thanks for visiting the leo message board. leo men and women are self assured and confident, but their egos demand attention and praise. do you leo?

Happy Thanksgiving ...
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Pride vs. Humbility. They say that pride comes before fall. True But pride also keeps you from running back to ba
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He's a Leo. You cats are adorable.
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nothing special
Leo girls are the smartest and the bravest. Cordially a cap,
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Leo man/Aqua lady
I'm honestly the most laid-back understanding aquarius woman, but what I don't understand is my boyfriend is an EXTREMEL
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Leos! What Are Your...
Romantic turn ons/offs? Be 'em physical, emotional, mental...etc. Post your moon and venus too please :) !!
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need a Leo man's help
I have a leo friend. We were 18 when we first met at a party I pierced his nipple within mins of meeting him after that
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Leo man is he into me or not?
I'm going to try to make this as brief as possible. I am a scorpio & he is a leo (July 30). We met via Twitter in like 2
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Leo plus Leo
Omg it's the most frustrating hardhead insecure yet secure scary deep best sexual attraction ever and it's killing me. I
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Help any Leo men ? Leo women helpppp
I recently invited this guy on a date but I arrived really late I paid as he said he had no money tuhe convo was awkward
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Leo men like to be chased?
Does leo men like to be chased or being the chaser? What turns them on and off? Why are they all so busy with work?
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Aries Leo Sagg
So I was gonna ask who's more compatible. Aries and Saggitaruius, Leo and Aries or Leo Saggitaruius. Why would they
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Does Leos Stare to get attention?
DO leo's tend to stare or glance a lot of someone to get their attention? tnx..
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What have I gotten myself into.
I don't know if y'all remember much of the situation. But here it goes. ME: sensitive cappy that overthinks
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Astro Sexuality
If you are underage in your locality or you have qualms with graphic descriptions of sex, please don't venture this thre
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Cancer male, first date with Leo woman.
Any tips? Lioness, what would be on your list of do's and dont's?
I am a Leo Man ask me anything!
Im here to help those who have questions about Leo's! Ask away!
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I recently invited this guy on a date but I arrived really late I paid as he said he had no money tuhe convo was awkward
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Help Leo problem
I recently invited this guy on a date but I arrived really late I paid as he said he had no money the convo was awkward
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Leo man can't stop staring at me, what's on his mi
There's a very charming leo guy that I like a lot..I'm not sure if i'm imagining things but I think we have a lot of che
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Ex hookup calls me out of the blue..., another ex hookup reaches out to me, again out of the blue. Like damn, just leav
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Leo Charm is killing me ;)
Hi there... Haven't been here in a while. There's a very charming leo guy that I like a lot..I'm not sure if i'm imagini
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dealing with Leo male. help!
I've been friends with a Leo male for a very long time we've always been attracted to each other. I hurt his ego once he
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Blood is thicker than water
Hey lionesses, My little sister is a leo ( obviously the reason i'm making a post here). We had an argument this sum
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If a leo man is not chasing you = not interested?
We live in different parts of the country and have skyped a few times, but the leo doesn't really text in between. He i
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what does Leo love about .. Aquarius
what do Leo women love about Aquarius men? Please tell us why you are attracted towards Aqua men...
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What the heck come on libra !
i was in a 3 year on and off again relationship with a very handsome Libra man , he was the apple of my eye , but jut li
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Drained energy
Have you ever felt like all you do is give and give and give, yet get so little in return or anything at all? for exampl
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