thanks for visiting the leo message board. leo men and women are self assured and confident, but their egos demand attention and praise. do you leo?

Happy Birthday, Celticlioness!
Excuse my Irish, but . . . Irish Cream cake with chocolate hazelnut pirouette cookies, and Chocolate Wh
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Leo Venus
What are these types like?
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Happy Birthday, Baloo!
I've had a long night, so I hope this first post turns out. And if it doesn't manage to do justice to your warm, selfles
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Leo Season And Gifts
Hello LEOS :D Since its a Leo season and most of you know My Mother is a Leo Last YEAR I brought her an expensive
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Leo what does it mean?!
dealing with leo man.. how to proceed and approach a leo man last response on chat with 'K' lol , , I decided to just ig
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Have an epic day! :D
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All Leos Are Hideous! They look like ROACHES
Jk Jk Everyone calm down lol, Got nothing but love for my Leos.. But lets be honest, how many of you were ready for war
Leo women make bad co-workers.
Does anyone notice a trend where Leo women have the same pattern of workplace behavior? My Leo co-workers have such scar
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If you are new and you want a B-Day shout out
Add your name and birthdate to the list. I took this from last years birthday thread. Seraph 24th Celtic 24th Sw
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Sun Festival of Leo
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azB_GxCo6z0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaWaIsRVQoc http://www.lucistrust.org/en/
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Document It!
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signs a leo truly loves you
hi guys/gals just a question for y'all what are some signs that my leo man loves me. He tell me he loves me, spends mone
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Leo majestically rules over...
Direction: All fire signs relate to the east. Leo signifies east tending towards north. Anatomy: The heart, blood a
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Leo guy has confused me... Help please
Hi everyone. Well I met a leo guy at work a few months ago and I was instantly attracted to him but at the time he ha
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Ignoring a venus or mars in leo
Hi, Does ignoring a Venus or Mars in leo actually make them seem more interested? With Venus in Sagitarius and Venus
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Leos, what are you planning next month?
They say that august will be a very lucky month for most Leos. How is it going so far with the Jupiter transit. Are
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Leo's are always right: what to do?
Me (sun: cap, moon:cancer, venus: sag) and my coworker leo (moon: taurus, venus: virgo) kind of got into a fwb relations
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Shy Leo
His placements: Sun; Leo Moon; Leo Mercury; Leo Venus; Cancer Mars; Taurus Jupiter; Cancer + Cap outer planets +
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Good Morning, Leo Country!
Good morning, Leo country!! It's a beautifully calm morning! The sun's peeking out somewhere, throwing its bright golden
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Are Leos good liars?
I swear if a Leo doesn't want you to know something you will NEVER find out... Is this true? Especially for the male leo
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SERIOUS need of advice from a leo man!!!! confused
sooo basically i found this leo guy at the gym super attractive...i added him on facebook and we hit it off chatting etc
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Leo and pride
If someone rejects your help leo, do you get offended? I just got in a heated argument with my leo friend because i reje
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Leo Rising --- Love Or Sex
I have always been in love first before having sex I could hold my feelings for too longer I wana reversed my br
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Fellow Leos how do you feel about Pisces?
Personally, I cannot get along with Pisces Suns on a deep or close level. I perceive them as deceiving with an unnecessa
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Do Leos have healthy Egos ?
I don't have any Leo friends so I wonder whether they have a realistic self-image. I realized that there are many mus
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Questions for everyone love to hear what people
think!! When a leo man goes silent…... or maybe a man of any sign! My man doesn’t speak to me at all!! About
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They deleted my thread!!!
I was about to go in.....
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Leo woman confused by Cancer man I'm crushing on..
Hello fellow Astrology fans. I love this site! I'm hoping that anyone who is knowledgeable about Cancer males can help
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