Hi I have been involved in a LDR with an Aries man for 6 months. I am a Saggie. We are from different countries, cultures and religions !!! We met via the internet and I have visited him a few times. We get on so well in person but I get uncontrollab
Been with this guys for 1 year . Aries/Sun -Aquarius/Moon . I am a Leo. Long story short we hit it off straight after we meet . We were attached to each other straight away. It was a pretty intense year with fights and good times. 2 months ago he came and
I don't even really know why...it's just like dull...but he was sweet😢
I'd like to know what it's like to be in this relationship, for those who are in the know:) from the Aries' point of view. Do you like it? Do you hate it? How long did the relationship last? If broken up, are you still friends?What aspect of the capricorn
Does anyone have any stories/experiences with that? I'm an Aries and currently seeing an Aquarius man. Found them very eccentric and unique. Really drawn to their passion and ambition about certain things. Always seems that they're into a lot of new, craz
Don't live in the same city, broke up after one person graduated. because one person are moving home. but now the girl just graduated in May, still live in the same city where she went to school. would there ever be a chance, will he even want to ?
So i met this guys about 2 month ago, hes aries, I'm a Sag. we been seeing each other at least once a week for a month(one on one date),sometime 2-3 time a week.One time hes was really nice took me to a really expensive place for dinner, he said becau
Hi guys! Quick question... involved with an Aries Man and I’ve been noticing pretty much everything I say he mimics and mirrors. I know it’s a natural thing when your close to someone and I do it as well sometimes but he does it a lot Is this a comment tr
So okay first of all, thank you all who takes the time reading this posting and giving me advise. Please help I do really like this guy and also I don't wanna lose him as a friend. So i met this guys about 2 month ago,we both in our 20s when we first
Met the parents and the extended family Had a lovely time seeing where he grew up, the bedroom he had since a baby, the tree his mum placed him under as a baby and the lands he later roamed as a teenager helping his father in the vineyards. He's very atta
My favorite element: Fire or Air One bias sign from each element: Water-Eh, Pisces Air-Aquarius~ Earth-Does not like earth signs Fire-All three (Aries, Leo, & Sag)
they just don't flail around like a crazy person expressing it without a filter. yes depends on the moon. i'm just speaking in generalities.
Ex aries gf just texted to ask me out for a drink. Tomorra. What do I do? Is she trying to rekindle? Is she just being friendly?
Hey, Share your experiences and thoughts on friendships with taurus man, do you get along? Do you rub us the wrong way with your impulsiveness? Business relationships?
So I think I messed this up. I'm such an overthinker, It pisses me sometimes. Two days ago was my birthday, my Aries forgot about it and just didn't make much effort at all. He said sorry few times and I'm willing to get over it. But it made my bloo
Ok. So I posted soemthing here about an Aries man. He was very nice and attentive. It was great. The only thing is, last week he said his only wish was for me to text him first because like me, he needs to feel wanted. I did it once. Last week. Since I wa
Love thrives when neither partner takes things personally, so cultivate a devotion to forgiveness and divest yourself of the urge to blame. Love is a game in which the rules keep changing, so be crafty and improvisational as you stay alert for each une
Hi All, Just wondering if anyone can briefly explain my chart Thanks Sun, moon, mercury, venus in aries Mars in pisces, jupiter in taurus Saturn in leo, uranus in scorpio Neptune in sagittarius Pluto libra True node libra Ascendant gemini 2nd
What's gonna make him love me? Hate me? What are the signs that he is interested? Will he be consistent in terms of pursuing a girl he is interested in? Give me some tips here! First tiem dealing with one.
I have an Aries friend that I’ve known for 6 years now and I really think that she’s not emotionally available. Whether I need to confined in her or she in I. Yesterday I was telling her about a sick loved one and she responded with ’all you can do is pra

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It’s not a big deal but I can’t upload a profile pic. And every time I post I get an error but I think my posts are visible? They are to me so yeah, pretty sure they are. It’s ok though. Glad you’re back dxp. Love, Livenluv
Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini. Libra is quite thrifty, too. Your thoughts?
Anyone else's FB feed littered with this nonsense? Literally every chick who's had a guy ask her out with a cheesy pick-up line has by definition been "sexually harassed". XD The validation/attention hoaring is real with this one. https://c
Trifling Shady Manipulative Cold hearted Shifty Selfish Socio/Narc tendencies Mischievous .... These are all the stereotypes. What has been your experience? I don't actually believe this. I've gotten good vibes from the most horrendous kinds
for someone you love? I just want to understand. Whenever I told people that I would fly anywhere, South Pole, North Pole, just anywhere, they will always think, oh you were just all about the VISA. :( They didn't even consider the risk I've took,
I'm a virgo. I was dating a libra men for about 6 months. We met online and we were in a long distance relationship. I got a lot of attention from him in these 6 months. I shared all my past with him already in texts, phone calls and Skyped. I was cheated
http://stfimages.in/images/2017/05/10/vlcsnap-2017-05-11-02h50m34s802.png Dis slowly creeping to the top as one of my fave indie horror experiences since It Follows (2014). It's witty, it's funny and despite being a comical horror movie it's eerier
Hi guys, I’m new to this, so please bare with me. My sun is in Cancer, my boyfriend’s is in Capricorn. My moon is in Libra with my rising being Scorpio, I’m not too sure about my boyfriend’s. Now that I got that out of the way, can any Capricorns out ther
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My Capricorn man finally said “I love you” six months after I said it & now he’s really distant,should I be worried?Is he confused or scared to love? Or did he just say it to say it We’ve known each other for two years but we got really close a year ago
i'm a Virgo female, met this Cancer man about a month ago. we live in different cities, about 2 hours drive from each other and have hit it off pretty well. we met on Tinder. it's a little lengthy but i really need some advice here. we've hung out on 3
So bored on this Friday night And what is your birth chart like? My celebrity crush is Jeremy Allen white Sun- Aries Moon- Capricorn Mercury- Aries Venus- Pisces Mars- Aquarius Jupiter- Virgo Saturn- Aquarius Uranus- Capricorn Nept
My ex and I have been broken up for awhile now and we have maintained a pretty good friendship. We talk often, but it's usually over text. I recently noticed a pattern. Whenever I tell him to call me he won't. It's like he avoids it like I'm not even sayi
17 by Mandy Moore ♥ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJgRUcv0NcU
Gifs and art welcome. Leo and Aquarius https://i.imgur.com/EJ6Xvq0.jpg
The gemini tell me that if there is no god, he will kill people I was like:" hahaha this is funny" But guys .. he wasn't joking, he just look at me and tell me that he would LOVE to kill someone with his bare hands?
How do you express love? As I was contemplating about myself I realized that started to dig deeper about how I express my feelings of love. I mean, I have libra venus. Some say that libras tend to get rather shallow in showing how much they care ab
"The simulation hypothesis proposes that all of reality, including the earth and the universe, is in fact an artificial simulation, most likely a computer simulation. Some versions rely on the development of a simulated reality, a proposed technology that
are they all treetrunkbois? moreso asking women about their experiences vs attacking water moon men themselves.