thanks for visiting the taurus message board. taurus men and women have a relentless drive, but can be very reluctant to change. do you taurus?

Taurus men/cancer women
Hey fellow cancers! Hope everybody is having a wonderful July! But was I the only cancer that had An horrible June?? I
by Kari28 · 6 replies · updated 7/22/2014 2:20:56 AM
10 months into the taurus saga
My taurus guy reached out to me 10 months ago online and it's been the most confusing journey. He's been the typical tau
by kaqual75 · 4 replies · updated 7/22/2014 2:14:09 AM
Am I Being Tested by a Taurus
I am a little confused. I think I am being tested by a taurus man that I have known for many years. We were in schoo
by piscesgirl18 · 2 replies · updated 7/21/2014 11:20:42 PM
TG trying to get me JEALOUS?(long)
Update about the tg…its been about 7 months already and honestly I didn’t think us hooking up was supposed to last t
by GalacticFun89 · 14 replies · updated 7/21/2014 10:58:58 PM
How do you bulls feel about scorpios?
by ieatpizzaforfree · 7 replies · updated 7/21/2014 8:56:39 PM
Treading Water w/ Taurus
These are our placements: Him: Rising: Leo Sun: Taurus Moon: Gem Merc: Taurus Venus: Aries Mars: Gem Jup: Ari
by Cancergoddess · 34 replies · updated 7/21/2014 6:22:38 PM
How to convince Taurus of your loyalty?
What are things that people do that speak loyalty, trust, & love to you as a Taurean? What ACTIONS speak loudest to you
by jeannegrey · 179 replies · updated 7/21/2014 6:20:44 PM
Can anyone read my entire chart for me?
Hi, I am a Taurus sun sign but I was wondering if anyone could please read and interpret by whole chart for me? I kn
by aj123 · 3 replies · updated 7/21/2014 5:59:16 PM
Taurus guys please help with my situation :(
I am very sorry for the long story but I really appreciate who reads and offers some insight.....So I met a Taurus guy o
by Scorp79nov · 58 replies · updated 7/21/2014 5:02:52 PM
Taurus ex getting back or just booty call?
Is this taurus ex wanting to get back or just seeing me as a booty call? Its been a year since I broke up with him, s
by Leojensy · 15 replies · updated 7/21/2014 1:31:51 PM
Taurus and pieces?
Will this work? I really like a taurus guy but I feel he is too selfish, he cuts me off without a reason. I've known him
by queenMX · 5 replies · updated 7/21/2014 11:34:40 AM
Taurus Man Scared me OFF!
Ok... So I know that I already have a post up about the current Taurus guy I am dating, but.... Before him, there was an
by Cancergoddess · 19 replies · updated 7/21/2014 10:15:58 AM
Seagoat-Bull Relations
Yeah.... I was also chosen by Sirhorns to be the liasion with this board. So yeah. Keeping the peace between the Goats a
by Sn1p3r187 · 29 replies · updated 7/21/2014 8:29:58 AM
Taurus gone again? Is he just not into me?
After disappearing for almost a month, this Taurus I was talking to comes to my job and just stares at me. 5 days later
by mgmtlove · 16 replies · updated 7/20/2014 4:24:21 PM
it's just a massage for the mind, body, and soul..
Gave Taurus friend a special spiritual healing massage. Incense, sage,body oil, apple lotion, Indian music to relax. I d
Help me with my Taurus man PLEASE
I've been seeing my Taurus for a few months now. We clicked basically straight away and began seeing each other at least
by scorpvixen · 65 replies · updated 7/20/2014 1:19:04 PM
Emotionally invested VS Compatibility
Suppose there are 2 girls, the girl you (bull) is invested in, basically gave her your everything, has you running circl
by Geminlove · 13 replies · updated 7/20/2014 1:20:57 AM
Taurus doing the FWB thing
...I can't see this sign doing flings like that. Even with Solar Astrology putting them at my 5th house, I STILL can not
by SirHorns · 18 replies · updated 7/19/2014 2:30:15 AM
What would your delicate Taurean ears like to share? :)
by Theatrum · 109 replies · updated 7/18/2014 6:00:46 PM
Taurus and Libra- Friends?
Hey Taurus. What's your take on the Libras in your life if there are any. Who are they and what do they mean to you. Pro
by xolani · 6 replies · updated 7/18/2014 4:50:22 PM
Taurus and affection?
Got another question for the Taurus kind! So, I've noticed something with a LOT of my Taurus friends. I've seen them be
by xolani · 3 replies · updated 7/18/2014 4:22:11 PM
What happened to my Taurus?
For those who know, its the same Taurus "Vanessa" continuing story. I slowly took the advice of moving on. It was better
by airfive · 12 replies · updated 7/18/2014 3:04:26 PM
What do?
I been talking to this Taurus guy on and off for over 6 months and he will always randonly disappear for weeks at a time
by Curiousram · 7 replies · updated 7/18/2014 3:02:24 PM
Why do taurus cut people off?
This boy. He is ignoring me at school. He used to give me attention, but lately he won't say hey to me or acknowledge me
by heartlocket · 395 replies · updated 7/18/2014 11:42:17 AM
Advice needed I messed up
My Aries/Taurus cusp man and I have been dating for four months. We met last Tuesday to talk about exclusivity. He told
by cabingirl · 13 replies · updated 7/18/2014 11:38:39 AM
Giovanni Falcone..
I watched a documentary about this awesome man, a few years back. Read his biography the other day. 4 planets in Taur
by Damnata · 14 replies · updated 7/17/2014 3:28:20 PM
Taurus gone again? Is he just not into me?
After disappearing for almost a month, this Taurus I was talking to comes to my job and just stares at me. 5 days later
by mgmtlove · 2 replies · updated 7/17/2014 2:10:47 PM
Taurus possessiveness
Very easygoing when we're not together during the work week, but quite possessive of me in person. Especially demonst
by dolphinjoy · 4 replies · updated 7/17/2014 7:12:11 AM
Taurus and Economy
Who here is born a Taurus and is trained or Self-experienced in the field of Economy? I personally think we are the born
by Taurean6 · 5 replies · updated 7/17/2014 5:54:25 AM
I broke it off with my guy. I feel numb.
I don't know if it was the right choice but I made it anyway. I told him he doesn't know what a relationship is. That we
by RainDancer88 · 56 replies · updated 7/16/2014 10:06:13 PM