if i have you blocked don't ask me anything you know who you are, do i ever respond to your comments, nope, that's cause you're blocked. so have some self-respect and get off my nuts permanently.
Mom: gemitati Dad: hydorah Eldest sister: LovingSeraphina Eldest brother: Ands Youngest brother: me (firebunny) Youngest sister: Teena LovingSeraphina's friend: CC Ands' friend: tiziani My friend: secret Teena's friend: Effervescent Uncles
It's normal that you love some of your kids more than the other? I love my youngest daughter more than her sister...(I love both of them to death and I will do anything for them) But I love Lana more...I just adore her...I will even look at her f
I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
When is DXPnet been born?
Anyone have it or know anyone who has it?
can you markers talking about past games post here please?
In our province, most of the beaches are volcanic black sand. We have the famous Mt. Mayon near our place so the volcani
by comment I mean the ones in the user comments section - not threads - we already have dope thread for those. I will go first: _____________________________________________________________________________________ @Wagtail how it feels tryin
Do you think pornography distorts the way you see sex? or what about the urge and pleasure to do real sex? i heard about husbands who don't want to do sex with their wives anymore because they are addicted to porn and all this butter, i am young i don't kno
Are you one of them? What is your opinion of them?
If a topic has 200+ replies, i don't even have to look at it to know it has devolved into name calling, and petty bickering, and drama. Alot of the time most of whats being said has little to do with the original subject. What's going on with Dxp lately?
This thread is only for CopperDove's gifs. Rules: [b]#1 Only @CopperDove is allowed to post a gif. #2 Users can comment and like but cannot post gifs. #3 Apart from gifs, other users are not allowed to post pictures or videos. #4 All of our
Okay so. For those who don't know traditional astrology does not accurately reflect the actual alignment of the constellations. During half the time between Scorp and Capricorn in traditional astrology, the sun enters clearly within the path of a 13th sig
Pilot Episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiN8ZGwhqA4
I am southern italian with 1/4 native american blood
And the rebound know after that they are just rebound? U know what I mean...
What your Vagina up too lately? mine is just getting dusty and moldy.
Perhaps we need one I mistakenly clicked on the Personality Types forum and first thread I see https://www.dxpnet.com/opinion/personality-types/he-is-a-friend-but-acts-like-a-bf--8719636/?checkpg=1 I'm an ISTJ and I like my forums organized
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ASK AWAY ... there's plenty of Sagittarius that will enjoy answering your questions. 🏹🏹🏹
I'm not planning on using any of this information in a malicious act, I'm just so curious. If someone got played/used by a cancer guy, what would be good revenge? I know I'm horrible for my wandering mind. This might be highly unlikely for one to be do
I sent a picture of a female celebrity my guy friend likes and i said "issa cake" lol as in she looks delicious then he replied saying "ur a cake" and i was like what kinda fked up cake is that. He was like "a cake that is u" We were talking about picku
if i have you blocked don't ask me anything you know who you are, do i ever respond to your comments, nope, that's cause you're blocked. so have some self-respect and get off my nuts permanently.
So, I was talking to a few friends over beers last night and this topic came up. Apparently, everyone likes full disclosure in a relationship. This example was used. His wife used to date this guy back in college. He started messaging her and coming onto
To shift your vibrations www.2empowerthyself.com/how-to-shift-your-vibration Pls share some if you have. I need to not bombard one person's with my energy (lmao bcoz I'm obsessed with him NO GOOD) Plus i need for protection as well. As to not
he has gemini moon aries rising cancer everything else, i'm an aries with libra moon/rising so i broke up with him out of anger then couldn't decide if i wanted him or not because of the way he responded to me talking about my issues. ttelling me that i'm
So, those who know of, experienced or currently in with a Pisces/Virgo pairing - What are your thoughts, experiences and stories? In my case the guy I am interested in is a Pisces Sun/ Capricorn moon and I'm a Virgo Sun/Taurus Moon.
Hi. I sort of believe in compatibility between signs. When I met my ex (6 years ago) it was literally love at first sight!!! From the moment I saw him, I felt an unexplainable attraction towards this person, like I knew him from a long time. He felt the s
What are your addictions and Drugs of choice !? I personally don't do drugs (vitamins are my daily drugs lol) but I do have my addictions, I can't get off the internet reading topics of my interest and I can't stop working!!! I'm addicted to eating sea
Gimmie sum wee human name suggestions
Im stubborn as *** and very independent. But sag guy makes so many points. He keeps telling me to stop being so stubborn and let him help me. That i shouldnt spend my money on others first ,he thinks its sweet, but i should spend it on me and kids. He s
I'm starting to feel like I'm never satisfied. It's like I find someone I want...they give me their best, but I don't believe it is so I pull back and put my walls up. It's a never ending cycle of push and pull. It's even worse when you're with someone th
Hello all, Anyone here a Pisces Sun and Earth Element Moon (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) ? If so... What are you like when you meet someone when you are interested in someone? When interested in someone new, do you focus only on that one person or p
Do you spend a lot of time looking after your self image like your appearance and your body, health, etc. is this an aqua trait? mine never come see me in Casual clothes..he's always in his business clothes which i love and adore... though when i we