Juke Box 3.0

— This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.

Compatibility between of Second Decan Pisces & First Decan Leo

— What are the chances of these two working out? Here says 50%

Being a Pisces Man..

— (Edited/Summarized from the Book of Chetan D Narain which defines me) When you think of a Pisces male recall the Piscean symbol—two fishes. The fishes are moving in opposite directions much like the Piscean mind. This does not mean confusion…it is...

falling for a Pisces guy

— I'm falling for this Pisces sun, Pisces moon, Aries Mercury, Aqua Venus and Mars guy. he's artistic, sarcastic, interesting, and he listens and makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the room when he talks to me. he tries to act like he's not emotional...


— I recently met a Pisces man ( February 27 ) who I am very fascinated with. we met during a girls night out & even though I could not see him ( I wasn't wearing my glasses lol ) I liked his vibe but me being the Aquarius i am, I didn't show it. Instead I a...


— When I was on a break with my Gem, I met a Pisces. I really liked this Pisces, but he was too hot and cold for me (sometimes I didn't hear from him for days; other times he texted me non-stop). Therefore, when my Gem told me that he wanted to get back tog...

Pisces You'r Birthday ?


Manipulative Pisces

— Examples? I know of one and he's my bestest friend and I tell him all the time he should really treetrunking stop because it just isn't cool. I think karma bites him in the ass a lot for it, too. I don't know many manipulative Pisces women.. I think it's j...

All Things Pisces - Art Edition

— I posted this on another page...in terms of what was listening to at the moment...I know of this song, but heard it on the radio on my drive home from work ...it's a very Pisces song/poem...but lyrics seem to be written by Jonathan Donahue...a Taurus


— I love it when you..?? Don't say 'can' or 'Could' to a man, 'will' or 'would' Just a couple of things ive read that really work! Also, men want to be 'respected' women want to be 'loved" Lol! I paid money for these insights when my marriage was goi...

Pisces women

— This Pisces recently started working with me, I get the strong feeling that she's interested in me. Either I'll catch her staring at me, or we'll randomly make eye contact and we always seem to run into eachother throughout the day. We never say much besi...

What your Pisces lover thinks of you

— Have you ever wondered what your lover thinks of you when your dating or in a new relationship? or what you have in common with each other.. of course you have :D so I have posted from the book Love Zodiac by the astrotwins to answer your questions lol th...

While dating him you should…

— …be prepared to talk to a mask. For that’s what a Pisces man is. He is a face with a mask…a smiling mask for sad moods, a pensive mask for playful moods and a nonchalant mask for intense moods. He is a funny mix of opposites. He will feel something...

Why are pisces so watery?

— I don't understand where all that water is going. It's not a strong current like a scorpio, but a slow trickle down a stream.

Flip flop

— Do you Pisces flip flop on your decisions a lot?

What are Pisces Sun Gemini Moons like?

— I'm confused. One loves art but explained that society does not consider it manly. His mind travels at 100mph on both sides and he is surprisingly intelligent. He's very dreamy and sweet.

Pisces and Cancer (redux) ??? ...

— I have been a member of DXP for almost 9 years and I have seen a lot of Cancer + Pisces threads over the years. While, this paring is not for everyone, I feel like I can share a positive note on the subject. I met my Cancer, Hannah, five years ago. She is...

Virgo & Pisces

— Could that combo work in a relationship? I have a great connection with my grandmother and the boss, both are virgos, but now I accidently met a Virgo man. Attracton,both physical and intellectual is there..but what about on the long run? Has anyone got a...

Can a super mutable find long term love?

— Ended my 4 year relationship with my Capricorn, again... His idea this time. I think he means it as he says "I guess I don't love you anymore". I always take his words as truth, even though I was skeptical during the whole speech as it was more emotion...

Why do so many Pisces seem to hate Scorpios?

— I thought they were our "best match"

Dating an Aries guy

— Hi everyone! Anyone had experience dating an Aries guy? I read on astrology site that we are not so compatible with them. But then, experience is better than books or site. Share your experience anyone. Good or bad, doesn't matter. By the way i'm newbie :...

Pisces And Capricorn?


I mean really...

— Every time I heard stuff about Venus in Pisces, it makes me think of an opportunist. "They love going after the weak and needy and emotional" ^- So the more unhealthy you are, the better chance they'll check you out. UGH. :|

How can i control my feelings better?

— I am one the few who is indeed a quadruple Pisces girl. Sun pisces. Rising sign Pisces. Moon Pisces. Venus Aries (thank cats) and Mercury Pisces. When I love someone I LOVE them with every inch of my being and when the relationship ends ..I fall into a de...

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