thanks for visiting the leo message board. leo men and women are self assured and confident, but their egos demand attention and praise. do you leo?

Leo - Leo - Whirlwind Romance
Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster, Sun in Leo/Capricorn Moon/Taurus Rising here, apologies this could get long
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Happy Birthday Dimplez!!!
Best Wishes to a blazing lioness! Enjoy your special day, Dimpz! Chocolate cupcakes smothered in choco
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The power of the subconcious mind.
Just wanted to share something wonderful with my fellow leos. I'm a Christian so this principle is ever present in the b
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Lord, help me
I am drawn to Leos...I don't know why. I'm just a sweet Scorpio with a bit of a wild side...I hold my own but jeeez!! Af
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Leo man Pisces woman
Hello I'm a pisces women I've been dating my Leo boyfriend on and off for about 4years now. He's very hard to understand
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Do all Leo’s Clam up?
Everyone here knows my situation pretty much… my leo is a wonderful man however very shy with emotions… (my nice wa
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Leo men I need your help!! Pleaasseeee
I've been long distance friend with this leo guy for 4 years then we decided to have 1 week vacation just the two of us,
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Signs and interactions
Taurus... Good on the eyes but I don't feel them (lately) Scorpio... feel them but they are kinda aloof Libra... is go
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Leos which signs do you usually fall for?
Ok I just checked up Stanley Kubrik's profile... And he's a Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Rising. And he married a
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Missing Me or Feeling Sorry for Me...
A month and a half ago, my Leo said he needed space. We been together and lived together for 3 years straight, and this
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~~ Happy Birthday, Tamara ~~
To my very special Lioness, Tamara - a Queen by any other name, whose presence heralds so much warmth, magnanimity, and
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Hey their friends!
As you all know I'm in love with a taurus and trying to get to a leo. So I will be posting a lot of the same questions i
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Happy Birthday, Montgomery!
Sharp, witty, astute, and sophisticated . . . all Leo synonyms for beauty. And Monte. Enjoy your special day. ;)
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Lord, help me
I am drawn to Leos...I don't know why. I'm just a sweet Scorpio with a bit of a wild side...I hold my own but jeeez!! Af
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I am a Leo Man ask me anything!
Im here to help those who have questions about Leo's! Ask away!
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How Long does a Leo need his space?
Hi, I'm a Cancer and I have been dating and living with a Leo for 3 years straight. We got along well, well, at least
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I like this leo woman. She's very interested in me
If you can't say anything good then please pass on. Before we get started I an Aries have fallen for this woman, so no I
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Happy Birthday, TheLioness79!
I can’t speak for all of us in terms of how we all know you, but I know you mainly through your battles on behalf of y
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I just cut off a Leo friend
I'm an aquarius and I have a group of friends who are all earth and water signs and we like to get stoned together and h
Happy Birthday, ZelaleZ!!
Yes, we've gotten to know you, and you're really nice. ;) . . . and passionate, strong-willed and emphatic. You do
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I need all of you Leo's to get in here please!!!
If you can't say anything good then please pass on. Before we get started I an Aries have fallen for this woman, so no I
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Tips on dealing with my intense Leo temper?
I have a horrible temper. I'm not proud of it AT ALL and in fact, it's the thing I hate most about myself. I become so i
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Happy Birthday, NickyNoo!
Best Wishes to our new (and very Leo) Lioness! :) She attracts Taurus males, wishes she could be an Aquarius (if s
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what you think about this combo
hi leos, i hope you are (and i know you are) enjoying your time :) so, i have a cap friend, and she deeply fell in lo
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Getting to this a little later than I had intended. It's been a busy day, but regardless, Mea Culpa! *Presents rump f
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Happy Birthday, Nala13!
You know that one person in a group, who, after listening intently to a conversation that is mostly nonsense which no on
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Happy Birthday, enfant_terrible!
Happy 25th. Again. ;) Best wishes to a truly red-blooded Leo with a razor-wit. Live it up and enjoy your da
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SpiceNSugar Day
HAPPY... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm very confused
Hey there leos! I need some advice on how to deal with this situation. So a week or so ago I met this leo woman. She's i
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