This is not the same chic for those who know me from my other thread. With little detail. Upon asking pisces a question. She responded...No, because of this. I said if it weren't for that then what? She said.."If I say yes what would you do wi
I can't find his threads anymore... I think he's gone 😩. I loved his peaceful threads... he's like a male version of CopperDove. @Ajna .... where aaaaaare youuuuuuuuuuu?!?!
I saw this being done with another sign so I wanted to do one for Pisces. So ask away. 🙃
Pisces Men - Just wondering... Do you like to talk on the phone? Also, do you like phone sex or dirty talk?
What does it mean when a pieces man tells you: I love you!? Does he say it to everyone because he's love is universal or because he really loves me? I don't know what to think.
Sometimes i feel like pisces women need someone sensitive to understand them and their emotions cause theyre really confusing. So confusing they dont even know what they want. On the other hand, they also need someone solid like a rock because they dont
Hey. It's just a question that I have. This pisces and I tried to have a relationship but it didn't work, mainly because he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend. I'm cancer and we created a special bond. Some weeks ago, there were dark clouds between u
Hey All I hope this finds you well. I'm back again. There is one dude that i liked from distance, like I could have seen a future with him, but he told something very sad last night. He told me that I am too nice and that if got with somebody that will m
This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.
I'm talking to a Pisces sun, leo moon, venus in aries girl. Sometimes I think she likes me but then other times she confuses me. We slept together the first time we ever met and have slept together once more time since. We speak everyday Mon to Fri bu
Talking to a Pisces guy that has been giving me all the attention I ever wanted, without me asking or initiating it like I've had to do with a Capricorn and Taurus guy I had previously talked to. Pisces guy in public is incredibly sweet , romantic and
Anyone has these placements? Pisces Sun, Sag Moon, Pisces Venus. How are you when you love? Hot and cold? Want your freedom as well as attachment at the same time? Not all at once, please. :D
How is everyone? What's new in the crew?
No seriously. What in the treetrunk do you Pisces women want? Why can't you just state this instead of giving off all mixed signals then backing off when I take the bait. Why in the hell are you so confusing!?
Hi all! 5 years ago I had a extraordinary experience with a guy when we were kissing. There was an intensive energy between us, one I had never felt before. He felt it too and he thought it was sexual energy, but I felt it was more than that. After the ki
Hello all, Anyone here a Pisces Sun and Earth Element Moon (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) ? If so... What are you like when you meet someone when you are interested in someone? When interested in someone new, do you focus only on that one person or p
I know yall fishes are extra af and confused 95% of all time. So how do you handle a fire sign? Do u like them, find any attractive? How was the sex? Same goes for any fire signs dealing with pisces
I'm a Gemini woman, I was seeing this Pisces man for a year in a half. We weren't really together we were just messing around. But then I started catching feelings and I'm sure he did to. Long story short.. I had a bday party celebration at work. Not a lo
if you're a Pisces female what job do you think you are suited the most or currently have , any opinions would be great! Thank you!
Hi, I've been lurking on this site for a while and simply love it! But I haven't quite found an answer to my questions and situation. History: So I am a Cancer Lady born on June 23rd. My man is a Pisces born February 26th. I am 7 years older than h
I met the very low functioning Pisces (#1) a couple years before the high functioning (#2). So similar and yet so different. I now know I made mistakes with #1 because I didn't understand Pisces in general and all their complexity. Why they need their
Hi..anyone had an experience with a Pisces where they say "I want to take things slow." And when you go slow with them, they move Fast! ? Can Pisces men particularly explain this? x

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I have a real animosity towards them. And I can't stop it. I know it's wrong and unhealthy, but it's overtaken me as of late. I can feel it polluting me and aging me but I don't know how to snap myself out of this mindset. *by boys, I mean adult males
This will most likely be my last post in here. 1 less person looking for answers lol. Dude cancelled on me Friday so I didn't contact him at all. Then this morning he messaged me asking how my weekend was and wanted to know where a our mutual friend
what the hell am i missing here? like seriously? this butter needs to be explained.
Why should they get paid that much. Why should employers be responsible to pay so much for insurance? So today i called to see how much my bills were and i was stunned to learn that i was charged 550$ for getting one ear cleaned. I owed 60$. This w
Men, i know this hurts but how do you know you're getting cheated on?
What to understand from this? Does his Aries Mars square my Cancer Venus?? What does it mean? Is there any sexual attration here? Is he attracted to me? On the other hand his Venus is in Pisces and my Mars in Aqua. I don't feel so sexually attracted to hi
My little Scorpio heart just loves y'all so, there's no way around it. Maybe it's all my Scorp. Maybe it's my own crab moon. But there's something about the love of a crab that is incomparable. As some know I've recently had my heart broken by a crab
I fear I won't fall as madly, deeply, inlove the same way again. Gems, do you ever get this feeling? For one, as a Gem, I tend to get the attention I need from the opposite sex. Dating is not an issue and like a butterfly, I can fly over one flower to
Hi! It was brought up several times that when member deleting an account - threads are deleted as well. It is impacts many lives here at DXP. Is there way to mark deleted poster as 'Membership deleted' and leave posts alone? Should be easy thing t
I can't find his threads anymore... I think he's gone 😩. I loved his peaceful threads... he's like a male version of CopperDove. @Ajna .... where aaaaaare youuuuuuuuuuu?!?!
I love my mister to the moon and back (I noticed these things when I was a teen ager but didn't know how to verbalize it) I noticed that he has a hard time being physically expressive. I'm the one that initiates sex, he still nervously puts his hands on
It's strange how i see a lot of leos who are extremely extroverted and outgoing, then from nowhere get shy and reserved lol
What's the your favorite/most memorable birthday gift you've received from your significant other?
Pisces Men - Just wondering... Do you like to talk on the phone? Also, do you like phone sex or dirty talk?
I'm dealing with a new co-worker that is turning out to be quite the man (not in a good way). We are having extreme difficulty communicating and coming to any kind of understanding. He has a very dominant Taurus Moon in his 10th house. I'm very unfamiliar
ISO books to read pertaining to mindset, success, growth, career achievement, entrepreneurship, money, helpful tools, inspiration, and life motivation. I'll add every relevant book suggested to my list :)