what can I do?

— I meet this Pisces guy 3 weeks ago and I'm unsure about how to get more from him than what he gives me. The first time we met up we talked but it was mostly me asking questions. He doesn't really talk to me about anything unless I ask him and we have slep...

Is this our destiny?

— My god. I knew it from the first time I met him the way his eyes glistened that we were meant to be in each others life. We are so different, so different in every way possible. But I felt a connection so deep it's indescribable. My gut is telling me to k...

What is up with Pisces men

— I have many close pisces friends. We get along great. However the two times I've come across a pisces in a dating/relationship set up, they have frustrated me like no other. So flaky, saying one thing and doing another. Swimming away and weird erratic beh...

Pisces--Your Rag to Riches Story

— Okay maybe it's not rags to RICHES but any stories of going from rock bottom (divorce, homeless, poor, life-threatening disease, etc) to triumph? I need some encouragement.

Pisces You'r Birthday ?


What are your experiences with Cancers and Taurus?

— Personally Pisces is my favourite sign, and I'd love to have a friend in my life with a lot of Pisces influence :D For me Taurus and Cancer are my most dominant signs so I'm curious as to how these signs are seen in the eyes of a Pisces.

If you have your Ascendant, Moon or Venus in Pisces, how do you approach love and relationships?

— 1) How do you approach relationships? How do you express your love? Are you the initiator? 2) Do you get jealous easily, are you possessive? Do you want to keep your lover to yourself only? 3) What are the most important things and deal breakers to yo...

Juke Box 3.0

— This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.


— What are your indoor/outdoor hobbies?

Pisces man Cancer women break up

— I was in a long distance relationship with a Cancer women. We hit it off and felt like we had known each other for years. It moved very fast and before you know it she told me she was in love with me, i felt the same but was hesitant to say it. We opened...

Mixed signals from Pisces man

— Ok so i have been checking this website for over a year now and i finally registered i met this Pisces man at a friends gathering and he was so sweet to me showing me the place and looking at me the whole time and trying to open a conversation with me i...

I need to find Pisces again.

— Pisces are awesome in very tortured way.

Why are pisces so watery?

— I don't understand where all that water is going. It's not a strong current like a scorpio, but a slow trickle down a stream.

Pisces wh


Pisces And Capricorn?


Warsan Shire...

— how far have you walked for men who’ve never held your feet in their laps? how often have you bartered with bone, only to sell yourself short? why do you find the unavailable so alluring? where did it begin? what went wrong? and who made you feel s...

Why Aquarius/Pisces cusp man acting (bday Feb. 19) distant?

— Hello all, I have met this sweet Aquarius/Pisces guy online a week ago where we chatted for hours. He actually wanted to meet me in person that day, but I found it was too early. So we decided to meet three days later. In the meantime, we exchanged lo...

Being a Pisces Man..

— (Edited/Summarized from the Book of Chetan D Narain which defines me) When you think of a Pisces male recall the Piscean symbol—two fishes. The fishes are moving in opposite directions much like the Piscean mind. This does not mean confusion…it is...

While dating him you should…

— …be prepared to talk to a mask. For that’s what a Pisces man is. He is a face with a mask…a smiling mask for sad moods, a pensive mask for playful moods and a nonchalant mask for intense moods. He is a funny mix of opposites. He will feel something...


— @MlleFisk Why do you have your PMs turned off? I haven't talked to you in a while. I want to know about your love life! :(

Mysterious Fishes

— Hello mystical Fishes, gay libra man here. Recently crushed hard on a pisces but was rejected. He offered friendship & after thinking about it, I thought why not since he's an awesome guy. But I wanna ask: what is it about pisces that brings down all...

Great friends with air signs, but disaster in relationships?

— Hey y'all so I've noticed something peculiar about my life. I'm great friends with air signs. My closests girlfriends are sun in Aquarius moon in Scorpio, sun in Pisces moon in Gemini, and sun in libra moon in Sagg (Scorpio Venus). I love them. BUT

Pisces; Do you ever go total stalker on a crush?

— Whenever I'm really into a guy i have a tendency of checking his social media a few times a day and digging until i can find exs, bestfriends or preferably another social media account to get more information hahaha😂😂😂 Recently the Facebook app h...

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I have many close pisces friends. We get along great. However the two times I've come across a pisces in a dating/relationship set up, they have frustrated me like no other. So flaky, saying one thing and doing another. Swimming away and weird erratic beh
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