thanks for visiting the taurus message board. taurus men and women have a relentless drive, but can be very reluctant to change. do you taurus?

Venus Retro
Given that Taurus is ruled by Venus, how much more would Taurus be affected? I am a double, sun and moon.
calming an angry bull
let me quickly say, this bull is not angry at me. if you are angry, what is the best thing people can do for you? do you want to be left alone? do you need to have someone listen to your gripes? would a nice meal soothe you? would you like so...
Taurus and nostalgic
Taurus are you still being sentimental or accept the fact for getting along with the environment of time? Although about the forgive but not forget about the interaction from others of their bad deeds towards you.. still might be hanging, but having no...
Wayne Dyer
Died on the 29th http://media.graytvinc.com/images/dyer-wayne1.jpg
Taurus man in extra marital affair
Hi taurus do you think it is possible for a taurus man to have a honest relationship with a married woman?
Bull VS. Bull Part 2
I posted a few days ago about a Taurus guy I met at work. Well here's an update. I ended up hanging out with him. The fi
Is she blowing cold, or did she cut me off?
I'm a Sagittarius male, and I'm not sure where I stand right now so I'll be pessimistic and use the past tense. I added this Taurus girl on FB who was a friend of a friend because, I couldn't help myself. Eventually we started flirting and warming up t...
Taurus male behaviour
Having read through a lot of the posts on here regarding taurus', I thought I would post about my own experience to get some good, honest advice... sometimes girl friends only tell you what they think you want to hear (sigh!) So I met a wonderful taur...
For Better or For Worse...Or for your Career?
This is a question for Taurus women.... *In light of the recent news regarding the split between Brian Austin Green a
I want my ex taurus boyfriend back
I'm a 19 yo cancer guy and i have met my taurus boyfriend (25yo) 3 months ago on a dating app called Grindr. we bonded like crazy & the chemistry was perfect. so we decided that we're gonna delete our grindr accounts since both of us wanted to be exclu...
Scorpio Woman looking for some Taurus advice
I have recently been informed by my best friend of 5 years who is a Taurus that is has been attracted to me since the day we met. We met at work and still work together, just in different departments and use to hangout a lot, but there were a lot of issue...
being vulnerable
so i learned the lesson i was supposed to about being vulnerable in a romantic sense without the other person opening up
Taurus after a breakup
I meet my Taurus through a dating website. he initiated the contact and asked we meet, so i suggested that we first let
He came back...I failed...again
For those who read my previous post, you know about my struggle with the taurus. I was doing so well...I made peace with
curious to know
How how do I know if a Taurus guy has a Venus in Aries or Gemini....plz respond....not to fond of astrology
Temporary insanity
Gah! What is it about us that makes us go so crazy when we start to fall for someone? Sure, nobody would know what w
Hey everyone With all the recent stuff and my own personal experience with taurus and being a taurus myself, I felt
Scorpio woman Taurus man Attraction-Zero Move
I've been looking to make sense out of this attraction I have for a Taurus man. There is a strong pull between us that h
what are you listening to?
Meet the family
So...meeting my Bull's family tomorrow..so...yeah a lil nervous...sheesh
Are Virgos one of the best you ever had?
When it comes to sex?
Taurus sun, Venus in Gemini, moon in libra
That seems like a lot of trouble doesn't it? I'm hesitant about this guy. We hit it off so well after just two dates, he
social media
okay taureans. how active are you on the various social media sites? i usually am not active at all. almost never us
Me: Scorpio Him: Taurus - HELP
Hello everyone.. I have been reading some Taurus forums in here for the past two weeks getting amazing advice, but sinc
Bull VS. Bull
I'm a Taurus woman and I just met a Taurus man at my job. We had a good conversation at work and we exchanged numbers th