Is it really as good as what some astrologers online say about the Leo Aries match, especially the Leo female Aries male match? What are they Really like, the pros and cons? Will it work out or not? Longterm?
Met up after chatting a while, had the best date, hooked up after lots of hesitation from my end... follow up texts from him checking on me (we kept our waiting a few hours between responses pace). From date one he told me he likes me and thinks we have a
I came across this little chart and thought it was interesting. So for me I have a Leo Sun/Virgo Moon. My dominant signs are Pisces, Capricorn, and Sagittarius. So I can check Leo Sun/ Virgo Moon or replace either my sun sign or moon sign with my dominant
Why are some Leo's (particularly men , but can be about Leo women as well) become so desperate after a breakup? Instead of fixing what they messed up, they rather run to another female/male as a rebound?
If a Leo broke up with their partner, how would they treat them? Would they be able to be friends with the person or would they just treat them badly?
I recently posted about my Leo boyfriend and our rough patch a couple of weeks ago. We ended up sorting it all out and both apologized for the right things and moved on. We have been good again since. When we are good, we are AMAZING!!!!!! I HATE drama
It's a long time since I have been here. Dating Leo Man just over 4 years and need help please. I am Gemini lady, moon-Cancer, mercury-Gemini and venus-Cancer. I have been going out with a Leo man, moon-Gemini, mercury-Virgo, venus-Gemini. I love how
My ex boyfriend broke up with me because he needed to focus on his health and drug addiction. Therefore couldn't be anymore on a serious relationship. We broke up in December and kept Low contact until beginning of January until I decided to go No contact
Sun in Leo, Moon in Aries The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces intense instincts and a strong personal drive. You may display exceptional courage because there is little that you are afraid of and few challenges you are hesitant
Seriously so many bloody Leo men !! Why is that? Ego stroking? Are they a relationship material? Would you recommend being with one? 'Never dated a Leo or have many Leo friends so I'm just curious ! ;) thanks
Hi everyone, Haven't came here for quite awhile. I have been in a bad situation in relationship/break up period with a Leo girl. Me and her been on and off in relationship for 5 years since I met her in college. We did have good time. However, in
So I am moving to a new place and Mr leo that I have been dating for 5 months wants to leave clothes at my place??? He hasn't asked me to be his gf get should I let him?
I was date a Leo for 19 years and wee had a big fight before was over trust issues that he put there 8 years ago before my daughter was born.he would keep his night out with boys secretly.then when wee were out have a drink he would blurt thi
Hi can a Leo go months with out talking to you.really hope he get back in contact 19 years is a long time just to give up on.please
I am a scorpio lady and met a leo male last week at a bar on Wednesday while hanging out with a bunch of friends. He took my number and seemed very interested and eager to get to know me more, but I had to leave. We texted for a few minutes that night and
*apology in advance for the boring post* my grandmother is so demanding, and other family members just do things for her and mollycoddle her. but i refuse. you give her an inch and she takes a mile, as soon as you agree to help her she expects you to
Could Leo to be patient wait for the right timing(few months long) to get what they want? Or they r more like do everything they can right away to get what they want?
Leos, how do you generally cope with a break up or the end of a relationship? What is literally the FIRST thing you do when someone breaks up with you? (I feel as if breakups that are initiated by the Leo are treated relatively the same, but feel free to
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if you have been in this relationship what was your biggest challenge together and what was your favorite thing about the relationship?
And if so, how do you justify the action in your mind? What makes you believe that it's ok to do so?
I have been dating a Leo for 19 years wee have 8 year old Nov wee had a big fight and end it and put me and his daughter out.he played the friends card do you think I have lost him for him with all my ❤️ can any one
orry for the long read ahead: dxp i need your help! to summarize, i met this leo girl about 2 years ago. she came over with a mutual friend, and i fell for her immediately. she wanted to stay and chill while our friend wanted to leave, since we kicked

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A May 7 Taurus here. I am deeply in love with a Cancer guy. He sees me only as a friend. He asked me to move on and hence we are not meeting from past few months. I asked him to meet me as I really want to see him. He said we could definitely meet
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Is it really as good as what some astrologers online say about the Leo Aries match, especially the Leo female Aries male match? What are they Really like, the pros and cons? Will it work out or not? Longterm?
Only alphas allowed :)) you need to have a golden dick though
astrolgers like to put 11th house peeps and aquarius stelliums or whatnot are humanitarians. let's look at the most current humanitarians. are there Uranian aspects to the 11th house? or Aquarius tendancies?
Hi. I was in a relationship with an aquarius for a few years. I fell for him pretty hard, but his aquarius ascendant and venus sort of made it hard to feel as if I was 'close' to him. He never liked making plans; I tried to adapt to his way of doing thing
Have you ever been in 'I don't want anything' zone? Like I don't want travel, don't care about shows, movies, Academy Award, meeting with friends, going out... You name it - I don't want it !!! And how long it lasted if you've been there?
could we change the man cave into the bro cave?:))
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Sent a text to someone about totally non-emergency issue. She replies 'I am at the restaurant. Will text you when I am done'... It's NON emergency! It can wait forever. So just talk to me when you can! I know she is a very busy woman so I imagine I
Mine. Sun in Cancer / Mercury in Leo The outlook is positive and organizational ability is increased. There will be less tendency to worry irrationally, but one can be surprisingly bossy. Tenacity is enhanced, and this person will be able to make
as an aries i feel it's difficult for us to get over something if it hasn't been dealt with first. we speak our mind, and if somebody has done us wrong, we confront them, right? but what if confronting them is going to put other people in a difficult
So I met this guy about 3 months ago and we became friends but I always felt that he liked me as more than a friend - he's always very affectionate with me and physical. But seeing as he wasn't asking me out, I figured that he was just tactile and he saw
So I've been or had been with my love for a little over a year, we were actually celebrating our anniversary that night before we got into a fight. It's always typical that he brings up things that are bothering when we're drinking or about to head out so
So the media and the internet's got this thing where they criticize HK women for "worshiping money, being narcissistic and having Princess Syndrome" and I thought to myself.. I'm sure other countries and cultures have their own set of women with such char
Hello everyone. I met my Pisces man almost 3 and a half years ago online. We are from the same country but he lives overseas because he was finishing his Masters. When we first met, we talked for hours every single day and he would initiate the convers