thanks for visiting the pisces message board. pisces men and women are very generous and unselfish. do you pisces?

Pretty in Pink
Pisces male scorpio female
Is this a good relationship? Without knowing any of the other placements could this last a long time? I'm 30, the Pis
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literary lunacy 3
Writings, of others or your own, that move you in some way are permitted here. The ambiguity leaves a lot of open territ
by jukey · 21 replies · updated 3/28/2015 6:32:02 PM
This fish bites
This is a post for the fish swimming around here, the signs Im mentioning Im not exactly hating or saying your all bad I
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How often do you find yourselves having to do actions in order to do self-preservation? Do you simply just go on your
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Sag Woman Pisces Guy
I've posted on this before but this guy is seriously difficult to read and understand. I took everyone's advise and kind
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Pisces, how do you cope with the loneliness?
I'm a pisces girl, 22 years old. Long story short, I ended my 6 years relationship. He is a capricorn and I had been i
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Whats your favorite thing about Pisces?
My favorite thing about being a Pisces is being able to read facial expressions and feel other's emotions really well bu
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Feeling Empty Without This Taurus...
I've often sought out advice on this Taurus woman on the Taurus forums, and it's always, "just be there for her", "patie
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Pisces Male, Cancer Female.
What do y'all think of this match?
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Do you ever? ( or now a day in the life)
I'm glad I found myself a forum with other Pisces. I am the only Pisces in my very large family. Well, I used to be. My
by anotherlostsoul · 3 replies · updated 3/25/2015 1:59:21 PM
How to deal with a crazy Pisces
***This is not a Pisces bashing thread*** I love Pisces, but I really need some advice on how to deal with this treetrunk
by brianafay · 149 replies · updated 3/25/2015 10:40:06 AM
Venus in Pisces in love
What are the pros and cons of being with a Venus in Pisces?
by SunMoonStars · 9 replies · updated 3/25/2015 10:28:18 AM
Pisces man destroys me
I am totally broken into pieces. I was in a quite exhausting relationship with a scorp guy and by a pisces man I was get
by Nicole99 · 33 replies · updated 3/25/2015 9:54:57 AM
a question for my fellow lovely pisces venuses?
whenever you express affection do you feel like you're doing too much and the person across from you thinks you're too l
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gifs, vids, photos for your furry fix. and no caps either. we don't always lolcat, but when we do:
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Repairing friendship with Pisces girl (Cap guy)
I won't go into detail about how much I'm into her, but just know that I am. I'm a Capricorn I went out on a "date" with
by titaniumode · 21 replies · updated 3/24/2015 7:43:29 AM
this fishie needs love
feeling rlly rlly hurt. completely abandoned, hurt, and alone. need love. anyone anything pleaseeeee
by daydreamer22 · 17 replies · updated 3/23/2015 11:22:14 AM
Pisces man w/ venus in cap!!! help!!!
omg guys, he said "he thinks he loves me" what does that mean? :/ i have been very confused of how he feels about then h
by crscll23 · 22 replies · updated 3/23/2015 10:04:42 AM
Chat http://tinychat.com/chatdxpnet
Chat For the cool Fly ass Pisces :) http://tinychat.com/chatdxpnet
by aka88 · 13 replies · updated 3/22/2015 9:40:00 PM
Pisces Sun Venus/Mars Aquarious
I'm a pisces sun with a Venus and Mars in aquarious. Does anyone else have this placement? And how does this make the us
by Mcmoth061 · 8 replies · updated 3/22/2015 6:01:56 PM
Pisces sun Capricorn Moon Mercury aries Mars/Venus
Does anyone have these placements? How is it for you? Especially with interpersonal relationships? Pisces sun Capric
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Happy Birthday Huldra
“Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."
by tiziani · 11 replies · updated 3/22/2015 1:20:43 AM
what it's like for pisces moon/venus dating?
My date has Aquarius sun, Pisces moon and Pisces venus. We only date for 2 months now. I wanna know how Pisces moon
by 1thgirls · 18 replies · updated 3/21/2015 12:00:55 AM
Destined for relationship failure?
My Sun, Venus, mars, and, 12th are all pisces, moon cancer, Taurus asc. 2x diferent relationships, 14yrs down the drain.
by Jjcox315 · 5 replies · updated 3/20/2015 7:56:20 PM
Interiors and exteriors of your dreams
Post pictures of them. Thank you. ( Inspired by this thread: http://www.dxpnet.com/opinion/scorpio/scorpio-architect
by laFille · 3 replies · updated 3/19/2015 11:14:56 AM
I always wondered why are we so different?
I mean each of one us is unique, the same goes for every other sign but with us it's different We are pisces but we can
by Vegetta91 · 31 replies · updated 3/19/2015 8:01:50 AM
Thinking of the easy way out
Ok this might be a hard to swallow pill for some people, pleass dont judge me... Ive been trying so hard.... especially
by fullwaterpisces · 46 replies · updated 3/19/2015 5:23:00 AM
There's a line between friendship and interest.
Where is the line? What do you, and don't you do? What is friendly behavior, and what does I'm interested look like?
by LivingOnPorpoise · 17 replies · updated 3/18/2015 2:36:56 PM