What's your favorite

— super hero.. it could your all time childhood or currently in the movie's. Let's have some fun.šŸ˜ Mine is The Hulk šŸ˜ 

New Leo here, can you relate to me?

— Hi Folks!!! Anyways ive been creeping this forum for awhile and the amount of hate I see on the internet towards leo, is.... not surprising :D Yea, I know the stereotypes out there. What's the old saying? "haters gonna hate"? Don't get caught up in...

Leaving a relationship with a Leo

— Hi ! I have a Leo partner for almost 5 years now. We started really romantic and with all that drama Leo style and he told me how much he wanted to be with me and we moved in really quick together. Within 1 year I started to see the flaws he had, like he...

damn back at it again with this leo woman

— so she came back lol. we have spent the last few days together and it was amazing. are there any leo girls with aquarius men? :D

Hey fellow leos! =) One question for all of you...

— What sign has been your best match (emotionally, mentally, and yes...physically lol)? I wanted to know what other leos

Leo man Ask me anything


When a Leo Stares Boldly

— At you directly. For more then 10 seconds. and you shyly look away. What does that mean?

Only to the sexy leos

— I'm a leo too, and yes I love it. Here's my question. Do you Leo's like role playing and love making? Simple question..

Dear Leos...

— Every time I study your sign, think about write characters under your sign, or think about backrubs...I...I... I wanna date a Lioness and get a Leo bro for a friend dammnit! Do you know how rare/awkward it is to go Leo hunting? ...does not help that...

Leo Woman - Avoiding?

— If her birth time is correct then she is a : Leo Sun, Cap Ascendant, Cancer Moon, Leo Mercury, Virgo Venus, Gemini Mars. I'm a : Pisces Sun, Cancer Ascendant, Capricorn Moon, Aries Mercury, Aquarius Venus and Mars. She is in California, I'm in New Mex...

Is this normal...?

— I've hurt my Leo BF so many times. I would always start the fight and tried to break up with him 7 times, mainly because I thought he's cheated on me, over sex (I'm nowhere near as active as him and I thought he was using me for only sex) or over misunder...

Fab leo ladies

— Bush's birthchart. She is merc neptune and sun dominant...she is a leo. I sound like her ..her personality is like mine. She even moves slightly like me. Most creative pop artist I can think of.

Slow Claps


Leos and Sags

— Irregardless of what happened with my ex (I'll deem it an isolated incident and will not generalise) I have so much love for leos and sags and even Aries with water placements. I like how most of you are fierce and real and at least for the most part it...

Jealously :do leos hate it

— I'm not dating this Leo we are just really close so recently I've been jealous because from Wednesday -Sunday he was on a church camp trip with lots of friends and I thought that that's fine but he came back yesterday and didn't even answer my text don't...

Is this Leo man genuinely interested in me?

— I'm a Gemini, with a Scorpio Moon,Venus in Gemini and Leo Rising. He is a Leo with a Sagittarius Moon, Venus in Virgo. We are both in our mid 20's by the way. We have really great chemistry it seems. We met on Facebook about almost 3 weeks ago a...

Leo/ Libra compatibility??

— I've been seeing A libra man with sun in libra/ moon in Leo. I'm a leo w/ moon in Aquarius. So far it's going great. Anyone have any insight or experience w how these placements interact? Less than 2 months in, so I'd love to know what to expect. :) Th...

How to know if a Leo man is happy with you?

— I have been with my Leo man for few years now. I am wanting to know what are the signs he is happy in the relationship. I know I could ask him and I will. Just something has alarmed me as well, that he may like his young co worker. Yet he acts nice to...

Any fellow Leos ever been with a Scorpio??

— I'm talking to one now, and I literally know nothing about them. I've ready that Leo and Scorpio don't go together, but I like him so far. Can you guys share your experiences good,bad anything!

Virgo female needs help w Leo male

— So, I have been dating a leo male for 2 months. When we are together, all is great. He displays public affection, our mutual friend says he talks about me a lot, I have met his kids...blah blah. However, when we are apart, I'm always the one initiating co...

i hate this leo man

— yeah.... I asked my ex to meet... it was wonderful... he wanted sex but I denied. i told him that i want him not only as sex partner but as a person, he told me he wanted pure relationship with me, he told me take care 3 times(weird). After 1 day he invit...

Virgo guy dating a Leo

— Okay so recently I've been dating a Leo. I seem to attract the sign from past experiences (maybe it's my Leo Venus??). And let me just say, that it's one of the best things I've ever done in life lol. Dating a Leo- always a good idea. They're a lot of fun...

Taurus man

— Ok, after the whole Pisces debacle.....ahem....I had to talk to him today cause he was blowing up my phone like I knew he would and it was the only way to get him to stop. He was telling me how much he wanted to make love to me today....I'm just like yea...

do leo men love to be chased?

— Is it wrong to ask a leo ex to go out for coffee?? if not, how should be asked? not to seem needy but fun?

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super hero.. it could your all time childhood or currently in the movie's. Let's have some fun.šŸ˜ Mine is The Hulk šŸ˜ 
How do you become available to yourself and to others? I'm an overall extreeemely neglectful person, to everybody including myself. As if there's no time or real interest in anything or anybody. One day I'd like to be in a relationship, but I'm not sur
would love to hear from musicians, painters, poets, etc.
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Why lie so much
I am a virgo woman and have been seeing a capricorn male for about 2 months. Iā€™m 43 yrs old and had pretty much given up on ever meeting and being with someone. so i was very pleasantly surprised meeting this guy. i was smitten and have never felt this
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Again...smh ...
are you having a difficult time as of late?
When it came to receiving oral sex, I always felt guilty about it. This guilt comes from the past. I always use to hear how it was degrading to women. So I never really went for it strong. My ex girl love doing it to me. When she does it I always felt a l
I have strong interest in an air sign. Womp.
Am I crazy? Ok, probably......the Scorpio in me finally came out. Seriously I have never done this before, I usually just walk away from this shit cause it's not worth my time...... I set up a profile on the dating site I met the Pisces on as a gu
insight you can offer, feel free. pretty familiar with my sun and moon sign but that's about it!