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Happy Birthday Damnata
Io so che sei in viaggio adesso - sopratutto spero che tu divertiti oggi! Tanti auguri e un grande bacio!
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Mercury Zone"
A place for virgos too say what's on your mind and just vent ....Go..;)
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Virgo Moons are really good at hiding
I usually attract Pisces moons and Cancer Moons,. I want to find a virgo mooner. My sisters a scorp sun and virgo moon a
by sunchee · 8 replies · updated 8/30/2014 5:27:59 PM
It's Virgo Season baaaaaby! When is birthday?!? :D
Post your birthday here or your fav VirGuy or VirGirl's birthday, so we can wish you (them) a Happy Biiiiiiiirthday! ;-)
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Happy Birthday
From your favorite troll.
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Another one bites the dust........................
So.......another Virgo...I like them. I get them to a point yet they always tend to throw a monkey wrench into things ju
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Going after a virgo woman.
I'm an aries and the girl that I am currently chasing is a virgo but she is unlike any girl who have caught my eye in th
by aries46 · 57 replies · updated 8/29/2014 6:13:51 PM
My bday is Sept. 7th..
What are you all buying me? :)
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Sag & Virgo.
I notice alot of these pairings in the celebrity world. Why does it work so well?
by CluelessCancer · 17 replies · updated 8/29/2014 11:00:46 AM
Virgo woman doesn't know love ?
I (gemini female) dated her for a few. It was a good relationship. Everyone thought she was the one. Her friends saw how
by Geminitxxtrvll · 5 replies · updated 8/29/2014 8:02:13 AM
I'm on my drake mode
I'm in my feels right now lol been catching myself disappearing on women I talk to them for maybe a day or 2 and than I
by virgoking · 7 replies · updated 8/28/2014 5:47:16 PM
Seriously virgo men!
What is with this sudden withdrawing of communication and then justifying this behavior with "not contacting doen't mean
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I never Noticed
I never noticed how beyonce's album cover's are all earth tone colors
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Happy Birthday Virgos
...and a belated birthday wish to those who already had one. :)
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Traits a virgo girl likes you?
What are the traits of a virgo girl when she is interested in a guy? What should I look for?
by Vespasunset · 7 replies · updated 8/27/2014 11:16:07 AM
tomorrow .......
..... is my husband's birthday Happy Birthday Husband !!!! We always get to choose restaurant of choice, so I don'
by P-Angel · 21 replies · updated 8/27/2014 6:53:53 AM
Slow Burn
I'm courting a very enchanting Virgal at the moment. For those women (of any sign) who express frustration that Cance
by xMoonMan · 44 replies · updated 8/26/2014 4:19:46 PM
Good News and Bad News...
Good: Since Gemini Board is dead and Aries Board is a coma, your next in line to having full ownership of Mercury. You m
by SirHorns · 5 replies · updated 8/25/2014 5:06:07 PM
should i wish him happy birthday?
we don't talk anymore, he did this Lil disappearing act I guess so we don't talk. Now his birthday is in two days n he c
by j519oe · 18 replies · updated 8/25/2014 12:51:29 AM
birthday party
This year I'm relieved that I don't have to plan a last minute gathering just so I can finally be with the person that
by Blackvirgo · 4 replies · updated 8/24/2014 6:50:52 PM
When a virgo ignores you on purpose
Is it passive aggressive backllash? You've offended him/her and he/shes letting you figure it out on your own...? Tri
by imoanbackwards · 25 replies · updated 8/24/2014 6:11:49 PM
Traits a virgo girl likes you?
What are the traits of a virgo girl when she is interested in a guy? What should I look for?
by Vespasunset · 1 replies · updated 8/24/2014 8:17:47 AM
Virgo guy touchy feely & opening up fast
I had a date a couple of days ago with a virgo guy, and it was a great one! We had a lot of things to talk about and the
by capricornus87 · 5 replies · updated 8/24/2014 1:27:27 AM
How to handle a COMPLAINING virgo woman
I just want to know, because I have met SO many complaining virgo women, and Im dating This virgo woman and she complain
by SoInLOVE · 8 replies · updated 8/24/2014 1:12:52 AM
The famous "disappear" act
How long have a virgo disappeared on you or how long have you virgos disappeared on someone who you were romantically/fr
by Octoberbaby91 · 13 replies · updated 8/22/2014 10:01:19 PM
Damnata ......
... you've changed. I don't know how and I don't know why ... I only know some major life event just happened, and
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Ok lovely people..I never ran across this site before so I am going to post Sun/Moon combinations for us. They differ
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