and honest. The lack of tact doesn't bother me at all. Unless they a
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There is this beautiful Capricorn girl that I see, she is so pretty, with big boobs and a decentass, on top of that she
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I only fall in love with caps
I dated my ex for two years and although we never used the (in a relationship term) to define our status, we both agreed
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*****HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chance11!*****
A toast, to you Chance11. Cheers! {}
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Searching for Unicorns: Capricorn edition
What placements/aspects would make a Cap: 1. Optimistic/Happy-go-lucky 2. Less Frugal **Cough Cheap** 3. More O
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My Capricorn boyfriend came back.
Hi everyone, and thank you for allowing me to post on the Capricorn forum. I'm a Scorpio woman, moon in virgo. My Ca
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Happy Belated Birthday TrueCap
the best wisest cap...
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What I noticed about the posts on this board..
There seem to be more (not to mention, frequent!) queries about the male caps (from females of other signs) compared to
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No birthday gifts
That kind of sucks!! My b-day gift is one week after Christmas. The only b-day gift I got was from my parents. I sit
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Capricorn Men
I love you guys! My juno is in cap and all my boyfriends have been cap males. You guys are perfect!!! I don't care what
by Curiousram · 37 replies · updated 1/18/2015 5:44:12 PM
♥ Capricorn ♥
Capricorn...where do I begin to describe how much I love you? Well first of all, I am amazed at how active this sign i
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More than once...
I cry like a baby,
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