• Christmas is getting near!!!! I'm excited!!! What Christmas Songs do you love listening to? Mine are the following: *Carol of the Bells - may favorite since I was a kid. *Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Carpenters - love it. Listening
  • You guys...I smoked weed last night for the very first time. Long story short: boy meets girl, boy secretly writes phone number on gir's class schedule, boy shares Moldy Peaches music, art, and gummy bears. Girl decides to text boy after midnight, boy
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  • Ok first of all I feel like a cunt for doing this but it needs to be said. I breathe YouTube everyday, I watch everything from tutorials to product reviews, DIYS, challenges, vines, fails even the weird shit (I'm an avid cyst popping watcher aswell) so yo
  • So who went to the premier the other night? I sure did, even though I'm not a huge fan I'll sure be watching the movies again to revise the story,I think that's what makes a good sequel, making you want to catch up on older editions. I would suggest wa
  • http://globalnews.ca/news/2406077/alberta-company-sending-thousands-of-bottles-of-banff-air-to-china/ A company that sells “fresh Banff air” in a bottle has seen a huge rise in demand from customers in China. Vitality Air hand-bottled mountain o
  • The other day I was doing a show at the theatre and the show I'm doing has a rookie assistant director who is also in ensemble and is really unprofessional. So one show we did the fucker decides he wants to change the choreography out of the blue, we've b
  • I had a wierd ass dream last night that I pissed off DJ and he used his chinese computer hacking skills to send an monster after me in my favorite game. I managed to kill it but not before having one of those waking moments where you're sweating and on th
  • I think it's time for this. Sometimes in life people tend to hold things in because they feel their SO or friends would get angry or misinderstand them. Instead of letting it out through bitching and nagging they hold it in or pretend like it's not that b
  • I'm bringing this back since I really enjoy this one. It's strange and the results have been really accurate for me. It's technically not a personality test, but "an exploration of your brain's affective response system". As it also states, don't try
  • I've thought of a few for a heavy metal band -Killing Room Floor -Plague Dogs -War Haven -Overkill -Troopers of the Abyss Got any names you care to throw out?
  • I pride myself in at least trying to understand different music styles, but there are some I just don't get. One of those styles is country music. There are two exceptions to this(one of which I'm not 100% sure if you could call it country music, but I th
  • I had just pulled one card online and she sais she also needs my bday and name so she can pull my charts...etc. So when email came she said I did the math with your data, using numerology, and I realized that you have a huge entrepreneurial capaci
  • hi I'm new 2 this magical forum I've never rly found a correlation between the two nor do I believe one truly exists but I've noticed a lot of water doms (namely those w a lot of Pisces placements) tend to be (x)NFPS Pisces ~ Infp :~)
  • Whether positively or negatively? I know this is an "astrology" board, but there's so much pigeon-holing based on signs, I figure it must exist in other areas of life too.. So - when you meet new people with a certain name, does it colour your initi
  • I'm not Asian myself but this bit of info might be of value to some of you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6717bNakuA
  • Came across this the other night http://dxpnet.com.statstool.com/ Really? Almost 40% of users here are from India? Just some totally random that I found interesting