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I hope god bless me with

— A beautiful woman so i could get married be fruitful and mutiply..only then will i be happy in this sad country of just like mes
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I hate not being needed or wanted

— Libra smh


— The guy that I like is a Libra with an Aquarius Moon.. what are they like. Are they loyal, are they genuinely nice?

What's the dark side of Libra?

— Well, most Libras are portrayed as pretty innocent and somewhat patient, this quite often puzzles me. Then what's the dark side/negative side of libra, aside from laziness? I've been trying to see "it" and the only thing I have noticed is that they (in...

How would you describe this Libra?

— She has Libra sun, Cap Moon, Libra rising, Virgo Venus, Cap Mars How is she in terms of making friends, humour, in a relationship, or just in general?


— I met a great Libra sun cap rising Aries moon (I'm a sag sun cancer rising Taurus moon)... after months of volleying about getting together, we finally did and it was amazing. Great conversation, great everything. We talked about so much and the connectio...

Are Libras respected in the astrology world?

— It doesn't seem so.

Uughhh I'm confused

— Went out to a lounge to meet a female friend -Sat next to her and next to me was this Libra -My female friend and I were conversing -Libra kindly found his way into the conversation -I asked him his name after a while and introduced him to my female f...

The Dark Side of The Underdog

— "You know, I find some people are more likely to accept you when someone else puts you down. When everyone is attacking you, someone from the crowd feels the need to step in and defend you. And when everyone else is gone, that same guardian will then turn...


— It's a problem. How about for you? After today, this week, the past month... Burn the treetrunking mall down. Most of all Target. Or just help me stop being careless. Maybe I'll blame it on some house I have in Sagittarius or something. treetrunk.

Not getting the one you want..

— It takes a lot to turn my head, but when somebody catches my attention and there's some interest but I never quite fully get them, I get so mad!!! Maybe it's my Sag moon that makes me feel so "fiery" when it comes to this!

If Libras are considered lazy then why do most libras become successful?

— I realized that there are ALOT of libras that are middle class or rich, but online there are so many quotes saying that they are one of the most laziest sign.

Take advantage of ppl

— I love you libras....but of course there is always a bad apple. Do some libras take advantage of others like want them to buy everything and have high expectation of ppl? This has nothing to do with me. I have a friend who is now foing through something s...

Are Libra's food addicts or just pleasure addicts?

— I got from 2 extremes splurging on healthy stuff to splurging on cupcakes !

Aggressive Libras

— In the past and even sometimes now ive been called aggressive. When i was younger tho it was worse, i was too aggressive for my own good. These days i noticed that its hard for me not to be so ive been channeling it. Ive accepted it as part of my nature a...

Do Libras Give Second Chances?

— My libra has been ignoring me on and off the past 2-3 weeks. The last time I spoke to him was on Wednesday and he told me he still feels the same about me and that we are still together. Yet, he hasn't spoke to me at all since then except to respond to a...

September libra vs October

— This goes for all signs but its this lady at my job who is very stubborn and sometimes judgmental. I swear i would have never thought she was a libra. I Personally like libras but she irriated9me so badly. I dislike judgmental ppl always complain. Maybe t...

Libra Women

— Let me describe you in one word: Feisty The reflection cuts right through my soul.

How is this libra match.

— Libra male and female dating? Will it work ?

Do you wish your partners on their birthday ?

— Even if you are mad at them ? If they don't do what would it mean ? I am expecting at least a msg but i m also fearing for the worst.

Libras Does this mean it may be over?

— Hi everyone. I've been dating this guy for almost a year. Recently he started giving me the on and off silent treatment. He finally told me the other day all the problems he has with me that he has been holding in. Mostly he said he feels that I am self i...

corny or nah?

— I'm asking everyone. Not just Libras. Let's say you just completed your first year of school and got an amazing average. You've also worked your ass off at the job and saved. Balancing 8 hour time difference with gf/bf too. Then you fly around the world t...

Is this typical libra behavior

— Is any of these red flags Like people not mentioning about you in relationships with some of her friends or like in fb ? (Her reason is too early ) Talking to opposite sex with like kiss emoji and sexual teasing like comment on gym pics like bring that...
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Why i hate being a libra so much

— Lonely sad depressed no love hate it

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A beautiful woman so i could get married be fruitful and mutiply..only then will i be happy in this sad country of whores
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