zoe gonzales

virgo women breaks off relationship

— hello virgoans & hi peeps who are related with virgoans☺ I got a dissatisfaction abt my virgo girl & I need your explanations, opinions or experiences regarding with the situation I've went thru recently. Me & my virgo girl hv been together for al...

Stumbling into Love

— Virgos dont fall blindly, we calculate our stumbles. Lol. I need background info, blueprints, the whole shebang from someone I plan to stumble for. So why not let things happen organically? Because closing our eyes is a choice only a few of us make...


— i don't know many Virgos...what do you guys do?

Sept 2 virgo Nadia Volianova

— I love her... I just love her...


— Gettin turnt all the way up for Beyonce concert in chicago! Twirl all over these haters!

Scorpio man and Virgo woman Friends with benefits situation

— Im in a friends with benefits situation with a virgo woman and i wold like to go from that to Serious one with her because i love her and she cares about me ....may be that we are a bit more than FWB coz we hang out a lot we comunicate a lot hours a day a...

Having a fling with a Virgo man

— Hi guys, I'm seeing a virgo man. I really don't know much about them but he seems arrogant which I hate and I also understand that he's 7 years my junior so he's got some growing up to do. He's educated and we have good intelligent conversations. I tol...

Virgo Appreciation Thread

— What do you like about Virgos? The ones you know in your life.

Are Burgos going through a hard time?

— I am having trouble with people, which I am usually good at. Feeling emotionally drained Under achieved, worried. Is it just me I have Mars in Sagittarius, and Venus in Leo.

I had a quote that I had to share.

— Virgo brings to an end something which was previously believed. False beliefs, subject to analysis and given up.

venus in virgo

— I'm new to astrology, this is what controls sexuality right?

Sign a Virgo boy (Venus in Virgo & Mars in Scopio) falling in love with you.

— Dear all Virgo, I write this post because this Virgo boy so obsessed me. I am 5 years older than him and we met at church. He's very gentle and he text me every morning at the beginning. And when I gave him some sign that I has feeling for me then he sud...

Does this Virgo likes me?

— Hmm his born on the 15 of September and I'm born on a 29 of june. He stares at me a lot in sch. Recently I kept looking at him after school as everywhere I go I see him so sometimes I try to avoid... So recently his Friend approach me and ask why am I so...

How to Flirt With a Virgo Woman

— @Soul

Doing a little research on double signs (same sun/moon) anyone having any interesting facts/opinions

— I saw a few articles say they may posses psychic abilities.... hmmm

VIRGO MEN!!! Spill it...unwrap the mystery of the Virgo man

— Virgo men are probably one of the most intriguing signs to me when it comes to relationships or emotions. I want to hear from the Virgo men what being a virgo male is like. Do you realize your hot and cold nature? What triggers it? What are you like in lo...

Virgo man interested?

— We work together, that's how we met.....about a month ago he invited me out for drinks...plans fell through and so we've chatted through text a few times here and thereI have definitely been giving him subtle hints in my texts that i do like him...I was t...

Virgo Questions on Curious Behavior

— When you guys show up after a fall out is it typical to act like nothing ever happened? Why would you not respond to someone when they reach out and then get upset when they stop reaching out? What are the things I need to understand about a Virgo...

How to approach Virgo man?

— So this site has been a big help! My friend is having a crush on this virgo man she keep seeing him at the gym and he has been looking at her ALOT as in eye contacting thing. the thing is she does not have his number! :( but the good thing is his Ins...

When do Virgos finally decide

— I have been with a Virgo for years now. We were together(offical) for a year. We haven't been together like that since 2013. But even to this day he tells me he loves me, talk about our future together, says he always wants to be with me and still to this...

Hmm? Virgos



— Virgo + Scorpio What's it like?

Virgos and flirting

— Holy crap balls, Batman! Virguy here doesn't know how to flirt very well. How do ya'll get out of your head and into the right now with women? How do we effectively flirt with women, and what have been the results? Good, bad, and ugly please.

Is he being honest or unfaithful?

— I am an Aries. I admit to being jealous and controlling sometimes. Been dating a Virgo male for a while now and things are pretty serious at this point. It is a same-sex relationship. The problem is, one of his exes messaged him with some explicit tex...

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zoe gonzales
zoe gonzales
hello virgoans & hi peeps who are related with virgoans☺ I got a dissatisfaction abt my virgo girl & I need your explanations, opinions or experiences regarding with the situation I've went thru recently. Me & my virgo girl hv been together for al
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i don't know many Virgos...what do you guys do?