thanks for visiting the taurus message board. taurus men and women have a relentless drive, but can be very reluctant to change. do you taurus?

Taurus Love
Pulled a chart from this esoteric science site: http://www.esotericscience.com/BirthData.aspx Its interesting in t
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Question for Taurus men
I have been on this sight before and have read just about everything about the taurus man. But I did read that what we
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What Taurus male thinks of Scorpio females
Part I. Taurus male here. Currently under Scorpion woman's spell. All Taurus men need to take the time to read this.
Guys.. halp
....................................................... ....................................... I suddenly feel
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"Dear Taurus, I don't trust you."
Is this like a slap in the face to you? Late last night I sent my Taurus a heart. He immediately responds saying "
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Question for Taurus
Or any man actually. I've recently met a local Taurus guy briefly. He seemed to rather like me and asked for my number
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What Just Happened?????
Man this Taurus just did a complete turn on me. Just a quick recap...we've known each other for 4 years through work. Pa
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so confused!!Is he on the fence or taking it slow?
I (Leo 31)recently started dating a Taurus man(28) about 3 1/2 weeks ago. The first week we saw each other twice ans had
by sexyleo83 · 29 replies · updated 9/16/2014 7:53:05 PM
Mourning Taurus is extremely sexual?
A person of his intermediate family just passed away about 12 hours ago. It was early in the day when he told me. I gave
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I made a booboo and need to recover.... How??
Ok, So I was at work today and my Taurus man called me on his lunch break. We talked for about 30 mins. Around 2pm today
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cancer man
any taurus ladies here with a cancer man? i am lately interested in one. would appreciate some advices/tips on how to
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Taurean Guy..Help!!!!
So this guy..a taurean ofcourse, met him 4 months ago..i approached him..we were constantly in touch since then..he used
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Literally leader of the markers..
Overview of the past five months. I will make bullet-points to make this as brief as possible. * Upon first meetin
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The truth about a Taurus (Male)
Interesting; http://youtu.be/CDXVngVqg3g
by BeaCancer91 · 13 replies · updated 9/14/2014 1:57:47 PM
so confused!!Is he on the fence or taking it slow?
I (Leo 31)recently started dating a Taurus man(28) about 3 1/2 weeks ago. The first week we saw each other twice ans had
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Update on Taurus situation
If you read my last post, you'll understand what the rest of this is about. I felt off about us again and did some so
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Distressed Libra Need other Taurus
My relationship with this Libra has been complicated since ive known her. I have a hard time understanding. She seems to
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Taurus and lingering feelings of love
Do Taurus people tend to hold onto feelings for a very, very long time? Do they get angry at themselves for doing the w
by Illusen · 13 replies · updated 9/11/2014 6:33:59 PM
Understanding Bulls (particularly males)
Hi Guys I’m in a reflective mood after this weekend and wanted some opinions and a cool discussion about you lovely
by lcrc · 22 replies · updated 9/11/2014 1:16:12 PM
Taurus and mass murder...
I knew about Hitler, Jim Jones, and the Heavens Gate guy....I did not know, however, that Lenin and Saddam Hussein were
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Scorpio men!?
Ladies how do you feel about the scorpion? Likes/Dislikes Any personal experiences?
by T4taurus · 8 replies · updated 9/11/2014 9:36:52 AM
Taurus sun Scorpio moon
Oh god am I smitten. I am a Scorpio sun and he is a Taurus sun. From the first time we spoke, it was like fireworks,
by Mstigre · 54 replies · updated 9/11/2014 2:44:09 AM
Do Taurus play games with peoples emotions?
I had a semi falling out with my Taurus bestie about a month ago. In short it was about a conflict I was having with thi
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Psst, Earth Signs...
Since all they want us for is relationships or to cry about how "Us" we are, how about we all come together and do somet
by SirHorns · 45 replies · updated 9/10/2014 2:12:36 PM
Dear Taureans, do u feel like an open book?
How do u feel when ur partner knows u too well like ur an open book to him/her? I know I like to be seen as a mystery to
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Strange Taurus Behaviour. What does it mean?
Things between myself and this Taurus male ended a couple of months ago. We were never officially together but were seei
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Taureans, if this isn't hot/cold..what is this?
{Bullet Points} ** Taurus says he loves me a week before I express my feelings. When my feelings are expressed he tel
by BeaCancer91 · 12 replies · updated 9/9/2014 8:27:37 AM
Ok, please don't judge me too badly on this...*sigh* Well its 9 months now that ive been hooking up with this Taurus.
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Taurus male growls?
What's it mean when a Taurus guy growls?
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