thanks for visiting the leo message board. leo men and women are self assured and confident, but their egos demand attention and praise. do you leo?

Leo's: Which signs seem to be our best matches?
I was wondering what signs tend be good matches for us. I get on well with aries,sag,libras and geminies and cancers
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I want a leo
Im a Gem guy and I'm very attracted to my leo friend who is a girl. I don't know if she feels the same but we have cuddl
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Leo women and heartbreak
I'm a Leo sun, Leo moon and I when I really like a guy I tend to fall in love deeply completely head over heels and if i
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Join in people
I've noticed Leo's and leo women in general tend to talk about their past a lot especially regarding their relationships
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Can you guys gimmi advice
So I did the chart between my leo and I. By the way those who've seen me struggle haha the struggle is real. Things have
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are Leo's being abused and misused?
What ever happened to the beautiful days that Leo's were able to be expressive and lucky with there love lives? And when
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Leo changed from a gentleman to a BABY!!
To make this short.. when he was pursuing me, he acted like a man..understanding, forgiving, gives in, sweet, not childi
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I'm a Leo...desperately want my ex-BF Cancer back!
i met a cancer guy and we only talked for several days but it seemed as if we knew each other for at least a decade. he
All experianced Leo's get in here.
So I've been wondering lately how do you Leo women get turned on. Let me be straight forward with this but during sex wh
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Fellow Leos how do you feel about Pisces?
Personally, I cannot get along with Pisces Suns on a deep or close level. I perceive them as deceiving with an unnecessa
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A Small Favor...
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Is this leo guy after lust or love?
So I am a Taurus in my twenties and randomly met a Leo guy (1 year older than me) online. We talk everyday through text
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Is this a leo moon thing or is it something else?
I don't know to really explain it but since childhood i felt like I'm special for some reason and at the same time that
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What are leo men like?
I have recently started interacting with a leo man who has been a nice friend for 10 months. He told me that he liked me
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How do Leo men feel about Aquarius women?
I'm just looking for insight on how Leo men feel about relationships with Aquarius women. How were the relationships wer
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Leo Sun Virgo Moon
High achievement combo? I'm just blown away by the sheer number of true world players who have this combo. There's
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puzzled need advice
Hi, sorry I will try to keep this as short as I can.....but I'm a gemini so probably not going to happen! :) I random
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Leo man SEEMS perfect?
So I'll just jump right into it..! I've recently started seeing a Leo friend of mine who has had a crush on me for a few
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Rumour or truth?
Jennifer Lawrence (leo sun, aqua rising) is dating Chris Martin!(pisces sun, aqua rising) it seems too soon, but mayb
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I am a Leo Man ask me anything!
Im here to help those who have questions about Leo's! Ask away!
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I don't get along with my dad
Hi I'm a pisces born on february 20 and I'm 21 years old, my father is a leo (august 7). All my life I haven't been
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Why would a leo stop talking to a friend?
I was friends with a Leo since we were kids and in our early 20s, we fell out of touch. Well I ran into her on the stre
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CAn someone give me insight on LEO, Males... he appear to be so genuine and caring but stubborn , I dont understand. HEL
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I havent heard from my friend since we had an argument, so another car in the driveway when he told me he was going to b
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Any new jupiter stories?!
How's it going guys? Anything new & positive shaping up in your lives since jupiter entered leo?
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Regaining a Leo Man's Trust
My Leo exbf and I broke up a month ago (we went out for 6mos) and just last week he told me "I hate that I can't trust a
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