I have two Leo males that have been pursuing me for just about a year. I am not interested in the least in either. They text, leave notes on my car, send FB messages, Snaps... It doesnt matter how much rejection.... They just keep it coming!!!! It did slo
She was my shinning light in all this darkness............
Im a cancer male shes a female leo Im not the typical cancer i have a lot of air in my chart. Anyway do leo girl use guys for comfort after a break up and not honest? I hate having doubt so i told her dont treetrunking play me cause u just got out an abu
Anyone in a long term Pisces and Leo relationship? I want to hear your stories and experiences
Met this Leo about a month and a half ago and within a month and a half I cut it off three times each time due to the fact of his baby's mother is living with him. (He told me he was single and didn't find out about bm 2 weeks into talking.) And he keeps
Met him online and the gist of what he told me after the long conversation we had on the first day is this: "I like your attitude and your nature. I'm really attracted to you. I've got out of a 5-year-old relationship a year ago and I'm still not able to
Does anyone feel the same way that moost of the time people think leo are just flashy and attention just like me people who are blinded by love and dont think before jumping it into a project, relationship, or any other situations? As far as i'm concerned I
I met this Leo man a few days ago.. and let's just say he likes to get DEEP. Every time we talk it turns out to be a heart to heart conversation where we admit our secrets. Is this normal?!
Hey just for a bit of fun I thought I would start a thread. So I would like to know as Leo which signs have you dated and out of those signs which would did you have a better relationship with. I will start Relationship 1 - Virgo - Lasted 2 ye
I hope she knows what she's doing...................
My Leo cousin (female) was in an abusive relationship with a Gemini man back in 2015. He broke something on her body which she had to get surgery for (imma save the details). After the surgery she decided to leave him. They didn't keep in contact for 2016
Does she want my blood or money or something? Why won't she leave me alone...*sighs* help!!!
he's the guy in the video, the main guy who is the "womanizer" lol :P Leo sun/Cancer mars/Taurus moon and lots of planets in Libra, including Venus and Jupiter. he's very Venusian with that libra stellium and Taurus moon. then I found out...
We met 4 months ago and only made it official 2 weeks ago. He cried in front of me last night. He had good reason to be upset (someone he knew passed away a couple of days ago) but I was a little taken back because most men I know would never cry in fro
Hi Everyone, This I believe will be my last attempt in trying to figure out what happened to my leo man ( well he's not really mine lol ) Anyways, I met this guy back in 2012 via online dating. We hit it off quickly and we would send text messages to e
I met this Leo guy six years ago in college. We started talking and grew closer overtime. He was really sweet and a good listener. He always initiated our dates, calls, texts. We worked on similar projects and shared common interests. It was all great unt
He texts me, especially when he sees that I have a good time. However, last year, every time I was giving him a chance, he was giving me the cold shoulder. Like he wants me only for confirmation. Before summer, I decided to stop with this guy. I left
So my boss is a 35 year old single man with no kids. He works really hard and goes above and beyond for everybody and often forgets himself in the process. The other day I found out he had a tumor removed from his head. He is a very private person and fel
Hi Wondered if anyone can help, particularly leo men. I need to know if he actually liked me or was it just fun and why he got back with his ex and if hes likely to come back to me. A bit of background Ill try and keep it brief. Was going out with a
with his beauty. JFC i hate him. can't wait ...in 3 months he'll be out of my hair.
Hi Everyone, This I believe will be my last attempt in trying to figure out what happened to my leo man ( well he's not really mine lol ) Anyways, I met this guy back in 2012 via online dating. We hit it off quickly and we would send text messages to e
I've finally broken it off with my married Capricorn lover. I vowed that I wouldn't go into 2017 still dealing with the ups and downs of being the "other woman"---7 years was far too long. So, naturally I'm having all those down & out, depressed, help
Let's liven up the Leo forum a bit. What would you say are desirable traits in a mate? Or rather, what are you typically looking for when you're dating someone. Do you have a type? We're discussing physical and non physical traits here. Physically spea

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Are you all really that brain dead so you don't remember your loved once phone number so if you delete it - it's gone forever? And when (if) they call you - you have NO idea whos is this phone number calling?
Tarot readings on YouTube .. I'm liking it .. especially since April is going to be awesome !
How do you think it has affected your generation? You can include the houses they're in also if you want. Saturn in Aries Jupiter in Aquarius Neptune in Capricorn Uranus in Aquarius Pluto in Saggitarius I think that Uranus in Aquarius would m
So say a couple's natal moons are in two incompatible elements. A Virgo moon , and Aquarius moon. So earth/water. If the guy has their moon in Virgo but in the 8th house, ruler of Scorpio, and the girl's moon is in Aqua but in the 12th house, the house of
Aries ,, Aquarius, Virgo ? Who is the smartest one ? And why ?
I met this person around 2 weeks ago. For couple of days everything seemed okay, except we wasn't able to chat whole lot. He used to come online every night for 30 minutes or so, leave some messages and go off. After some time He asked for my kik and we s
Me: R: Scorpio A: scorpio Moon: Sag. He's a Taurus I know that much. But have you scorps ever had an insane connection with someone just by locking eyes? like lightning? I never have until now.. it's just crazy! If you want to read about it, i wro
I must say the hardest part for me being single for 2 years would be not knowing if I will ever love again or if I'm capable of being loved again' wondering if I'm waiting for no reason' what's the hardest part being single for u?
So I was gonna go with this guy to a banquet for an organization we're both involved in. Gonna as in past tense. I'm Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Venus, Sag Mars, Sag rising. He's Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Venus Retrograde, Leo Mars. I don't know his rising sign. I
which one are you more likely to believe between and Aquarius and a Scorpio. For me Aquarius all they way because they deal with truth and believe in telling the true unlike Scorpio who manipulate and twist the truth aka lie to control.
They should make life 2 man what a nice mivie
https://files.growery.org/files/g09-24/451832526-june-8-09_016.jpg Got that FIRE for you! Lmao
These thieves steal everyone else's accomplishments, mathematics, philosophy, knowledge. Than put a greek name on it. Spin it. Smh. Pathetic. History is written by thieves
How does it feel to always talk out of your a $$ without having zero knowledge
...no way Africans can have Asian fold right unless someone did the hanky panky 100 years ago
Mostly a question for those in long term relationships/marriages, where it is understood, that the two of you are gonna be together and have sex with only each other for the rest of your lives. :)
apparently we can't talk as we wish in the game thread so if you feel like throwing anyone under the bus or outing who you think is the mole do it in this thread.