Libra and Aquarius
Libra share your experience with Aquarius. Lovers, sisters, friends, cousins. co-workers. I don't know too much about Aquarius... enlightened us.
Happy Birthday, Tiz!
Happiest of birthdays, dearest Tiz! Eat a lot and have a wonderful day! :D [IMG][/IMG]
Libra and Cancers
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I like all these new subsections >>>>>>>>>>>>
I think it may help prevent so many repeat posts. The search feature here is too detailed and picks up more than what you're looking for. Hooray for organization!
The Libra man by Sextrology!
Signt Sexuality for Libra Male: Libra man are.....................cheaters.
Shocked and disappointed
Shocked and disappointed. How can this be a Libra trait. Turns out the boss who has been such a control freak and causing half our unit to quit is a Libra. A Bullie of sorts. I've known many libra's and none have appeared to be this way. suprise to find...
Libra Man & Reciving Oral Sex
Hello my Sexy Librans Can you share your thoughts on oral sex, do you guus consider reciving oral sex a weakness etc.? How far would you go in order to receive good oral sex from your partner?
I'm in love with a libra and I need serious advice!
I've been dating a libra woman for about 6 months now, I'm a Capricorn by the way, it's been the most bumpy relationship I've had in a while, ive had my fair share of mess ups, never cheated but I was caught flirting on Twitter with a girl, and she gives...
Blind Date with a Libra
How to piss off a Libra?
How can I make a Libra jealous/piss them off? I'm currently ignoring one and I feel like it's working because they seem
will me and my October 12th libra man get back together again?
well his name is Eric and we have been dating for about 2 months now hes a october 12th libra and im a april11th aries, So this is what happened, he was barely texting me but he'll be on snapchat posting snaps! it seemed like he didnt have time for me any...
will my october 12th libra come back for me?
well his name is Eric and we have been dating for about 2 months now hes a october 12th libra and im a april11th aries, So this is what happened, he was barely texting me but he'll be on snapchat posting snaps! it seemed like he didnt have time for me an...
Libra man & Darkest Sexual Fantasies
Can you share some of your darkerst sexual fantasies?
Why are you guys so difficult to just phase out!?
No idea how or why I am still hung up on this. You Leebs are hard to get away from. Doesn't matter how nasty or mean he is, I can't seem to let go. Why can't I just get passed this cluster treetrunk of a relationship! :(
So I have a very good friend going through a horrible break up right now. She's heartbroken and her ex is a real POS. Her situation has been going on for a couple months now and I'm there to help her talk through things whenever she needs it, but I'm wond...
Getting a Libra to Forgive You
How do you do it?
Libras and reptiles
Do any of you libran dominants or libra suns have reptiles? I have 2, a 13 year old sunglow motley cornsnake and new little juvenile male water Dragon. I work with a libra who has all kinds of reptiles and i know a few others who like them too.
Libra/Libra Co-Workers
Me: Sun: Libra Moon: Libra Venus: Scorpio Saturn: Libra Him: Sun: Libra Moon: Sangitarius Venus: Virgo Saturn: Sangitarius Hi guys I would like some inside about me and my libra co-worker. He's currently seeing someone and im 5 yrs ol...
This Libra chick
So, I'm hanging out at my favorite watering hole last night and this Libra woman walks in and sits down next to me at the bar. Introduces herself to me and asks me to buy her a drink. She looked like she could use one so I said no problem. She orders a do...
Libra Season | Quick Reading
Libra Season Rely on yourself and know that you are the creator of your world, so choose your own path even if it means leaving others behind. The more you compromise your truth the more powerless you will feel. The essence of life is all that matters...
Are Libra men
the type that you have to chase? Or if they are interested will they chase you. I've never dated one. I am trying to be friends with one, I am not sure if I am really interested in him or not because he seems really immature. IDK. Weird situation.
What's going between me and My Libra?
Hey so its a Libra month !.. Well I was in relationship with my Libra and then He broke up there was no such confined reason or any confrontation. Its almost about 1 year now and I had some ego issues honestly. I am a bit stubborn so My friends told me to...
libra women: leo man connection?
We went out on two dates. I'm on fire. Is it just me or are these Leo men perfect for us. Problem though he has disappeared.
It is my b-day and i feel like crying
Hello Libras, I have a birthday today. Anyone else having a b-day today? My mood today is very treetr*nked up. I feel lonely and i feel like crying. I am turning 25. Cheers!
The Dark Truth of Sex w/ Libras
Let the games begin! Libra will try anything once. Twice to make sure they liked it. Three times to be absolutely sure.