what kind of women do pisces men generally like?

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I'm a virgo woman...and wondering...
I know each person is an individual, and I know generalizations are often inaccurate...
but, I'm kinda believing pisces guys like more of a tougher woman...yes, no?

37 years old female from QLD, Australia
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Only dated one Pisces guy - He was a romantic & I am also a pisces - hate gushy crap so was a bit tough with him & he didn't like that - They are pretty soft
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The ones I know don't like thier girlfriends calling them every five freakin seconds while they're at work(sorry kinda venting pisces co-workers GF is a psycho,get tired of talking to her every time you answer the phone...)so independance can be a thing but if the lady is a straight out bytch,she could have problems also.For my own pisces boyfriend,its kinda the same deal as posted already,being self reliant,standing up for yourself when you need to,etc. but not being a total cookiemonster just cause you think you "can" be without any reason for it.

37 years old female from QLD, Australia
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Clingy is so unattractive - clingy psycho bytch -eww - she must be pretty hot if he is still dating her - joking
Too difficult question to answer. I cannot explain that yet, because I have no appropriate words to express, but there is definely a pattern. I hope other Pisces guys will tell more.
See, I'm actually amazed that there are so many woman who've had a bad experience with a male pisces. I was with one for two years and it was awesome. He was attracted to me because he liked my style whatever that means, plus we looked alike If a male pisces is anything like the females then his level of attraction can very from person to person. If someone asks me what my type is I cant tell, I just have to see the person and pick up on the vibe. I also think that male pisces function better in a relationship that doesnt have to be defined.........it just is.
sun: virgo moon: leo rising: cancer mercury: libra venus: leo mars: libra
Thank you everyone for your responses :-)
From my point of view, I'm puzzled why pisces men could be soft or weak...I'm friends with a pisces guy by email and occasional phone talks and he seems very smart and very powerful...I am intimidated and frightened by him, at times...I've been attempting to cut contact with him, since I often feel trapped by this friendship and often feel like he doesn't like the way I am anyway (I'm actually more like a pisces woman myself, caring, loving, compassionate, softhearted, so on), but he keeps contacting me...and I really like him...
I feel like a wussy imp compared to him...
What's up?
Oh, you have discovered inner self of your Pisces guy. He must value you alot.
Otherwise he would not show you this side.
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Pisceans never stop having feelings for those they once had feelings for,I think we screw around with our ex's probably more than any other sign.(EXCEPTION,I would never screw my ex-wife she will never get this good thang again and I know she would jump at the chance)But most of my ex and past relationships,friends,girlfriends,ladies unless they're in a real serious relationship we do each other. If the desire is therenot to say that it always is. Typical of most pisceans I enjoy the rep of being a good sensual lover I'm sensitive,I can be romantic and I'm definately nasty when you love this way you leave your mark women don't forget someone who's kind,I never take advantage cause I've always had my own,I'm a pisces I'm giving.
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someone witha a sense of humor,interested in books,movies,music,world events. Not mean,not a drama queen easy to talk to,sensual,lady around the peoples...ho in bed and at the crib,someone with her own interests and hobbies and job,a loyal and devoted friend who wouldn't smother me yet someone who would seek me out when she hasn't heard from me in a little while. Someone who wouldn't be embarassed about me rubbing her ass when we were in public or kissing or holding hands. someone who would ask me to support her in something she really wanted to do. Someone with beautiful legs and FEET and a nice ass and big nipples. Someone who could bring me close to orgasm but not let me have it over and over again. The final explosion to be the second coming of Krakatoa. Someone spiritual a strong belief in a higher power. A teacher,a nasty nurse,a best friend,a lover and a ho!
"A teacher,a nasty nurse,a best friend,a lover and a ho!"

Yes, you have just described what every red blooded man wants, not just pisces. Pisces men are very very tender hearted and get hurt easily. I'm a virgo and I don't so I always remind him that I am the girl.

LADIES MAN and LOVES that rep. Pisces men love to save the needy, this is why they keep in contact with the ex's, and they LOVE the attention. If you can build up a pisces man and allow him to go freely he will ALWAYS return and be YOURS forever.

If and when he strays with an ex or other sexy female who has hit on him, because they do, so be strong; then you leave and until then enjoy the ride. Nothing is certain, regardless of the sign! Pisces men have beautiful souls.
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I'm a Piscean,I've dated mainly water signs,Cancers,Virgos...I'm with a Virgo woman right now and I love it.And her.
I love mind,she's always coming up with new ideas that never fail to inspire me.
She doesn't think I'm clingy,which I probably am.Hell,I just love spending as much time as possible with her.
She's very receptive to my moods & thoughts,it so often seems like we don't even need to talk,we communicate on so many different levels.
Quite often we'll say the same thing at the same time.
Her mind & the way it works is what I really love.Her beautiful body is just the icing on the cake.
So...I'm attracted to someone who can communicate with me on many levels,is kind,loving,compassionate,peacefull,at ease with herself,and this love of mine at the mmoment...It feels like we've known each other from another time & place.
We just mesh.
I love her.
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A whole bunch of them, preferably at the same time...
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