Taurus house

— I fantasize about a Taurus house. A giant compound and landmass for Tauruses. Relax, work, just nothing but Taurus energ

The deal breaker

— In our personal relationships we all experience highs and lows, but what, for you, would be a deal breaker in a relationship with a friend, a lover, whatever? That one thing which you cannot forget or forgive ? For me, it's a betrayal of trust. That's...

Taurus moon vs Gemini moon

— Sigh ok basically I had a friend for five years she was a capricorn sun with taurus moon. She told me she trusted me that she'd stay regardless but in the end she left. Even though i never let go I was more than half the time trying for our friendship.

Finally Figured out the Taurus Man! *Thank GOD!!*

— Ok so, I have been that girl constantly searching the Taurus men behavior patterns trying any and everything to understand WTF is it and why they can not communicate, take a long time to commit, or express their feelings. And every site and message boards...

7 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Friend Who’s A Taurus

— 1. No one gives better dating advice than a Taurus. They’re so fiercely independent that their attitude is kind of “okay bye then” if someone isn’t giving them what they want. This is a healthy does of reality that puts most of your drama into per...


— i have to word vomit my current evil and unreasonable emotion. I have an ex that I DO NOT want or ever give them another chance but I want to send them to hell and watch them live in the years of hell that they put u through. I dnt know why I'm having a h...

Taurus sun opposite Pluto Scorpio

— I'm to curious in dxpnet with all the bulls in the yard if they have these aspect too. Because I wanted to see how many bulls do they have here. And what's their orbs with too.

miss my taurus ex

— I know I can get her anytime but my head is telling me not to do it.

what is it?

— It was 6 years back when he started expressing his feelings, earlier flirtatious way and as time passed they became little refined but mostly through messages and bit sexually provoking pictures, well yes no phone calls or long talks or need to get emotio...

fire/water bulls

— i have 7 fire and water placements. the other 3 are earth. my sun and 2 outer planets in capricorn. 4 of my 5 personal planets are fire and water. i am wondering if anyone else has a chart like that and if they do if they feel like they attract drama m...

Bulls, for your birthday....

— I present to you. Mocha Doughnut Cake topped with chocolate-coffee ganache: bacon doughnut sandwich, filled with custard: will need these for later:

So.. how do you get over things fellow tauro's

— Its at a point where its making my life very negative and holding me back.. how do you get over things? Like I have a place where its my favorite place, I can't go back there cause now it just brings me trauma, also like a local park where an ex cheated...

straight talkers!!

— I have turned a corner or at least I think I have! With so many topics about the Taurus man, some started by me. It seems so clear now how easy most of them are to deal with. it is just so easy to make excuses for actions when it doesn't get you the outco...

Does your sign reflect your appearance?

— I'm a bit skeptical. What is the distinctive qualities in appearance in each sign? Let me experiment: (My chart) Asc: Gemini Sun: Taurus Moon: Sag Venus: Taurus So how do you see me? Like what do you think I look like based on that? :)


— @Umisays Happy birthday!!


— Friggen awesome voice. Friggen awesome person. She's a Taurus.

What happened to that Gemini Taurus thread?

— I read a notification that jeane replied to my post. I can't find the thread now.

What Taurus male thinks of Scorpio females

— Part I. Taurus male here. Currently under Scorpion woman's spell. All Taurus men need to take the time to read this.

How will I know???


Taurus trio

— So i noticed that there will be a trio of Taurus sun mercury and venus soon, anyone want to make any predictions about lifestyles for all the taurens out here

her ATM Machine

— the Taurus lady who works at Walgreen, we have been flirting quite a bit when I shopped there. She know about my relationship. Now since I'm sort of single, I want to go talk to her. I will tell her it nothing serious and she should not expect it long te...

Taurus man, he left me too...

— because I can't have the taurus board feeling left out. welcome to the party tauruses

Taurus Ladies: Your favorite fragrances?

— OK, my cousin's birthday is coming up. And I want to buy her a nice fragrance! What are your favorite fragrances? My favorite female fragrance is Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. I think it smells so fricking incredible and flawless and the bottle is so cute!...

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I think Lady Gaga wore some things a few years ago that we're going to be seeing as like "regular outfits" in 20 years lol. I feel like we're going to see a lot of latex. like this minus the hat and make up. lol.
This girl is a capricorn stellium(sun moon mercury venus mars uranus neptune) . I am a scorpio stellium (sun mercury mars pluto) She stands out to me . We are both in med school. We are the strongest and most serious/ realistic people among our peers.