What are your opinions on us Pisces (sun/moon) that over indulge in what is used to escape? Drugs.. Alcohol... Food.. Video Games... Art.. Sex.. Sleeping...Swimming....Anything... Do you know one that does this?
Do you like to stay friends afterwards or do you cut them off and never want to speak to them again?
Hi (WARNING! LONG POST ) This question is for Pisces Men mainly but I welcome answers from Pisces girls too x I am a Capricorn woman. I met a gorgeous Pisces man 3 years ago. And our feelings for each other were mutual and intense. However he is
Is it just me or do other pisces have a hard time letting go of people they once loved? You might both move on in life but they person will always have a of your heart. Also do any Pisces have exes that keep coming back? Even when you don't to see the
I have been told Pisces men like to take things slow when forming a new relationship. My question is how slow is slow? I have this connection to this fish and I cannot shake it. We have been friends for a while. We are both single parents. We work closely
So apparently you guys are a dream come true at first, but soon the other foot drops. This is from what I keep reading. So I'm fascinated to know....what is the darker, more real side of pisces that you experience in relationships? Surely it can't be al
all your demonstrations of love are in vain because despite how obvious they may be venus in cap will keep doubting i'm sorry i act so cold i push you away then alone, i think and dream of you but being in love is a weakness and i want you to k
...because he disappears into thin air! I'll try to keep it short... He is Pisces sun, Gemini moon and Ascendant...he's a pretty mutable character, always on the go, divorced, no kids. So. After years of not answering his invitations, we started seeing e
Met a pisces we get on great speak daily for ages. We meet up. He said something I didn't like it was late I don't him I wasn't happy with what he said he said he was sorry I said I would call him tomorrow. When I did he ignored me. We we're going out tha
Just popped up on my timeline http://oi67.tinypic.com/2jy0yb.jpg
So my current crush is a Pisces Sun with a Moon in Aries. I've been reading about Moon in Aries people for awhile now and from what I gathered is that if you guys like someone it will be obvious. You're supposed to be straightforward / an open book.
How long is space to a pisces male. Who has admitted to overreacting has apologised and say he would like some space. And thanks you for understanding. Xxxx
Wishing you a lovely one :) (D)
Hello my fellow pisceans , Ex-scorned lovers of pisceans , as well other potential curious new lovers of pisceans! Welcome to this thread! Whether you are one, dated one, or just started dating one please share your experiences! All insights are we
Are Pisces women and Virgo men compatible? I'm currently dating a Taurus woman and she is great, we spend a lot of time together and we have great chemistry. I can see this girl and I getting serious potentially in the future if things continue to progr
Pisces here, who met a cancer lady online and we clicked right away. Talked for 2 months and she visited me in a different state. Met my family in my home..for my bday. Fast forward a week and I find out she's actually dating other people. I called her
Me and longtime friend who we dated for a year broke up in December. It felt like friends and no romance for me. He was devastated and said he was going to propose over Xmas. It was really sad and hard but had to be done. Now he's posting pics online k
Pisces are generally emotionally deep and sensitive creatures, but what would one who has Moon/Mars/Venus all in Aries be like?
What to expect from a Pisces woman Virgo man relationship?
What causes a Pisces man to stop liking you?
I posted this in the Leo forum waiting for an opinion. Maybe I can get some feedback here from my fellow Piscean. I met my Leo guy in a forum and became friends on Facebook even though we never communicated. In October 2015 he reached out to me on Fac
Some traits are so inherent, that a person cannot detect their presence within themselves. There are so many threads in here asking about the elusive Fish, and why they turn, where did they go, what do they want, who are they? ... do they even know w

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Are you treetrunking kidding me?!?!? Wtf is wrong with this world?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyday all the time something horrible is going on. Terror attacks, war, cutting off limbs of small albino kids, abducting kids and keeping them in your backyard for 18
I get it we all flaws. But why this continuity of bashing a sign in particular or a group of signs based on their element is necessary? Ugh anyways i just think we can do better than that. Calling this signs dumb and that signs superior is truly ignor
normally i do this on the sunday, BUt bored saturday night thread is HERE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW8BDgLpZkI&t=139s THE GUY AT 2 MINUTE 50 is 100 % sure a capricorn 😂😂😂
Do you like to stay friends afterwards or do you cut them off and never want to speak to them again?
If you are way too emotional with a Virgo, and open up completely when they are super closed off and cold, would that push them away? Would that stop them contacting you again?
Is it just me or do other pisces have a hard time letting go of people they once loved? You might both move on in life but they person will always have a of your heart. Also do any Pisces have exes that keep coming back? Even when you don't to see the
Clothes wise...if its not tight, it's not right!!!!
I hope she knows what she's doing...................
Anyone in a long term Pisces and Leo relationship? I want to hear your stories and experiences
How compatible are these two? Is there anything that stands out as good or bad? Are the house overlays good? Im not too sure how compatible these two are and I would like to get some insight thanks(: http://www.astro.com/tmpd/cmbdfileh5MGEC-u1471417628
In synastry...an ex had her Mars EXACTLY conj my Jup, current has Merc exact conj, friend has Satun exact conj. Mars was amazing sexually, then became totally over-bearing, l literally escaped her several times in the middle of the night. Mercury we
Being day drunk is an adventure LOL!
Had a conversation about love and jealousy with my best guy friend, who is a gemini... My feeling is that as long as a gemini truly loves someone, he/she'd do whatever it takes to be with the person. They are more than willing to put aside any negative fe
Come off as kind of stupid, IMO.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdOI9__uGJc 1. @Scruffles 2. @Tiziani 3. @justagirl 4. @Damnata 5. @CaramelizedCoffee 6. @sakuraflowers 7. @DepthAndDeath 8. @UnusualVaginalDischarge 9. @FknNerd 10. @LiveAndLove I will post the rules to
I posted about my relationship with aquarius man here. I met an old lady while I walk on the park. she stop me and wanted to talk with me. she use tarot card and she said I have a commuted relationship but he seems just want to be casual at the moment as
What position do you think each member of the zodiac would hold? monk executioner kings advisor wizard party planner cook kings adversary knight slave star reader king queen
anyone have any experiences? whether it be dating one or being one. i'm curious. tell me a little about the tests and the games and all that goes into it. don't be afraid to throw scorpio mars under the bus! this is the thread to vent!
I have asked for a synastry analysis of mine and his before but I didn't have his birthtime. I have his birthtime now so Im wondering how good are we for eachother? If someone can point out anything particularly good or bad? Thanks 😊 http://www.astro