is a struggle in one way or another at some point for Pisces, and we can fall deep in the hole
Are we naturally afraid to succeed and / or put in the required work to do so?
Fellow Pisceans, WTF is up with all the bad energy in the air right now? I keep going from one bad energy situation right into another. This semester, I have a professor straight out of hell. My military unit that I am trying to separate from
This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.
I'm a cap he's a fish we were FWB and it turns out I can't handle it, he got a girlfriend out of nowhere too I got hurt. I told him I didn't want to be friends, told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore, I blocked him on all social media, literally th
If there's one thing us Fishies are known for, is our artistic nature. We've seen sketches of keys (subject a lil underwhelming but always open to interpretation). Now let's bring out the musical Fishes. Share here any musical pieces you have worked on
I dont mean to give Pisces people a bad name, but all the Pisces woman in my life have the exact same traits as someone
Let this thread be a place for all and any (thing) you cannot plonk anywhere else lol. Let us embrace philosophy, banter, pictures, moods, thoughts and other elaborations. All trolls will be killed without so much as an ounce of mercy. Voila :)
Hello, if you don't mind, can you shed some light on how reality is literally dual for some Pisces? Is it something like existing on two different planes simultaneously? One being existing in two realms, or two beings working together, interacting? Are
What challenges do you struggle with now living under the pisces sun? Do you think you will swim out of it?
We have been dating 6 months liked each other for a year. Everything was great until I asked him about why he lied about a woman that brought him a gift. The lie was silly and as a follow up I asked him if there was something he needed to sort out I would
I'm a 26 year old Pisces woman in love with a 22 year old Virgo man. We've been best friends for a little over a year but just recently got together about 2 months ago. I've been in love with him since I met him and he had a girlfriend who he broke up wi
If you're feeling Lonely... Having a bad day... or Just bored... I have an experiment for you... 1. Sketch something that is from nature and upload your sketch of that here. and even humans fall int
I'm a Capricorn girl hes a Pisces guy and we were in a super intense FWB thing but then we drifted apart all of the sudden. How do I win him back? I noticed him liking a couple of girls photos religiously on Instagram too recently like he used to do m
It's such a blissfull love Libra brings the balance Pisces brings the emotional connection it's so dynamic a feel well balanced emotional love
I know the one is water, the is other air, but it seems to me that they share many common characteristics (mentally oriented, imaginative, creative, flexible etc.). I've never been in a relationship with a Pisces before, so I'd like to know from all of yo
Sun Pisces 16.12 Moon Taurus 22.36 Mercury Aquarius 19.51 Venus Aquarius 5.05 Mars Leo 15.07 R Jupiter Sagittarius 14.24 Saturn Pisces 15.10 Uranus Capricorn 29.05 Neptune Capricorn 24.51 Pluto Sagitta
About this Pisces? Use One word.. Sun: Pisces Moon: Libra Ven: Pisces Mer: Aqua Mars: Aqua Asc: Aqua
So I have been friends with this pisces female who has venus in aquarius. We have just been friends, and I have always liked her. BTW i am gay, and she knows that. We have talked about it. Anywho I have always had this vibe that she likes me, btw that she
I'm new to astrology. I'm a pisces sun/aries moon/scorpio rising. What do the moon and rising mean, in regards to pisces? Like how would it describe me. Thanks!
Hey I'm Aqua girl and I met this Pisces man online. Everything seemed great, he inititated the contact. 2 months have passed, we have had 6 dates. We went to the movies once, other times we have spent time at his or mine place. I have inititated the la
So I've been dealing with the Pisces for about 9 months now. At the beginning, he was sweet, texting and facetiming all the time. He would talk about a future with me and wanted me to give him "his blessings" (children). He works extremely a lot and I kno

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Curious what type you Scorpios fall under here: I'm a Cancer and INTJ. Would love to meet a Scorpio ENTP some day, I think we'd hit it off! :D
Are we naturally afraid to succeed and / or put in the required work to do so?
is a struggle in one way or another at some point for Pisces, and we can fall deep in the hole
I first met this leo girl through a part time job, and got her instagram we talked on instagram's direct message for a bit and I considered myself a bit flirty throughout (gave her compliments, called her cute, jokes around) but she would always deny t This is a police department a town away from mine. Props to them for potentially saving an innocent life. "The Bethel Heights Police Departm
My ex (well sort of. We had adisagreement and then a lot of miscommunication a month ago) was in my city 2 weeks ago. I knew this because he told me so. All I said back to that was “oh ok cool”. Now, according to my friends that was his way of trying to o "The incident started about noon when the man called 911 from the plaza. He told dispatchers that he had a gun, and he threatened to use it on himself and a
for singles, and from this topic, of lack of women in China and more men looking for women. and lack of men in Russia. For a guy, would you date Russian women and marry her? if for example you live in the U.S? or any first world country. a
Ub40 - Higher Ground And every hour of every day I'm learning more The more I learn, the less I know about before The less I know, the more I want to look around Digging deep for clues on higher ground Moon and stars sit way up high Earth an
I love scaring people. Someone sent this to me at work. Best I've seen. I wish he would've let it go a little longer though.
Aries: "WANNA treetrunkING GO, I'LL treetrunk YOU UP" Taurus: "....... you know, I have been very calm, cool, and collected for the longest time, BUT YOU JUST HAD TO TEST MY PATIENCE" Gemini: "@#$&%@% %^##^#$ #@$#@ %!@$!#@" *two seconds later* "lol, no no, I'
How long does it take for you guys to come to terms and accept that something is over when it is also your fault that it's over? How long does it take for you to forget about someone and stop trying to get in contact with them and move forward?
I'm like 60% sure you may not want this thread BUT IDC YOU'RE MY HOMIE AND IT'S YOUR BDAY!!!
-She likes dancing as much as I do -She is into astrology as much as I am -She has an amazing fashion sense and loves making me look more fashionable too (well she's a fashion designer too haha) -We have the best naked yoga sessions together -She talk
Let's get this train wreck started. Need something to keep things interesting. KEEP THINGS LIGHT HEARTED AND CLASSY
Once we get there, goddammit, is it hard to turn back. Things fall apart, and we may be able to force ourselves to try our luck again at love, or go through the motions, rather...but it always seems dull and unpromising. Because our minds stubbornly c
So I'm gonna be straight up, I'm the stoner hippie mom, who speaks to her child and shows her the beauty of life. Guide her through the disadvantages of living but firmly explains why such things just won't happen in her favor. I also encourage self e
I'm talking about Dreams people. Working on my interpretations, so anything you want clarity on, let me have a crack at er :P
Hi fellow Scorpio man here. First post so here goes. Can't give out too much personal info so going to just get it in a nutshell. Recently come out of an relationship with a cancer woman. Got dumped by her first then managed to get her back.
I know I hit a button on my keyboard that caused this to happen, I just donèt know what one.. See what happens with my apostrophe thereÉ .. okay.. nvm, I guess it does it with question marks too.. What did I hit ÉÉÉÉÉÉ Lol..