thanks for visiting the pisces message board. pisces men and women are very generous and unselfish. do you pisces?

How extreme are you in love?
My girlfriend (Pisces) is really quite extreme in love. She expects a lot of verbal affirmation. "So do you really l
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Juke Box 3.0
This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.
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Current transit
Mercury Rx is happening in Pisces' 4th house of soul, comfort, and home. Last couple of days I've been feeling like p
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Is there such a thing?
When we read about our Sun sign we often find out that it goes well with some jobs but that is only based on the sun No
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advice anyone?
Hi guys, I have a question about a pisces man. We had a few dates last year, but we were both going through our own b
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Pisces women!!
Hello fellow pisces women. As you all know i am a pisces too, and i was in a dilemma wondering if it was just me feeling
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Break up music
What do you listen to post break up? http://youtu.be/shxgK-NFeFc
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Ignoring a Pisces..
So fish, say if a guy/girl you were interested in, was giving you some attention then all of a sudden for some unknown r
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Moody or Insecure?
There's a guy at my job , can't give you an exact age just know that he could be 10 years older than me. The first day w
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Is it possible your soulmate doesn't love you back
For a few years I've been asking advice on a certain cancerian man . I would say love the pass two years we've have grow
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Should i get revenge
So we had a party going on and every one had to pay an equal sum everybody paid and we were 22 in total Here comes the
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Pisces and Narcissist Personality Disorder
I dont mean to give Pisces people a bad name, but all the Pisces woman in my life have the exact same traits as someone
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Rihanna? dovyou think she is ruled by mars or nept
I remember checking her birth chart on astrotheme and her very first dominant planet was mars. I checked yesterday and i
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Reese's Pisces
Intriguing. I have meeting male pisces a lot recently while working shift at the library. We seem to hit it off immediat
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Mars in Pisces
While i was reading about them i found this :Mars in Pisces natives are driven to make their dreams come true. They have
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Pisces,How would you like 1st date to end?
Assuming the date went well and you liked the guy/girl would you want a kiss on the lips? or is that too much do you pre
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Sag sun Can moon man v Pisces sun Virgo moon woman
My pisces ex gf seemed to pop up every now and with texts and direct snapchats. Ive ignored this for about a year until
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Pisces woman : Things she says without saying it
I have an excuse for everything. I didn't do it I don't know where it is I don't know why I did what I did and I don'
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Have you had one of those day wtf days?
Where everything seems odd for some reason? Today I was very angry because of some people who make stupid decisions but
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My first intro into fish world
I've met a really nice guy by all accounts. We were introduced by mutual friends about 2 months ago and he informed me r
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Can piscean fall in love at first sight?
Few months ago , i almost ran into a guy from my school, i was pissed so i wanted him to give me a side but he refused t
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does piscean fall in first sight?
Few months ago,on a bus stop i was almost ran into a guy from my school.While i was pissed i wanted him to give me a sid
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? for pisces
why does pisces man treat me bad? I don't understand why wuld my pisces treat me bad he always says hurtful things he
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Just curious, guys, cause this is fun to play with I'm a Pisces sun, Leo moon, Libra rising, Aries venus. What makes
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? for pisces
0why does pisces man treat me bad? I don't understand why wuld my pisces treat me bad he always says hurtful things h
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Piscean like love song
It is in German but it's one of the best I heard and the video is the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsmXm_XSMug
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Any Pisces Women dated an Aries Guy?
I met this Aries guy on a dating site. He seemed very laid back and career oriented. He asked me for my number and we've
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Pisces people are you drawn to eachother?
I've just realized that 2 of my couple friends are all Pisces. I found that quite amazing really, why do you think th
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Ignoring a pisces man
So as most of you know my story. I have been with my pisces guy for about 1 year. We have had alot of fights in the past
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