Which fire sign are best for capicorn?
From your experience which fire sign did u get along best and why? Friendship or relationship. Which fire sign u least get along with?
How can a Leo woman win over a Capricorn man after 7 years? Am I tripping or can this be reality???
I’m a Leo woman and I've been seeing a capricorn man for over 7 years who has a girlfriend. Throughout our 7 year stint he has been extremely confusing and has showed mixed signals towards me. 7 years is a long time and I feel we have gone through a lot...
Mood swings
Ok so I turned 18 this year and later this year I have mood swings .And they are increasing day by day. Like really rapid mood swings . At one time I feel like happy at the other I feel like sad or want to die. There is a lot happening with me now a...
Are all caps like this ?
Met a male cap in December went out twice in January & ever since then all he's done is make plans & cancel . I admit I might have come off a little too strong but stopped after I noticed. The last 3 times he asked to go out I said I was busy & maybe anot...
Horrific Blind Date with a Cappy :P
anybody deal with Caps w/ Pisces moons?
My best friend is a pisces moon and I thought he was very compatible with me because of my scorpio moon. He kind of stabbed me in the back over a girl and I dont think it will ever be the same. Any have any experiences with them?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so after a year and 8 mos of talking to this cappy we have finally had sex. he stills continues to go on my pages and look at my pics. and still continues to tell me that he has always felt that we are a good team and that we would be good together. but...
Disappearing and reappearing Cap
Cap disappears and reappears Hey everyone I was hoping I can get some advice about my ex cap. We meet 2 years ago on a dating site. He's very attractive, charming and has an amazing smile. He messaged me saying how beautiful I was and we flirted bac...
Some advice PLEASE
Hi there I am hoping for some advice on the workings of the Capricorn mind. I posted on here just once before and g
Just this picture alone
Is enough to be halfway between wistful and sad for me [IMG][/IMG]
Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon + Virgo Sun Taurus Moon
How compatible are these two individuals? Cappy has Aries rising, Virgo has Taurus rising. More importantly, how will these two deal with breaking up w each other? Any insight on the ensuing strife after?
Caps and Condescending Remarks
Hey caps. I know it's a trait for us to be condescending at times, especially when we have tried other means to communicate with someone and they just aren't getting it. How do you guys feel about this? Do you try to prevent it? How do you go about avoidi...
The Impact She Left in my Life!
Hello Caps! This is what I learned from my Cap Ex who's soon to get married to someone I happen to know and If I'm right, they are of the same age. The Impact she left in my Life is that, If I do not Succeed in this Life, I should forget to find True L...
Capricorn man driving me nuts
So I have been seeing this Capricorn man for a short time and he definitely perused me at first and eventually I gave in and I really like him, BUT his behavior is baffling. He always sends a sweet "goodmorning" text, he calls me cute pet names already...
Is my Capricorn Woman gone for Good or Is She Testing Me?
I have a bit of a problem here. I'm a Cancer guy. I have been with my Capricorn Woman for 10 years. She has Venus Aquarius, Pisces Rising. Aqua moon. We have had our ups and downs during the relationship. I have cheated in the past, but she also lied to...
Cappy and Libra? Blasphemy!
I've haunted these forums for many years, but finally have a true issue I need help with! I met a cappy man on a dating site and he is extremely attractive. We began texting and hit it off right away. He is so amazing-cooks, cleans, takes care of himself,...
the dumping garden
Soooooo, I can't help feeling like something's the matter but at the same time I feel like it can just be silly and don't know how to verbalize what I'm feeling because I am embarrassed/slow to open up about feelings... Of jealousy... Capricorn asks me wh...
What do you wish someone would have told?
What do you wish someone would have told you when you were younger? About work, relationship, family etc. Could be anything.
Hold on or move forward...virgo woman confused
I am in need of some helpful advice, my analytical mind is driving me insane. I have fallin love with a confusing Cappie man. We spent the last 5 months, talking daily, going out a few times a week, and building what I thought was a strong and stable re...
What is my destiny number? Also I want to know more about astrology when the sun is in cap etc. Help
I am born on January the 19th 1995. I would like to know more about numerology and when the signs are in what palmetto as for myself. Can someone please help? Also am I a cusp?!?!?!
How are Caps there for you?
Ok so my Cap and I are obviously very different. He's the type that isn't emotional in day to day life. Ie. asking about my day, or how I am feeling etc. He'll do it once in a blue moon, but not often at all. Instead, he's all about doing practical things...
Aries and Cap. Need help!
First time on the site and really need insight on a Cap. I'm an Aries woman and I met a Capricorn guy two weeks ago. When we met, the attraction/sexual chemistry was beyond crazy. I know we should have just kept it chill, but we hooked up that night. Elec...
Capricorns and Ego
As it seems to many other signs of zodiac that Capricorns are naturally stubborn and egoistic. And of course I consider them two of the most bad traits in my personality. I am working on changing my behavior and things that harm me and my significant ot...