thanks for visiting the taurus message board. taurus men and women have a relentless drive, but can be very reluctant to change. do you taurus?

Stuck in a rut
For those of you that can be stuck in a rut.. What do you do to think outside the box? how do you change? Maybe Attit
The movie that made you cry?
I don't cry too often but sometimes I get emotional. The movie I cried was The Titanic, followed by Pay it Forward, and
The difference between...
difference between a taurus man wanting you and needing you when it comes to love.
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Stress relievers
How do you relieve stress? I am a Taurus, I hold everything in alot. Since I am the quiet introvert type. I am skept
I came on too strong to a Taurus guy, how to fix?
Sorry guys, no idea how my other topic posted when I hadn't pressed enter! lol. I definitely wasn't making fun of you gu
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Why is it so hard?
I am a Taurus and I don't know if any other Taurus has this problem. When I love someone I love hard and it's so difficu
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How bad is it to taureans when their SO or the object of their affection is being inconsistent? Is inconsistency on the
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What are your pet peeves
Hairy chest is mine Don't touch my hair, it takes along time to do Don't step on my shoes, I buy alot and take care of
is being single worth it really?
How many are single and prefer it? Especially after failed attempts.. When you seem to put your soul and heart into some
What's this about? Testing me out for marriage?wtf
My Taurus is always putting me in situations to see how Ill respond so he will know what it's like, "If we were to get m
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Roll call
How many Taureans do we actually have here? Just to know
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Taurus and affection?
Got another question for the Taurus kind! So, I've noticed something with a LOT of my Taurus friends. I've seen them be
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Advice needed I messed up
My Aries/Taurus cusp man and I have been dating for four months. We met last Tuesday to talk about exclusivity. He told
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If you were given these...
Situation: You're at a social gathering. Mix of friends, co-workers, etc. Not too casual or anything business related. A
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Why do you work?
Don't be simple.. I want to know what your work represents about you. What does your job say about who you are? Taur
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favorite modality
fixed, cardinal or mutable? is there one you prefer above the others? why if so? for me i prefer mutables. i find i
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Private detectives
So I'm reading on Taureans [men] and it seems that people are experiencing a reoccurring pattern of initial excitement o
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Good Question
Why is every post related to relationships on the Taurus board?
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Which signs seem the least polar opposite?
Soo. I'd say Virgo and Pisces, Leo and Aquarius, maybe Taurus and Scorpio. Actually Taurus and Scorpio are extremely sim
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What is the ultimate betrayal
What is the final straw for you? Cheating is the ultimate betrayal for me, because without trust there is no relation
Describe what a lover is to you? is it acceptable?
Again.. how long should you wait to become lovers? No time frame. Who came up with the word lover? I heard it once. Do
Cancer and Taurus dynamic
I always feel that Taurus people are one the few signs that can see my vulnerability without coming out and saying it. A
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Would you get along with me? (Birth chart)
Sun Taurus Moon Gemini Mercury Taurus Venus Taurus Mars Gemini Jupiter Taurus Saturn Taurus Neptune Aquarius Ura
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Dafuq Taurus -.-
Hello! So this is something that happened recently with my Taurus best friend. About two weeks ago we were having thi
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Just when you thought it was over!!
I shared my story already. I thought things were done...turns out not. In comes the photo of him and a burrito.
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Do you believe in soul mates?
How many really believe in soul mates? What is the ideal soul mate in your eyes? How long do you wait? Can it happen spo
Online stalking
Or let's call it "watching" or "staying up to date", since I don't consider it true stalking if you're FB friends (which
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