Now that I have your attention. :D 💗 Hey Leo pride. I have a crush. Not quite sure yet what I want to do about it. But I thought I'd drop in, toss out an abridged chart for the willing to comment on and request the usual 'plz tell me all the goo
what happened? she and Len Wiseman divorced. :( I saw her chart. She is Leo sun, Virgo Venus, Aries mars, Gemini moon. [IMG][/IMG] and Len Wiseman has a super stellium in Pisces, Pisces sun, moon, Venus, a
Someone help me I feel I have to walk on egg shells around my boyfriend(pisces). If I say the wrong thing he will get extremely angry and that don't be good. I don't understand him period. But I want it to work
So me and this guy have been dating for like a year now before this we were like best friends. Its all good when we meet up, it's fun and we get along for the most part, he'l constantly make fun of me in a friendly teasing way of course and takes care of
The leo I am involved with I take full responsibility for how I got myself in this situation with him. I had just gotten out of a 4 yr relationship with a Scorpio (30) and basically I was just dating and having fun. I met a 24yr old leo male, that should
I had an interesting read in the link below and it made alot of sense to me. "The energy of the Leo moon is louder, more intense and more serious than the energy of the
So for the last few weeks, this random guy i barely know, keeps smiling, waving and starring at me a lot!! Infact he stares me down it's that obvious He told me after i spoke to him, he likes to meet the local people and likes the scenery i dont know if h
So i talked to this guy months ago then for some reasons (work and business stuff) we stopped talking. And just last week he emailed me again asking if we could meet for coffee or dinner. We texted this morning and he just told me that it's his birthda
Any ideas from any one with any of these placements would be much appreciated :D I want to make a card/ painting as a birthday gift for my friend. He is also my kungfu teacher. I contributed 10 bucks to a pool-fund gift his wife is getting him from
Hi everyone. Sorry but English is not my first language sorry for the grammar. I'm a libra woman I'm 28 years old. I met this Leo man on a dating site . His just turn 31 years old. My question is why would a Leo text me after 2 months. Every thing was g
Hi Guys As the title says is there anyone that has been involved in a relationship with a Cancer. If so what are you experiences like? I am interested to hear your responses. Peace!! Happy Birthday, @sultrykitty... ! I do hope your birthday is (and has been) fabulous. :)
Where you fellows at? I just want to ask you guys' questions even though I have the same placement as you. 1.) What would you do for your love one? Do you treat your family & friends the same way.
I know there is supposedly one evil day In August. I think it's the 15? Or maybe the 6 or 7th? Are there any days in August that are suppose to be pure and lucky
Fellow Leo's, please tell me y'all do this too. When someone don't answer your call or text at a cliffhanger or when they leave off with something undone, you almost panic and blow their phone UP tryna get that answer. It bothers you to be ignored and yo
i am born in 23 august and everbody said to me i am a Virgo.. but i found some astrology website i am still in Leo line. it makes me feel so confused here because sometimes i can feel so silly and not thinking too much but afterwards i can feel so sensiti
*DISCLAIMER* This story is pretty long. If you don't feel like reading it all, skip to the last 2 or 3 paragraphs. So this fairytale gone wrong begins with a young Leo boy (16) and a young Virgo girl (17) meeting in high school. He was a super quiet
My current boyfriend and my ex boyfriend share the SAME birthday (but different year). I don't know if similar birthcharts have to do with it, but they act eerily similar, down to: - The way they speak. - The way they think. - The way they act. - Same
Sun: Leo Rising: Libra Moon: Sag Venus: Gemini Mars: Virgo

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and liberals are the freaking worst. They pat themselves on the back for being against racism, but they do nothing to change racism systematically. everything is socioeconomic, if white liberals actually cared, then why not hire black employees, and wh
I'm hitting it off pretty well with a co-worker
I just got into numerology a couple a days ago. I wanted to post this in the numerology room but I only wanna know my fellow scorpios' lifepath number. I know this thread is gonna take days to pick up lol so dont rush to answer... Lifepath #22
How many people have you gone down on (oral sex)? Don't lie either I guess you can tell me your sign too
I have been going out with this Cancer woman for over a month. When are having fun together, and have a lot of things to talk about. We live far away from each other, so meeting up every day is not possible.This is where the problem is, or may be there is
Where you at, my fellow Gods? ;)
In January my guy friend and I started hooking up. Things were great at the beginning but a few months into it he started becoming distant. I assumed it was because he got the wrong idea that I wanted more (even though we had a conversation saying we both
If you thought someone wronged you and you had to chance to kill him in his sleep Why would you wake the person up, hold a knife near his head and not do the deed?
I get likes on my photos and I can't see the user who likes my photos? it just says (Blank) likes your photo.. Sometimes I do see the actual users but this particular one is always blank
Please help me understand the logic behind this... This applies to all 3 water signs, i guess. Why?
that gets ignored. why continue? Terrorist attack? Or was the driver provoked?
The girl has finally figured out her ascendant!! And it is .........…............................................................................................................................................................... SAGITTARIUS!! Tell her
Imagine if everyone thought like the Left.. There'd be nothing left in the world because something would offend everyone. Imagine if everyone thought like the Right.. No one would know dinosaurs existed :(
I may be over thinking here but this Virgo guy who I've never met before but we have been talking for over a year sent me this today and it's kind of a response to a message I sent him yesterday where I told him not to party to hard while away at the univ
Gemini females are quite gifted verbally. You'll know your Gemini when you get paragraphs or even books in your feeds or texts. We love to communicate because we are gifted at it - blame Mercury. But what others fail to mention is that Geminis are natur
And I felt distracted from the other pisces for the first time in a while. WOWW Need some suggestions.... please :) For those of you who have been following my threads, She was the Aerial/fire artist that I was doing a music video for me with my other
Your marker or your mouth? I was talking to this guy about ATM sex and I was like I'd never do that because we all have E. coli growing in our butts and that's nasty to me to put in your mouth. Then he was like "treetrunk that it's not safe to introduce the
Just kidding how do you feel about marrying someone who has practiced abstinence? Would you ever marry someone (sexually inexperienced)?