thanks for visiting the libra message board. libra men and women possess tremendous charm, but can be indecisive. do you libra?

Tisk Tisk
So previously I posted under my, friend Cataleya a post but after reading so many people post I decided to join to vent
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Libra men.
What do you think of aqua girls? Do you understand each other on the same wave length? :) There's this libra boy I'v
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Need some Libra advice urgently
Hi all I'm in an interesting situation with a Libra woman. We've known each other for 7 months and from the very begi
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Get the best Ass in The Zodiac
Libra what turns her on you want to attract this woman, first of you must be physically attractive, second you have to
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Any Libra girl with ascendant in Sagittarius?
Do you always cheat? I know that libra girls love parties, love to smoke, and drink, and you prefer relationships...but
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Do I have a chance with this Libra?
His sun is Libra, Moon in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo .. I am a Cap sun with moon in Taurus and venus in capricorn.
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Very attentive Libra boy..?
So, this kind of happened very very fast. Almost too fast. And I've never had this happen before... so I am curious.
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Get thebest ASS in the Zodiac
Libra what turns her on you want to attract this woman, first of you must be physically attractive, second you have
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get the best ASS in the Zodiac
Libra what turns her on you want to attract this woman, first of you must be physically attractive, second you have to
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Any fellow leebs got ideas on how to address the "silent treatment" without appearing too aggressive? I need to confront
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What's Libra Man thinking?
Hi,I was wondering if you could give me some insight ob whats going on.I've been hanging out with a libra man(30), Monda
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Ugly Truth of Libra
This sign is the biggest liar of the zodiac — not intentionally but really just to spare someone’s feelings or make
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Virgo-Libra Cusp
Do they generally get along with Cancers?
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Don't relate?
I've got personal planets in Libra, but I can't help but not relate to a lot of descriptions.. Like for example: "Lib
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Sagittarius male - Libra female
I was in a short term relationship with one libra girl last year, we hit it off instantly, and the chemistry was there f
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What is your Myers Brigg Type?
My mom and I are the same (ISTJ). She's a libra sun, scorp moon and venus, libra merc (retro). I'm a libra sun, venus,
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How to be very nice to my Libra BF?
My Libra BF has been a real sweet heart lately, and I feel like I owe him. But I must confess, that I am not nearly a
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Miss my Ex :( Please Help Me!!
Long story short... I miss my ex fiance Virgo dude. Last time we talked was in August and I wanted nothing to do with h
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Libra Moon on Valentine's Day
So I'm a Libra Moon. It says "Libra Moon does not like to be alone… they thrive in a partnership. Many will get marrie
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you like someone more than they like you in return. That`s what im going to say is my weakness, i can`t get strong about
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Libra venus on Valentines Day
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This Libra Girl.
I know you types aren't good with expressive your emotions and neither am I but somebody treetrunking has to say something. (
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Mars in Libra fighting style
How can Mars in Libra utilize their personality traits to fight effectively, and not lose to stronger Mars'?
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libra intrigues
What makes you stop?
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How much space do Libras really like?
How much space do you prefer and what should your significant other do while you need your space, stay patient and wait
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Libra Stare
Is it a safe assumption to assume that staring for "longer than normal" periods of time is a sign of interest or being i
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