Gemini male compatibility w/Taurus female?
Does this pairing stand a chance? Curious to know... I dont know his placements yet, but he's coming on really strong, very charming... Anyone familiar?
I cheated on my taurus boyfriend whom i really love :(
I am a Pisces girl in a relationship with a Taurus guy from last 6 years. recently i was angry with him because he was always busy in work and would not spend much time with me. He would call me everyday 2-3 times without fail but i needed a lot more than...
Who drinks the most?
Taurus, Gemini or Pissces?
when it comes to taurus...
..I think they're super loyal. They definitely can cheat when the time is right but other than that, I think they usually go the distance with one person because they pretty much got morals and they're surprisingly smart enough to know that being loyal wi...
Taurus Man stop seeing me and sending me messages? Is it there detached nature?
I've been wondering if he really stop, I don't see the reason yet but all i know is that we completely stop communicating to each other and I'm wondering whether its there man nature not to continue. Our last communication was that, his not feeling we...
Do these men know how to behave?
Honestly, I have noticed a pattern with these guys. They are just very immature irrespective of age and don't know how to behave. Every single workplace I've ever worked at, I was harassed to sexually harassed by a Taurus man. It's like these guys don...
Male taurus advice
Hey guys is there anyone I could message or that could message me about a situation I'm facing with a male Taurus? Please and thank you
Taurus is Frustating Me!
Long but in short how does a bull show interest and is he interested? I thought crabs and bulls were in tune, but why does it seem we seem speak a different language? (I suspect he doesn't think I am interested) I believe he is a Gem moon and I a Le...
your neck
any thing special/significant about it?
Overwhelming feelings/thoughts and alone time
Hello fellow Taureans.Have you people ever had phases wherein you're overwhelmed with feelings,of any sort,and you indulge so deeply in those thoughts that you find difficult to get out of 'em,for days at a stretch maybe?Especially when you can do nothing...
Best Match for a Taurus
What is the best match for a Taurus? My longest relationship was with a Scorpio. I didnt find that a good match at all. He was dark, moody and vindictive.

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My friends keep saying that I'm a player... I like to flirt, it come naturally. I can't help it. I like flowery words. But apparently guys are catching feelings. Does this happen to your taurus ladies? My one friend even want to as far as to call me a...
Taurus man liking fb posts from 3 years ago in the middle of the night
I ended things very abruptly with a Taurus man I saw briefly (5 months) because I needed to move back home from out of state. He was angry when I left so abruptly, which I understand, but my decision to leave was the best for me mentally and spiritually a...
any taurus women out there with libra sun taurus moon scorpio rising men in their lives?
I know I know, just checking ... such an interesting combination I'm still trying to figure him out but when I do talk to him and see him it's all good ... I'm taurus sun capricorn moon and taurus rising although my venus is in aries so our presentation t...
Taurus Sun/Gemini Moon
Hiya guys, anyone know anything about the Taurus Sun with Gemini Moon combination? I met an interesting person with this recently, and just curious how these two placements would work together in a person. I don't know the time of birth here, but his ot...
I've never met a sign more hands on than Taurus. The women are very touchy and very physical Are y'all that sensual? Also y'all can cook y'all ass off gotta hand it to y'all very earthly sign.
Do Taurus' ever give up?
My Taurus ex doesn't seem to really want to believe its over. I, in know way, flirt or lead him on. I even mention my partner casually from time to time. Is being friends with him still giving him hope?
Why am I only attracted to jerks?
I'm a Taurus sun, Libra Moon, Gemini Venus, Cancer Mars, Aries Mercury. I'm just interested in guys who act like jerks or dont like me. I want to pursue them but they either dont like me or we have different goals in a relationship so relationship or dat...
Taurus woman flip-flopping
One minute she wants to be with me, the next day we are just friends.. This girl is driving me crazy... Is all taurus women like this... Does age play a factor she is 22...
Why do we try to be perfect?
I dont know about you guys but sometimes i feel the need to be perfect. The more i strive to be perfect the more my bad qualities show. Im going to try something new and live life the way it feels right without judging myself or striving to be perfect in...
Taurus men!!
Why do Taurus guy continue to stay in contact with me? Today alone he has called me 3 times. we're friends but I feel as though he like me more, we've already met but he's not saying anything...but yet calls me.....I ask him is he a phone person and he sa...

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taurus stormed out of my house
When I told him that I only wanted to be friends and had no intention on sleeping with him. I been telling him the same butter for at least 5 years. I even ignored him for 2 years. I told him that friends is the only thing I would ever be interested i...