Right then...... Let's hear it. How many Scorpios are dealing with Taurus partners at the moment or have done in the past. Theres something going at play here with the universe no?.
I hope she understands why I did what I did and doesn't decide to use this as some kind of an excuse to start cutting herself again. She is an aggressive kisser, though. I will say that much. Not the first Scorpio that I've ever kissed but goddamn if this
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
Guys, I need your help *sigh* How in the world, does one get rid of a Scorpio?? Seriously, this man won't quit. All He wants is the kitty for Christ's sake and I'm not having it! Are you guys usually this persistent? Ffs, I can't be anymore blunt
So....I know you guys are tired of me talking about this Scorp Sun Gem Moon Venus Virgo guy, but he keeps flip flopping like a Gem. One minute he's crazy in love & stalking me... the next he won't respond. This has been going on for a whole year! We haven
I just got into numerology a couple a days ago. I wanted to post this in the numerology room but I only wanna know my fellow scorpios' lifepath number. I know this thread is gonna take days to pick up lol so dont rush to answer... Lifepath #22
Hi everyone! This is about scorpion guy who's friend of my friends.He's already taken(g.f)but he confused me.Everytime we're in the same event he always act weird.he always walk or stand where I am, I noticed he glance at me a lot even his friend and his
My ex scorpio sun (30, Pisces moon ) told me she moved on while I was gone 18 months and only wants a friendship. I am a sagittarius (33 years old, Sun, aries moon, scorpio rising)... she says there is no hope in getting back together and I should accept
Asking for others stories to this. I've been in a relationship for awhile now and I've been feeling like it's no longer what I want and what I want to do can't take anyone with me for certain reasons. Has anyone ever felt like what you Read more
This is a vague rumor that I have no idea if it is true or not. For scorpios out there have you ever returned to a lover after a breakup? Why or why not? Have you ever wanted to and not been given the chance? Do you still love past lovers and think of the
How do you remove a topic on here you have created? I've seen the posts with the line through the subject.
I am a female with a Cancer sun and Scorpio moon. I've been off and on for four years with a male Scorpio sun, Cancer moon. Our history is too long to get into, but he just recently ended things over us fighting too much. He doesn't realize that his in
If you thought someone wronged you and you had to chance to kill him in his sleep Why would you wake the person up, hold a knife near his head and not do the deed?
Okay. I'm lost as treetrunk right now. 😂 My bae apparently wants to corrupt me, and is not telling me what he means. He's called me innocent plenty of times. I don't think this is sexual, we're past that point. Any ideas? Keep in mind, he has done h
Woman venus in scorpio, really forget? 5 years ago I ended a relationship with a woman with scorpio sun, venus, mercury and jupiter .. since then we have seen 3 times in these 5 years by chance but nothing important, hello, how are you? And nothing mor
So I've known this scorpio guy for about 3 years. Just recently this year he's shown real interest in me... he told my mom. It took us a while to actually start going out and spending time together. When we're together is actually really nice, we have a l
Let's say that a Scorpio talks to a girl from time to time and tries and tries to get to know her and talk about topics with her. Of course, he's always the initiator. What would be a Scorpio's true intentions behind this? Do they have an interest in th
I'm sure this same topic has been here but I haven't seen it to push back to top. Do you dissapear to test? Because it's too intense? Moving too fast? Silent treatment break up? And why do you reappear again? I want each take on it how you feel
hello, I'm a taurus woman, had been in an intense relationship with a scorpio man for 4 years, there was a secret drug addiction hidden from me for sometime , has been hard to get through since that happened, and it was rocky, i was trying my best but
Okay, I need some advice. Me and my best guy friend (SAG)- who is a Sagittarius, decided to take our friendship to the next level two years ago and start dating. I have gotten to that point twice where I wanted us to be official and brought it up, but eac
Been dating a Taurus off and on for 16 years. Half of my life. It doesn't matter how long we go without contact we always seem to run into each other or find our way back. I'm ready for more but have to get some things in order in my life. I even told him
Hi All. I was in a strong loving relationship with my ex scorpio for 2.5 years. I left for 18 months overseas and we didn't spend any physical time together. we decided to put our relationship on hold until i got back and see other people. We kept in cont
I'm a Virgo woman, I'm really crazy about a Scorpio man. I met him one year go he was my work colleague, At the time I was engaged but I was generally interested in him, We speaked but not on a regular basis. We both left works and we were not speaking

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Hayyyyyy My name is Effervescent I'm like an anti-depressant I shine so florescent Cause that's how I do! Sexy on lock Fierce as treetrunk Step to me I got a rhinestoned glock cookiemonsteres be hatin' Cause I'm the best MC in Leo Versace dressed ~
Fwb messaged me today saying he misses me and sad that i javent been messaging him much lately. I sort of told him i'm bored and wanted a committed thing so i decided to distance myself. I dunno but he just stopped responding. Last thing he said was that
A bunch of uneducated asshats want to destroy the Sam Houston monument here in Texas. The guy voted for slaves to not enter Texas and even voted to keep texas out of the confederate states. This crap is going too far.
How many of y'all are dating/married to someone who has a crazy ex?
So. I'm just wondering, is the key to attracting an Aquarius man really through his mind? As in, he likes intelligent women? I never knew that and it baffles me that some men find intelligence sexy when 80+% of men just go off of looks and that's really a
What does it mean if u and your partner doesn't have Venus planet in natal chart??
There is a sagittarius man at my new workplace and I am having a lot of trouble reading him. We first met when he was one of the facilitators at my job training. - I am constantly catching him looking at me, but when I look at him he quickly looks awa
You know who you are Gemacookiemonsterass Anyways let me restart this thread serious comments only Would you allow your 17 year old to marry someone so that the individual could obtain a green card ? Why or why not?
Do you like the complexity that jigsaw puzzles create? (Are you a puzzle fanatic)
a 17 year old is marrying a 21 year old One is a natural born us citizen One is not Whatchu thinking ??!!
Aries> sagg, Pisces, Aqua Taurus> Cap, cancer, Virgo Gemini> aqua, Leo, libra Cancer> Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo Leo> Pisces, libra, aqua Virgo> Taurus, cancer, Aries Libra> Leo, Gemini, aqua Scorpio> Aqua, Pisces, Aries Sagittarius> Taurus, Gemini,
What's your opinion on them? Posted this on the taurus board.
What's your opinion on them? Posting this on the cap forum too.
You always see so many mutable/cardinals in relationship. I always think one has what the other lacks. Like mutable have super creative thought & cardinals highly motivated to act on an idea. What makes fixed signs navigate towards each other in rel
No this is not some stupid idea or thread to wind people up. I just had a long look into myself, ever since i started to want to express love and to be loved by females ever since i met the first woman, i became dependent on wanting my feelings returne