thanks for visiting the pisces message board. pisces men and women are very generous and unselfish. do you pisces?

Pisces Man Chances...
..With a Capricorn woman. Does it go well? I've heard fem pisces and male cap is great, but the reverse...not so sure.
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I caught my Fish with a bruise on her thigh.
My Fish just returned from Europe. She was there for 3 weeks - traveling with a girlfriend. (She stayed at hostels by th
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whats is the meaning of moon rising?
Hi guys I am new to this, I have always read my daily horoscope but I want to learn more.
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Pisces - The Basquiats of the Zodiac
"There is more truth in what was omitted than in what you actually heard." When you think about who came up with bold
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How patient are piesces men?
I am Virgo and my man is piesces. Even though I am very kind and affectionate with him I feel that I am confusing by
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Inquiring minds want to know...
Being a sensitive water sign, do any of you February 29 fish get really upset that you get presents only every four year
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I need help with a pisces woman.
I met a pisces girl 17th March 1994 at college just over a year ago now and I am a scorpio man 11th November 1994. S
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any other Pisces here who hate to be ignored?
I could be hated and i wouldn't care but when I am ignored by somebody i like or something like that then i fell a great
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Mars in Pisces
What are these types like?
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The Pro Wrestling Thread
Out of boredom I am starting this thread, if even just to talk to myself for the next few months. I feel nostalgic a
First impressions
Do you know by a few moments of small talk if a person is worth your time? Or do you give it more time before writing o
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Juke Box
all signs welcome. :) you can share a memory related to a song you post. you can post your song of the day. whatever
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Random Thoughts - Platform open 24/7
thank for the hint lena ;) maybe we shall do just that, a platform to express and exchange things/thoughts that woul
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The Even Stupider Thread
Laugh! It's good for you!
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Wrong Era
What Era does your soul yearn to return to?
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Pisces - odd question for ya's
This is going to sound like a weird question and bear with me here, but do Pisces ever feel like they live in the 4th di
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How do I know my moon and my rising?
Birthday 2/20/93 born at 4:00 Am... is that all that I need to know?
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pieces insights abput tauruses
Pieces people especially man, how do you find tauruses? What are some of your experiences with them?
by neiki · 21 replies · updated 7/23/2014 11:58:39 AM
Why do I get attached to people
I got attached to my girlfriend except we are together but not realy together Why is it so hard to let go even if she
by Vegetta91 · 12 replies · updated 7/23/2014 5:35:07 AM
What signs do you not get along with the MOST?
Since I've begun studying astrology, I've come to realize that I just don't mesh well with Leo women and Scorpio women.
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Why you dislike money
Money is necessary evil, as some may put it. Money is useful, but I have a rather strong dislike for it because of th
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gifs, vids, photos for your furry fix. and no caps either. we don't always lolcat, but when we do:
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Pisces rules over...
Direction:All the water signs relate to the direction north - Pisces specifically relates to north-west. Anatomy: Pis
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Groundhog Day
How many of you have your ex's popping back into your life for a second chance? Did you take them back? I ask becaus
by honeejr · 9 replies · updated 7/21/2014 10:06:46 PM
You were just lost in imagination, Weren't You?!?
Ahh the dreamer of the zodiac.. how is your dream world today? Bright.. Rainy.. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs? We
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I spit on your pond!
Except for blue eyes. She's dreeaaamy, and maybe 8 ball.
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Most sexually compatible sign for pisces..?
Pisces folks..Which sign do you find yourself most compatible with in the sheets..i.e. the ones that complement best the
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