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My friend's going to celebrate her wedding on Monday. It will be at a beach resort in the beautiful province of Batangas, Ands' home province. The attire will be beach formal. I need your suggestions on what to wear on that special day.

*no shorts
*no coats
*no hats
*sandals are alright
*polo shirt must be long-sleeved but must not be white
*I'm thinking about using my black leather shoes for the wedding but not so sure.
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They always do. But in a form that makes you wonder wtf was just said.

Perfect example: tiziani.
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Uggghhh... I hate you!

Lol it depends on what kind of question you were trying to ask to be honest because we go back-and-forth on her head about how you should answer it
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That statement tells a lot already.
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hide your dick

I already made that joke bro
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Hey! Don't talk crap with my buddy!
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hide your dick

Hey! Have you read my other thread where I tagged you?
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Get it off your crotch

Lmao. I'm being serious. Oh my god, they are now very near my laptop... who knows what they're nibbling next???
gemitati said she likes hydorah

hydorah posted a thread about gemitati

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Aside from exams and interviews of course.

They seem to evade questions ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME.

Lmao +1

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That's why we need Virgos.
Aside from exams and interviews of course.

They seem to evade questions ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME.
I want a life of simplicity
Of peace and felicity
Away from complexity
And webs of intricacy

But I'm competitive
I won't settle with
Good, old mediocrity
Just to be happy

A person of irony
That's who I am
A guy so lazy
But can be so dreamy

I'm now a cpa lawyer
But wishes to be
A singer-songwriter
A mayor, a governor

A prolific writer
A bodybuilder
What else could I be?
Oh an impressionist painter

I have so many dreams
But nowhere to begin
While I love swimming
In a pool of dreams, I'm drowning

@hydorah, add this to the Streets of Legazpi, The Opera
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about 50 million died of the spanish flu.

its more like 20-50 M

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still a lot of people. @_@
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the spanish flu was not as bad as the numbers make it sound like. As a matter of fact, millions of people die from the flu every year. The spanish flu was just more deadly than usual.

But the Spanish Flu was the worst pandemic ever!
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1916 was ten times worse

Why so?
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Nope, nope, nope! 1918 is way, way worse! Would you ever bother to ask why?

in 1918 the ozone layer wasnt almost depleted and skin cancer due to UV rays wasn't this widespread and antarctica's glaciers were pretty much intact and the species far from extinct and if you mean ww1, ill just point u to syria, libya, iraq, ukraine etc
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about 50 million died of the spanish flu. you mean, nothing can be done about the ozone layer? when millions die, can you still do something about it?
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So what happened that was so bad in 1918?

spanish flu. @_@