I'm a Gemini female and he is an Aries (March). When we first started talking it was crazy sparks and a real rollercoaster of excitement. We met online and I told him I wouldn't meet him till I was ready which he was fine with and said he would wait till
I know that Aries women are supposed to be highly fashionable, so I thought you guys would love this Aries watch. It's not expensive but it's still pretty nice looking. If you'd prefer a wooden watch, you can still have your zodiac symbol or constellation
I am an Aries Sun/Libra rising/Capricorn Moon female. My Venus is in Pieces. As I look back on my life ( 26 turning 27 this year ) I started to wonder - how did I manage it all and stayed alive? My personal, love and education/career life have been a surr
I need to know what to expect when an Aries male goes MIA. I've been dating an Aries man and he wanted to meet my friends which I was hesitant about bc I'm still getting to know him. Long story short I made arrangements but didn't know what to expect abou
I don't know any in real life. They're like enigmas. Never worked with any either. I thought we could get to know each other. What is your sun moon and merc? What sign is your spouse? What sign is your bff? If you're a real Aries I probab
If you are yet to connect, please state your age. Responses from all genders please.
One thing fire signs don't have is patience but being with a calm sign that lights your fire can definitely change you and teach you patience. Anyone ever experienced changes in them selves.???
I am a 3/26 Aries female and new to the message boards. I have been told I am intimidating to men a few times. Actually most of them have been Pisces men. I ask them why and I cannot get straight answer. Any help is much appreciated.
So after my last post which was very helpful to me, thank you, I wanted to do a fun post about Flirting. Aries have been called Big flirts. I have to say i love to flirt. its like a battle of wits to me or a great debate. But i do know i have to be carefu
What do i do if I feel like i have lost my fire? I really am feeling like the living dead with out it. Any Aries got some tips on getting my fire back?
Hey, I'm an Aries and my boyfriend is a Taurus. My Sun is in Aries and his Sun is in Taurus. Beyond that I'm a bit confused after looking at our natal charts and would love some more insight into who we are and our relationship. I hope it might help me un
I'm an Aries female (moon in Gemini, cancer rising) and my boyfriend is also an Aries (I believe his moon is in Pisces and his rising is cancer). Well we've only been dating for about two months and I told him I didn't want to be serious. However, once he
I started dating an Aries man. Everything has been going well with maybe one bump in the road that we talked out. Well the other night he wanted to grab dinner and asked me to invite my friends. I've been hesitant bc we just started talking and don't imme
i'm aries sun libra moon libra rising, aries mercury and venus, taurus mars.. how do i fix this cus i think it's the aries venus how do i not feel like leaving i always hurt people
How would you find out if Aries Woman is cheating? Will asking straight up work?
Hello there I am a Scorpio and I've been wondering why do I always feel such a strong attraction to Aries men, it's so difficult sometimes because I feel like I need to control my emotions and am afraid to show how much I am attracted to them. The reas
The devil is in the details. ;) Can it work? If yes, how? If not, why not? Thoughts, experiences, stories? To read about my story go here; https://www.dxpnet.com/opinion/capricorn/aries-woman-cap-man--7653230/?checkpg=1
Stop ramming for a second and listen up! :D Sun/Moon combinations. Female and male differ. *couldn't find all of t
I look aggressive, nice build and statue. But I'm a puss puss inside. A pushover. I need that "no ducks given" attitude
I am ignoring my aries friend because I'm starting to feel like he's not into me the way I'm into him. He'll make plans with me and never follow through. I've known him for a year but I've yet to meet any family. When he first started courting me, he kept
~ Any Aries and anyone with experiences with Aries (as in couple, friends, familial) can help. ~ 1. How do you re-act to heartbreak? 2. What would constitute as heartbreak...could be anything. 3. What do you feel (physically and emotionally) when yo
Shows possible gambling addiction But Possible luck winning the lottery/money What do I do? Lol
I know this man for 8 years and he is great person and raised kids after his wife died and he was my maintenance man for my business. I know he has a major crush on me but he is like too decent to come out. He doesn't know anything about my Scorp and al
My Aries has talked " down to me a few times...calling me out on really obvious or trivial things. When he does this he infers that he has to look out for me or " no one will".. I'm not sure how to respond .. I feel a love hate relationship with him? Why

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to have a better relationship with others? I was thinking of this, when a lot of relationships fail because someone has a drug, drinking, marijuana, sex addiction, even gambling addictions. Are there any solutions. And I just realized of the BRIL
I could easily figure this one out on my own but I like to hear opinions and thoughts first or I'll spend years finding a conclusion. If someone lied to you and called you names in the past that you dated, and they also let your best friend flirt with th
I love me some Aquarius. :D One of my besties is a Aqua Sun/Moon and I could just not love this girl more. Her birthday is coming up and I want to do something nice for her. Two ideas. 1) Brunch festival - We are each other's official brunch buddi
Something you do to get away from everyday stresses, something you look forward to, have passion for...etc and WHY ? Mine is Weight lifting/working out I find it relieves stress and gets things off my mind...even when I do not want to I end up feelin
On multiple occasions this scorpio guy has made it clear that he does not bring any girls to his house(family reasons). Also opened up to me about a bit of his childhood. I stopped by just to say hi. He brings me out a gift (sentimental) and some fruits a
This is a general description of your ascendant according to the Indian Vedic astrology and do not confuse yourself with your western zodiac Sun/Moon sign as they are always different from this Vedic Indian rising sign of Ascendant and description. In t
After over a year, I finaly got my virgo to get his birth time so I could do his chart properly. I'm liking it though, although, I don't like what houses all his planets are in. Sun: Virgo 11th house Moon: Scorpio 2nd housw Venus: Virgo 11th house
when they know they know they just can't handle them.. Give up already!! Tauruses are better off with earth /air and earth/ fire, along with air signs and fire signs... Water sign is the worst for a Taurus. You people just don't know how to bala
CHETTY: You’re twice as likely to realize the American Dream if you’re growing up in Canada rather than the U.S. i want my kids to have a chance.
Do you interpret them in the next house, the house it actually falls in, or in both? What's your opinion on this?
Title says it all. As a sign that generally gives off the impression of not being outwardly emotional, a little distant, and not the most affectionate, I am curious as to what you do, or don't do in terms of your demeanor towards someone you're into. Also
What are people with Leo Moon like to you? Have you had good or bad friendships with them?
What sign do you absolutely love and which sign do you run from? This is just for fun - NO SHADE and just so the other signs do not get mad at us, let's list some things we dislike about our own sign. I realize we are generalizing, but what the hay. I am
How important is sex in your life,how much u think of sex daily and what sex means to u👍 State your Mars sign☺
I Was out With some friends at a nightclub, and as I was looking around the room, I saw this darkhaired, beautiful man With dark eyes with a twinkle in his eyes. I just thought: Wow, he is good looking but also seemed very different. It was like even th
DonJon is treetruking funny as hell and can write a story better than anybody i've come across. You need to write a book.
Anyone knows anyone with the folowing attributes?: D I might know someone who is def. a cancer and might be scorpio asc. Very interesting, but sometimes intimadating/confusing 'avatar' the guy has :D
Post songs inspired by this painting. [img]http://i.imgur.com/UN1J5UP.jpg[/img] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4mjAOgHLvU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7eZD3TKn_M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBmkCoiHC2c
Yeah I know, I'm not supposed to ask the tarot about feelings but my friend was really upset and isn't sure if he just uses her to stroke his ego or something. I asked: What are his overall feelings for her/the most consistent way he's felt for her.