thanks for visiting the leo message board. leo men and women are self assured and confident, but their egos demand attention and praise. do you leo?

Leo male
okay I want to know if this Leo is being fake with me or actually likes me but not in that way . We're only friends and
Immaturity vs. Maturity.
There's 2 Leo's in my life right now. Current bf, and also ex bf. The Leo I'm dating now has just turned 25, but yet
Disappointed by my Leo bf ..
My Leo bf keeps disappointing me .. Why is he doing this, it really hurts we've been together for almost a month, we
Leo Sun with Scorpio Moon!
How would you take this person? Is this a good combo?
Leo moon with scorpio rising
If somebody had this combination how would she/he be like? How does a strong fire sign combine with a strong water one
Leo and Scorpio
... Thoughts?
Lion VS Lioness
So, I met this lioness while out dancing friday night. Most aggressive woman I've ever met as far as on the prowl. I DO
Full moon coming. How are u feeling?
Next 2 days full moon.. I am feeling exausting, i am always in drama with my thougts, i am not a good company for sure.
Hard to Drop the Leo
Gosh, I'm not the only one having problems with Leo men lately. They either disappear or too damn busy. This is my 3r
Leo Man and Pisces Woman
Has any Leo gents tried dating a Pisces woman? How how this panned out for most?
Just another Leo fan! :)
Ok im totally fanning on you guys right now. Sorry can't help it but out of no where I started thinking of my absolute f
Leo Moon and Love Relationships
My female bestie and current boyfriend both have Leo moons. I've not seen the best relationship qualities in my bestie a
Leo ladies?
https://youtu.be/LPgvNlrBfb0 Is this similiar to how you might, feel/behave when hurt in a relationship? I asked in a
Update: I didn't contact him and made other plans with other friends. In my last thread, I apologize for the mistake, bu
Happy Birthday, TheLioness79!
Better (a few hours) late than never. ;) Hope you had a beautiful day, the very best of this Leo Season.
Music Fit for Lions... Reprise
* --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- *
Leos and marriage
So, a guy posted on the cancer board - his leo gf broke up a 3.5 yr relationship with him. She said she loved him but
Leo boss/friend
My close male Leo friend has no been promoted to manager at my weekend job. We are close and have known each other for 3
Should I?
Have A Birthday Blast, Ssupes
Maintaining the state of the art.
Spread Love
Hey lions i'm new to dxpnet just wanted to spread my love and say hello. Have a nice day :)