Virgo woman

— What's its like to date a virgo woman..their characteristics..nature and how mean and selfish they can be...WONDERING

Spending time alone

— Do you guys enjoy spending most of your time alone? I overheard the Virgo I talk to say that he spends 90 percent of his time alone and that it's by choice. Isn't that a bit much? Spending all that time alone?

venus in virgo

— I'm new to astrology, this is what controls sexuality right?

Aries Female loving Virgo me with patience and emotions!

— He's unlike anyone I have met and he's good for me. We have known each other for a couple of years, and found ourselves both single and began to spend time as friends. That quickly turned into more and we've been dating for about 4 months. The first mont...

Poor Rachael Ray...

— I think all her Virgo placements needs some comforting, cuddly, water sign emotional connection.

Virgo woman situation (detailed, kinda long read)

— So this is my first post and i would like to start off by saying i am a libra sun/pisces moon/and virgo rising. I'm not sure if that will help..but anyways, my situation is that both my friend and I like the same girl part of our friend group. She's very...

Virgos and pet names

— Hey hey virgoans, tell me if u use pet names on your SO or not and why (if not) :) Just curiouuuus, so please no stuff like "if your virgo doesn't/does..." This q is in no way related to my personal life and I asked this just out of plain curiosity :)

All fellow September 21st Virgo / Libra Cusp

— Hi guys, how many of us are there? Any advice? Let's chat!

An Open Letter (sorta) To The People I Have Disappeared On and Who Continues To Wonder Why

— Not for lack of loyalty, but a lack of perspective- how in loving you I begin to lose myself and why I refuse to let that happen. Virgo is the sign of the virgin or "she who is owned by no man." I think this explains our energy that is neurotically av...

New Virgo Woman Boss

— So, Im just wondering if i have any cause for concern. She has a nice personality, very talkative, smart yet when i have meetings with her, she always talks smack about other ppl and she is always saying "lets keep this between us." The first time i...

Ok so dork virgo and I didn't work out so we're just friends

— Anybody got Keanu Reeves number? I want to help him save the world.

Moon in Virgo mum is so scary sometimes

— She gets mad over the littlest things and a perfectionist.


— Fellow do your eyes look like? I can see your full body pics but I cannot zoom enough to validate a theory I

Need Virgo woman help !!!

— Im in need of a virgo woman's help in a situation im in whit a virgo girl that im in love with and i dont know how make her fall in love whit me :(

Do Virgo girls come back?

— I'm asking for a friend so I don't know the deets, but in a nutshell a girl cheated on my friend with another guy. They haven't talked in over a year and I think she is dating the guy she cheated with. They were doing long distance and he was going to m...

I'm a Sagittarius(male) Need answers about (Virgo) female.

— I like a Virgo female, she doesn't knows this I don't think but she recently just made me her "Bestie" lol and She will text me first, I reply and it be hours til I get a reply back or 10-30 mins, but in school she likes to talk to me or if i'm just doing...

Virgo Men Versus Women

— Here's my interpretation of how the relationship process goes, for me. There will be a lot of supposition and given expl

Virgo moon

— Could someone explain how does virgo moon understand love and how deeply they are able to feel it?

Virgo and Leo

— I've posted a similar topic on the Leo board but I'm also curious about fellow Virgoans' experiences with dating Leos. I noticed that I usually attract Leo suns/strong Leo placements (probably due to my Leo Venus). How are your past/present relationships...

Shy Virgo

— I really, really like this Virgo. I've known him since HS and it was a love at 1st sight kind of feeling for me. We've only met alone a couple times tho. I think I've mentioned him in millions of threads already. Long story short, I'm sure it's mutual,...

Venus in Virgo

— what is a Venus in Virgo person like in love?

Virgos and honesty?

— I want to talk to my Virgo and ask him for an opinion about this upcoming event. Thing is he's not apart of it but another guy is. I had made plans with this other guy before dating my Virgo and now I see that if I go to this event with this other guy my...

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