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  • So, this Leo I just started dating, after 2 days being very quiet i asked him if he been seeing someone else, he said no, but that his ex girlfriend who he was for 4 years on/off before just came back to town after she was engaged w someone else and the e
  • Hey all! Just looking for some advice on a Leo Man I recently met. We're currently getting to know each other (texting, calling, etc.) and he's definitely the one pursuing I believe (and always initiates conversations). What I don't understand is his beh
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  • Just started dating a Leo. uhmm! I kinda like him. Going on our 2nd date this week. And he got planned a date with fancy restaurants and drinks and he is like going all out. I have never dated a Leo before. So looking for some insight of how things wor
  • I need some advise from male Leos. My grandson is a Leo and 7 years old. He cant seem to get control of his emotions and just loose his shit. He has been getting into trouble at school and home. He goes off and will start to hit and brake things. He gets
  • So I’ve been dealing/dating Leo man off and on again. We rarely had disagreements or any big issues but when we started getting closer he runs but usually always comes back. However, this last time I was fed up with the back and forth and wanted more. We
  • I'm in a relationship with a leo guy since 6years. We are happy. But from few days he is asking worst questions like ( is there anyother guy in your life. i want the truth) and doubting me. Don't know why he is behaving with me like that. I loving him so
  • Hello guys! I really need leo females help me with this. My birthday is 14 January and my crush is 6 august. We are lesbian. We known each other through mutual friend, it's a long distance relationship, we never saw each other just phone, video calling
  • This leo male I know cant stand pisces. Hes not even into astrology but I know all of the different birthdays. For different pisces he says only women who would talk to them are ones that feel sorry for them.
  • I know this is apparently a terrible pairing. Would still like some pointers and insight on how a Leo guy would behave when he likes someone? So far our dates have been great, he tries to show off (going to fancy restaurants and bars etc.) and be a gentl
  • Is a brighter better place because of your ability to be strong, positive and fixed <3
  • Zodiac : Tropical Sun Leo 16°12' Moon Scorpio 5°54' Mercury Virgo 6°13' Venus Virgo 18°55' Mars Virgo 3°18' Jupiter Cancer 1°45' Saturn Capricorn 8°10' R Uranus Capricorn 1°45' R Neptune Capricorn 10°06' R Pluto Scorpio 12°
  • I have been married to a Leo for 8 years and I am a cancer woman. We have children and I am getting more and more exhausted with him. He is beyond stubborn but will never admit it. I try to not talk to him about anything too important anymore because I'm
  • How come us Leo's feel guilty when we decide to walk away from someone? How come we got to deal with the healing process. I don't understand why we care so much and the other person moved on. I hate this bout me tbh. I wish I could stop caring so much.
  • Hello everyone. New user here. Now about the title, compare Obama and Trump. Obama is a Leo and Trump is a Gemini. This is not a bait post btw. My younger brother is a Gemini and people like him so much and I'm such a loser I don't have friends. Does it h
  • So at my school gym I'd always seen this cute girl, never had the balls to talk to her. I was out one night w friends and I saw her and since alcohol makes me feel like superman I went to talk to her, it went really well, turns out shes a leo. She asked f
  • The Leo took me to meet his entire family in New York this weekend. Possibly the most welcoming family of all time! His entire family repeatedly said "We know you must be amazing because he doesn't do this"... His mother bought me a gift and everyone was
  • Hello, I have been dating a Leo for about 4 months. We knew eachother in school and had crushes on eachother. We came across on another on Facebook and started talking. I moved and he wanted to move in with me. At first, it was great. He hadn't been
  • Hey there, it's your Sagi buddy from another life. I've decided to contact you regarding your b1tch as self. Let us spar.
  • Now, I've been on this thread reading about a lot of Libras having issues with Leos. I mean, yeah...we are a really good