@yazlan - give your two cents please!
It's an interesting question. You can only make yourself better once you admit there is an issue.  I'd been very rude and selfish in the first 2 years of my relationship with my ex (Leo). She had been very forgiving and generous, and when I realized w...
change in my virgo!
Okay so today my virgo guy admitted to his flaws, and he said that its not only me who has to put up with his aloofness and confused ways, there are other people too who complain the same and he does realize that hes wrong many times but he cant do anythi...
l met a new virgo
and we've been talking a bit. asked a few questions trying to figure out her chart. she volunteered she's an aries rising and a leo moon. she's also 29. so from that i was able to piece together the rest of her chart. which seems to be: aries rising s...
Fight or Flight
Do you fight for your relationships? Or Do you Fly away? When things get tough? What has been your MO? Which relationships made you want to fight for them? Which relationships weren't fighting for and why? Curious, i saw another thread like thi...
How do you react when someone is walking away from you in an argument.
Another Virgo thread. Virgos and family
OK forget all the other threads I created. Let's look at new facts. 1) the Virgo has dropped me as a priority. His Virgo brother who is very close in age (born two days before Virgo) came to America June 30th. This is his best best best best best...
Can a selfish person on the brink of narcissism change?
Virgo girl has me confused.
Ive posted this before but this is the updated version. So I've been friends with this virgo girl since middle school. I told her how I felt in 8th grade and she didn't feel the same. After middle school we lost contact because we went to separate high...
Jimmy Felon
why are virgos so manipulative?
Started seeing my now ex feb 2014. All was well for afew months until he had a death in the family. He hit the drink (alcoholic proportions) lost his motivation enthusiasm etc.i stuck by him. Im very domesticated.I cooked cleaned his butter mopped his brow...
This article is spot on! I wonder if all virgos are narcissists or its just mine LOL
How do you know when you’re dealing with a narcissist? The following are some telltale signs, excerpted from my book (click on title): “How to Successfully Handle Narcissists (link is external)”. While most of us are guilty of some of the following...
why is my virgo so manipulative or is it something else? please help
Started seeing my now ex feb 2014. All was well for afew months until he had a death in the family. He hit the drink (alcoholic proportions) lost his motivation enthusiasm etc.i stuck by him. Im very domesticated.I cooked cleaned his butter mopped his bro...
Virgo young women
... I thought my niece was a Pisces, but I had it way wrong. Here's my question Posted by RainDancerMy Neice is now 15. She has had so many trials, but when it comes to being absolutely loving, she is the epitome of unconditional love. I have started...
Virgo needs help with birth chart
OK I've been learning (well trying to anyways) about the charts and life path numbers. The break down of my chart is: Sun sign 2° virgo Rising sign 24° taurus Moon 22° Taurus Mercury 22° leo Venus 18° Libra Mars 12°Capricorn Jupiter...
Virgo hot & cold, disappearance?
I've dated a few virgos and they always seems to be hot and cold. Most of them show interest really quickly and disappeared. Why do virgo do that? My friend's ex was a virgo and he disappeared without a word too.. Why do virgo disappear and for how long?...
Virgos Are Narcissists
lol check this out real funny to me. Astrology as it is seen today is not the same as it was pre-Biblically. The intend
Do I initiate with a virgo man?
I am an Aries woman. I met this virgo man(a friend of my friend) 3 times over the past 4 months (mainly in parties or after parties), and there always seemed to be that spark between us. He doesn't talk much to me but he's always observing me when I am d...
Virgo Ex comes back and apologizes, then disappears??
My exbf came back around out of the blue, showing up at my house wanting to "talk". He apologized for the way our relationship went, for how much he hurt me (a lot of lying and cheating), and said that he finally realized it wasn't me that ruined our rela...
Virgo Black Holes On Collision Course...
... Closer Than Ever! Collision of two monster black holes that was earlier predicted to take place millions of years later may happen sooner, a new study claims. Animation courtesy NASA Heh...
Virgo Man/Aries Woman
Hello you lovely Virgos! I've been dating a Virgo guy for about 9 months. He is very charming. We have great chemistry and the sex is great! We communicate all day and it's always fun, light-hearted and sweet. I really appreciate how attentive he is with...
Virgo Quick Reading
If your a virgo and you want a quick reading message with your birthday DD/MM I do readings based on astrology and numerology. Lets see how accurate I am