thanks for visiting the taurus message board. taurus men and women have a relentless drive, but can be very reluctant to change. do you taurus?

Taurus waiting?
I started to communicate with a Taurus male the beginning of this year. I made the first move of course over social medi
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Kinetic Energy
Chris Brown and K. have both Mercury in Gemini. What are they actually doing now? Discussion?
by DwellingOnMove · 32 replies · updated 3/5/2015 7:55:19 PM
For Taurean females
How do you reject someone? I mean like, what are signs that you're not into, dumping or just not romantically interested
by Kim11180560 · 15 replies · updated 3/5/2015 7:53:26 PM
Do you guys easily get jealous? Why or why not?
Okay so I have these friends from college- Taurean girl and Virgo guy who are sooo omg they're the clingiest, most PDA c
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Girls w taurus men dissapearing ??
Any girls that recently had a taurus man blow your socks off, swept you off the map, total freakin chemistry and euphori
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How to get ur taurus man back?
If u didnt reciprocate his affections then he gives u the cold shoulder...and he is hurt.
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Is he serious?
This Taurus man I'm dating suggested that we movie in together a couple weeks ago. He had a bit of alcohol when he said
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Can I get some insight on this taurus guy please?
This guy is taurus sun, pisces moon, aries venus...that's all I can remember but I also know his Pluto is in capricorn.
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Would two people with these placements get along?
I realize that the other placements are important as well when it comes to having any kind of relationships. So I decide
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Two little Tauruses sitting in a tree...
Hi! So I have a question, anybody have any experience dating another fellow Taurean? I have a friend who is a Taur
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Taurus Sun/Venus in Pisces
I'm a Taurus Sun and my Venus is in Pisces does anyone else have the Venus in Taurus placement? I've been reading a lot
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confused and need advice
Hello everyone, this is my first time writing on here but I have been reading a few topics and I just need some advice.
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How important is it to make a Taurus woman laugh?
A serious attraction has formed between myself, a Scorpio male, and a Taurus classmate of mine. I know for a fact she is
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Damage Control
Dear Tarus Oppositions, I need your advice (I'm really hoping Robyn or Scorched see this but all bull feedback is we
by e11e · 51 replies · updated 3/4/2015 1:33:25 AM
Hesitation... Can't move forward...
because you don't know what will happen? It's backwards but I wonder if any Taurus go from decisive to indecisive...
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Taurus -Finding Yourself-?
As a fish that is unable to get a lady bull from my mind, I have a question for all bulls about your transition periods
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Personality of a taurus sun man with a sag moon
Hi guys and dolls I'm new to this board and I would like your thoughts on the personality of a taurus sun man with a
by busyeyes88 · 6 replies · updated 3/3/2015 2:55:32 PM
Chill music
starting this thread for down-tempo/ambient chill type music....someone asked me about music like this in pm, so just go
by TaurusLovesScorpio · 80 replies · updated 3/2/2015 4:02:10 AM
Will a Taurus man ignore a woman?
Hi everyone! I am having some trouble decoding a Taurus man and this place seems to be a last resort. Earlier this yea
by rockstar · 12 replies · updated 3/1/2015 12:45:18 PM
this is how you make a Taurus girl horny
what make her like a man well forget about personality and all that stuff, the first thing you need is to look good, I
by crabflows · 14 replies · updated 3/1/2015 6:10:26 AM
there's this taurus woman i fancy. i really wanna make her horny..... i was wondering if anyone had any ideas.
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I'm confused please help!!!
He acts like he hates me but does that mean he's secretly in to me even though he hates me???? please help!!!!! Signe
by KittenLaRouge · 32 replies · updated 2/28/2015 9:12:07 AM
Taurus apology
To make a long story short(or try) I talked to a Taurus(may 5) from July-September. We hung out twice. The second time w
by mgmtlove · 8 replies · updated 2/28/2015 7:33:06 AM
Do i stay on my ground..
Hello everyone. Im back on here to get that strenght from you guys to prevent me from falling back into this. For tho
by seezythescorpion · 26 replies · updated 2/28/2015 3:56:09 AM
Taurus compatibility
Given that. I havent put in either of our birth times but..... the following is my chart: Zodiac in degrees 0.00 S
by sushmitais4eva · 1 replies · updated 2/27/2015 9:29:54 PM
taurus guys selling themselves out
rpats and jamie dorian. Jamie dorian is a pretty good actor too. treetrunk artistry, lets just become sex symbols lol.
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Comptability Chart
Hey guys, So im a leo ( predominantly cancerian in behaviour and thought) and i was dating a taurean. We dated for
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