thanks for visiting the taurus message board. taurus men and women have a relentless drive, but can be very reluctant to change. do you taurus?

Should I date a Scorpio?
Seems to be a hot topic around these parts... attention just like me that i am i thought i'd make a thread. :D My curios
by strudel · 74 replies · updated 4/23/2014 12:46:41 AM
Make him do right???
Its been a year and some months for me and this Taurus guy. I dont feel any closer to him than last year. He's always t
by miimii · 22 replies · updated 4/23/2014 12:07:22 AM
IDK.. I am confused...
Ok here is my story. I met a taurus man a little over 3 years ago. He chased me for about 2.5 years. I finally gave i
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Playing the Taur Game
Yup! Has his Moon and Merc in Aries, Venus in Taur and Mars in Virgo. Creature of habit I'm sure. Slow as molasses.
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confusing Taurus man
Sun in Taurus, Venus in Gemini I know Taurus men love harem but why you have to kept trying to keep the one that refu
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Make him do right???
Its been a year and some months for me and this Taurus guy. I dont feel any closer to him than last year. He's always t
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help plzz!!!! where do I stand with this bull?? :$
First let me start off by saying this would be my first time dating a taurus man. We met in january (of this year 2014)
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What is going on with this Taurus?
I had been with this Taurus man for about 4 1/2 years. We have had a very rocky roller coaster relationship and there we
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Why do taurus cut people off?
This boy. He is ignoring me at school. He used to give me attention, but lately he won't say hey to me or acknowledge me
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What would your delicate Taurean ears like to share? :)
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tawrus season
Stoppin by to wish us all a cookiemonsterin taurus season, may it be a productive one. Whadaya want for your birthday? Don't say
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how to fix this?
ok so for those who know and even for those who don't ill try to keep it short...the girl I like "Vanessa" is a Taurus..
by airfive · 7 replies · updated 4/22/2014 12:05:03 AM
Taurus man ends things and 14 months later
Just wondering if anyone can shed some light. Had a Taurus man end things suddenly because he could not handle me tellin
by Eva · 47 replies · updated 4/22/2014 12:03:13 AM
Taurus guy slooow to make a move..??
So I was introduced to this Taurus guy 2 months ago and he seemed very sweet, friendly and so handsome and I kinda fell
by capricornus87 · 28 replies · updated 4/21/2014 5:22:43 PM
Taurus and Pisces
I've never dated a Taurus before and I've been friends with a guy for a couple of years that I'm starting to see/want a
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i need a new toy. need as in... want. toy as in... technological device. i have a teeny laptop with a broken screen.
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Aries Female Taurus Male help ugh lol
Okay i have been through every page on the taurus forum. needless to say im obsessed with astrology! Im an aries female
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i think there has been a lot of misconception and swag jacking on the forum as of late. taurus females replying to ta
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What Taurus male thinks of Scorpio females
Part I. Taurus male here. Currently under Scorpion woman's spell. All Taurus men need to take the time to read this.
insomnia. anxiety. work. are you a work-a-holic? how do you unwind. I just looked down at my wrists a moment ago an
by idk · 1 replies · updated 4/19/2014 5:45:43 AM
The Taurus weakness
TAR TAR SAUCE!!! They hate the butter. They hate it so bad that if their body ingests it. They'll explode with the force o
by Sn1p3r187 · 3 replies · updated 4/18/2014 6:18:37 PM
Taurus and friendships - Can they forgive?
How do I go about mending a friendship with a Taurus? We haven't really spoken in what will be three weeks. He has done
by Daydream4Pisces · 5 replies · updated 4/17/2014 5:45:29 AM
This will just get attention for him maybe, but his panties are all up in a twist up his ass!! He let himself be offende
by 2N3R · 29 replies · updated 4/15/2014 5:12:57 AM
The only Scorpio Woman - Taurus Man that worked...
For all you silly people flooding this board..it does NOT normally work. The odds are..slim at best and not everyone is
by Damnata · 146 replies · updated 4/14/2014 10:19:32 AM
cookiemonsterscopes: what you didnt want to hear
I found this and just wanted to share it: http://www.astrologywizard.com/cookiemonsterscopes_1.htm
by Geminlove · 5 replies · updated 4/13/2014 2:38:32 PM
Bulls On-screen
Some of my favorite moments for Taurus actors - much more powerful I think, when seen in context but...Daniel Day Lewis
by TaurusLovesScorpio · 12 replies · updated 4/13/2014 2:08:55 PM
Honest astrology : Taurus (earth)
You are practical and persistent. You have a dogged determination and stick-to-it because you never do anything right th
by Denver34 · 16 replies · updated 4/13/2014 1:45:56 PM
I feel like a taurus for the past few days
Been ferrying around carrying food in my bag cos of various social obligations. Now I suspect I'm a closet taurie ready
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