If you've tried to ignore Aries to get him back after being to clingy, did it work? And if so how long did it take before he finally came back around?
What ruin's a potential relationship for you? What can you absolutely not tolerate....if anything ;)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnmYAJTY5X0 Watching this 4x Aries flog the Muslim extremist bastards...his face and eyes, especially in one thumbnail on the right, remind me of frog, and it's not the first time l wonder this. They're kind of reptile-l
So everyone is always asking us for advice on Aries, and if I ever had advice (idk about you all) I go to other threads, but let's be real for a moment...we are pretty damn good, so here's a thread where we can just ask each other for advice, and we all k
How true? Mine doesn't seem like this, also from past relationships as he has told me he's actually strung it out longer than he should have hoping it would get better....?
I have never been with anyone who says it, and so often. Totally not complaining but also didnt think this would be an Aries thing...I guess I am used to being the one to say it first, and it be only every few months lol. I do wonder if its a reassurance
So I've been talking to this girl for a few months now, it's only been the past 2-3 months that we've been talking much more regularly. However absolutely confused and not sure if I've been super friend zoned or there is some interest there... 1. She h
Ok I'm new here. But this is my situation and would appreciate any input. I am a Pisces and for the past 6 months have been having a very intense, emotional affair with a married Aries man. It's been mostly constant texting and phone calls. We have only b
For me the march ones are more energetic, they look like a newborn baby with an amazing will of live the life, the will of exist and conquer the world, while the april ones are a bit more reserved and mature.
Wondering if any Arian women can shed some light. I was in a year long rship when tragedy hit my family. My brother passed suddenly, unexpectedly. Hit me and effected us really hard. This happened 6 months in. 5 months later and we split. She wan
Do you ever go from full energy, to none, and you feel depressed, and stressed out and lacking in everything? TBH I need a kick back up, I feel very down today, it might have something to do with not wanting my family to find out about my tattoo (since
Describe a Aries with ONE word please. Here's mine: "Impulsive"
That this is trending sooo ask an Aries ! I will do my best to answer from an Aries woman point of view & also the man's point of view considering I've had a decent amount of male Aries friends along the way .. if I don't answer right away , I will get ba
besides whatever they said to u when they were mad.... i'm sure it was called for considering what u did for them to be mean..... what don't u like?
For me it's that I drunk text and call. All those few things that even I with my Aries mercury will never say out loud for the sake of many things....all those secrets, those shames....those things that I could explain but I won't because I'd have to s
So, I could use a little help rams. Ha. I stared a new job a month ago. And I'm totally in love with the place. It's the happiest I've been work wise in a while. One snafu though is an Aries I work with. What was a bit of a crush from him is now and o
Hi, I post this story in the taurus section as well... but I would like feedback from fellow Aries women as well. (Part
i have a scorpio moon and my sun sing is aries from the middle of the sign im determined to conquer a woman and have se
First off, I am a libra female. Me and this aries have been together on and off since 2015. I get very frustrated with the fact he can never seem to make time for me. He would go months with making plans and when the day comes, he would stop replying and
So I've been talking to this girl for a few months now, it's only been the past 2-3 months that we've been talking much more regularly. However absolutely confused and not sure if I've been super friend zoned or there is some interest there... 1. She h
What the title says (as opposed to Leo women, with whom we're usually very cool)
Hey so I've been talking to this Leo guy for 9 months and recently on social media I've been seeing this capricorn girl pop up on my guys stuff lets face it she is pretty and when I see her post stuff it is very obvious she is trying to get his attention
So I'm a Scorpio and I've been dating this Aries guy since November. In the beginning I made it clear I wasn't ready for an actual relationship. We've been cool but I have turned down things that would get his hopes up for being an item like meeting his m

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Brb 6'2 Brb Jacked Brb Bearded Brb Perpetual cut eyes Brb Loud af irl I rustle people by just walking into a room. especially lately with my beard and hulking build. I think it's good to be polarizing as a single man.... but now i
So I made her a surprise gift for her birthday while she is in a relationship,she knows my feelings for her but she didn't expect that and now maybe she is mad with me...Will she ever forgive me in the future? Or I am done with a horn strike?
I had asked here about my friend who is in love with a man since college and they both are 55 now. He is May 20, she is valentine day bday. They were both married to other people, got divorced. He is living with gf for 10 years, she had become single.
I've been into Astrology since 2012 and I still can't read charts to save my life. I don't know which symbol represents what sign except for Gemini. So if someone has a bunch of symbols representing their placements in their profile, I'm just like...
Everything hurt their feelings, they think are always victims and seems they are always depressed for any little issue
Of murdering his GF. Claims she choked on his massive penis while performing oral sex. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3631393/massive-penis-man-claims-girlfriend-choked-death-not-guilty-murder-richard-patterson/
Just wanted to share this link. I thought this was an awesome personality test.. I have done it 3 times and the results were pretty much exactly the same every time. Mostly curious to see how many people rank this poorly in friendliness XD So share your s
Hello I've been on two dates with a Sagittarius man. We met online, he asked me out straight away and we had a nice first date, just talking. Gave me a little hug at the end and said we should repeat it. Then no contact at all. Nothing. Five days later
If they explained the misunderstanding even if it was something awful. Would they be forgiven ?
Say your gf left her mobile phone in your presence for the day-would you feel tempted to have a nosey? Have you ever done this? Did you find anything and how did you feel about doing it?
Hello , I've been reading this forum the past three months and yep a taurus brought me here. Briefly, I met him last year May, nothing got moving until October when i gave him my number, we talked and talked but not obsessively, he told me how mu
Hi All, Ok so questions... I hear the top 5 planets when determining if a relationship will be successful is Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.... Venus and Mars standing out more. I'm coming across guys who have harmonious and compatible Suns wi
I really am baffled right now that I'm looking at my chart again from extended astrodienst chart. It says: I have Asc in sag but MC in Leo (sag 4 deg, leo 27 deg) and also am confused as to why now my 11th house is in virgo (29 deg) and house 3 in
how emotional does this placement make you? does it make you emotional? any stories
at this point I have this anticipation and the answer can make things go south I'm really hoping I get the answer that will make me happy and I'm really dreading if this answer is the opposite of happiness. Today I need good vibes please send me good v
What do you make of this aspect
i have a partner, but i just curious what sign is the best for me based on my natal chart. like who should i date? everyone is welcomed. chart is in Placidus. Thanks. https://s12.postimg.org/6thhsmry5/chart_last.jpg
I am very attracted to a taurus woman since 3years now,I exposed my feelings for her but she is in a relationship,at some point,two months after she made her new relationship, we made a chat and she was asking me about my feelings and why i am so persiste