Greetings, brave challenger. May the odds be in your favor. Hello and welcome everyone to this thread! This is simply a chill thread where people can sign up and watch a game of
So this sumner my focus has been on self improvement. Part of that has been eating better in general to avoid possible future health risks. So lately I've been throwing vegetables into most of my dishes and avoiding fried foods(mostly of the potato variet
I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
What colors do they change between? Mine are sometimes a murky Grey/blue color like water.. and sometimes they change to a vivid green.
How do you feel about it? As for ladies, do you like it when you get clitoral orgasm or when you get fingered? And does it make you feel more warmed up for the next orgasm by the actual penetration? Yknow, the multiple stuff
I emailed my boss in regards to not being paid in a timely manner and asked quite nicely if I could get some sort of compensation until we do get paid and this is what he sent me in return: First, I will need to discuss decorum; and it is highly inappr
I really am. I am not even super-conservative and I am not totally alt-right (too many Aqua bits to align really anywhere) But I definitely do not like living in a liberal country. I am sick of thick black rimmed glasses on people, some don't even wear
I've never met two people who are so childish! The owners are treetrunking psycho! Here's how treetrunking psycho they are: - my co-worker quit because they used her as their punching bag, she had a mental breakdown last week and yesterday they started spreading
If someone says you look easy should you be offended or just move past it?
So... this is going to sound totally random. From Me!? Shock... I know right? lol. Anyway... I was hoping that someone, anyone, would do me a favor. I've been looking for an image of a specific pose/silhouette and I can't find one anywhere. I was hopi
This thread is only for CopperDove's gifs. Rules: [b]#1 Only @CopperDove is allowed to post a gif. #2 Users can comment and like but cannot post gifs. #3 Apart from gifs, other users are not allowed to post pictures or videos. #4 All of our
Pretty cool, eh? [IMG][/IMG]
Exclusive footage of the boy I like playin with my heart πŸ˜’
...a liberal country. Is this how the Jews will replace us? Serious responses only. Thx.
If A 27 year old *male* is clapping an 18 year old *female* cheeks (sex) vs a 32 year old *male* and a 23 year old *female* clapping cheeks? Is he still an unsolicited pedo?
So apparently they have run out of Eclipse glasses in my area. People are in desperate search of them. A lot of people are beginning to sell theirs online for anywhere from $15-$40. Although I keep seeing the asking price go up. Someone was sellin
For all my fans Which character would you have sex with ? tormund is fine af Jon snow too Laaaaaaaaawd i would let them both bang my back in for breakfast, lunch and dinner πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹
Was worth it. treetruking unbelievable. 100% totality. That eclipse was the most amazing experience of my life All the stress of finding a hotel and driving Worth it!!!
Right..... Since eclipses are meant to eclipse certain people, relationships, jobs, in and out of our lives. Who has some stories to share?. FYI..... What a kooky, crazee time it's been in the lead up, as I'm sure you'd agree, according to all our erm,
Is this sign bad? It says they take things seriously mentally. Cause I seriously do.
I just check on my birth chart again, and I just found out I have Aries ascendant, not a Virgo rising. Wtf. Awkward. I looked it up, and it said we have a resting bytch face. Sounds legit.
I always considered myself to be pretty friendly and easy going and I thought that others felt the same way. I guess I was wrong. Last night, my supervisor at work did something that rubbed me the wrong way and I let him have it. I didn't yell, argue,

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What are some of the most common Cancer woman character flaws you have dealt with?
So this sumner my focus has been on self improvement. Part of that has been eating better in general to avoid possible future health risks. So lately I've been throwing vegetables into most of my dishes and avoiding fried foods(mostly of the potato variet
Iv been seeing this pisces man for almost two years. He confuses me at times. He's never says that he likes me or anything but when were together he's so nice, he shows that he cares. Is he scared to tell me how he feels? and what r the Pros and Cons of a
Anyone here practice it? What has it done for you? Tell me about it.
I was told .... "on the third week after your moon on the third day have intercourse with your husband for three days".... does anyone know what means? Thanks
Hello, i just want to ask why this guy does not want to have 'official' girlfriend? I had a crush on him, tried but I see he did not want me. He did not want anyone either, he is single- I know from friend's circle. He has a Mars and Venus in Virgo-
this mercury retrograde tho.
After being 13 months together with my Scorpio guy, past Friday he decided to take a break. (Scorpio with Leo rising and I am Leo with Pisces rising). Profesionally he's going through a very busy and exhausting period. He told me that he is confused,
I have Gemini Sun Gemini Mercury Gemini Mars and all of those planets in the 3rd house not my moon in Virgo, in the 6th house I have Aries rising (saturn in the first house) which makes me have the skinniest vaniest arms ever... my arms neck and face
let them into our hearts.
I know, I know, I know what you're all thinking, if I have to sit through another Taurus anihalation thread, well you know the rest🀣.... We've heard all the good, bad and indifferent stories over the last week, however I don't believe we have touched o
so my Taurus has been a little outta touch lately . texting me but next responding back, basically just giving me little validating texts hes alive but not engaging in any conversation that im trying to get answers too. it was starting to really annoy
How do you know when a cancer man is interested in you? Cancer men are by far the most confusing men on this planet.. lol! - Confused Virgo
met and fell head over heels for a cancer man years ago. We came into each others life with just casual sex and in between relationships.I was in a long term relationship and every time it went sour, he was right there. I would call it friends with benef
So i have not done too much research on this, but from most Moon/Mars descriptions the persons mother can be described as quite volatile angry pushy, or overly sexual. I am a Moon conjunct Mars person. I was a daddies boy when i was a kid through fe
Then any other sign? Were are my Gemini brothers and sisters? [img][/img]