Grand Fire Trine

Anything you know about this aspect?
Yay! Thanks for the rep. What's it all about? I'm quite confused about astrology. @_@
female from July 11
I think I qualify as having one.
female from July 11
Posted by xMoonMan
Posted by LunarMaiden
I think I qualify as having one.
I do believe you have scored two fire grand trines in your natal chart

Because there is an allowable orb up to 8.3?? for a natal chart trine:

Mars Aries | Venus Leo | Moon Sagittarius
Mars Aries | Venus Leo | Ascendant Sagittarius (Mars to Asc = 7?? orb)

There is a loose conjunction of 10?? between your Sag. Asc | Moon.
It would be nice to confirm this with an experienced astrologer that this qualifies for two seperate grand trines, I imagine it would.

This is exciting to hear MoonMan.
But what does it all mean?
34 years old male
Venus Aries awesome!
havent strike any lottery yet though
"My name is Angela and I enjoy astrology,music and reading.I also enjoy photogr
I have a grand fire trine as well! My Sun,Mercury and Venus are in Aries,My Midheaven is in Leo (Scorpio rising) and I have mars in Sagittarius.I have Aries in 6th house,Leo in tenth house and Sagittarius in second describes people with grand trines in fire as 'highly action oriented and continually trying new things' also describes the aspect of grand fire trine as ' a rare chart shape' also wrote that 'Grand Fire Trines represent enthusiasm,self confidence and a creative flair'.
female from July 11
I think sex all the time, is that normal for this trine?

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