how do leo men express their love?

I am an aries girl who is dating a leo man for the last three month. He always tells me that he thinks about me a lot,but never told me he loves me. Is thinking about someone a lot considered some one is in love with the person?please help...
Hi, i think leo men, do not jump into the love stating thing too soon, if he likes you and thinks about you alot.. then i dont think there is a need to worry... they are causios types but will speak there feelings in time.
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Jus one crazy lil leo...
ROAR!!!!...may not b a man but leos do protect their hearts for awhile at my xperience with a leo man...he has never told me how he feels until he was on the brink of losing me..then he told me...GOOD LUCK!!!! keep the faith...(or jus ask him how he feels)....
thank you guys for you response. As ariea girl mentioned, I do not think I have to worry about it,but if he is not in to me then I do not want to wast my time. Is it ok to ask if he loves me or not, I think I like him a lot,but do not want to tell him first eaither...........
female from THE BEAUTIFUL U.S.A.
Jus one crazy lil leo...
u never know what could happen if u do tell him...mayb drop a few hints ....ya know, feel him out....(not literally...u know what i mean...hehe)
Hmm, i think if you ask him if he loves you, he might run a mile, even if he really does...
Its early days, no rush at all, enjoy life and the people you meet, mr leo will show you how he feels rather than say it...
I will like to know aries girl why you did think if I tried to ask him he maight run a mile? (just like to learn more,that is all.) Since I am an aries, I do not have too much patient to sit around. I am talking to a couple of guys ,but do not want to start any thing with non of them before I know what Mr leo is all about. All in all, he is nice,he calls as he promised,and very carfull about what he says and what he does when he is with me. I had told him I miss him a lot a couple of times and now decided not to tell him that any more. That is because I did not want him to think I am crazy about him already. Is that a bad move?????????? please give me some advise....
Hi, i don't think Mr Leo is able to open his heart at such an early stage.. but if you really want to know where you stand, ask him, you have nothing to lose..

My Mr Leo is very kind,passionate, considerate, i am older than he is, my daughter is 11yrs and he always has time for her, no matter what.. a hell of alot more than her own father..
He was married and his wife decided she was too young to settle down, wanted to enjoy life so he left him.. he was so hurt.. its taken him a long time to move on.. we are only together 2 months, and i have to say meeting him was the best thing i could have done..
I have told him i am mad about him, i dont mind if he needs more time to let out his feelings.. im in no hurry..

not sure if this helps at all..
I don't know about you, but I like to see a woman that "Roars!" in the bed.
Well i been dating a leo for 3 months at first he use to joke a lot with me then he started saying he miss me a lot and 2 weeks from knowing us he started telling me he loves me ... he tells me a lot of times and i think that leo guys are really romantic
well im sorry to say that i got dumped by my leo guy after 3 months yesterday... he cooled off about 2 weeks ago after he brought me to his brothers wedding and introduced me to his whole family as his girlfriend...
Now he thinks things are getting very serious , and he doesnt want to mess me about.. meaning he wants to or already is dating someone else...

Leo guys called Derek are butters... stay away
I am sorry ,Aries girl about your story........
Why would he introduce you to his family as his girlfriend and he says that things are getting very series? Do you think that his family members has some thing to do with his decesions?
Hi again, no i dont think it was anything like that.. to be honest i told him i was mad about him, and then soon after he started to cool off towards me.. im really annoyed, especially since he lives 20 houses away from me, and he has to drive past my house to get home..

He is the first guy i have let my guard down with in years, and it stinks really.. i thought he was different...
I think he doesnt want to get tied down with anyone girl.., enjoys the single life..
My ex-boyfriend was a Leo & he told me he loved me after a month. He was really needy & clingy, though.
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