She loved mysteries so much that she became one.

Yes, but at the same time we do need our space and privacy as well, to recharge.
Bullette, welcome back.
On another note, everyone would reach the day when they would have to die.

Therefore, why would a I please someone who has merely reached the final phase of their lives in which we would all eventually embark on.

I must live with my choices, whilst they would not.

No, I would not.

Those are two separate subject matters. They are mutually exclusive of one another.

One has to do with my long term future, and the other has to do with my present / immediate future.

I will not let their illness or death, dictate how I make my choices. After all, we have only one life to live, and when I die, no one would be able to alter my pathway on my behalf.

We live with what we choose, and if I did it to please another, it would be full of regrets.

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With every passing day, you sound more like Agent Smith's sister...

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Why Gobs thank you, after all I must keep the red pills at bay.

Being in certain ways invincible, is not quite so bad either.

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Am I the last one?πŸ™ˆ


What's that accent? I can't quite pick it.

I don't even know Aly lol!! I didn't know I even have an accent honestly. I always thought I speak too fast to have an accent. Tiz says it's received pronunciation.

indian accent


Right!! Omg how do you know?? You're the first to say that!!


You told Virgogent a few pages back you are from Denmark

I thought you recognized the accent n said that πŸ™ˆ

I think I would guess better if I heard it in person. You sound similar to Norwegian and Swedish people when you speak English.

Yeah the Scandinavians... I think we all sound similar. Lol! I'm glad atleast one person thinks so

I travel to Norway often for work. Work with loads of Scandinavians :-)

Awesome!!! That explains how you know it better. You think we have a flavor of "English accent" by any chance like few people here think?

I think so. I was so surprised just how well most Scandinavians speak English. I don't know if its like a second language they teach you in school. But if I travel to Norway, they ALL speak English and very well too. Never been to Denmark or Sweden though. We do have an office in Sweden

We have English as 2nd or 3rd language in schools but people do speak pretty good English yeah.But to know I have a particular accent is definitely surprising.

People sometimes get confused with my accent too. But I think it has softened over the years that I have been living in the UK and that is why

Haha... That's cool. Where did you live before living in UK? Did you post your vocaroo here?

I was born in South Africa. I have not posted one. I did one for UVD to help her with her game here, ill dig it up and post it LOL as its still in my messages.

Lol!! I didn't when UVD asked me. I was too shy...she must be mad at me after thisπŸ™ˆ
Do post

Yeah I hate my voice. But here you go, this is me:

I'm not a fan of mine either. Sure you have a tad confusing accent... Leaning more towards English definitely tho. I wish I could speak that slowly. It sounds more sophisticated. My vocaroo is the maximum I can slow down to I guess.
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Hah, Teena. I have the opposite issue to yours, I wish I could speak at a faster pace.

The slow pace leaves people a bit lost at times or irritated, as they would have to wait until I get my words out.

Do you find yourself rushing your words, because your thoughts are moving at a far faster pace than what you could verbally spew out ?
Still working through all the Vocaroos, and it has been a really interesting experience to have as many of you share your voices as you have.

I am quite certain, there are many of us who found it rather nice to finally be able to match a voice to a name.

Most importantly of all, I should hope you lot enjoyed it thus far.
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I can't seem to find the sharing option on the site, it just says record for me

Firstly themilkyway36, you must save your recording. Then, you would copy and paste the following link given.

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Thank you for sharing you.

(By the way, you have an incredible singing voice.)

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I meant to say

"Half breeds will not be taken or trained. They will be destroyed."


"I wouldn't want a fungus to "distort" their purity." Not destroy it.

And a but somewhere that shouldn't be there..shrugs

Oh and rape your women not "take" them.

(That rather awkward sound was not a letting out of gas. In case that was mistaken, it was my mic.)
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Mm @LadyScorpio

Ixion, have we heard a Vocaroo from you yet ?

Do share.
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Here is a bit of normality, as some of you lot may call it.

wow man *rubs head* I don't know where you from but seriously if you were to talk to me with an accent like that its more than likely I will just look bummed and stare at you intensively. you and damnata got it.

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Why, thank you.

Troll or otherwise, we have still to hear from you.