thanks for visiting the leo message board. leo men and women are self assured and confident, but their egos demand attention and praise. do you leo?

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon Capricorn Rising
Hey I'm new here but I was wondering what you guys could tell me about this combination? I haven't seen much of it on th
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I love me some Leo.
Social situations/ people in general tend to drain me. I could never feel comfortable/ like someone enough as a friend
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Attention:Leo Sun/Cancer Venus/Scorpio Moon
Ok Lions a little help here! I've been reading up on what I can with Astrology, I like it..very interesting but I want t
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leo females if you looking for someone to control you like you want someone crazy over you like "if you leave me i'll ki
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Leo man
Ummm....is this lion just super insecure or knows what he wants? Only one date. He text me later that night, didn't get
If you a scorpio holla
leo females if you looking for someone to control you like you want someone crazy over you like "if you leave me i'll ki
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Split pesonality
Why? as a leo. When I'm not working I bite my tongue so much, turn down women and fun. But as soon as money comes to pla
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Get yourself a scorpio man Leos!
Woweeee, those scorpios worship the body like no other!! They don't do it in the submissive way, they do it in the sensu
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Honest astrology : Leo (fire)
The adventurous type, always looking for thrills and willing to try anything. In other words, stupid. You have the IQ o
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leos any experience with scorpio ?
Scorpio female attracted me and I wrote in scorpio section and I didnt found answers..please tell me ur experience with
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Leo women
are the best. holy butter.
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True or not
Leo's be like: -(friend) Hey how many Leo's does it take to screw a light bulb? None. Leo's don't change their own lig
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my heart is broken
Am a virgo...me and this leo man were friends for almost a year now...we started it online and we met once in real life
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Hurt Leo Man ... hurting other people
Please forgive me ahead of time this story is slightly long and slightly confusing. My leo man and I (scorpio) start
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Leo woman afraid of vulnerability?
I'm currently very close friends with the most amazing Leo woman I've ever had the pleasure of being around. There's so
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Would you?
Leo men....Just out of curiosity. would you still sleep with a women who has very strong feelings for you, even though y
Have I ... Tamed the King of the Jungle?
He's a Leo; Virgo here. So after a dollop of miscommunication, power struggles and false starts and restarts, I thin
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Leo female/cancer male. Roller coaster?
I'm a Leo, but have cancer moon. I normally have a very balanced outlook, until just recently. I met a cancer man
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A tribute to my Angel
On April 10, 2014 a beautiful, strong, giving and loving Leo gained her wings. My grandmother was an amazing woman. He
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Gemini Female/Leo Male
New to the forum... actually first forum ever... Need advise from Leo males. I am a Gemini (June 3rd) In love with a
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Leo sun. Taurus moon. Scorpio rising
Hello there, I'd like to say that I'm fairly new here but I casually 'stalk' forums earlier the year. I became very inte
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Aries Male...Leo Female Dilema
I posted this on the Aries site but I believe I'll have a better response here from you Leo's. I figured that I'd j
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Taurus Male/Leo Female
Hey everyone. I'm new here and thought I'd make the most of it by posting here and seeing if any of you Leo females hav
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This little thread here is just to appreciate you. Especially for your work and your dedication to it. I hope it als
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The Leo Sounding Board
With the utmost respect to WoundedLeo, who started the original Leo Sounding Board, I'm bringing it back.
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Leo male/Scorpio female
Question. Do leo's like to be pursued or do the pursuing? I normally do not like to pursue to much, as I like to be purs
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after 3days of silent x who was engaged now talkin
AFter 3 days of non talking to me coz his uncle died he came back to work i just said hi and thank him to make it ease f
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