Last weekend I got to a party. They were all my elementary school friends. I knew there was gonna be this one hot, bossy, aries girl that I had been intimidated by almost the entire time I've known her. When I first got into the house, she saw me.. and as
What can you tell me about the Venus in Pisces? He also has Moon in Libra and Mars in Leo. Also, what about the compatibility Venus-Pisces with Venus-Taurus? I’m just curious, I tried looking online but you guys give better information :)
So I had a “what are we talk” with my Aries guy last week. He let me know that though he likes me, but he’s seeing other people and we’re just chillin. I let him know that if that’s the case, we should just reach out to each other when we want to have sex
I’m so confused lol. He’s a famous musician. I saw him last week and he cried to me about how depressed and sucidal he is. I tried to console him but he said I was “doing too much” or something along those lines. I gave him a BJ to make him feel bette
Hello feisty rams! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It will make voting easier. Thanks!
What would have helped you out the most in life to learn at an early age? I have a young son who is an Aries with a Virgo moon and I'm overwhelmed by his existentialism and his penchant for being really hard on himself. He's a total perfectionist which
I only know two Leo women, I know that's not many, but they are both so argumentative. I cant even wish them a good day without them being offended or something. And most people, if you didn't get along, you wouldn't talk to them. But Leo women seem to
What's really the difference here guys. As I am a Sag sun/Aries Mooner - I don't know where I really fall all the time. I do know my internal actions/thoughts are completely the sun description of the Aries.
A lot of Aries people I know have younger looking faces But it usually doesn’t end up that way until they’re 25 and up
There are too many topics about aries men lately, and so few about aries women. I call bs. We are much more exciting. Why, oh why?
Yo, I'm taking my aries friend out in a couple of days and I want it to be fresh and adventurous, last time we saw each other, he took me to a shooting range, now I wanna surprise him too, suggestions pleeease
Thoughts? Any personal experiences?
If you cheat on aries woman, what will happen to her? Can she forgive you?
An Aries man An Aries woman I believe they can be different
So I’ve know this Aries male for a while we get along well. One thing I’ve noticed is he’s done this a couple of times he arranges for us to meet up go for dinner or out for some drinks but once the day arrives I don’t hear from him. When I call or me
My bf went on to say last night how he has so many people in his life that he feels bad about not making time for, he then went off to rhyme off about 56 folk. REALLY?!? Ok not that many say about 15 +/- That apparently know him and vice versa on a deep l
What should someone who wants to date you/pursue a relationship with you know? Currently fwb with Aries Man but he calls/FaceTime me often we go out on dates etc. I️ can tell he likes me ( reaches out, is very affectionate when I️ see him, has talk
How the treetrunk does this work?! I’m pretty sure he likes me but how do I kno for sure? How does this guy decide to become “serious”? Is he the type to try to play it cool even though he’s really feeling you? No one ever talks about the Aries Man so I wa
Have any Aries ladies or friends of Aries ladies ever fasted? If so, what were the hurdles?
I noticed a pattern about my Aries exs. After dumping me they rebel and go full feminist and man hater. Is this because of me? Do I bring out the fierce feminist in them? Or did they dump me exactly becoz they ve always been feminists and they hate strong
Hey, i am first time at this forum but i have already checked some threads and answer so i hope you'll help me. I am 26 and finishing my studies. I am a 'good' person. I am a woman. The problem is i have never been an 'a__sshole', i have never ch

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so, apparently I have never dated any of you mofos. Tell me something will you? Will you even wanna date the Gemini women? Will you date the crazy like me? I mean, we can be annoying but eh we are loyal too. XD Shoot me with your sarcasm or whatever
I was wondering if any of my Taurian equals are dating and/or involved with a Libra. According to everything I read and find, we are not supposed to be compatible. While I try NOT to let this be the focus of my relationship, I am curious to know if ther
Hello folks. It's that time of the year when we all gather in one topic to show gratitude and shade towards our fellow dxpers and to hand them trophies that are worth gold in internet bragging. Topic will run until this Sunday, the 17th of December
Also please state your Venus, Mars, and Moon sign. I notice that mens ideal type usually seem to combine mainly their Venus AND Moon traits. For instance this one guy I know's ideal type is a woman that is quiet, calm, wise, likes music, and are a str
So this is kind of like those threads that say ask a Leo, ask a Cancer, etc. When people find out I have danced they ask me a million questions so let’s just get this out of the way.
HALLLLOOOO Virgos What are your thoughts on Geminis? Tell me the good, bad and the sexy 😶
Happy Birthday to my BFF, My numero UNO!!!!!! I hope you have a great day with whatever girl gets graced with your fabulous presence today!!! XD 🎶 Cause you're my right hand, you my go to!!! 🎶 @hellosaggy
Hi Virgos I m a male Taurus, I like this virgo girl, I'm 96% sure she likes me. We work in the same company, but not in the same dipartment. The attraction has been going on a long time, and I found out she fancied me about 6 months ago. We did spe
So, long shot, but after searching and digging many pages with confusion that the Libra man gave me, I found out this forum and great to see the feedback from Libra people as well. To the topic, I am a Virgo with Libra moon, and currently in kind of somet
I was dating Pisces in 2016 for about 9 months. During the nine months I expressed how much I loved him and wanted 2 make things official but Pisces man kept giving me excuses such as financial stress.. so I cut ties with Pisces man but since I did he’s n
I know a few people on the cancer gemini cusp but they are cancers. Completely emotionally manipulative and controlling people. Kind of cold hearted too. I know one person who is on the taurus gemini cusp and he kind of has a difficult time with thing
hoping some of you astro wizards might contribute by posting your fave / highly suggestable hits, new or old. not gonna enforce rules but, i don't want this turning into an EDM thread & dont start posting butter like the beatles & claim it's world musi
How do you see this personality type? What do you think are his positives? His negatives? Which astro association do you think he’s closest to, Aries or Leo? How would compare him as a personality versus feelings? How do you see this personal
Being ruled by Mercury, I would like to know how does Mercury retrograde affect you? Do you hate this time? Do you think it throws you off? Do you enjoy it? Anything that you care to share that you have noticed?