How does a man with an Aries moon typically go about with developing an intimate relationship?
I just would like to understand how you guys communicate, so I can understand this person I'm dealing with.
How do you aries man feel when you see your ex on dating sites or social media having good time. Do you feel jealous..angry...cheated..or nothing?
this question goes out to all aries men and women :) how do you deal with anger ? how do you control your temper, if yo
Firstly I don't like to base everything solely on astrology but it's so accurate that I can't stop reading! So a little over two months ago I started working at jewels where I met this Virgo man. He was very funny and rude but in a humorous way. It was no
I am very confused with this Aries man. He says that he loves me one day. Next he doesn't contact me. I know he finds me really attractive, he asks me lots of questions and he is very friendly. We have kissed and we both felt that it was amazing. Super h
Hello. I am a Leo woman, I met an Aries guy online and it was pure magic from the first moment we started talking.( It is a very important detail that he is from the US and I am from Europe. He will be back in my country soon.) Communication was easy and
Wondering if any Arian women can shed some light. I was in a year long rship when tragedy hit my family. My brother passed suddenly, unexpectedly. Hit me and effected us really hard. This happened 6 months in. 5 months later and we split. She wan
Do my fellow Aries ppl go back to exes? Doesn't matter who broke up with who... do u go back to an exclusive relationship with them? I don't mean just for sexual stuff either.. I don't go back, ever lol
That this is trending sooo ask an Aries ! I will do my best to answer from an Aries woman point of view & also the man's point of view considering I've had a decent amount of male Aries friends along the way .. if I don't answer right away , I will get ba
I'm a libra woman and always have a weird attraction with Aries men.. once again this one is a lot younger... we talk for hours every night, have a lot of things in common... so far it's platonic... this has been getting weird because I really like and ad
I'm a libra woman and always have a weird attraction with Aries men.. once again this one is a lot younger... we talk for hours every night, have a lot of things in common... so far it's platonic... this has been getting weird because I really like and ad
i'm aries sun libra moon/rising aries mercury/venus and taurus mars i neeeevvvverrrr get out of bed and i fall asleep at parties always sleepy, why
What should a Pisces learn from an Aries? To slow down?
The best quality of aries for me is the constant movement, aries have some enviable energy
First of all, I feel like nobody ever really talks or acknowledges you guys like what do you people even do I used to think you guys were just another set of rejects like geminis but you all tend to be surprisingly more faithful and decent beings than
Any other Aries into kinky sex? I'm wondering if my love of kinky sex stems from astrology.. Ever since I can remember I
What is the zodiac sign that hurt you the most and zodiac sign that was there for you the most?
Basically , a week ago he broke up with me....he still loves me he just is overwhelmed with our relationship issues his family issues and his projects ...k... He iced me out and became cold afterwards but by being persistent in stay friends with him I
You know since the day I meet you , I knew I was going to be with you . The moment I heard your voice and looked into your eyes , I had a flash of everything that we where going to do , you made feel like I was the luckiest man on earth , I didn't have a
This is complicated so I'll make it short and to the point . I've been dating an Aries man for 4 months , He's a very busy person ...dedicating most of his time to school projects and video games lols . He was all over me the first month of our relation
The fool  I will start off by telling my story, short version of course , first off I'm a Gemini man met and started dating an Aries woman and I can tell you she absolutely took my breath away everything about her it was absolutely wonderful but I di
Trying to keep this as short and succinct as possible! Met an aries woman about 2 months ago, we ran into each other randomly. We used to know each other through a mutual friend about 7-8 years ago. We exchanged numbers and began talking. Sparks lit up
So I've been online friends with Aries male for about 3 years now. We have a mutual friend. Aries and I communicated often over the years solely thru social media and phone calls (we live in two different states). 3 years back we both were going thru a di

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I'm not planning on using any of this information in a malicious act, I'm just so curious. If someone got played/used by a cancer guy, what would be good revenge? I know I'm horrible for my wandering mind. This might be highly unlikely for one to be do
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if i have you blocked don't ask me anything you know who you are, do i ever respond to your comments, nope, that's cause you're blocked. so have some self-respect and get off my nuts permanently.
So, I was talking to a few friends over beers last night and this topic came up. Apparently, everyone likes full disclosure in a relationship. This example was used. His wife used to date this guy back in college. He started messaging her and coming onto
To shift your vibrations Pls share some if you have. I need to not bombard one person's with my energy (lmao bcoz I'm obsessed with him NO GOOD) Plus i need for protection as well. As to not
he has gemini moon aries rising cancer everything else, i'm an aries with libra moon/rising so i broke up with him out of anger then couldn't decide if i wanted him or not because of the way he responded to me talking about my issues. ttelling me that i'm
So, those who know of, experienced or currently in with a Pisces/Virgo pairing - What are your thoughts, experiences and stories? In my case the guy I am interested in is a Pisces Sun/ Capricorn moon and I'm a Virgo Sun/Taurus Moon.
Hi. I sort of believe in compatibility between signs. When I met my ex (6 years ago) it was literally love at first sight!!! From the moment I saw him, I felt an unexplainable attraction towards this person, like I knew him from a long time. He felt the s
What are your addictions and Drugs of choice !? I personally don't do drugs (vitamins are my daily drugs lol) but I do have my addictions, I can't get off the internet reading topics of my interest and I can't stop working!!! I'm addicted to eating sea
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Im stubborn as *** and very independent. But sag guy makes so many points. He keeps telling me to stop being so stubborn and let him help me. That i shouldnt spend my money on others first ,he thinks its sweet, but i should spend it on me and kids. He s
I'm starting to feel like I'm never satisfied. It's like I find someone I want...they give me their best, but I don't believe it is so I pull back and put my walls up. It's a never ending cycle of push and pull. It's even worse when you're with someone th
Hello all, Anyone here a Pisces Sun and Earth Element Moon (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) ? If so... What are you like when you meet someone when you are interested in someone? When interested in someone new, do you focus only on that one person or p
Do you spend a lot of time looking after your self image like your appearance and your body, health, etc. is this an aqua trait? mine never come see me in Casual clothes..he's always in his business clothes which i love and adore... though when i we
I pulled this card in the future place of a past/present/future draw (past four of pentacles, present the empress, future the tower reversed). I think I know what it means; interpretations welcome ;)