We caught feelings for each other but we both don't believe in long distance relationships. So, I decided to move on and told him I'll block him from Facebook and WhatsApp so that I could move on. He seemed quite reluctant but respected my decision. In th
I'm a shy guy but I know a lot of people. Anyway, I sit next to this hot cancer girl in sociology class, and we're somewhat social with each other because we're both quiet. I can't tell if she was flirting with me the other day. The whole period she was f
Hi Guys, I'm a Capricorn . It's really a complicated story . It started 5 years ago . We were class mates in a Course . She is adorable (Scorpio) , 6 Years older than me " But I've no problem " . I fall in love with her at the first glance . Then We be
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
Scorps - when you feeling overwhelmed emotionally for non romantic subject like...work...and description that I've got scared me butterless because if it's going to continue like this - heart attack or stroke is going to be wake up call!!! I am looking f
Told me i will call u back later its been 6 months..
Fellow scorpios do people often label you as any of the following bad qualities: Serious Dramatic Pessimistic Inse
Have you ever been called a shape shifter?
Okay dating this Scorpio girl. Do you like surprises or not? She knows we are going to dinner. I picked this really nice kind of pricey Italian place (because she loves pasta) . Anyways should I tell her where we are going or surprise her with it? I'm al
Scorpio gives constant eye contact, until I make a comment that involves emotion or feeling. He will quickly look away. Why?
I dont need help, I just wanted your attention HELL YEAH , yesterday I was talkin with my scorp dude about a friend of ours(also a scorp) which proposed to some french chick after like 5-6 months of them being together and eventually they broke up :D and
Do you understand that we WANT to rip your clothes or do you think that we just a weird guy who stare a lot.
Hey scorps, why do you guys get so obsessive and controlling when it comes to people you like? Is it you chasing the person or is it you studying them? What is it? xD My sister had a crush on this guy for like 2 years and he recently got into a relatio
Scorpios, on who do you think, you made the biggest impression? Was it a cancer, another scorpio...and was it romance/work/just friendship? Which aspect you think is to blame for that? Sun, moon, venus...anything else? Thanks for the answers! ;)
I'm starting to view them as weak, like the other 2 water sign men.
..Because Rabbit rage deleted and we need this thread again.
I miss him i dont know i just treetrunking do 😭 I feel like we had a great connection Sexual chemistry is a yesss Although i didnt sleep with him but you can't deny that butter. We both went silent on each other after a small dispute , well it was small
Me (32) and compromised african cancer with moon virgo (29) 5 months ago in africa, since some of you were curious. http://i.imgur.com/z8Ov6Tq.jpg
And something about mystery, suspense, the occult, seances, the government, secrecy, and demons. Who knows what else..... Ladies, When are your fairytales going to end?
Could someone give me a little info about men with mars in Scorpio...are they bad tempered? family people/nice kind hearted or more on the deceitful side? this guy's brith date is : 30/11/1989 He is a sag sun, cap moon, cap venus and scorpio mars...
What do you do for yourself to make you feel adored? What or who do you surround yourself with to feel supported and invincible? I tend to think my partnerships as more of a role I play. i.e. friend, sister, mother, business. I pamper myself, but
I use to date a Scorpio. I broke up with him (because he's disrespectful and immature) I told him I don't want to be with him anymore. I've been ignoring him for a while. I won't give him any positive or negative feedback. He's constantly sending messages
So me, a libra, just broke up with my scorpio. I love him but he was going through a tough time. He lost his job and was just getting a new one. Everything was good but then 2 months ago he started acting like he was too busy for me. No calls or texts an
Hello my dear fellow Stingers and to all those of you who lurk or visit our home turf . . . Recently, there have been a new lady at my company who have been very touchy with me. She would have her hands all over me, stroking my back, my hair, and so fo

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ended with a confusing cancer man just to date 2 more men to find out they're both cancer. I'm either living in a weird sector of the population or they is something attracted about these 2 signs thoughts?
Triple booked my property back home, drama with the bf, ex been msging. Thank God i'm booked to travel on the 10th for 6 weeks-I need it!
For those of you who think its hard, cheers! -If we said we would rather be friends its because WE WOULD LIKE TO BE FRIENDS (space is needed, you know that whole space makes the heart fond, yeah that b*tter works) -We live in our own heads and hearts so Y
How do they differ? could/would this relationship work? (Strictly sun sign)
9 times out of 10 I get those crazy urges but after a pep talk I regain control and stick to my promise. Do what works for you!!!
I miss all the women who never gave me a chance
1 beautiful drug free woman to marry for the rest of my life .all i want
I have noticed all the taurus venus people I know have this sexy ass look in their eyes, or maybe its just attractive to me (cap venus) I especially love an aries sun with a taurus venus, amazing thoughtful, wild lovers. What are your favs venus sign e
@dxpnet Deal with this butter. I don't want to have to start a campaign like I did with "Stop the Blocks". The impersonation of other users is intolerable and needs to be dealt with. The new users being hidden for however treetrunking long it is, isn't hel
Am I being too sensitive and prideful? Stupid sob story: My closest girl (Scorpio) friend was not there for me when I (Aqua) needed her the most. And I rarely feel like I NEED people to be there for me. Our friendship flourished because I was ther
I'm on episode 11..... http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/661/954/e98.gif
treetrunk... I've been on this site since I was 18. WTF?!
https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/33/f4/6e/33f46ee07ad3ec3cc716b1e3b05d209b.gif She is beautiful, and have a really great body, also smart woman and creatife But she has no luck in her personal life (love life) why ? I love her
I love my mom. But I need to break free. I come to her bat when anyone hurts her.... But she uses me as her puppet, too. My dad is solid. But my mom, she is broken and wounded and I need to break free from her but I don't know how when I see her a
What does that mean? Having one??? Having a strong personality seems like a weakness in this beta world. Discuss