Libra in a nutshell

— I rather be handsome and have tons of sex than be assertive and get my hands dirty in emotional conflict. I start relationships only for sex because I'm too afraid to say I just want some kitty. If you make me mad, I will still smile and be your friend bu...

Leo and Libra friendship

— Well I have a new neighbor and we got to talking. I asked her her birthday and she just said Libra lol (even tho if she would have told me the actual date I could have been nosey because she also told me where she was from too) But anyway this chick seem...

Take advantage of ppl

— I love you libras....but of course there is always a bad apple. Do some libras take advantage of others like want them to buy everything and have high expectation of ppl? This has nothing to do with me. I have a friend who is now foing through something s...

LIBRAS: what are websites you frequent a lot?

— Besides here?

Why are Libras not attractive?

— Especially the females

♎️Libras can drain me '''

— ♎️God no other sign can drain me as much as a libra can. I feel exhausted..., ''''

The need to protect

— I've read on many sites and forums that Libra's tend to hate confrontation of any sort. I, however, don't fear it or back down if I am pissed off. I have a strong sense of wanting to protect those I care about. If someone even looks at someone I care for...

The libra ....

— The libra ... After my observations I realized that they are one of the most complicated of signs of the zodiac. Air is very free as the libra. Let it keep moving. It always comes back when you don't focus on them. Actions speak louder than words. Obser...

Puzzled by Libra woman

— Libra woman tells me that she misses me calling and texting her. Wants me to come around more often to cheer her up. When I try, she doesn't engage me or ignores my texts. I told her that her actions tell me otherwise. She says, "if you're bugging me,...

Scorpio Man Libra Woman can it work?

— I met my libra wife at work and it was instant chemistry everything about her drew me in. I was at the end of a 5 year relationship at the time so we treaded lightly to start but it was tough due to the insane chemistry. Once I separated we moved into a...

Disappearing For A While

— It's truly humans on dxpnet that seem to irritate me. The constant hypocritical statements like not taking astrology seriously yet prejudging entire signs... That will never sit well with me. I need a break from you all, and you all need a break from...

Libra dominants and Libras with other air placements,

— Do you ever feel as if you're more connected to the idea of being in a deep relationship, but when push comes to shove the real thing scares you? I'm Taurus dominant, my most important Taurus placement being my Venus. So don't get me wrong, when I commit...
v s o p

I love everybody

— But my self. I need help .bad

"All Eyez On Me"

— List your favorite Tu Pac original or remixed song! GO!


— Yea, there's a million of these threads. Here's one more. Gimmie yer favs. Any genre.

Libra Man Confusion/Delusion?

— I am a Gemini woman whom was in an on/off relationship with a libra man for 4 years. We had a naturally easy going relationship, a lot of romance, chemistry and what felt like a real connection. He ended the relationship a year ago after a huge argument...

What is this Libra guy playing at? So many mixed signals

— Hello Everybody, So I was dating this Libra for a couple of months, it was an instant connection and he couldn't get enough of me and the feeling was mutual. Then in the space of a day he went from really hot to being distant and withdrawn. We kept...


— No one frequents this category. Love us.
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Ive been had

— Again...smh ...

Not sure what to say/do anymore :/

— I'm at my wits end with a Libra friend of mine in regard to her issues with guys generally. She's a very "typical" Libra- rose colored glasses view of the world, in love with the idea of love, etc. Her biggest issue is that she puts high expectation...
v s o p

Prince said what all libras wanted to say

— R.i.p

Moon in libra guy...

— Should I expect him to be 'seeing' other people? The way I date, if I'm super compatible with you I sease all communications with possible boyfriend candidates. Should I expect the same from him? Or should I expect to be one of the possibilities? Of cour...

I got angry at my Libra friend.

— Yes - I've know this dude for over a year and when we're together we joke around nonstop. He is also mature (at times) and has great advice. So we're going over a surgery rotation and have to memorize all these different structures. It's stressful a...

I love my wee cat

— Like i literally want to eat him...
v s o p

I wish i was another sign..

— No one likes me..alone..i need a shrink

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