I have been dating this Virgo man for about 9 months now , he hasnt had a gf in like 6, 7 years only one night stands.. so he met me and we started something he has been coming back and leaving 10000 times , he is cold warm , he opend up to me a few time...
Do I still have a chance with this virgo man?
Hi, My virgo man just ended a long term relationship (7~8 years) before we started to date. He told me that he was not ready for a serious relationship and I said I totally understood. We've been together for 3 months, and everything felt great. He wa...
Virgo sun vs. Virgo Venus
what are the differences??

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Venus, Mercury, Mars.... what's yours?
Venus- virgo Mercury- leo Mars- cancer
Virgo & small talk...
Hate it or love it? & why... :)
virgo help
one of my good friends is a virgo and shes awesome and very thoughtful, but she can over analyze a situation till she is blue in the face and it kills me that she does this to herself. When she is analyzing she gets in a really bad mood and she lets small...
If a Virgo asks you to shave/cut his pubic hair
Does that mean he trusts you?
Am I Compatible With My Boyfriend ?
Hello ! I've been a lurker on this site for some time now, and I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me :) . I get confused with all these sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, etc. I'm a Virgo, Sun and Aquarius, Moon and my boyfriend is a L...
Of course ....
... stupid is as stupid says
Double Lives
do you live a double life? what does that entail? virgos scare me. they seem really selfish and immoral.
Am I normal?
I don't know if this is normal. I lose interest in guys so easily. Like if the guy I'm crushing on started to notice me I feel uneasy which eventually leads to me no longer being attracted. Of course happens to small crushes only. As for the guy I truly l...
Charle sheen (VIRGO) has HIV
He has the same b day as me I feel sorry for him but unfortunately he falls in the just like me side of virgo
Virgo guy holding back
hi, I'm a Cancer girl, Sun, Venus and Mars in Cancer, moon in Gemini... I've been "friends" with a Virgo guy (Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in Virgo, Mars in Libra).. well... we sorta been slightly more than friends, but anyway... i really like him.. and...
Am I his second choice?
Concerned for my sister
Hi I hope someone can advise or guide me on how I can help my sister. She’s 27years old and is a Virgo. She has a very bubbly lively personality and full of energy the type of woman who enjoys helping others and has no selfish side to her. She has clo...
VIRGO GIRLS ONLY!! What are you experiences with other signs?
Wondering if it's just me or have other Virgos experienced the same things... Pisces: I have a love/hate relationship with Pisces men. Every Pisces guy I meet, we just seem to "click" on a gut level. They're extremely caring and so much fun, they make...
Would Virgo and Aries relation work?
We got hot and cold. Its like I have a big ego and his as well. He liked me I liked him now i think he hates me. me 21.03.1990 Lodz, Poland him 10.09.1989 Lodz, Poland synastry
Hey virgos, what's the...
Fastest you've ever told a partner you love them? How do you know when it's gone beyond just love & being in love? Or is there a difference to you? To the ones who dated a virgo, what was the length of time it took until they told you? :)
part 3
I first wrote this on the leo page and am now posting this on the forums where I have placements I'm asking about: I recently started noticing some connections between astrology placements, and it seems like more than just a coincidence. I thought it...
Virgo ex
I broke up with my ex a year ago. Things ended really badly and I told him never to contact me again. Ever. He has been calling non stop for months, he will go in phases where everything is peaceful and I can breathe again and then he's again calling,...
Pisces Female, Virgo Male
I've known him for 20 yrs. Been through his ups and downs with him. Walked through his personal hell beside him. Basically dedicated my heart and soul. Loved him from the first meeting. With being the only one there for him he has sure become selfish an...
Got a crush on a hot Virgo guy at my job
*Sigh*. I'm such a sucker for Virgos, especially the tough/active variety (Keanu Reeves is a good celebrity example of what I mean). There's this guy at my job that is the perfect Virgo to me: hardworking, humble, analytical, communicative, intelligent, b...

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What makes a virgo...
Lol what makes a virgo not want to see there child? Especially if they have a child that they do see from a previous relationship? Kind of curious about how to deal with this.. Its troubling to me....