"I don't like getting close to people"
A confession? A warning? A disclaimer? The Cap chap I've been talking to told me that the other day after opening up a bit about himself, and honestly, idk. I don't really know how to interprete him. Which is weird, considering he's the most like...
New here
Hello everyone. I've been visiting this site for years and reading posts, but I thought I would officially join. I just wanted to make an introduction, and say hi. I've read some excellent advice on here, and there are some people on here with such big he...
To all the male Capricorns, Just intrigued to know, are looks important when you're looking for a girl? Would you ever date or be with a girl that would be a little less attractive than you are? It seems to me you may be a little superficial but...

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this is more for the cap men.. why would you ice someone out, yet continue to give them resources? continue selfless giving of material needs emotionally, nothing. nearly no communication and yes, there is background to this- but what circums...
What is going on with this Capricorn guy?
I'm an Aquarius who is head over heels for this Capricorn. I've had a crush on him for a long time. We ended up running into eachother at a concert and hung out for a while then he invited me back to his place which I gladly accepted. We hooked up and exc...
How to show Capricorn guy you like him?
What would be the best way to show a Capricorn guy you like him? Do they prefer a girl to be open and honest, or subtle? Do they prefer to chase, or would they like the girl to make a move? What if he's been hurt in the past and is afraid of rejection?...
Do you shut people out or....
Ignore them when you are going through hard times (dad may be dying, a lot of added stress, etc.)? I've had a few caps say they (in these exact words) "don't know how to release it." It seems like they have a hard time talking things out so I'm curious ho...
Capricorns... tell me more
So I'm a scorp with a cap rising. This is important because I guess its the part of me that I present to others. I don't know much about cappys. Even though I've read tons for some reason I still cant grasp the essence of a cap. One thing I can relate t...
Is this Capricorn male interest?!?
Im 27yr Libra female hes 33yr cap male him and his ex wife broke up 8months ago from being with her for 12 yrs just a mutual break up. They have a child to gether and she also has ason from previous relationship which son calls cappy Dad. Mutal friend (m...
That one
The one that got away, does it stay on your mind? Is it someone you can't forget? Does Capricorns ever revisit this? If they do do they ever act on it? I'm asking the Cap men specifically but looking for all opinions.
do i still have a chance with capricorn?
hi im a pieces man, I was with my exgirlfriend(Capricorn woman) for about 7 years. we broke up 4 months ago and it was because I didn't cherish her which is totally my fault. she put me in the friendzone now. we go out to places about 2-3 times a week and...
The Devil
why is Capricorn the sign, represent the Devil?? this gal kind of describes it well:
In a bit of a predicament
okay, perhaps a large predicament. -_- There's this cap guy I knew when I was younger. Reconnected with him through social media. He asked me out a couple of times and I declined. I ended up dating my Aqua...still currently dating. Cap was offering...
Have I lost my capricorn man for good
I was with this capricorn man for 3 months (we made it official between us 2months ago) Things were really good between
Capricorn Woman Lover or Friend?
Hey everyone! Thanks in advance for reading/ replying this thread, especially all you beautiful Cappy Women. Taurus Male here, got to meet this amazing capricorn woman 2-3 months ago. Went on a few dates 2-3 and been working together for a school proje...
just saying hi to
Dear old caps... and anyone else.
How do you heal your heart
Dear fellow caps I'm writing here because I have 6 cap placements and I often feel more like a cap. I have venus rx in cap and I have a hard time letting go of pain and disappointments. In my past I was let down, lied to, betrayed and disappoint...
Cap Men?
Everyone I know is so beat around the bush! Don't mean this in a bad way but they never like talk about sex, i've noticed lol. It's like they will physically show me they might want it but don't really bring it up as topic of discussion and their flirting...
Best Vs. Favourite ..XXX
My Cap guy is very* experienced with women. He often says I'm his favourite...but I want to be the best ;) With my meager experience of TWO men (him being the second), I am definitely not as seasoned as him. So Caps, what's better? Fav or Best? and...
Dinner with my Cap's family
So i'm traveling alone and will be coming across my Cap's brother's city. Cap asked him to take me out. I never expected him to and wonder if i should go. Last time i saw the bro was the first time we met during their disaterous family gathering that was...
What does it feel like to be a Capricorn moon?
I knew one and just wanted some insight. She had to take care of her baby sister at a young age to help her mother who stayed at home while her father was working in a gas station he owned. Instead of having sleep overs like other kids, she had to de...
Capricorn x Taurus relationship help
So hi, I'm a 15 year old (soon to be 16) Capricorn male (yes I know I'm underaged in this forum :c), and recently in school I had a crush on this 14 year old Taurus girl. I'm Chinese myself, and I wanted to learn Portuguese from her since I live in Por...
Vintage Range: The Official Cap Music thread
Caps possess an appreciation of art and music that they don't talk about much. So the Cap board seems like a perfect place for a music thread. Dxp Lovers of music of all signs, any genre is welcome. Feel free to post anything you find interesting or note...
Make your way up the mountain cappies
Me - Successful, Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn Her - Elegant, classy, Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer I think adding her to my life would help me be more successful. We are going on our third date. She never initiates and I need to ask her o...