Is it typical for Virgo men to be jealous? I've been with mine for a year and a half and wow he is wickedly jealous. That is saying something coming from a Scorpio with too many Scorpio placements. We can be out together and if he notices a guy lookin
A list with the most useful asteroids in Relationships analysis (especially useful in COMPOSITE charts, that is to say,
I met this Virgo probably around four months ago. Long story short.. in the beginning they behaved in a way that seemed confident, didn't seem in any way shape or form that their could be possible "feelings" there, until.. The lip biting started, what se
So I'm still in love with my ex he expressed his love for me too. He told me that I'm not the issue its him. He's been hurt in his past relationships. He told me he was scared because we feel to good to be true. I'm also a virgo so is he ...
i just can't get over how good is sex with my virguy. Any thoughts about how good lovers they are ? Are there any other placements reponsible for this ?
I've never dated a Virgo man.. I've been talking to one and we have gone on a few dates, talk every day. He is so open with me but I'm sooooo scared of trusting. Are Virgos typically trustworthy? I'm very nervous!! Can someone tell me what the
Hello Virgo Board, I'm X poster wanting you to read the mind of the Virgo I want to control, granted I won't ever say that out loud. Please proceed to listen to me complain for 5 paragraphs about how simple and basic miscommunication and misunderstanding
There's a Virgo pursuing me right now, I'm a little unsure about it and not ready to be in a relationship but I want to maintain my friendship with him cause he's a really nice. His placements, Sun Virgo/Libra cusp Moon Aries Mercury libra Venus Le
Virgo man advice please !!!!! Hey so I'm a Pisces woman that has been seeing this Virgo man for a month now. We met at a party, where we shared this intense but awkward eye contact moment. I approached him and he asked for my number stating that he liked
Post pictures of anything that makes you think Virgo. For you fellow Virgos also post pics of things you like.
Hello beautiful people! Happy new year! Quick question, how do I go about getting a chart that tells me, all about myself. Inner traits etc. Like a detailed chart?
I've been getting to know this Virgo women for a few months now.. it seems a couple times before she would give off intense flirtatious type behaviours but then seemed a bit reserved & standoffish later on.. help?
I'm a Cap guy 12/27 and Virgo women drive me insane, especially those on the virgo/libra cusp. What is your experience with Cap men - have they been positive or negative? Share your stories :)
And if so, how do you justify the action in your mind? What makes you believe that it's ok to do so?
Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aries The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces some degree of conflict in your nature because of vast differences between these signs. The common qualities are hardness and a true strength of purpose. Real emot
So lately we havent been in much contact and decided not to drag a dead relationship. He isnt making any efforts and is taking my efforts for granted thinking i will not leave him whatsoever. He is busy with his work and lat night he snapped at me and sho
For the longest time, I NEVER liked PDA but growing up, I realize its not so bad. Has any other virgo felt like that? Like PDA is childish and kinda annoying? Now, I do some PDA because of libra hubby but how do you guys feel or felt about it?
Why would a virgo man ask to be fwb after being in a short relationship when he said a month before that he had 'strong feelings'. Was he just a sick liar that was playing me the whole time?
I know you've heard this a thousand times but can't seem to figure out if me and virgo turned a new page. I've known him for 5 years we have been on and off for four. I am 25 (scorpio) he is 24 (sept 4). I won't write a novel so I will be brief as possibl
Hello, I am 21 and Libra I have a long story but I'll try and shorten this up. My ex boyfriend is a Virgo and I made the biggest mistake breaking up with him and taking him for granted last May. I was so sick of him back then and I thought I just wanted
I just want to share my friend story. She had a relationship with virgo for a year . They had sex of course . They broke up as he told her he doesn't have time for her. She accept it. Bad luck, she got pregnant after they had sex and she knew it after he
Firstly I am a cancer f and Ive been speaking to a Virgo m and I thought everything was going great! He used to message me first and we spoke about our lives etc Last night I went out and he was in the club I went to, we ended up kissing loads and ended

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So the media and the internet's got this thing where they criticize HK women for "worshiping money, being narcissistic and having Princess Syndrome" and I thought to myself.. I'm sure other countries and cultures have their own set of women with such char
Hello everyone. I met my Pisces man almost 3 and a half years ago online. We are from the same country but he lives overseas because he was finishing his Masters. When we first met, we talked for hours every single day and he would initiate the convers
Difficulty feeling loved Hidden artistic and/or musical talents or interests Being too ‘nice’ as a form of self-undoing Placing a strong value on compassion and sympathy Problems with balance, hearing, or the throat (Venus rules
I was reading an article where the autor said that people with Venus/Neptune placements have a glamorous image...What does it mean?
I have Saturn (R) and Moon in my 10th house. Moon in 11° Sagittarius Saturn in 19° Sagittarius (R) What are the effects of this combo ?
I am having a very rough Saturn Return. My career and my love has been turned upside down. Currently i am facing the fear of losing my long love girlfriend of 10 years. Please guide. Sun in 23° Taurus Moon in 11° Sagittarius Mercury in 2° Gemini
I have a Capricorn brother who is 17 years older than me. I'm 31, he's 48. When I was majoring in math in uni, he roasted me for being unintelligent in front of everyone. It was merciless and went on for years. I saw him twice a week (at my mom's house) f
Tried on my partner's cologne that I absolutely love on him. Surprisingly it smells great on me too. I haven't found the perfume for me yet, but it seems his cologne is what I'm looking for. Have any of you ladies wore men's cologne before? (Just a
Hi! Momentarily date or romantically interact with me and you are sure to find your soulmate soon after! Does anyone else experience this? I feel as though everyone I've romantically interacted with has found someone special and it's always right afte
Any other Aquas been in a daze lately? I feel like I've been living on a distant star all week not at all in touch with Earth. And when I finally ventured out, my energy felt anxious/awkward. I read something about the current planetary energy promoting a
Hey guys, im new here and I would like some help with my relationships. Im trying to better myself and have better relationships with women in particular. My Sun is Pisces(Hell yeah), Moon is Aquarius and Ascendant is Sagg. Ive heard its a pretty rare
I'm so in love with him. I just want to shout it from the rooftops, sing and dance in the rain, squeeze every ounce of love I have for him and give it to him, and just thank the universe for blessing me the opportunity during this lifetime to experience s
Honestly, you guys are the best even if there are flaws that get under people's (not mine's though) skin. Why did I add that negative to a positive? Idk why, call me a Capricorn. But seriously, I couldn't live without my Pisces brother or without the Pisc
I've finally done it. Blocked the Scorp from everything after sending a final message, "Don't contact me. I'm done" I'd like to move on from this toxic Scorpio and at the same time give that sign another chance. What are common places that Scorpio'
Is this a scoprio specialty? I have heard many people told me that they had an instant connection with me (I got stopped by strangers on the street a lot as well). Today I was talking to a new guy online whom I just began talking yesterday and he commente