thanks for visiting the libra message board. libra men and women possess tremendous charm, but can be indecisive. do you libra?

I'm sorry for posting here but I wouldn't if I didn't truly need help to understand Male Libra Sun, Moon, Mars, &
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What should I do and say next ?
Libra man come back suddenly today telling me from start of conversation that he don't want to marry and he likes be fre
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Chime in
Lady Libras. What would be your thoughts on someone who picked you up to take you to watch a sunrise?
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v s o p
i hate being a libra in love with
Wanting for someone to be in love with me...hating myself sadness need a hug
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A Libra's best friend
Apart from their own sign, of course, I think it's Leo. Took me a long time (loooong looong) to see this. Leos may be
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Is it possible to be friends with a libra ex?
My question really is just a general question out of interest. My specific situation was I was going out with a libr
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Libra man/Gemini woman, anyone......
ever experienced this? heres our compatibility chart.. 06/02/1983 Aspect 10/06/1986 Orb/Value Sun T
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Why do girls wait til the last minute to ask a guy
This one girl waited til the last day of class to ask me out but she didn't ask me out directly. She told the guys in cl
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libra marriage and divorce statistical analysis
i found this interesting. thought you lot might too. Libra Traditional astrological wisdom holds that Libras are mo
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Earth To Libras!
It's dead in here... Let's make it more awesome and positive ! Soo, How is everyone doing? What exciting things
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Libra, Aquarius & Gemini Women in Relationships
WOW!!! of all the descriptions about myself, this definitely fits me to a "T". Can Aquarius 7 Gemini Women identify wit
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Why do Libra men disappear and come back?
Taurus lady here..... I started talking to a Libra guy in March. I knew him since childhood. He's in his late 30's as we
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Libra Men Woes??? Here Ya Go
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Cutting him off for good?
Met a Libra a year ago. It didn't take long for him to work his way into my waking thoughts. It wasn't his physicality t
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New beginnings or closure with the Libra Man
So after months of not seeing my Libra ex, I was in his neck of the woods. He knew I was in town because we have mutual
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I love libra women..
Those kittens are cute, sexy.. adorable… sometimes edible too… but what the hell about them being kinky…?? Not
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For the maidens with Venus-Scorpio
A fair maiden and a young gentlemen.2 mysterious to one another,intriguing to the playful curiosity within their minds.A
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Am I nuts as a Libra if am too devoted to my Guy
Too devoted to the point that I take everything every tantrum with patience cos I love him, even though he broke up with
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Synastry between me and this Libra guy
I just did a quick match up on I don't know his actual birth time tho
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I scratch my ear, you scatch your ear.
Is the mirroring of body language intentional, or subconscious. And what can you infer about this natal chart Asc (I d
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Libra added me today with a new qq messenger id trying to play game and pretending is not him and trying to get probably
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Anyone familiar with The Oatmeal comics?
I've been a fan of these comics for years. The guy who created them, Matt Inman, has been able to do amazing things with
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Why am I attracted to guys that give me emotional
Im really thinking now, about patterns. Its like I become attracted to guys which are different from me. I have to do th
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How do libra women react to soppy texts messages?
Hi, I'm you typical Aries guy who started dating a libra women. She was my friend for about a year and I would see her t
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Trying to understand Libra guys ignoring act
Hi, i've met this libra guy he is a close friend of one of my close friends, we became intimate and he lives in another
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Libra woman and Taurus man
I would like to hear any stories you may know involving Libra woman and Taurus man. As a Taurus man I'm interested in
by atearth · 21 replies · updated 5/22/2015 2:54:15 PM
why why why
I don't understand WHY the air signs are constantly referred to as "communicators" when you guys suck at communicating!
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Is this Libra Guy bored/attention seeking?
What's up yall! I used to date this Libra with strong commitment issues. Let me take a moment to say that I accept resp
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