Leos and confrontation
In my last post,I've mentioned and asked why would a Leo have trouble confronting the person that they don't want anything to do with them. In my situation, I have a friend that later turned to interest that confronted he likes me and we've been doing bac...
Leo sun, Taurus moon people..
how are you in relationships? do you fall in love easily or slow, are you super picky or what kind of people do you find yourself in love with? what kind of things make you not like someone? include venus too if you can.. I've been seeing this leo...
Happy TG!
Just wanna wish all my Leo brothers and sisters a Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!!
Having major trust issues right now!
Some treetrunked up butter has happened in my life the past couple of weeks and I'm having some major trust issues with people. I am really really trying not to allow it to effect my current relationship with Mr. Pisces but I feel myself not believing anything h...
Leo and Taurus?
Music Fit for Lions... Reprise
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Leos.... Serial cheaters or soulless horndogs?
Okay, so I am going to do a bit of ranting tonight. This Leo guy and I have been seeing each other for about 3 months now. It started off ok, but I noticed little things that I tried to pretend weren't happening. He is obsessed with his phone. It's with h...
I decided to write down my feelings in my journal again. I have been having a lot of emotional stuff to work out latly. Romanticly and about life in general. Anyone else find this helps? I started last night and I also found it helped me fall asleep(mayb...
leo moon and letting go
Hello everyone. I'm a leo moon with Pisces sun and I'm going trouble letting go of an ex , who moved to whales (500miles) from me and obviously I haven't been able to get over And I'm just wondering what you guys have done to get over your ex? All help...
Cat girls are good friends
I've always had a good re pore with leo women as friends more than lovers.... You leo girls are just so warm or protective to this virgo:)
LEOS and earth moons
I feel like astrologist need to create new categories to describe us cause we are not the average Leo. Leo with Virgo, cap, or Taurus moon are a different species from other lions. What ya'll think?
Why isn't he replying ?
My online bestfriend who's a Leo male hasn't replied to me since Friday and it is now Sunday . He tends to take long to answer me now . On Friday he was talking about how he's going to the movies and he's so anxious and I replied and he put a laughing emo...

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How do leos show love
My Leo used to say "love ya " and "love ya too" or "ily too" but he doesn't anymore he doesn't say it anymore first and he only sometimes Says it back like once in forever and now the most he says is "Ily too" so I know that he doesn't love me am I right...
letting him down gently
so me and this Leo guy dated awhile back and were really close, he moved and we tried the whole "long distance relationship" thing for about a month and a half.. things didn't work out and we split.. he was completely crushed but said he understood.. we b...
Hey Leos, whats your approach to achieving your goals? It sounds like you guys just look for a "slam-dunk" solution, rather than taking baby steps. Is that true? Does it work for you?
Leo returns after 6 years, I so confused, help - Aquarius Woman
6 years ago, I was madly in love with an leo man, as an aquarius woman I found it to be nearly impossible to stay away from him. We had crazy chemistry, but after 6 crazy months we called it quits. I moved away as a way of coping with the loss, but i stil...
Should I just give up?
I've been trying to keep in touch with the Leo ever since he has a new job. I wanted to show him that I do consider him worthy of a friend. Thing is, we told each other that we liked each other and he showed it in person, but doesn't when we're distant. A...
He just made my heart swell!
I gotta give my man some mad kudos tonight. Yesterday my phone fell out of my bag landing on the pavement and cracking. Devastating right? Especially when this is my 3rd phone this year. So,I tell Mr. Pisces about it last night (we have the same phone and...
Should I ?
Should I not text my Leo male bestfriend unless he texts me first is this a smart move ? Cause he never texts me first so should I ? . Will he text me ? If I don't text him first and wait for him to do it ? Since I always text him first will he text me f...
Tell me a little bit about myself
I recently started noticing some connections between astrology placements, and it seems like more than just a coincidence. I thought it would be interesting if people with more experience with this stuff could tell me some characteristics they would "ex...
Best thing to do when a Leo is ANGRY?
Well, since I'm a Scorpio, I think i'm born with the talent of upsetting a Leo Very Easily. My Leo ex and I have been a
Tips for Leo and Scorpio friendship
Hey friends, it´s been a while.. lol I need tips to get the best of my friend scorpio. I need to manipulate him in order to get the best for both. This is a profissional relation, and since we are two strong guys, we colide a lot. we are attending a...
Flirty Leos, fetuses and dragons
Some doctors are annoying. I hate when they call a growing child a fetus. I don't care what the jargon is. A baby is a baby.
Will leo man come back
My bf break up with me about 1 month ago (we always argue about the past which he flirt with a girl but he have stop contact the girl about 3 month ago before we break up). On the day he break, he told me he dunno why he want to end this relationship, he...

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Losing interest in Leo
The relationship I have bee in with a leo for 6 and a half years seems to be stale and boring. As a cancer sun with my moon in Gemini and moon rising is Scorpio I get bored very easy and I love to talk...about anything. Unfortunately, my leo doesn't. He i...