She loved mysteries so much that she became one.

Sheer will power with a tunnel vision of sorts.

Accompanied by the management of my plans / goals and the ability to adapt / change according to what is thrown at me, with a dash of luck thrown in as well.

I have a contagious and incurable illness, which I may or may not have passed unto you.
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Thanks! I was wondering if the results were based solely on ascendant sign but we have the same ascendant so I was wrong.

Ooh, awesome!

Lol, I see what you did there.

Nice result, do you think it suits you or nah? I got Littlefinger.

Awesome, love Arya.

On a whole, I would identify with Arya and Dany more so than Jon (in regards to their personality traits).

However, others see me more so as Jon.

Ahhh Littlefinger, so the cunning one with wit but a heart as well and quite the story teller.


Ned Stark’s bastard son. Or is he? Jon Snow has won the hearts and swords of many from the Night’s Watch. Not only did he lead and champion the Battle of Castle Black, but also managed to unite Free Folks with House Stark for the war. With a clear moral compass, he has inspired many to also uphold justice, the likes of Uncle Benjen, Sam Tarly, and Grenn.

If you have the Rob Wealth (RW) profile, you’ve got something in common with Jon Snow! (Unless you have curly hair too, then that’d be two!) Sussing out what’s up and marking out potential allies? Yup, that’s you. You also like working in teams because you enjoy motivating others and achieving a common goal.

"No clan can stop them. The Free Folk can’t stop them, the Night’s Watch can’t stop them and all the southern kings can’t stop them! Only together. All of us."
―Jon to the Free Folks as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch
(Season 5, Episode 8, Hardhome)
In the past, I have completed GoT quizzes for amusement and have always gotten either Daenerys or Arya.
They are controlling, however not for the sake of power, or dominance.

They are controlling, because they honestly believe they are in the right and that they know what is best for others. If they do not believe they are correct, or know the situation well, then they could be rather laid back individuals and make for great team members.

They are perfectionists, in such a way that they cannot stand anything less or anything not done their way, the right way, mind you. They honestly believe their sense of control, is so that everything will be done for the best of everyone.
There are no characters that I wish had not died.

As much as I despised having to see my beloved House Tyrell with the beautiful, cunning, and intelligent Margaery die, and the much loved Queen of Thorns as well, with her sharp / tart tongue and wit. It was all necessary, each death is what caused the story line to move forward. Each death, is what cause so many of the choices and decisions made.

However, I had to grief, very much so over the extinction of that house.
There are Virgents who are dreadful and there are those who are incredible.

It truly depends on your chemistry with them, and what they are willing to do.

Although I must say, they are not the most emotional sort of men during sex. They are often seemingly stoic, constantly observing your reactions, and utterly focused on your pleasure. It is uncomfortable and unnerving, to have a man so concentrated on pleasing you technically, so much so that it creates a wall.

At least, for Stingers like I, a greater part of sex is letting go, to feel, to not only have one 'serve' me in pleasure, but to pleasure one another. For certain Virgents, they may not be comfortable with that idea, and for I, I find it slightly uncomfortable, to simply lay back, letting go, and allowing him to pleasure me to the best of his capabilities.

However, the important thing is to learn this - allowing them to pleasure us gives them great pleasure ... or so I have been told. If the woman does not learn to bask in his endeavour, both parties will leave unsatisfied.
This would be a never ending list, Virgins are often very beautiful.
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The only victim I see in all of this - is the Virgent (especially if he treated the girlfriend in question, well)

What kind of a bastard are you to entangle yourself in a relationship with the SO of your brother and what kind of a dog is she, to even go behind him with his own brother.

Let's see im a kind of bastard she kept pushing on until she finally got what she wanted?
also let's see i never wanted to talk to anyone in my life and never did bother, always hated society and superficial interactions
why did she bother with me and i do remember asking herself, why do you care about me?
im nothing more than an otaku that have nothing in common with you...

She texts with this reply on my work "i don't know, seeing you depressed makes me feel aflicted"
one day she decides to come to my room and admits she felt passion for me while making moves on me
regardless i could still control it that day even though feelings were already developed for this african woman
but she kept pushing me over and over until it finally happened and then she run away.

The memory fragments are starting to come together and this bastard will tell you more if you want
LadyScorpio you got the potential so you can try get more of me.

Let's not talk about victims and just discuss this like any other topic.
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There we have it, you have weak boundaries.

Life will throw more tests at you, than a mere woman throwing herself at you, much less a woman who happens to also be the SO of your brother.

You are at as much fault for being weak, for succumbing, as she is unfaithful, to a man she chose to commit to.

All I read are excuses, of a man who cannot hold himself accountable.

What you chose to do matters equally as much as what she did. You chose to betray your brother.
The only victim I see in all of this - is the Virgent (especially if he treated the girlfriend in question, well)

What kind of a bastard are you to entangle yourself in a relationship with the SO of your brother and what kind of a dog is she, to even go behind him with his own brother.

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When you have sex do you agree that feelings and emotions are involved?

After all sex equals feelings, attraction and emotions right?

Preferably, yes.

It could equally be merely physical as well, not quite to my personal taste though.

Although, if given the right circumstances I could see it happening to someone; this need to simply vent (the act being so devoid of emotions, must leave one feeling rather empty and lonely).

Bullettes both fascinate and irritate me, all at once.

I have not quite understood them, a confusing lot.
Where did @TMV go ?

Her presence is greatly missed around these parts.
In regards to my ego - of utmost important.

In regards to my mind / my heart - it matters not.

As time passes you by, many a things seem far less important than it once did.
Life keeps moving on, time passes, eventually you will let go, and let live.
Each and every time in which I had said it first, it had never ended well.

However, the one and only time in which I hesitated (needing time to connect my mind with my heart), was when I found the love that I have now.

Lesson learnt - wait it out, patience is truly a virtue (it saves you from a lot of embarrassment as well).
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Posted by TurquoiseArrow
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They could be romantic (in the traditional sense), but more so at the beginning of the courtship phase.

Do not expect romantic gestures from them which are over the top, and dramatic.

With Virgins, you will find romance in the way in which they think of you, care for you, and be unexpectedly / constantly protective of you. They would never let you get hurt by others, or leave you at your worst moments. They will stand up for you when you least expect it, and shield you from things or people which you overlooked that could cause you harm.

They may seem stoic, and constantly wrapped up in their own thoughts. In which they are, as they are constantly assessing and analysing situations around them. Yet in their logic, lies deep emotions. They often feel all too much for those they love, without knowing how to handle it. Therefore they use logic to control it, or in attempts to.

They use their logic, to love, to protect, to care, and if you wish to be with a Virgin. You must be able to understand their underlying intent in their gestures, there in lies the romance.

So you love and enjoy all of that?

Yes TA, I have come to enjoy it and see his actions for what they are - full of love.

For some time, I had always thought he was never quite protective of me or one who would stand by my side. Unlike other men, he would not rush in to the rescue with complete abandon. Due to that lack of initial fire / passion / drama, I had once mistook it for the fact that he did not care enough. Your logic precedes your kind, in all situations, and to the creatures who are not afraid to feel as much as think, that feels cold, very cold.

To love, is to respect the way in which your SO expresses their emotions. At times, it might feel like it is not enough and that is when I share as to the reason why, with him. Even then, two people cannot fully fulfil the needs of one another. Certain needs, are to be fulfilled within.

That's why it works....
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