thanks for visiting the pisces message board. pisces men and women are very generous and unselfish. do you pisces?

let's keep it real. this part of the pond will stay positive because i said so. in fact, that's the only rule here: re
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Mind games?
How do you guys feel about mind games? Do you enjoy them, do you do them to other people, do you mind if others do it to
by SuperMissMan · 24 replies · updated 9/20/2014 5:47:35 PM
Best Female match for male pisces? XD
Cuz why not, right? Have a topic for the other side. And i am actually curious what you folk think or know from experie
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Pisces you be clingyyyyyyyy
So i been talking to this pisces guy and its been like a day and half and hes already calling me babe... and saying i lo
by Curiousram · 32 replies · updated 9/20/2014 12:38:52 PM
Pisceans - what makes you feel threatened?
I'm not a Pisces but I can somewhat relate to one (born on a 7 day in numerology which correlates with Pisces). Anyways,
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Pisces guy giving me mixed signals.. help!
Hey all - this is my first experience with a pisces. I'm really confused about the signals he's giving me so I'm hoping
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How to attract a Pisces man
I'm an Aquarius and I like this Pisces guy. What type of traits do Pisces men like and not like in a girl and how can I
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q from aqua to pisces women
is there an attraction from female pisces to aquarius males?
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What sign do you feel like, Pisces?
Being so (amazingly) mutable, I'm sure there's no true personality for a Pisces besides their extreme empathy....so ther
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Juke Box
all signs welcome. :) you can share a memory related to a song you post. you can post your song of the day. whatever
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Best Male match for a Pisces Woman
Please don't say Scorpio.....what's the BEST (ha!) match? Scorpio ISN'T...from several personal experiences.........
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What if every living being has a silent companion?
After watching the last episode from doctor who i started wandering if what he was saying it's true, i know that it's ju
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At a bit of a loss of what to do here
I've mentioned this guy in passing before (may have made a post in the past, I don't recall), but I am so utterly sick o
Affinity to ocean
I can't stand living longer than an hour drive from the ocean. What about y'all?
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Psychic Reading?
Is there anyone here who would be willing to do a reading for me? I'm having some things going on that I'm unsure of and
by pinksparkly · 4 replies · updated 9/18/2014 4:31:34 PM
How to catch a pisces?
Use a hook? Really??? Is there anything to this metaphor, because I would REALLY like it, if there was:D :D :D :D :D
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gifs, vids, photos for your furry fix. and no caps either. we don't always lolcat, but when we do:
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Following eyes
Hi everybody! Long time lurker first poster. I would like to know your opinion about this: There's this guy, he seem
by lostbeachball · 15 replies · updated 9/17/2014 12:03:44 AM
Post Something Beautiful (2.0)
That will move and inspire. I follow Humans of New York in Facebook. It is a photoblog of everyday people of Gotham
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Do Pisces men come back/give a second chance?
do they? even if they broke up with you or if it was a mutual decision to take space? How long do they take to get their
by cherry17 · 13 replies · updated 9/15/2014 12:45:23 PM
Pisces Gal/Aqua Guy, what's the deal with him?
What do you think? I've been close (pretty much best) friends with this aquarius guy for 2 years (I'm a Pisces) and tryi
by chick4chap · 3 replies · updated 9/14/2014 12:52:02 PM
Pisces man, Aries chic.... Pisces asked for space!
Hey guys, Thanks for reading. I need some input from the Pisceans out there. I've been dating a Pisces guy for 9 m
by cherry17 · 2 replies · updated 9/14/2014 8:13:41 AM
Mutual break up with Pisces man but...
Hello! Had been seeing a Pisces for over a year and recently broke up mutually/amicably due to distance and him sorting
by Maries101 · 14 replies · updated 9/14/2014 5:16:26 AM
Post-breakup Pisces man confuses me
Hello everyone, I'm a Libra/Scorpio cusp woman (Oct. 22nd), with Aries Moon and Scorpio Rising. My Pisces man is als
by Adorerdollylux · 5 replies · updated 9/14/2014 4:42:04 AM
Got Emo & Pisces Man Disappeared. Will he be back?
I met an incredible Pisces man on Tinder about 1 1/2 months ago. We made it to date 3 before sleeping together, and coul
by EmoGrrl · 15 replies · updated 9/14/2014 12:51:38 AM
I don't get it..
So this Pisces guy i've known off this grindr app for about 5 months... we talk on and off he usually only texts me on k
by Curiousram · 15 replies · updated 9/12/2014 7:01:39 PM
Pisces women say you have a bf...
An older mansch. He tells you he's too old for cellphones and always leaves it turned off. Do you believe him?
by Chael · 10 replies · updated 9/11/2014 11:22:07 AM
when pisces go quiet and ignore you
what does that mean? just like that, out of nowhere, no texts, no facebook messages, no answers :(
by scorp222 · 20 replies · updated 9/11/2014 3:21:34 AM
scorp girl likes pisces man
i am a free spirit girl, dont believe in tagged traditional relationships, i just go with the flow... if i like someone,
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