ignoring an aries

what would be a response from an aries male if he was to be ignored by someone??
what would be a response from an aries male if he was to be ignored by someone??
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i agree. it depends on who is doing the ignoring.

can you be a bit more specific?.....ariesgirl22
If I was ignored? Ignore back. Fu-ck'em.
Or sometimes, just get attention by trying harder. It depends on whos doing the ignoring.
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um am i doin the wrong thing here...cus when my aries pisses me off i tend to ignore him - wut shud i do then?
I think someone hit it on the spot - depending on the person it is doing the ignoring and how close you are to that person.

For me (I am an Aries), I tend to try harder and harder....until it becomes pointless and then I just take my turn ignoring the person.

My example is a Libra friend that basically wouldn't talk to me despite repeated requests to discuss a matter of annoyance (on my part). The Libra's on the other board preached patience. I roared a lot and it didn't get nowhere. So now I just do the ignoring and if my friend wants to come around again, we'll have to see what happens.
I get fustrated when I'm ignored.. I rather the person come out and tell me exactly whats wrong, so we don't have to dwell on it. Because unlike other people I get over things in less than a half hour, and I'm ready for the next event.....

I see all us Aries tend to agree. A fellow Aries gal that i know agrees, why can't people just be straight forward and tell us what is on their mind. Instead, people ignore us or avoid us and then we get into unpleasant scenarios.

To complete my story, my Libra friend doesn't talk to me for a while over an issue I have. FIne and dandy....so she comes into town at the request of her parents. She is instructed to not tell any of her friends. Alas, I just so happen to go to the mall where she is having dinner with her parents on her last day in town.

No fireworks, just a very interesting exchange at the resturant where I say hi to everyone but her. It was mean and probably "very Aries" but I did not know at the time her parents request she not tell her friends.

I like Libras but sometimes they shy away from confortation so much that i want to smack them around.

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