Do leos play favorites

— Do leos play favorites ? Like can one person be more important to them than the other , friend wise ? Family is a big yes but friend wise can one friend be more important than the other ? Cause I've been feeling kind of replaced and I shouldn't be because...

Love lions

— To all the Mufasas, Simbas and Nalas I just wanna say I appreciate you guys a lot. No matter if it's sun, moon, rising, Mercury etc the vibes I get are positive af! I get just as annoyed when someone blurts out rude, generalised statements abou...

First time dating Leo male. Looking for advices

— So I met this guy online and we started our conversation by his funny stories. We talked not too much, just casual things. Then he asked me out, emphasizing strongly that it's just casual one. So I agreed (normally I'd just say "I'll consider" and tried...

This Leo man.....supper happy but confused...

— I'm a Liberian he's a Leo we are both 27 have been dating very happily for 3 months now. He works away on week off on week on. We are both totally into each other by our actions and have spoke about the future briefly... Have meet each other's friends...

Soooo my Leo sis just called to inform me that she has a suprise for me Friday!!

— She won't tell me the location of the suprise! I'm curious and slightly nervous because I know she likes doing over-the-top things for birthdays. What to expect?

So few Leos nowadays???

— Lately I've been noticing, and not just here in dxp that there aren't that many Leos. I run into every other sign a lot, cancer being the most common around my work place but Leos are rare to come around these days.

Help me understand this leo girl...

— Ok, after she heavily liked my facebook profile for a few weeks I decided to hang out with her. I had no particular intrest in pursuing a relationship right now, but our common friends told me that she liked me. So I said: she seems to be a cute girl (3 y...

Swore I Wouldn't...

— But couldn't help myself. :| So things with the Leo I was seeing dissolved. Ultimately it was probably a good thing I think. While I don't know his situation per say, he seemed like he had a lot going on in his life and also is possibly getting over so...

questions about the leo man

— I began speaking with this leo guy recently. He initiated and we exchanged numbers. Our conversations are nice, and after only a week I find myself wishing him well at work, texting all hours of the day; he appreciates, says they make him smile. It al...

When will Leos really find true love..

— Leo female here,born aug 21,1985. Just been looking for a serious relationship but its been years already :( last guy I met was a Cancer,poof just disappeares like a bubble eventhough we've been seeing eachother for a month..when Leo,when will our true lo...

Fellow leos, What signs do you generally attract?

— F.Y.I. My Sun & Mars are in Leo, but my Venus, Moon, and Mercury are in Cancer. I tend to attract Taurus and Virgo. I also attract Aquarius, Sag, and Aries. I'd say my best connections have been with my fellow fire signs! Those Sag & Aries guys....very...

Question for the Leo guy's

— I was wondering if any of u guys have noticed a secret hate coming from Libra dudes. Just only when you're doing good tho. And Its not necessarily blatant. I've noticed 1 incident on here and my homeboy is a Libra and it's lil comments that he says tha...

Venus in Leo people, tell me how you are in like/love...

— Do you tend to fall hard and fast, or do you take your time? Are you picky? What attracts you about a person? Are you pretty monogamous, or do you like to play the field a bit before settling down? How do you demonstrate your affections? How do you like t...

Are there even any leo guys on here?

— Seraph or something like that, right? Who else? If anyone?

cancer-leos males ? Or just leo males:

— How are you with the ladies? Do you let go easily? Do you pursue or get pursued? And what´s the worst thing a woman could do to you?

Leo moon

— Any other Leos feeling like kings right now?! I know I am!

Stuck between 2 Leos

— Well, i wrote here bout the first one who has a pisces moon but a virgo mercury and venus. He doesnt get much in touch 😧 can be cold sometimes. Meanwhile I met another Leo, slightly older but warmer and so humble. He has a moon in Scorpio, venus in v...

Can anyone figure out how this guy really feels about me?

— This is a little bit complicated. Me and this guy we started off as really good friends for like a couple of years. At the time he was talking to this other girl who he had a brief relationship with for about five months I'd say n then she left the count...


— type of shampoo do you use to keep those manes so gorgeous??

Leo friend

— So, I had a Leo friend. We were friends since elementary school. I'm older than her, so I went to middle school before her. We reconnected when she got to middle school. We remained friends after high school. But we got into an argument. It was a roug...

Bullied (or just mostly 'teased') Leos?

— Out of all the animals in the zodiac, the lion cub seems to be the least threatening, if all of the animals in the zodiac were at their "kid" stage. (Except for maybe Pisces, but that can be debatable). Whether this could be true or not as literally as...

Do Leo Men Make Good Fathers?

— Lately my Leo boyfriend has been expressing how bad he wants us to settle down and start a family, he really wants a child and seems very set on having this! We spoke last year about having children in the future but it seems he wants to start trying now!...

I'm spilling it

— So on my last post I posted about leos when they argue and someone asked me why am I asking and that I should spill it so I will spill it . Me and my Leo haven't had the fight but we're not communicating as much and I'm wondering why . Here's the story he...

Bullied Leos?

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I am having trouble with people, which I am usually good at. Feeling emotionally drained Under achieved, worried. Is it just me I have Mars in Sagittarius, and Venus in Leo.
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