thanks for visiting the pisces message board. pisces men and women are very generous and unselfish. do you pisces?

Strange fruit....
...this is what I think of when I think about you pisces peeps. It's almost as if you all exist in this alternate realit
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Pisces overrated?
It seems like their "good" qualities like being sensitive, nurturing, mysterious, kind, and creative are pretty weak tra
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Should I give this Cancer " The Silent Treatment"?
I've asked questions regarding this cancer . When we meet he was so nice / great sense of humor / flirty and caring . Ov
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Pisces women do you like this?
Pisces women especially venus in aquarius pisces women please respond with your personal experiences and thoughts. So
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Strange fruit....
...this is what I think of when I think about you pisces peeps. It's almost as if you all exist in this alternate realit
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Juke Box 3.0
This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.
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Tell about this Pisces and Libra
Tell me if this is a good match I'm not at all good with charts. Libra - Rising sign- sag Sun-libra Moon-gem M
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How extreme are you in love?
My girlfriend (Pisces) is really quite extreme in love. She expects a lot of verbal affirmation. "So do you really l
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In Deep Shizzz?
I met a fish and even before I knew he was Pisces, I told him I'd like a weekend with him. He said okay, and to let h
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Are any other pisces females like this?
When it comes to dating and relationships I've always been pretty straight forward and honest. I don't do the game playi
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Any other Pisces dont get on with water signs?
I get on more with earth and fire signs...
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Pisces and Narcissist Personality Disorder
I dont mean to give Pisces people a bad name, but all the Pisces woman in my life have the exact same traits as someone
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Pisces what is your ideal career?
I studied long and hard to become a nurse, got in to nursing school and decided to drop out.. Now I want to work in law
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Being A ♓
Hey Everyone I am a Pisces female with Sun, Moon and Jupiter in this lovely sign. I must say that it hasn't been eas
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keeping the peace
What do you think of our couple synastry? Me: Sun Gemini Moon Taurus Mercury Gemini Venus Taurus Rising Aries M
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Emotional Pisces
As a water sign, emotions are always taking over my mind, I literally can put myself in a bad mood by thinking negative
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Do pisces get hurt easily?
Especially male pisces, what hurts you guys in relationships? Do you get hung up on your exes even when you have someone
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Any other Pisces feeling unsociable?
I thought it was just my pregnancy hormones, but a friend messaged me this morning apologising for ignoring my texts as
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literary lunacy 3
Writings, of others or your own, that move you in some way are permitted here. The ambiguity leaves a lot of open territ
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Natal Saturn in Pisces People
Is it just me (I also have Mercury and Mars in Pisces) or do people with Natal Pisces Saturn feel each Saturnian transit
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Is pisces and libra compatible?
Hello i hope everybody is fine ^o^ i want to ask a question. i have a crush on a guy who is a libra.. we are friends. H
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Oh Pisces men...
I have a Pisces with Aries dominant coming at me full force. I'm quite private and don't really let people over to my h
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Ignoring a pisces ex
My Pisces Ex and I have broken up for about a month now and from what I have heard he is hanging with a new girl now. Sl
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Whats your favorite thing about Pisces?
My favorite thing about being a Pisces is being able to read facial expressions and feel other's emotions really well bu
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whats your favourite tipple and why
I love vodka and coke, have a couple in the evenings when watching tv, or if we got company. Vodka with mango juice is
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Ignoring a Pisces..
So fish, say if a guy/girl you were interested in, was giving you some attention then all of a sudden for some unknown r
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? for pisces
why does pisces man treat me bad? I don't understand why wuld my pisces treat me bad he always says hurtful things he
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Hi im new here!!
Hello fellow Pisces, im new here and would love to make some new friends on the forums, just to give you a little chart
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