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The sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgos are normally born between August 23 and September 22 when the Sun was in the sign of Virgo. The exact date and time of your birth could determine your zodiac sign.

Virgo Personality

The Virgo personality is complex. To the outside world, you appear calm and in control of every situation. However, inside you are nervous, restless, but always trying to improve your life.

Intelligence is what your sign is all about. You gather facts and then put them to a practical use. Combine this with your analyzing skills and you have a very powerful duo. Others like to run their plans by you first because you can spot the flaws from a mile away.

Your biggest fault is your preoccupation with precision. You are very reluctant to dive into anything without checking out all the possibilities. This trait also limits your imagination and creativity because you are too dependent on established practices.

Virgo Relationships

This quick chart gives a quick summary of a love relationship between a Virgo and another sign. Click the signs to delve deeper into the subject

  • Virgo & Aries: Personalities will clash; avoid this one.
  • Virgo & Taurus: Taurus will ignite Virgo's passions; very promising.
  • Virgo & Gemini: Common interests will bring them together, but Gemini may tire of this quickly.
  • Virgo & Cancer: The two fit well together with both wanting what the other one is giving.
  • Virgo & Leo: This combination can only last a short time.
  • Virgo & Virgo: This combination works well together.
  • Virgo & Libra: Libra will soon leave to find a more exciting time.
  • Virgo & Scorpio: There may be some trouble with this combination, because both find it hard to communicate.
  • Virgo & Sagittarius: This won't last for very long, because Virgo cannot stand Sagittarius' reckless ways.
  • Virgo & Capricorn: A very promising pairing with both complementing the other's strong suit.
  • Virgo & Aquarius: This couple will not be able to work well with each other.
  • Virgo & Pisces: At first it seems so perfect, but soon that feeling wears off and the relationship will end.

Virgo Sign Specifics

  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Color: Lavender
  • Flower: Rose
  • Animal: Snakes
  • Body Part: Lower Back
  • Country: China
  • Metal: Copper
  • Birthstone: Opal


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Virgo Gift Guide

Buying a gift for a Virgo personality means finding a product that symbolizes intelligence, precision, methodical. The reasoned thinking of a Virgo is masked by a reserved and modest nature. They seem to enjoy constant activity as well as improving things--although they appear cool, calm and collected.

The key to pleasing someone born under this sun sign is to think about organization, neatness, healthy lifestyles and devotion. These are all habits of a true Virgo, ones which portray a person who is always striving to improve upon his/her life while hanging onto established ways of earning success.


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