How to drive a Leo guy crazy?

— I met a very attractive Leo guy over the internet. We have a lot in common and he is the perfect, romantic gentleman I have wished for (top bad we live too far away from each other). He is planning to visit me next year, and I promised I would take him...

Public vs Private Leo guy behaviour?

— Known Leo for 10+ years, dated on and off but now we are both in the space to make it work. Both are single. Issue: he is all possessive when around people especially around his closest friends; very hands-y and says things like 'she won't marry anyon...

Going in metaphysical forum next

— Is there any correlation between me having a great learning experience and relationship building with my leo-virgo cusp to the fact that my only two real relationships were with a Leo then a virgo?

How to accelerate getting over a breakup?

— Hello my lovely Leos. I am coming to you for advice. I, a fellow leo, just got my heart thrashed by a Capricorn. After months of making plans, introducing to family, etc, and a strained road trip. He just left without saying goodbye. And I knew, that was...

Leo and black

— OK Every time I see a white boys who act black their always have heavy Leo placements, I noticed that when ever I see a wigga, definition= a white boy that act like a nigga, I get to know them, then I found out they have heavy Leo placements, I see it a...

Losing it with this guy!

— I've had an on and off thing going on with a Leo male. We met last year in spring and saw each other on a regular basis. I ended it in the summer and then the contacted me again and I gave in and we met again. Everything was cool between us and then we go...

share your experience with a Leo

— I have always ran away from Leo's most of my high school life because of their competitive nature. Then the love of my life cheated on me with a lioness. It didn't help matters that she was a model. I avoided them but we hung out casually in a group....

Scorpio women

— now I have talked about how Scorpio women are bad for Cancer men, but for Leo men, Scorpio women is ideal, a Scorpio women will make a Leo men love so much, her intensive manipulative ways will work well on him, he will feel as if he can see no other wome...


— I told him a home truth....i needed to say it..i did it politely...


— Cap just said he loves me. Problem is he said by text ... after i told him we needed a break. ... I didn't feel he was invested he cancelled our last 3 dates and talking to him has been impossible ( he's always busy, away and forgets to call back)

Scorpio woman and leo man

— I need help I have been talking to a leo man for 3 and 1/2 months ..at first we talked all the time. .I till talk to him everyday but he says he is not in a relationship....but he acts like he is my man ....and I will text him and he won't reply but he...

Music Fit for Lions... Reprise

— * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- * --- *

Leo silence

— Why do leos runaway and become silent after they have done something to hurt your feelings

Leo males's best match?

— I think have posted this before but i kinda forgot about it and it was quite a while ago. who do you think is a leo male's best match? I am not looking for copy&paste from astro websites so please don't post that garbage here. I would love to hear real...

Should I just give up?

— I've been trying to keep in touch with the Leo ever since he has a new job. I wanted to show him that I do consider him worthy of a friend. Thing is, we told each other that we liked each other and he showed it in person, but doesn't when we're distant. A...

What Is Your Relationship Experience With The Other Signs?

— Alright Leos, let me know how your relationships with the opposite sex (romantic or otherwise) have been with the various signs. It's said that Leos do not perfectly match with any of the signs, so I wonder what other Leo's have experienced. Aries: I'v...

Leo and Pisces

— I dunno, I've seen countless of Leo and pisces friends and a few relationships. By textbooks you guys aren't typically compatible but damn I've seen A LOT of Leos hanging out with Pisces and they're really close. Share me your experiences. Not sur...

Dating tips needed

— I'm about to go on my first date with this Leo man and I'm actually quite nervous. Any advice? I also heard that Leos tend to test the person they are dating is that true? And are there any warning signals I should look out for? TIA

leos and emotions

— people think we are not that deep but i would say we are deep lovers, they dont call us the lovers of the zodiac for nothing but i can see why people think that. So fellow leos how do you handle emotions? good and bad, do you make them known? would you r...

Should I do it

— Truthfully, I feel I'm setting myself up for disaster by hanging with my leo. He hasn't hit me up in over a week but whenever I contact him he replies right back n agrees. I'm not sure why. He has dumped me for reason idk I don't want him out of my life b...

How to break up with a Leo?

— without feeling guilty..

Still feeling bounded with your ex?

— Leos. Do you also have this thing when your relationship is over, that you still feel bounded with that person? Even when time has past over it? Like dating someone else would be cheating on him or her? I hate this feeling. How do you get over this? And h...

Venus in Leo

— Dated this Venus 3 times over the last 2 year period. What makes you people so buttertily oblivious to everybody else, but yourselves? I haven't seen a bigger egoist placement on a person, the signature print is unmistakable, even among all 3 very different...

can anyone help with an interpretation - Leo sun, Gemini ascending, Sagittarius moon

— can anyone help with an interpretation - Leo sun, Gemini ascending, Sagittarius moon. I am not sure how accurate these placements are, as I've tried different websites to gather some info.

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