thanks for visiting the capricorn message board. capricorn men and women are supremely ambitious, but controlling. do you capricorns?

Does capricorn do this
Hi, I would like some advice on what capricorn is most likely to do if they feel judged, I have the feeling that a c
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Pisc F Cap M defining relationship
Brand new to this site and looking for some insight to cap men. I'm a Pisces F been seeing a cap man for 10 months.
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Expression less Cappies
Capricorns did you ever notice that we go expression less when in hard times? Okay So I do have this habit. I isolate my
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Guys, tell me about Cap men?
I've never experienced Capricorns in my life.. my dad, who I haven't really been around to know much of his tariats. Ca
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Help with Cappie chap
I briefly dated a younger Capricorn guy about a year and a half ago (he was 19-20, I was 27). We met when he got a job a
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Dear Capricorns,
Do you live your life while having to deal with an innate sadness? You work hard, achieve your goals, see many a dream
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"Shut these kind of people out"True about Cappies?
Source: Zodiac Mind "Capricorns" "When they feel taken advantage of or taken for granted , they grow old and shut
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is there still potential w/Cap guy?
I'm a Virgo and met this Cap guy a year ago, but he had a girlfriend. I seen him again in April, and he and his girlfri
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Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man
I am a perfect Cancer man, she is capricorn woman....she always gives me good smile not sure is it real or fake (due to
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Self sabotaging?
Do any other caps do this in relationships? I notice that whenever I get close to someone, I end up running away. I some
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Help with Capricorn man
So, I met this guy on POF. We seemed to connect almost instantly, I'm a Taurus. We had been talking for about 3 weeks, a
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Deleting people from your life
If you had a person or people in your life you tried to have relationship or friendship with, but it just didn't work.
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Capricorn Man in Bed
from Capricorn man are very serious and intense by nature and they are bound to show that intensity i
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Cap bf not as affectionate as used to be?
I'm living with my Cap man, it's been a year so far that we've been together. He was so romantic & affectionate before.
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Capricorn Woman in Bed
from Capricorn woman are very sensual and erotic in the bed, they are born with traits of seduction a
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Capricorn as Siblings
from Amongst all the sun signs in the zodiac, Capricorn siblings are the most humble and loyal siblin
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Did this Cap male "ask me out" ?
Hello Caps! For context: I'm not exclusively dating anyone (dating several people at once), and I did post on here a whi
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About the signs(and especially true about caps)
Aries Aries is kind of a dick. There I said it. Aries fancy themselves as leaders and will often take over the role wit
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Capricorn as a Mother
Capricorn as a mother Capricorn mothers are one of the most simple and caring moms who are very calm and they keep a lo
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Capricorn as a Father
from Well, we all do come across fathers who are extremely strict and you don’t even think once to
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Does he hate me?
I have a tiny little crush on this cap guy. I know him thru mutual friends, and I've only hung out with him once years a
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Cappies what is your definition of dating?
Or "seeing each other"? Is it just a term you use loosely/casually, or does it usually carry a bit more weight?
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What does he think?
Capricorn advice! So here is the deal. I met a guy 3 weeks ago at a pub. We kissed, exchanged numbers. The next week, we
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