Hola people! Never thought i'd be posting in this section here. There's this scorpio guy (born November 2nd) who I have been friends with. His best friend(libra) and I were almost on the verge of getting in a relationship (we told each other that we rea
Here's my story. My man is a Scorpio and he has a very hard temper, but i still love him) 1) They say that Scorpios always keep his or her lover or significant other and do everything to avoid break up. My Scorpio NEVER did it. It always feels like he'
Get out before it's too late? So I've been talking to this guy recently, I've known him for a long time but we just started texting & getting one on one. My birthday is 11/16/93 his is 4/17/82. I'm a Scorp sun cap moon, he's a Aries w/ Aquarius moon. I
I was dating this Scorpio woman for a little while and we got into a super small argument with her hanging up on me. I was over it literally the next day, she ignored me for a full week which I found funny. So I decided I'll just be her friend, no more
So I cut communication with this Scorpio male...I really liked him but he really hurt my feelings with his actions... It's like I give my all every time and always get hurt but enough is enough I'm tired of getting hurt holding on to the pain then grievin
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
Bondage, Discipline. Dominance, Submission. Sadism, Masochism. Come in, enjoy all your hedonistic pleasures, no bars
Is anyone out there? It's 11 on here.. The house is quiet and my heart aches from the lonliness
I'm still kinda new here... Let's play an "ice-breaker" game.. Curious to know the faces behind some of you.. Especially those that I speak to on a regular here on DXP.. I know some of you are BRAVE & have yourself as your profile pic BUT for those of us
Since there seems to be a slew of threads about Scorpio stinging people. Why not have a thread to try and answer all your questions! Fellow Scorpios, and people who have dealt with Scorpios, please chime in. Scenario 1: Hey, I slept with him/her, and
I and my bestie both scorpios were super close for more than a year. Great connection like with nobody else in my life before. He is a guy, I am a girl , both on our late 20s. We would fight but always make it up in few hours. The thing is that I somehow
I have been living with a Scorpio male for some time. His bowl, i mean chart, is full of water. I fear he is growing more into his Pisces moon energy as time goes on...he is always sulking. When i walk past his bowl, he turns his back on me and when i f
It takes ages for scorpios to recover a break up. After that I feel extremely unable to do a thing. I only want to sleep, stay on my bed, I find no motivation to leave my bed. And many things (academic) are waiting for me out there.
when they know they know they just can't handle them.. Give up already!! Tauruses are better off with earth /air and earth/ fire, along with air signs and fire signs... Water sign is the worst for a Taurus. You people just don't know how to bala
I didn't think I'd have to make a thread, but there's a Scorp that's been pursuing me but I thought he would've gotten bored already. But I think he just made it very clear he's not backing off Pls help, send help https://media0.giphy.com/media/b
On multiple occasions this scorpio guy has made it clear that he does not bring any girls to his house(family reasons). Also opened up to me about a bit of his childhood. I stopped by just to say hi. He brings me out a gift (sentimental) and some fruits a
've seen so many taurus/scorp couples with the latest two being my sister and her girlfriend and another friend of mine and her boyfriend... why do these two keep insisting on pairing yet can't get along longer than a week it seems like it... Y'all help m
So there is this person I don't like that I've encountered recently and I want to get vengeance but in a subtle way. You know with destruction of personal property or injury. I understand Scorpio women being inherently evil practice sorcery, more specific
Do you tend to get bored in a relationship...
So, I keep reading that Scorpios are controlling in relationships. I know that they are controlling during the flirting and chasing stage, mostly of how the interactions go, and I've seen how that looks. Do you think you are controlling once you are in a
Both male and female. Feel free to describe and elaborate as much as you want, including your personal experiences online and offline and your impressions/assumptions if you never had any touch with them but already have an opinion of them. It would be gr
I know a Scorpio and he flip flops A LOT. One minute he wants to be in a relationship the next min. He doesn't. One minute he loves me and is in love with me, next minute he's just starting to love me. We see each other quite often and out the blue he tel
In my experience all the Scorpios I know prefer woman with long hair. Why? Is it more feminine? Is because you can wrap your hand around it as you spank her on the ass while taking her from behind?
Or have you found that they have a lot of things you don't agree with?
So I am an Aquarius and he is a Scorpio. We were dating for 2 years and it wasn't easy at the beginning. The first months we used to fight in daily basis. It was crazy! And we are not babies, we are both 26 years old! However, we had a special connecti

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Has anyone ever heard of or know someone who has gotten pregnant from just the tip? Even if it's just at the entrance for play?
but i wont tell you where. LOL just LOL @lunarmaiden
I don't necessarily need anyone to explain my chart to me because I've done enough research, but I want do see if any of you can get close to what I've learned or know from personal experiences by taking a look at my chart below lol. Zodiac : Tropical
I don't necessarily need anyone to explain my chart to me because I've done enough research, but I want do see if any of you can get close to what I've learned or know from personal experiences by taking a look at my chart below lol. Zodiac : Tropical
Reply with the music and a new placement Placement: Scorpio moon (lol)
Being able to seduce every woman he wants. Of course, Astrologically speaking every placements will have a target or someone who is attracted to you and vice versa but what placement would make someone close to an unanimity? Warren Beatty is one of
Jessica Alba https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e0/18/91/e0189151a7c8afe0d0e4ef418b5410d5.jpg Megan Fox http://a1.files.maxim.com/image/upload/c_fit,cs_srgb,dpr_1.0,q_80,w_620/MTM1MzA4Mjc2ODM2NTA0ODUw.jpg Rachel Bilson http://cdn02.cd
do you think it fits you? there are both positive and negatives. Just because you have the same moon sign, that doesn't mean your mother was the same. Or typically similar. And also if you have children, checking your children's moon signs, do you
Should I start writing fake news? I heard fake news makes massive amounts of monies. Its very easy to get trump supporters frothing at the mouth about anything. They NEVER FACT CHECK I really think this can help me buy the car i want. CASH http:
my sun-Aquarius,10 house moon-Scorpio,6 house rising sign is Taurus Mercury-Aquarius,10 house Venus-Capricorn,9 house Mars-Pisces,11 house Jupiter-Pisces,10 house Saturn-Aries,12 house Uranus-Aquarius,10 house Neptune-Aquarius,9 house Pluto-Sagi
A confession from a scorpio to a taurus male. Disclaimer: This, by any means are not asking for advice. Any opinions are allowed but not to be taken. This is one of ways for me to release something. I apologise for causing stress and pressures. I'
First Decan May 23 to June 1 The First Decan of Gemini is also known as the Gemini Decante and the "Week of Freedom." This Decan is the most typical of its native Sign, meaning that individuals born during this period will most probably be of above-a
And considering your making 4 dollars a day from this site I think you need one too.
The objective of this thread is to assist in the proper and fully nuance the discussions that readers have in regards to prejudice, bigotry, and racism. The three items tend to cohabitate and nest in each other, kind of like their diametric opposites,
So recently I passed they my caps city retuning to mine and asked him if I could stop by and drop his stuff to him. He replied yes because I want to see u. This made me excited and happy that he was eager to see me. So I make it there and he's busy. I ask
My placements are Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sag, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra and Mars in Gem
I don't understand. How someone who get caught with a possession of drugs( cocain, weed, ect.. ) or caught with a weapon (gun). Receive a higher prison sentences. Compare to a person who rapes or a pedophile. I feel each sentence should be equally. I was