Ragging sluts

— ok, so far ive only slept with one pisces girl, and she s such a freak, omg......but I keep hearing that pisces girls are ragging sluts....im not a troll, im serious lol I decided to come here and find out the truth.....female fishes, or anyone who knows...

Pices Men are horrible my advice to all ladies "stay away!"

— So I've been on and off with this pisces man, everything was going fine until when I woke up this morning, booom! he's changed his profile pic,it's him and this other girl kissing! The worst thing I have ever come ACROSS.Me and him were doing just fine....

I'm sorry Pisces!

— Hey everyone I'm a Taurus Male 21 and I've had 2 Female Pisces as an ex and i guess I just wanted to apologize hear for not learning from my mistakes and also to share my experience with you guys. Both girls has been amazing to me, kind, patient and under...

How to attract a Pisces guy??

— I'm a Virgo on Libra cusp. He said he wanted to be friends and I'm fine with that but I still want to make him like me back. He is different from other guys who are mean and insensitive because he is genle and compassionate. Hes shy but I'm patient and un...

Pisces You'r Birthday ?


Let's flow......


Confused about the situation with this commitment phobe Pisces

— He broke up with me after 6 months of being together. Since then he has never stopped contacting me, he admit he has commitment issue and bought a self help book. We are dating again but we are not intimate. He has only read one chapter so far and it s...

Share your experience with a Pisces

— I had a serious relationship for 2 years with one. The most draining relationship I have ever been. We had fun. The sex was great. We could go on for like 5 days 5 hours a day. But he was a LIAR. He lied about everything. He lied that they paid him...

literary lunacy 3

— Writings, of others or your own, that move you in some way are permitted here. The ambiguity leaves a lot of open territ

I hate my sign

— i am just too much water!!!!!!!!!! does anyone have experience in how to be less emotional and be more like...STABLe? how do you deal with emotions..i mean heavy emotions.. i need my head clear but my emotions are buring my mind andi need it clear now! a...

Antidepressants and Weed

— Any fishes on antidepressants? And smoking weed? I just got prescribed some. I'm still in denial. Haven't taken any cuz I don't wanna treetrunk myself up. :(

SWEET PISCES question to you

— Are all Pisces sweet!! Do you guys ever do anything evil ? I tend to think that most Pisces are sweet funny and very caring. Always trying to please everyone! I love you Pisces! '😍

Pisces physical Features

— Pisces Astrological Signs, Looks, Physical Features, Style and other Idiosyncrasies February 20th to March 20th Pisces Fishes come in 2 physical packages. The one: Has imperfect posture. Has shoulders are rounded rather than squared. Is...

How does a Pisces moon act?

— What makes them stressed out? What's the worst stressor? How do they deal with hatred? What makes them happy?

Do Pisces always stay friends with their ex?

— Met this guy a few weeks go, we've been on dates and he added me onto Facebook right away. I saw him kissing a girl on the street the other day and had a talk with him on the phone afterwards. He said that is his ex girlfriend. He broke up with her be...

Juke Box 3.0

— This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.

chuck norris is a pisces

— 'nuff said

Aries Female Piesces Male experience

— After a night of alcohol and fun one of my friends and I went to her guy friend’s house. She went with him in the room for some “extracurricular activity”. I went in a room with this guy he plays football for my college very confident and sexist man...


— Is there such a thing to Pisces?? Or does the time just keep floating on and as you swim on by untouched, unbothered, and not interested enough to care?? See I think there is such a thing as time to a Pisces as I witnessed it early this evening as it...

So sweet....

— guys, my Pisces guy friend sent me this song this morning!! _3 _3 _3 AHHHHHH!!! So sweet the Pisces man can be...

Mixed Signals .... do not exist ...

— after pondering on this for a while i have concluded they do not exist. many use this excuse "he/she was sending mixed signals so that i hang around longer"....to justify further non actions and hence prolong their "suffering". it´s blame shifting. a...


— Even though the board is not exciting as it used to be, at least Pisces season is right around the corner ;)

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