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  • I have been married to a Leo for 8 years and I am a cancer woman. We have children and I am getting more and more exhausted with him. He is beyond stubborn but will never admit it. I try to not talk to him about anything too important anymore because I'm
  • How come us Leo's feel guilty when we decide to walk away from someone? How come we got to deal with the healing process. I don't understand why we care so much and the other person moved on. I hate this bout me tbh. I wish I could stop caring so much.
  • I am a newbie ... so unsure if im posting in the wrong place . Im looking for advice on Leo man ...
  • Hello everyone. New user here. Now about the title, compare Obama and Trump. Obama is a Leo and Trump is a Gemini. This is not a bait post btw. My younger brother is a Gemini and people like him so much and I'm such a loser I don't have friends. Does it h
  • So at my school gym I'd always seen this cute girl, never had the balls to talk to her. I was out one night w friends and I saw her and since alcohol makes me feel like superman I went to talk to her, it went really well, turns out shes a leo. She asked f
  • The Leo took me to meet his entire family in New York this weekend. Possibly the most welcoming family of all time! His entire family repeatedly said "We know you must be amazing because he doesn't do this"... His mother bought me a gift and everyone was
  • Hello, I have been dating a Leo for about 4 months. We knew eachother in school and had crushes on eachother. We came across on another on Facebook and started talking. I moved and he wanted to move in with me. At first, it was great. He hadn't been
  • Hey there, it's your Sagi buddy from another life. I've decided to contact you regarding your b1tch as self. Let us spar.
  • Now, I've been on this thread reading about a lot of Libras having issues with Leos. I mean, yeah...we are a really good
  • I need some advise from male Leos. My grandson is a Leo and 7 years old. He cant seem to get control of his emotions and just loose his shit. He has been getting into trouble at school and home. He goes off and will start to hit and brake things. He gets
  • Hello Peeps, I know I'm setting myself up for negative comments right now. Some of you might follow my forums. Anyway, you're all right. I was too harsh with the Cancer guy I dated, I think I frightening him away, which is fine. I made the extra effo
  • I have a hot Leo male roommate, comes off as shy. He told mutual friends when we met he had a "crush" on me. We started hanging out on weekends with friends and he would focus on me, opening doors, buying my favorite things, gazing in my direction alot e
  • https://www.payolee.com/seo_pages_images/thumb_7770733316.png https://fonolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Readers-Choice-The-Best-5-Customer-Service-Blogs-This-Year-.jpg https://graphicwise.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/numberone.png https://img.d
  • Hi all, I have met a very nice Leo woman for a week now. Im trying to understand her (with some help about astrology of course) so im not surprised by her behaviour later on. I already saw that she likes to hang out and be active, works very hard and is
  • next month will make it a year that I have been dating my beautiful Leo man. We are at a point where we don’t know what to do with each other anymore. We love each other so much. Other times I kind of know how to handle him but not this time. We have had
  • Hi everyone, This will be my first post and I would really appreciate the help from any leo men and will count on your opinion overall. 2 years ago a Leo man approached me at work and we started to chat a lot where we reached the point that he has feeling
  • so there's like a tight squeeze in my heart and i feel so restless. the guy im seeing (boyfriend) still thinks and talks about his ex, even when we sleep together on the phone in the middle of the night he would say he feels so lonely and he misses his ex
  • I emailed my ex yesterday. We haven't talked since May. I just wished him happy hunting this season and hope he gets the elk he always wanted. He repsoned. (Didn't think he would ) and just told me how he came close to and was going on a week long trip o
  • The guy is always bored, is super lazy now, cant find pleasure in nothing, i dont know how i can work in this friendship anymore, he doesnt want to go out, he is isolating himself and i am one of his few remanescent friends that's why i cant leave him lik