thanks for visiting the libra message board. libra men and women possess tremendous charm, but can be indecisive. do you libra?

libra with scorpio venus
Take the creative intellect and "innocence" of Libra and add the cunning mystery of scorpio. Seriously, what drives t
by ProphetaAzteca · 2 replies · updated 4/25/2015 11:48:36 AM
Confuse of my current situation with my Libra BF
I need someone's advise regarding with my situation,my Libra Boyfriend. I am in relationship of one month with my boyfri
by Asiana · 25 replies · updated 4/25/2015 6:54:36 AM
Libra man driving me crazy.
I like this libra guy. He has been stringing me along for a while. He disappears andi don't here from him when it seems
by mangomania · 25 replies · updated 4/25/2015 6:34:49 AM
libra coworker
Is very much to himself and cold I want to talk to him but he doesn't seem interestedin socializing with me much. He did
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Libra men, do you lie casually? Any remorse?
Ok. I am pretty annoyed. But first .. do you lie upfront Libra men ? or is it not common among libras to lie? I disco
by CappyGurl9 · 40 replies · updated 4/24/2015 11:12:35 PM
Libra moon = good looks
I've been noticing that quite a few people in my life are and were libra moons. One thing they all have in common is goo
by aquarius09 · 35 replies · updated 4/24/2015 7:55:29 PM
Does this Libra like me?
I met a Libra male recently and I noticed him staring at me a lot at first. It was usually just a long, blank stare from
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Why does my Libra friend keep talking about him?
I have a Libra friend who I'm trying to understand. Long story short, she majorly likes a guy and talks about him all th
by esortelracs · 11 replies · updated 4/23/2015 5:31:53 AM
Libra men are by far the worst creatures
I've dated libra man for three years broke because he always disrespected me. he spoke to me any way he wanted to. He ha
by passonate99 · 12 replies · updated 4/22/2015 11:54:19 PM
Libras, lets talk sex
what kind of sex do you like? sexual or sensual?
by mysteriousTaurus · 12 replies · updated 4/22/2015 4:18:24 PM
once you go cold on someone
can you get it back? how? i want to but i am having some trouble feeling it.
by jeane · 41 replies · updated 4/22/2015 7:54:10 AM
Earth To Libras!
It's dead in here... Let's make it more awesome and positive ! Soo, How is everyone doing? What exciting things
by Libralula · 24 replies · updated 4/21/2015 1:36:40 PM
Libra woman
How many types are there ? I categorise them in three groups basically. Shy ones argumentive bimbos The last o
by papparazi · 19 replies · updated 4/21/2015 9:11:19 AM
Are Libras psychic?
Well are they? lol :)
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Libra cookiemonster won't accept/deny my request on IG
Nah, Jk. She's not a cookiemonster, she's actually a really nice person or at least she seems to be. Anyway, a few days ago I se
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I read that the abbreviation for pound; lb is actually the abbreviation for Libra meaning balance. Fun facts with BD!
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Is this a Libra thing?
For the past two months I've been physically and emotionally struggling with everything it seems like. I've noticed a fe
by libraah92 · 12 replies · updated 4/18/2015 10:28:20 PM
Whats the deal with libra men
That insult women? Is this foreplay lol or marker behavior. Imma go with the latter. Usually me and libra have at it
by Sammy20 · 5 replies · updated 4/18/2015 10:21:23 PM
Libra Monthly horoscope April 2015.
Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2015 by Elisa Jane Tarot Card Readings!!!
by ElisaGemini121 · 1 replies · updated 4/18/2015 3:48:24 PM
Do all Libra men break hearts?
Since I have been stuck at home sick these past few days I have had time to do some research on the Libra male. What I h
by InexperiencedScorp · 28 replies · updated 4/17/2015 9:13:49 PM
Another elusive Libra man
I had completely given up on this Libra man who suddenly vanished but after reading so many threads here all saying the
by piscesgirl77 · 18 replies · updated 4/17/2015 8:27:32 AM
The best advice to treat this ... Libra ?
Hi all ! I am new on this site and happy to get it ! I will be short. I was in and out of dating and a "relationship"
by Delia · 19 replies · updated 4/15/2015 2:51:00 AM
What are some great thank you gifts?
I'm looking for a meaningful and useful thank you gift for my mentors (men and women). Thanks in advance!
by SunMoonStars · 4 replies · updated 4/14/2015 2:02:10 PM
How do libras deal with breakups?
So I'm struggling right now. My ex broke up with me on Valentine's Day after I found out that he was talking to his ex (
by libraah92 · 18 replies · updated 4/13/2015 8:13:58 AM
Libra boyfriend watching sex scenes/nudity?
Hey, not quite sure where to start with this as I feel it is quite complicated, but I appreciate whoever takes the time
by puglovexo · 6 replies · updated 4/12/2015 3:41:27 PM
Update on Libra Boyfriend
About two weeks ago I came here asking advice on my boyfriend who had seemingly disappeared whilst in the middle of a cr
by ackeibler · 31 replies · updated 4/11/2015 3:23:45 AM
Rejected but...
Hello, I'm Aries and I recently had a bad expirience with a Libra girl I like since I was in highschool which was 12-13
by MustardAndJelly · 12 replies · updated 4/10/2015 12:58:28 PM
What will Libras put up/not put up with...
...from a partner? If they love someone are there certain things that will kill the relationship? Or will they endure an
by Rowan · 11 replies · updated 4/9/2015 11:27:48 AM
Will will Libras put up with/not put up with
from a partner? If they love someone are there certain things that will kill the relationship? Or will they endure any m
by Rowan · 2 replies · updated 4/8/2015 8:37:12 PM