virgo and sickness

hello my virgos i wondering ho do you guys deal with being sick for me i dont like to be bother and im more moody cause
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hello my virgos i wondering ho do you guys deal with being sick for me i dont like to be bother and im more moody cause it so annoying not being able to do things i still try to move around and get my meds and tea lol.

but i take care of my self so well i hardly get colds and flus lol.

also i hate being around being when they're sick because i dont wanna get sick especially when on im the train im dying to get off it lmao.

winter time is a pain but i love it.
male from Brooklyn
"Destined For Greatness Someday Lol First Decan Virgo Sub Ruled by Mercu
Posted by wgamador
I am blessed with a superior immune system so I usually get sick once a year.
But I also take precaution in order to avoid viruses and stuff....keep my neck covered and GLOVES!!
I start wearing gloves like in October....i see people rubbing their noses and the same hands opening doors and stuff.
So gloves are a must in the fall/winter for me.

Anyhow, When I indeed get sick i use a lot of Vicks vapor rub and a nice hot cup of Theraflu and i believe that if you flush out all your body fluids, you can get better sooner. So yeah, i punch the clown with the big red nose cause i believe it helps when im sick. Go ahead judge me, but see if it doesnt work for you the next time.


im not doubting you virgo healing methods at all lol.

you usually know when your body is coming down with a cold and thats when you should attack lol.
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Work out? Eat healthier? exercise daily? Relax more often?

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