I've been enjoying life the way a man should I no longer work with any Scorpio woman that makes me happier than a pig in b*tter. The one I was in a relationship I never want to see her again, I did a lot of researching and talking to people that know, h
Hey guys, so as u can see from the title I have some issues with a scorpio man. I recently met this guy in my uni and we would be in the occasional group work in class, We would talk but nothing out of the ordinary, i liked him but didn't think twice abou
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
I'm an Aquarius and my Scorpio boyfriend and I have a crazy relationship. He's so intense and I'm really so detached, it's bad. It makes me upset because I can't control it and all I want to do is love him. I feel like I'm the beginning things have happen
Why y'all so petty....andddddd... why y'all allow lil ol me to hurt ya feelings so quick that revenge is a given 🤔
So I've been with this Scorpio male 24 for about a year and I'm an aqua 20. Right now he's sitting next to me and he's treating me like a wife. The other day he called me his wife. He just got his own space but it's really like our space and it's crazy. I
how many of you scorpios are actually scorpio dominant? not just top 3 but as #1 on your pullen?
I was talking to a scorpio guy a long time ago . he was so nice and sweet but there wasn't any fire at the time. He also just got out of a relationship with his ex. Because he had women friend over all the time i started pulling back. At the time i pulled
These are the four types of Scorpio females I accouter. They are probably more but this is the four main one. The type that makes you want to jack off too. The sexual alluring ones The creepier ones The scary ones The stand offish ones
Hi guys! Quirky aries asking for advice. In love with colleague. Awkward, I know. After a job meeting I felt bad and ended up sitting on a bench on my own, kinda with the crying face et al. He came up to me to ask "if I were OK" and suggested I come talk
I'm a very jealous & possessive Aries/scorp moon I was wondering how I can control/work on my jealousy & possessiveness. I'm an Aries sun & Scorpio moon. It has been ruining my relationship & I need to stop. Does anyone have any tips to help? I feel like
For every time you fought the urge to add chlorine to the gene pool,thank you. For every time you had to boil in your intense emotions in a secret display of true loyalty,thank you. For every time you spoke up and shut a muthatreetr*nka up when nobody el
have you ever spend long time to just recognize that you love person who you think that you did not love before?
Im now living completly alone with not even family around in Portugal and it's kinda weird what are your feelings on it and how long did it took you to get used to it?
Does your sun sign have any importance in your appearance and personality? My chart is too contradicting.....Scorpio sun but a pisces rising. Instead of getting the perks of being a Scorpio I get pisces being not that attractive, overly sensitive, and sca
Just got a reading by Astrolada. Was $92 to ask 1 question, so I asked when I would get married. She said my chart showed delayed marriage but there are good very good aspects for when Jupiter goes into Scorpio. Said that I would have a proposal as soon a
I was seeing this Scorpio guy back in December, he was dream guy material I thought we hit it off really well. He was very charming and smooth, made great eye contact had amazing focus I absolutely loved it when he looked at me. We went out on my birthday
If a Scorpio women makes intense eye contact with you and won't look away. Then within 15mins goes have sex with her bf who was in the room during her staring?
...is an actor we all love. As we should. But we can agree that he did not deserve the oscar for WOWS, which is why he did not get it. Or for his movies prior to that as well. His appeal to us is that we fall in LOVE with his charm that he can add
*Disclaimer - In our memory of IntriguedScorp, this was her former thread, resurrected.*
how will I know if he likes me?? What are the signs that shows he's into me? One day he's hot the next day he's cold.. he's also a little shy.. first date he didn't even hold my hand or put his arm around me or kiss me.. second date he finally got th

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The Hanged Man 4 of Wands Knight of Cups I understand that the Hanged Man is telling me to wait or 'surrender' the universe and let things fall as they may but i don't fully understand the next 2 cards. 4 of wands is celebration and being content
Has been a long time acquaintence since I moved North when I was younger. We've always kept each other at arms length but always caught up with each other every blue moon. Nothing serious just light hearted conversation. 6/17/1978 @ 2:12 am Never
I need some interpreting our house overlays. Are they good indicators or bad? His moon in my 7th house His Sun and Mercury in my 1st house His mars in my 5th house His Venus in my 2nd house My Neptune, Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus in his 1st house
But led to your death to save the world, would you do it?
Folks, what's your view on this? If you're a lady, is it a turnoff if you know that a guy gossips? if you're a dude, do you do it as well? do you not?
In need of an iOS developer looking to either gain their footing in the field, or expand their portfolio in the education field. Please comment here if interested.
Bob Ross painted while narrating his life story through his art. He was a man who used painting as his therapy. He also says a lot while saying a little.
I will tell you which of those i have read are true for me as a sag woman and other sag women i know. Need for change and progress- too much,too intense i always want to learn something new, try smt new ,and in general keep myself busy with multiple task
...or is it something over time? Like if you are seeing someone exclusively how long does it take typically until you fall for them? Are there certain signs like a Cancr Sun would you emotionally connect better? How does one know if you are really feeling
Give them their props! Excluding that red egg headed buffoon.
After +12hrs span, these are the scenes I can still remember: No particular order as the scenes were mixed up in the time frame, kept jumping from one to another: Many scenes but few I rest in my memory. 1. Holding the keys to doors and a gate of
I recently discovered that my Juno is in Capricorn. Does it trines my Venus which is in Virgo? Can anyone help me with explaining what these placements means regarding romantic relationships? If it helps I'm a Scorpio Sun, Cancer Rising and Leo Moon with
Just in case I run into this issue with a Taurus man in the future...can someone explain the reason behind them wanting the other person to be open about themselves while they hold on to not being open themselves?
Sun square or opposition Uranus The ego is quite large when the Sun is square or opposite Uranus. This is largely due to the fact that these people’s very identities ride on their sense of personal freedom. It can be quite a challenge to get them to do w
Do you care? She's not necessarily fat, but she has Bat wing arms. Would you still be interested. Disclaimer: Your current lady may get Bat wings anyway when you grow older.
She was my shinning light in all this darkness............