• Closure?

    Him; Aries sun, Leo moon, mars libra and Taurus Venus Me; Leo sun, aires moon, mars cancer and Leo Venus So the Aries I had been talking to for about over a year now as "friends", has stood me up recently. I don't really want a way to fix it, but I fe
  • How should I play his game?

    Alright so this Aries sun Scorpio moon is constantly flirting with me, and the more I refuse the harder he tries, I flat out told him that I'm not going to sleep with him and now apparently I made myself more desirable. He texts and calls almost everyda
  • For Research Purposes: Aries

    Some questions for Aries or folks who are experts on Aries How would you describe the essence that makes up an Aries woman? What is their most annoying characteristic? What is their best quality? What do they want out of life? What do they look fo
  • What is the best way to deal with a sick Ram ?

    Hello there again dear Rams, Recently, I may or may not have gotten the Ram sick. Obviously, he was not happy about it and became quite moody but he did not blame it on me. It may or may not affect his work. Though I cannot quite understand if he is mo
  • Ghosting Aries Man

    Do Aries men who ignore/ghost you ever come back? I'm just wandering about the experiences of others.
  • Possible or not?

    I haven’t had much luck with my Pisces man as a Taurus female. My sister is an Aries, also just met a Pisces man. She’s much more temperamental and harsh than myself and insensitive. I have told her what I have experienced with my Pisces to kind of guide
  • Rejected?

    I told my Aries bf of 3 months that I love him last night..and he said "do you mean that"?! Whaaaaaat?
  • Aries man broke up

    He broke up. He sent me the message via text, and our lives are not exactly collided in order for me to appear around and show him any improvements or 'new beginning' as all the astrology sites are saying. Basically, if we break up and there is no inte
  • How come Aries women can detach so quickly? (Libra man)

    So any Aries woman I've dated has been able to move on so quickly. I just personally can't move on so quickly. The way I've seen all of the ones I've dated move on, like the relationship was another Monday. Very chill about it.
  • Aries men! Help!

    I just started seeing this Aries guy who’s been after me for a while. He also has a Leo moon & Taurus Venus. I’m a Cancer woman with an Aries moon & Aries rising so I like his ways... but my Cancer creeps in and he scares me sometimes lol. How do I da
  • Aries/Taurus/Libra Child-Parent

    I just gave birth to an Aries boy a little over a month ago. I’m curious to see if any of you Aries out there have any Taurus parents and how you get along with them. Also, his dad is a Libra, if you have any Libra parents I’d like to know how you get alo
  • Insane aqua thoughts?

    I wanted your opinion on some thoughts I have. This Aries guy I have been on 4 dates with, certainly likes me but is obsessed with another girl he cannot have (and he doesn't want to have these thoughts). He seemed almost in pain when he told me this, a
  • How to deal with a chasing Aries

    I've been friends with that Aries for a week now he's so much fun makes me laugh so hard. I was really into him until he said I don't want to be in a rs so I backed off. Lately he's been acting weird flirting with me and insisting on seeing me again( we
  • do aries tolerate cheating?

    i recently saw my aries friend's boyfriend makeout and dance with another girl at this bar we were at. i wanted to tell her that night (i took many videos -- i literally was standing next to them and took them with the flash on so they would stop but they
  • Marriage talk since day one

    Are you aries men really talking about marriage stuff even since the very beginning of talking to someone you like?
  • What is this Aries girl thinking?

    Ok there is this Aries girl at my work. We have been friends for a few months and she knows that I am on an "on and off" relationship with another person. She crashes at my place after weekend parties and we share the same bed... we made out a few time
  • Aries man texting every day but not asking me out...

    Hello everyone! I have been talking to this Aries guy for three weeks, I started talking to him but we have been talking every day, on some days he starts the conversation and on others I do. He always asks how I am. We have been on two dates, a week apar
  • Aries daughter knows how to injure my heart

    I have an Aries daughter, and a Libra daughter and am currently, completely crushed. I got several calls late last night, and found that my 2 daughters (who live 1600 miles away from me) had gone out together drinking, but the night ended in my oldest (L
  • Recent Topics

  • Libra trying to be good lol

    Oh my second date. We got to know each other more & had a great time again! He put me in my car again so we’d be good. It’s so hard! We both talked about why & we want to wait. We want this to go farther & sometimes screws things up :) we planned date 3
  • S#itty Relationship Advice

    Post your $#itty relationship advice here, pleeeeease.
  • where does the blame lie?

    if someone recruited you to do something that let's say is semi-illegal but definitely victimless but no one knows you're involved in this except the person who got you in and you agreed to it and went through with it (for the money and thrill of it)
  • Age difference

    Between people in romantic relationships... What's the max you would go? Younger or older? And why?
  • What does your neighborhood look like?

    Irish village suburban ...lots of apartments ...stone houses ..parks ..lots of parks. Lots of green.
  • Post your Walter D. Pullen's chart ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Would a Pisces Moon cancel out a Libra Sun?

    Libras (in this case a libra woman) are usually known as flirtatious and social butterflies to an extent. Would a Pisces Moon cancel out this aspect of the sun (and further more would a Sagittarius Mars or Leo Venus have any impact on this)? I'm just tryi
  • Update on crazy Gemini relationship

    She recently went quiet on me for a day and when we did speak she told me we were too toxic for each other, and that in time I will see what she sees and agree we shouldn’t be together. She told me she’s never been hurt like this and spent all night cryin
  • Aqua woman question

    I’ve been seeing this aqua for the past 4 months. We basically spend every day together to the point where we practically live together. She is rarely if ever at her own apartment. Her lease is up and she’s thinking about renewing but we’ve been ha
  • American Idol

    I'm a fan of Maddie Poppie and Catie Turner. I like Katie Perry as a judge too. :)
  • What it takes for a Virgo to be pushed too far ... agree or disagree my virgo's ?

    I am very patient tolerant and always have a solution for everything, i'm the ultimate optimist but once pushed too far i can become ruthless, careless i always try to avoid this side of me to come out because i do not want to be selfish or ignorant. The
  • Bubbly or Grumpy?

    So earlier at work, since i just got off I had a conversation with two co-workers but in a different department. They told me that no one liked one of the managers at work, because she's pretty much cheery and smiley. Which I cant even comprehend with
  • Happy Birthday @Senorita_LLP2 !

    Today happens to be Fyza's birthday! ❤️ I hope you enjoyed your day today and you will always be 16 years old in my eyes. *No car and no pony for sweet 16, shipping is expensive! 😛
  • More Materialistic than Capricorns

    Just saying we have the reputation of being materialistic but scorpios are way more materialistic than Capricorns. We like to have nice things but don't sweat it. Scorpios like to have nice things but will just be psycho about maintaining it. For exam
  • Rock thread 🤘🏼

    All styles of rock are fine 😄 Soft, heavy, it’s all welcome.