thanks for visiting the virgo message board. virgo men and women gather facts and then put them to a practical use. do you virgos?

virgos give the best bj's
just wanted to let it be known. thanks.
Birthday HALP!!!
The Boy (Virgo rising, sun, Venus and Mars) and I have only been dating a little over a month and his bday's 09/09. So i
Venus in Virgo Retrograde
Any clue how they act? Especially when it is in retrograde?
This Virgo Just Started College!
On Monday! I am just doing 4 classes at the community college for now. English, Math, College Success, and General Psych
he feels on n off, and we are running out of time
The virgo guy who broke up with me for the 2nd time few days back, was normal to me yesterday at text. I can tell he eve
Virgo man broke up with Libra woman
PART 1: My story is quite long and I apologise in advance for being so detailed. I hope you can bear with me :) So,
Whooohoooo it's Virgo Season!!
Happy Birthday Virgos!!! Let the good times roll! [img][/img] [img]http://i.imgur
my virgo cousin
i got a new phone the other day. and i've been randomly downloading apps. today i downloaded words with friends. and a f
Virgo's make your B-day list!!!
Virgin season is upon us. What do you sweetums want for your birthday? My besty's is coming up on the 1st. She fina
Virgo Scorp Moons.
How long does it take before you admit true deep feelings for someone? I'm trying to answer a personal question of m
She a Taurus I'm a Virgo.
I've been to numerous sites on how to get my ex back & they all seem to point me in different directions. Anywho, I'll
I figured somehing out, Virgos DONT KNOW WHAT TO D
O....they love work because it gives them purpose and structure. I often heard a Virgo talk about how they don't know w
I adore you guys.
Virgos are so laid back, mellow, thoughtful, and intelligent. Kudos to you ;) Keep being chill. You guys are awesome.
Should I end our "friendship"?
I have been friends with this Virgo guy for about 5-6 months. He's a lot of fun to be around and we get along well. Howe
Hello Fellow Virgos
I have listed a similar post in the Taurus thread. I am curious which signs you feel the most comfortable with? What sig
virgo sun scorp moon man
any experiences? are they known to be jealous and dominant? I'm starting to see a bit of his possessive side. I didn'
virgos yous are the best!!
You rock, keep doing you!! f what the haters think or have to say😉😁
This year .....
..... my husband wants to go to Monticello, and I'm just thrilled and can't wait. He is sort of a history buff, and g
Is it hard for Virgo to say I love you...
Or inlove with you... when you're dating or exclusive with someone.. Do you have a hard time saying it first (even wh
Is Cap the best match for a Virgo?
Please share your experiences :)
I am becoming so frustrated with my Virgo.
He'll be around for awhile and he'll be great and we'll have epic conversations that explain the point of talking. Then,
Virgos and unfaithfulness
I'm "in a relationship" with this virgo guy. Why I put that in " "? Because we are not officially a couple- he thinks an
Virgos: Are Virgos cautious in relationships?
Hello my fellow earthlings! After first initial contact with someone, how long does it take you from initially contac
Have I screwed up completely?
I like this girl a LOT (libra) and we have known each other for a while now, started as friends and eventually I started