Do Libra's play innocent?
People say that Libras acts so nice and orderly because they have an image to maintain. Which I can agree with because I'm like that but is a lot of libras like that? And do most of us just secretly hate and judge alot of people?
Help Aquarius girl in love with Libra Man
I was taking to this libra guy who swept me off my feet. First time ever talking to a libra. Talked day and night for almost 6 months. I really wasn't looking for a relationship but I really started to like this guy and he said he liked me too. I am attr...
Do all Libras
No the treetrunk we don't and piss off😊

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here here
My lovely leebs, seems like a long time we use to chat in this board and get up to shenanigans. Life's been swell, one say you fully embrace and develop into your ascendant as time passes. I think there's some truth in that which is why I the libra sign i...
Whats your
Venus sign and what's your other Libra placements
Libra+Pisces=Heaven Sent or Hell Bound???
Anyone have a take on Libra and Pisces love matches??? What are your experiences?
Libra compatibility
Hey all you lovely Librans! Just a simple topic for my curious mind. Been pondering how well we get along with the other signs romantically/friendship wise etc. Please share your experiences (especially gay relationships) I'll start: + Aries, been...
I'm probably going to end up marrying my current Sag bf..
It's crazy. I recommend all Libras to date Sag men, but stay away from Scorpios lol. Every Scorpio that chased after me came off rude and arrogant. They're also somewhat abusive with words. My dad is a Scorpio and has an EXTREMELY sharp tongue and it's ne...
libra confused with falling in love??
im a libra girl and have been talking to this aqua guy for the past year on/off because he leaves but then comes back anywhere from 4 days to a month, he doesnt have much experience with girls and he moved multiple times throughout the year but still stay...
Tips and things to attract a Libra
I need all info please! I want to know. I have fallen, mostly into lust I will admit, from just the sound of his voice with a Libra man. I am a Scorpio and have yet to come accross any happy couplings with this pairing. He seems beyond reserved and when h...
Alina Baraz
This playlist came to me a while back from another Libra luminary. Alina Baraz herself is a Libra. I worked to this in the background today. It might tune in well with other Libras so I'll leave this here:
Post a Libra song or a Libra artist
Eric Benet- I Wanna Be Loved

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Libra Woman Aquarius Man
I have met this southern Aquarius man who is talking about marriage really fast. His moon in Capricorn, Venus in Aries, Sun in Aquarius. He says really sweet things that are really uncharacteristic of most Aquarius I know. Any Libras have experience with...
What makes a Libra Man feel secure….
& what would a sweet sensitive cancer woman need to do to make a Libra man provide her with deep emotional security?
Venus and Mars in the 11th house
Hi guys, I've been learning about my signs positions in houses. When I arrive to my 11th house, which is Libra, which is also my venus and mars. You see, I heard from KRS channel, if you have heard of it, He says that Mars in your eleventh house means you...
Good times coming?
I've had an awful few years (financially) which was explained in every *decent* astrology reading... Something in my house of earned income... I feel this may be turning now... But my question is are you fellow Libra's feeling the same? That good times ar...
should i reach out to him
I met this libra guy last weekend at an outing with friends we exchanged numbers and he text me Monday or tuesday. He asked "will I see you again Saturday" I said maybe Im busy that day and don't think I'll make it out. I said what's you schedule like thi...
if a person walks away
Do u go after them or let them be?,I personally let them be b/c when I'm in I'm in I'll only call it quite when in for real so if a person was to walk away m say they don't wanna do it anymore, I'd let em
Mind Games
I hate em. I know some women like them n I don't mind giving a hell of a chase but some games are strictly for attention and if there is nothing to be won then there is nothing to fight for
Love You Guys!
I don't know why you guys get such a bad rap on here, and why people find you so confusing! I just had a nice conversation with my Libra ex today who I am still friends with and he is always so upfront with me when I ask him questions, and is always under...
Do Libras forgive after they have been slighted?
Ive offended a Libra man and I tried to apologize but he wants nothing to do with me. He even moved a few states away. I wonder if i were to see him again would we be able to let the past be behind us and move forward with our lives.
Help reading my birth chart?
Hello I am new to astrology and would love to learn more about my birth chart if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated=D,%20CA&lang=en&sex=f&dformat=0&da...
Fight or flight
I'm feeling a little confused and could use some guidance. A little history with my Libra man: I was seeing him casually at a consistent basis for a month straight in June. I use casually loosely because we weren't seeing anyone else and I was over at...
Libras when stressed
My Birthday is September 30th ... Why is it that I can be so happy,giggly and social one moment, but if something happens that doesn't go how i planned for it to go, I become the total opposite from happy and social... I become ruthless self centered,cold...