thanks for visiting the libra message board. libra men and women possess tremendous charm, but can be indecisive. do you libra?

Is he done or do I need to be more patient?
I'm Cancer female and he a Libra male. I'm sure plenty of you will say we are not a good match, but my moon is in Gemini
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Thank you all
I've posted on this thread often to ask questions about my Libra girlfriend. In answering a question on a different thre
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GoingDutch's Libra.. the perfect human being. Because he doesn't exist. Posted by GoingDutchhe is 29. His b-day is September 26th
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Why are libra men so confusing?
31min Follow Anonymous Anonymous (36 to 45) Why is he confusing me? I have been seeing a libra that confuses me co
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Libra men, can you date someone like this?
First of all, I am new to this Forum. I like astrology and interested in learning them. And I'm sorry for my bad Englis
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How do I keep myself occupied in his absence?
A Libra male friend and I got in an argument recently because of basically he said she said drama. He told me he liked m
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Why are libra men so confusing?
I have been seeing a libra that confuses me constantly. He makes plans with me, then backs out. I'm starting to think he
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Libra Male Birthday Gift.
What do you guys like? Right now I'm thinking of getting clothes but I don't even know of what or what brand. I know he
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Libra man with Aries moon
Can anyone give me advice on what to expect from him?
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Women giving birth
I can't help but lol at the few I've known who had due dates within the last week or so. One friend FINALLY had her litt
Libra faded ... Is it possible for sparks?
I met a guy online over a year ago he is a libra born on oct 18. We met in March and spent up until September of last ye
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Should I dump this Libra guy?
Recently started dating a coworker who is a Libra. We were friends and would go out to lunch all the time. No big deal.
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Libra Man Taurus Woman
So I've been talking to this guy for almost a month. About a little over a week in , he asked to go out. So we decided o
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sag 17
Help with Libra guy
Hello all, could use some advice . I'm a Sag and having been dating a Libra a few months. We were getting along wonderf
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What turns you off?
This question isn't exactly sex driven. I just want to know what about someone puts you off? More specifically, personal
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Libra ex invited
Me to his birthday party tonight. We haven't spoken since we got into a little argument that was 70% his fault. Said
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Libra love to date people on a pedastal
Do you gentle Libras feel like you only date people whom are an example of who you want to be? For instance, often
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Do any of you guys ever feel that our Libran traits are viewed negatively? E.g our charm is seen as fake, our diploma
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Libra of first and second decan
I had the pleasure of viewing a libra of a first decan and second decan in a mall. There are some things I noticed that
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Happy Birthday Tiz!
I don't want to forget greeting you on your special day, man! :D :D :D
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Libras and their sense of justice?
I've been meaning to ask this for a while. But have you noticed how there are many judges who are Libras? I've noticed h
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Libras - Are You Enjoying Libra Season?
We have no birthday threads and I get it - after all it's not what you can do for Libra, but what Libra can do for you r
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Dealing with Shy Libra observing from afar? what?!
Hello all! I am new here so, first off, nice to meet you! Secondly, I'll stress that this is not a bleeding heart sto
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is a libra. Chiaki Kuriyama, Japanese actress from Kill Bill. Just discovered that Chiaki's a libra was born on O
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Libra Music
I feel this is a very Libra Album. Post your Libra inspired music.
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Libra mans obsession/hobby
So my libra man has an addiction to quoting movie lines. He does it ALLLL THE TIME in day to day conversation, even if n
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Hookers of the Zodiac?
Ya'll seem to like being in relationships and moving around hopping to whomever man can support your goals of attaining
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He went limp from an I love you!!!
Listen up libras - and anybody else! Asking here because, I am not totally sure of what to tell my girl, who is in a
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Fell in love with my Libra best friend
Hey guys, I found myself in a situation that I fell in love with my Libra best friend. We have dated a couple of mont
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