List of Beautiful Capricorn Men

— Yes...inspired by Argo's topic on Scorpio board Appearance or personality 🙌


— Capricorn: They will be very hot and cold. One day, they can be outrageous and flirty and coy, but you can bet your life that they will go home and overthink it and the next day they will give their utmost effort to avoid you or seem indifferent towards...


— .... :(

Cappies.. Breaking off all Contact suddenly?

— Am I the only one who when once betrayed past the point of no return will just cut that person off??? I'll just stop responding and it's like that person is just talking to themselves because I don't respond I don't answer texts or calls I just vanish.......

Fab cappies ladies!


A Cap-Cancer Wedding

— Opposites attract! Hiya!

What signs do cappies attract?

— I am a water sign magnat (last 5 boyfriends, 4 Pisces and 1 Scorpio). I'm wondering if it's just me or if this is common. I think Taurus and Virgos are good for us but I don't attract them.

Caps and nervousness/breakdowns/insomnia

— What would cause a Cap sun to lose sleep over own thoughts and what ifs that contradict the real situation? What would make a Cap sun be almost constantly nervous in many life situations, talk to themselves, or even scream out in their own room? To assume...

Cap roommate

— He killed some baby rabbits that were in the yard because he didn't want them in the yard when he mows the grass. Wild rabbits don't stay in a nest for long. A few weeks they would have been off on their own. Then his dog pooped on the floor because he wa...

Dating a cappy male

— Hey lovely capricorns!! I'm just coming to bother you all for a little advise on a Capricorn male. He's he first I've dated he has aqua Venus and Leo moon if this helps. I'll try to keep this short as possible here goes..... We've been dating around 5 mon...

Dear Caps

— I just want you to know that anytime you're having suicidal thoughts just talk to your Pisces friends because, we're here for you. We'll tell you all kinds of charmin stuff that'll make you feel good because, we are the dr. Feelgoods of the zodiac lol.

Cap mentioning exes?

— My Cap's cousin showed up in town unannounced and threw him off. His cousin is a wild and crazy kinda guy. The cousin came over to Cap's place for a catch up. We were hanging out with drinks and chatting. When we went outside to look at the view, Caps s...

Lurve _3

— It's been a little over a year since my former cappy best friend basically told me to gtfo of her life. And now one of the most devoted, caring and dependable people in my life is a capricorn woman. The parallels are crazy. When the first Capricorn 'f...

How to totally forget someone?

— Hi caps, i want to forget a girl. these days i forcing myself to go to party to working more, i even installed tinder ! do you have other advice for me, i need to brainwash myself. Cordially -

Lost my Cappy man over a Leo tantrum :(

— Hello everyone! i'm new to the forum. I've been reading you guys for the last couple of days. I really need some guidance over this. Anything you can tell me would be highly appreciated. I am a Leo, 24 years old. Currently studying engineering, working...

who has a cap stellium

— those born late 1988 to 1991 have a cap stellium, saturn Uranus in Neptune all in Capricorn. How does that influence you, especially if you have a different element sun sign? Are feel more Capricorn than the your sun sign?

Over emotional Capricorns?

— Has anyone ever met one?

Conflicting emotions against a Scorpio and a Taurus girl!!

— So hi, I'm a Capricorn male who has Pisces Moon and Mars, Capricorn rising, Sag in Venus and Chiron (How sad ;~;) My issue currently is with two girls that are kind of my friends, but one of them that I have a particular crush on for a moment. Let's ca...

What's up with some cappy's :( !!!

— Like let's put on a mask and hide your true face and insecurities #twofacedc**kiemonsteres you can have a pretty face but with a ugly heart and soul that's all you will have.. For example my niece used to be sweet although spoiled very young what made her arroga...

Hard Time Expressing Emotions..

— Has anyone felt like its soooo hard for them to express their emotions?? I seriously have the hardest time with it and wanna know how other caps are... I honestly have been called a robot/cold/cruel before and its not that I don't have emotions its just...

Falling for a Cap friend

— I've already written about my colleague who is friends with me and casually told he loved me. Then I told I appreciate him as a friend( BTW very loyal, caring and devoted) and we had a break as I quit the job temporarily. I was back to the office to...

It's a miracle!!!

— I always say I only meet nice Cap chicks on dxp because the real life ones loathe me. It has finally happened for me. I met her through mutual friends and we decided to go out to chat...and didn't leave for 6 hours or so lol. I haven't laughed/had a...

Capi's....... How do you handle divorce or break ups?

— Do you let go quickly, take awhile to get over things, go back and give lots of chances? My best friend is a Cap and I think she lets go quickly and moves on. She's not very emotional about things. I posted about this on a different board but I recen...

Damn Capricorn!

— Just thought this was interesting. The Cap man I dated at the end of the year last year stopped talking on New Year's Eve (we were over well before that)....the last conversation was him telling me he wasn't sure we would work out but that he wanted to be...

If Capricorn was a...

— if it was a medicine, it would be ICYHOT ;o

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