Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
So I am a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, Aries Venus. Most people will mistake me for a Scorpio but I am far too empathetic and sensitive to others pain. I'm a real softie but a badass at the same time. At first I was resisting his advances. He asked me out thre
I met this Scropio in March. He was in the same room as I was, but I didn't notice him at a house party. Later we left and went to a club, he dropped us off, claiming he had to change and came back an hour later. He stuck by me the whole time. We went bac
I use to work with a Scorpio male at my last job. He seemed to take to me quickly, but I was more focused on my job duties, since it was all new to me and did not pay too much attention. I am married and he is in a serious relationship even then when we
Regardless I’m going to go for it anyway. I’m a pisces girl. And about a year ago I realized almost every serious relationship, or any guy I’ve ever liked so much has been a scorpio. And about a two years ago I had the most amazing relationship with a sco
Okay I’m a Pisces female dating a Scorpio man and I just don’t get him sometimes. Today was a busy day for me I couldn’t actually meet up with him today due to family obligations that he was well aware of. Well one minute we were fine and when I had gotte
and possession and all that queer pluto butter. share 'em. :)
I have this question for Scorpio males. If you had to choose between these two girls, which one would you prefer to date and have a relationship with. And please say why. (A) A girl who works but is not very ambitious and is more submissive. She depen
I was on here last year as pisces4scorpio after a strong year of exploring Scorpio men. The one I wanted was with another woman, a Scorpio woman, and I ruffled a few Scorpio women’s feathers by asking if I should just wait for their relationship to run it
Hi all, I'm Virgo male with Venus in Leo. And I have a Scorpio co-worker who is Venus in Libra. I'm about 15yrs older than her, although I look a bit younger than my age (48). Any advice from someone with similar expererience? I feel like I'm getting
Any Scorps with a good experience with another fellow Scorpio? I'm always attracted to other Scorpios and they always like me too. We can have good conversations and have good chemistry, but for some reason it just never works out. In middle school, my fr
Before I start I'm not writing this to start any trouble it's simply out of curiosity. So I have noticed that Some, (not all) Scorpian woman don't like the innocent, sweet and flirty type of woman. I don't know why but I feel like they feel threatened
Before I start I'm not writing this to start any trouble it's simply out of curiosity. So I have noticed that Some, (not all) Scorpian woman don't like the innocent, sweet and flirty type of woman. I don't know why but I feel like they feel threatened
*Disclaimer - In our memory of IntriguedScorp, this was her former thread, resurrected.*
Hey my mysterious scorpions! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!
So Ive been iced by a scorpio.. hope you can shed some light :) I met a guy (scorpio) we got along great, had some amazing time together, shared stuff. For 3 months we were in touch basically non stop, we couldnt get enough of each other, were late for
@EvilHare @Impulsv @GetMisted @Infinite8 @Reincarnation Didn't see them around for a while ?
Ok i really can't take it any longer. I'm so in love with a Scorpio. I've always liked him but he doesn't know it. He talks to me but I have no clue if he sees me as a friend or something else. He's hard to read, like most Scorps. I've never shown cle
Just saw on a front page The Scorpio is considered by astrologers to be the strongest sign of the zodiac and almost undefeatable, what signs end up getting the better of it in confrontations and war? ———————— No one! My love...
Hello! New scorp on here :P. Always would come on here, but never actually made an account. Anyway, I've been seeing this Sag guy for a week and it's been one of the biggest rollercoasters of my life. At first, he was the biggest sweetheart and now nothin
all the women caught cheating on DXP are scorpio women... discuss this facade of loyalty and fidelity.

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Hypothetically of course, please feel free to share. I've notice that there's a difference between when people are initially crushing on someone than actually developing feelings for them.
So this is kind of like those threads that say ask a Leo, ask a Cancer, etc. When people find out I have danced they ask me a million questions so let’s just get this out of the way. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y2ak_oBeC-I http://i.imgur.com/UNDY
Inspired by ArialView 's smashing hit No braggadocio, please. Just the honest truth.
Last weekend I got to a party. They were all my elementary school friends. I knew there was gonna be this one hot, bossy, aries girl that I had been intimidated by almost the entire time I've known her. When I first got into the house, she saw me.. and as
So, long shot, but after searching and digging many pages with confusion that the Libra man gave me, I found out this forum and great to see the feedback from Libra people as well. To the topic, I am a Virgo with Libra moon, and currently in kind of somet
Here's the situation that has been going on for 7 years - signs involved Sun/Moon Virgo, Venus Libra, Mars in Cancer Sun Cancer, Moon Cap, Venus Virgo, Mars in Taurus There are definite feelings on both sides but we both overanalyze everything and
I’m in a season of life where fire moons are aplenty around me. How important is it to you to remain optimistic about life? People? Feelings? Is it a conscious effort to remain optimistic or something that flows naturally? When stress is overbea
Happy Birthday to my BFF, My numero UNO!!!!!! I hope you have a great day with whatever girl gets graced with your fabulous presence today!!! XD 🎶 Cause you're my right hand, you my go to!!! 🎶 @hellosaggy https://media.giphy.com/media/qFNcv6c05EPO8
What can you tell me about the Venus in Pisces? He also has Moon in Libra and Mars in Leo. Also, what about the compatibility Venus-Pisces with Venus-Taurus? I’m just curious, I tried looking online but you guys give better information :)
So virgo guy said he'll come to see me on Jan 13th and 14th. I have two days off then. And he too is free. We're meeting up in the nearest city. .. which is 2 hours from where I'm at. He's gonna fly to the city, anyways, as the airport is there. So
which education/training did you follow/are you following. what would you like to study? i will start finished my study for vet assistant. only need to do my exam. currently studying for personal helper for children with special needs. however if i
What was the deciding factor of why you chose your career? Passion and love for it? Money/Respect? Are you happy with the choice you've made?
while i tortured my virgo mercury by listening to alex jones' pisces mercing for 3 hours straight (i know he says a lot of crazy stuff but i'm fascinated all the same), i saw a pattern with the list of famous whistleblowers in my mind.. julian assange, e
Post 3 Memes or Gifs That Reflect Your Personality. You can only post three. https://media.giphy.com/media/l3mZgi6HEmSiprXWg/giphy.gif https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/fc/70/a8/fc70a8c0247bb58d97cc7022c2f0ba0d.jpg https://i.imgur.co
https://youtu.be/3qwXYFIw67Y Good evening :) I'm looking to start the game Thursday 12/15 or Friday 12/16 so people can play over the weekend. Nights will start at 10:00PM EST and Days will start at 10:00AM EST Without cutting any of the role
Post your pics.. Curious to see what's happening in the world..Location/no location..no matter, maybe caption for context or not.
So, I hve a question. Do you like spending money on your girlfriend? Reason I ask is because I am now very confused. I am flying to see him around the end of this year and he did offer to pay half of my ticket which I didnt agree to yet as I was thinking
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra