Why does this scorpio man lie?

He clearly likes me, even chased me, gazed me, getting all soft when i'm around. But now that I did something special fo
He clearly likes me, even chased me, gazed me, getting all soft when i'm around. But now that I did something special for him (a big favor) he's lying to me.
I know he knows exactly where I am at what time, he's always following me around. He thinks I don't know that...
I know for sure he sees when I am in the club, but suddenly he's talking very casual about it. Like he doesn't know I was there at all (I just know he's lying...
Suddenly he has an I don't care bout you all that much additude. What's that all about!? Am I too nice for him? Did he lose interest? Do scorpiomen chase untill they get attention and then move on to the next girl?

What shall I do? Neclect it, ask about it? Just let him go?

Any advice?
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You're closer to him now. He's testing you to see what you'll do with a little indifference. He may also lie because he DOESN'T want you to know he watches you. We're suspicious but don't like to let on. Experiences has taught that most people are offended by it, but it's not something easily let go of. So it stays but it's hidden. This is the nature of MOST of what we hide... the fear that what we are, may be offensive to others. It's hard to get close to us sometimes. When we love, we love deep. When we hurt, we hurt DEEP. And the more we love you, the more you can hurt us. Hence the eternally suspicious nature, and the holding back of ourselves, bit by bit by... agonizingly slow bit. Like it or hate it; get used to it. You may never actually get to his core. If he finds something about himself that you don't like, but he wants you to stay by his side, he will hide that 'offending' part if it can be done. And get used to extremes, too. They're FUN!

Just keep being how you were before. Be someone who wants him but can also stand on your own two feet. If he's testing you, he wants to understand you. He wants to know what makes you mad and if it can have anything to do with him, how much it can have to do with him, and if it's something about himself that is easy or hard to change. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves and our projects that we forget about the whole world for a time. But once that goal is achieved we emerge, want to share our successes with those closest, and feel lonely if there is no one to share them with. A loved one who can tolerate this particular set of extremes is a rare gem to have. He wants to know what makes you happy, too, and if it's something he can accomplish without changing himself too much. Always getting to your core. Basically to know how much he can be himself, his true self, and WHAT your 'self' is, and if they can mesh.

Scorpios can be intense, and at times we can explode. Step by step he's going to see how much you can handle and if it's worth investing that much of himself for you. Nothing is ever truly half-way in the long run. It is all or none. If you two can mesh, and if you can do it beautifully... hold on for the ride!

Because you will NEVER get rid of him.
That's a fantastic post draumstafir,covers all relevant aspects of a scorp man.

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Thanx for answering draumstafir! I'm not offended that he follows me around at all. I'm just annoyed that he lies. Cause scorps hate lies themselves. Yesterday evening I met him at the club. He was casual again, but I noticed he was smiling when I turned around. I know for sure he seriously likes me! After a while the whole chasing thing, follow-thing started again. But I wasn't in for it at all, so I did act if I didn't notice him cuz, I had to protect my own feelings too you know...
i went home and I did read your post again and again.
Scorps are hard to deal with, I did give him a lot of loving things ( favors, attention, complements), but he doesn't dare to give me a lot of it in return. Sure he comments me and say sweet things about me, cuz he admires me, I know that he does.
But it's just very, very little and when he does he hides in his shell again...
The probem is I sometimes feel played and stupid because of him. Than I have to recover for a little while and back off.
That's what I did yesterday evening to. I just went home, I act like he acts toward me. Is that the wrong thing to do draumstafir ? (or to any other scorpio experts...)
31 years old female from Rainbow's End
Insatiably Curious... Com-passionate

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