What sign do you absolutely love and which sign do you run from? This is just for fun - NO SHADE and just so the other signs do not get mad at us, let's list some things we dislike about our own sign. I realize we are generalizing, but what the hay. I am
So I've been talking with this pisces girl. I even expressed my feelings but she doesn't feel the same way like I feel. She says her career is important now. Ive been reading about Cancer and pisces compatibility and was really happy that we are so much
Seriously? When did that happen? I've been scarce lately, and just now trying to catch up to find that Nem deleted. :(:(
I've been with this Pisces guy physically since 8 months and onthe phone since a long long time now. My question is only from pisces mature men. I did say things to hurt him to spit on my face. We'd immaturely bring up eachother's past in arguments and th
How long does the honeymoon stage lasts for Pisces?
Moon,mars and ascendant leo venus and mercury in aquarius jupiter in sagittarius i never thought i would ever say this but from the moment we met we had an instant connection mental and emotional
I hung out withe Pisces yesterday. He got A Lot of incoming messages. He tried not to check his phone too frequently but still... =.=
Are all Pisces over sensitive? I hate that I am, I even try to deny that I am and never show it but I can't help the way I feel. I do find it frustrating sometimes.
So, basically the one Pisces in my life is not really including me in his life, really. I feel left out, but bittersweet about the memories. Admiring, because this person was admirable. Pisces can tell it like it is and not be afraid. They can be wonderfu
Hi (WARNING! LONG POST ) This question is for Pisces Men mainly but I welcome answers from Pisces girls too x I am a Capricorn woman. I met a gorgeous Pisces man 3 years ago. And our feelings for each other were mutual and intense. However he is
I just want to understand him . We broke up in 2011 . Since 2012, he has sent "I'm just checking on you" texts about once a month. I ignored 90% of texts but when I did occasionally respond he would insist that we meet up . I got married in 2
You are the only sign that I just can't seem to understand and relate to. None of the articles I read help me "feel" you and whenever I talk to a Pisces it's like we're miles away. I'm intrigued by you since it's just so hard for me to even maintain a con
This is a general description of your ascendant according to the Indian Vedic astrology and do not confuse yourself with your western zodiac Sun/Moon sign as they are always different from this Vedic Indian rising sign of Ascendant and description. In t
This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.
How to get him to leave me alone?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He keeps messaging, I finally responded to say my peace, and he thanked me for that. Now keeps messaging me every few days. Wants more details. Like treetrunk, it's over, move on!!!!!!!!!!
Why are Pisces suns so easy to manipulate? They don't seem to have any boundaries and are easily anyone's lap dogs? Any butter doing down and Pisces is in the mix... Why? They are easy to manipulate and so malable it's unreal. Anything that is bad a
I really connect emotionally with these aquatic creatures ;) my dear cousin is one and she has such a generous spirit.
I dont hear too much about this match. I am a Pisces girl and he's a Pisces boy, I like him a lot, but I cant seem to have anyone answer me clearly about weither we would be good together. I hear Pisces/Pisces just double the Pisces traits, but I think ot
This Pisces guy (28 years old) who I had only met twice in person has been telling me non-stop "You are gonna make so much money. Will you be my sugar mama?" Well, basically every time when I tell him I am studying, he says that. See proof below. [IMG
physical, mental, spiritual etc. whats the thing that makes you "love" the other person? For me it will definitely stem from a feeling of that person understanding me and valuing my values. i love long hair, free spirited people, family orientated,
Could you guys give me insight about my placements please? I've noticed that I've attracted quite a few Scorpios but I'm not really into them: I was with an Aqua whom I wanted to spend my life with but we ended badly and I haven't heard from him in a year
Any pisces with aqua rising & or aries in venus? I'm not obsessing about being with someone now like I use to be. It's more of will I have someone I could actually trust and confide in that would luv me for me....flaws and all without wanting to use me or
And I am being very serious I am actually happy with the person I am in a relationship with. It's the father of my children. He and I are putting in time and energy towards our children and each other. We talk often, chose to see only each other and se
https://media1.giphy.com/media/sXv0vaA4331Ti/giphy.gif It's more like this right? Not piercing or come hither like scorpio. More like I am telepathically trying to communicate my thoughts. Love me!

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Has anyone ever heard of or know someone who has gotten pregnant from just the tip? Even if it's just at the entrance for play?
but i wont tell you where. LOL just LOL @lunarmaiden
I don't necessarily need anyone to explain my chart to me because I've done enough research, but I want do see if any of you can get close to what I've learned or know from personal experiences by taking a look at my chart below lol. Zodiac : Tropical
I don't necessarily need anyone to explain my chart to me because I've done enough research, but I want do see if any of you can get close to what I've learned or know from personal experiences by taking a look at my chart below lol. Zodiac : Tropical
Reply with the music and a new placement Placement: Scorpio moon (lol)
Being able to seduce every woman he wants. Of course, Astrologically speaking every placements will have a target or someone who is attracted to you and vice versa but what placement would make someone close to an unanimity? Warren Beatty is one of
Jessica Alba https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e0/18/91/e0189151a7c8afe0d0e4ef418b5410d5.jpg Megan Fox http://a1.files.maxim.com/image/upload/c_fit,cs_srgb,dpr_1.0,q_80,w_620/MTM1MzA4Mjc2ODM2NTA0ODUw.jpg Rachel Bilson http://cdn02.cd
do you think it fits you? there are both positive and negatives. Just because you have the same moon sign, that doesn't mean your mother was the same. Or typically similar. And also if you have children, checking your children's moon signs, do you
Should I start writing fake news? I heard fake news makes massive amounts of monies. Its very easy to get trump supporters frothing at the mouth about anything. They NEVER FACT CHECK I really think this can help me buy the car i want. CASH http:
my sun-Aquarius,10 house moon-Scorpio,6 house rising sign is Taurus Mercury-Aquarius,10 house Venus-Capricorn,9 house Mars-Pisces,11 house Jupiter-Pisces,10 house Saturn-Aries,12 house Uranus-Aquarius,10 house Neptune-Aquarius,9 house Pluto-Sagi
A confession from a scorpio to a taurus male. Disclaimer: This, by any means are not asking for advice. Any opinions are allowed but not to be taken. This is one of ways for me to release something. I apologise for causing stress and pressures. I'
First Decan May 23 to June 1 The First Decan of Gemini is also known as the Gemini Decante and the "Week of Freedom." This Decan is the most typical of its native Sign, meaning that individuals born during this period will most probably be of above-a
And considering your making 4 dollars a day from this site I think you need one too.
The objective of this thread is to assist in the proper and fully nuance the discussions that readers have in regards to prejudice, bigotry, and racism. The three items tend to cohabitate and nest in each other, kind of like their diametric opposites,
So recently I passed they my caps city retuning to mine and asked him if I could stop by and drop his stuff to him. He replied yes because I want to see u. This made me excited and happy that he was eager to see me. So I make it there and he's busy. I ask
My placements are Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sag, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra and Mars in Gem
I don't understand. How someone who get caught with a possession of drugs( cocain, weed, ect.. ) or caught with a weapon (gun). Receive a higher prison sentences. Compare to a person who rapes or a pedophile. I feel each sentence should be equally. I was