She's super cute, she's mysterious, she's funny and I haven't crushed on a girl like this since I was in like Middle School. I moved to California a few months ago and to start my new job, and she was the first person that I noticed... she really got my a
I'm a Scorpio and was dating a Virgo man for 9 yrs, we faced a lot of ups and downs. I was his first everything, after the 9 yrs he said he doesn't love me anymore and leave me for an 18 yr old. He is 29 and I'm 28. The girl broke up with him after 3 mont
I met my virgo guy early December and I never thought we would work out. We are working out and it's beautiful but I can't help but feel like I'm walking on thin ice. Like if I step out of line one time he'd be done with me. I have messed up a few times b
Aqua girl here. So this guy from school (Virgo) has been persuing me for almost 12 months now. First time we spoke online said we'd go on a date he vanished mid conversation. Second time actually arranged a time and date he never followed up and posted a
I've noticed something in pattern, maybe it's the Venus sign combo with /Virgo mars in this case, but Joanna Moore's life was so interesting and so sad, it's interesting because why a woman who is so beautiful and successful at one time of her life, b
In a corporation? Both are competent, just different approaches Abstract focusing on the people and caring for them and the grander scheme Details is focused on the numbers and how they affect the people Both are great, both are needed, bu
So, I'm a Taurus woman (I'm bi), Capricorn rising, Moon in Sagittarius, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Gemini... And the thing is, I keep crushing on Virgo Suns, both m & f, and they always seem to like me at first, but then they reject me. This has now happene
are you guys down? in general? or no.
He's been moody and shouty for days. In between he's sorry for shouting, tells me he loves me, we spend a lot of time together. Then out of the blue he blows up. I'm confused. We have chosen and ordered rings. We want to spend our lives together, his wo
I could get like this lol....
Hello this is my first post virgo sun :: leo moon:: virgo rising:: aries mars:: cancer venus I have a hard time with opening up and when I do I jump right in. I just have a hard time with relationships and keeping them sometimes I believe it's my leo
Would you chose someone that needs you over someone you loved who may not need you as much?
Hi! A virgo girl recently caught my eye. I noticed her staring at me/glancing at me from across the room when I wasn't looking. At first I ignored it, but when it started happening frequently I finally decided to talk to her. The conversation went well. A
Post Whatever you're thinking about at the moment.. This is really Gay.. *That's about it in my mind*
I thought they were supposed to be loyal. I've been reading so many posts lately (also on other forums). I'm dating one and now I'm kind of afraid to do something that makes him want to cheat! I'd love to hear about some experiences or thoughts.
Is that's a big deal? We've been dating for a month and he had to travel for work. When we saw each other last week he told me almost first thing that he missed me. I know they don't show emotion much.
I have been seeing a virgo woman since end of last year and we have been meeting up regularly (like every week or two weeks) . She never asks me out but when I do, she generally agrees to meet. When we meet (mostly after work), we tend to have a great tim
Hey guys.. so I'm in a situation.. I've read so many threads on dxp about virgo guys still have a question.. So i like this virgo guy.. we met about 3 months ago and have been chatting for past 2 months now.. at first we worked in the same building but
Hi all, so can Virgos be perceived as manipulative? I know we can be cold and straight to the point about things because we're realist. Anyways, a Libra guy I had been talking to as a friend said I was manipulative. I never thought of myself that wa
anyone else with virgos in their life dealing with virgos acting a fool since the retrograde? honestly things were fine with both of the ones in my life until the retrograde happened and sheesh. i don't really wanna talk about it. curious if anyone
Any Virgos experience a relationship with our own kind? If so, how was/is it? I've read that no other sign really gets a Virgo except for another Virgo. Is this true?
Are Virgo men really what people describe or are their traits just general traits that anyone can have. I don't know a soul who don't complain. That don't mean they all have Virgo in their charts. They say Leo's have egos and love to be adored. I like

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So, I've posted a few times on here talking about a Pisces guy who initially brushed me off then suddenly started to pursue me. I think he's a psychopath. I approached him in a bar because he's very attractive to me but the more time I've been spending ti
All three of the people have Pisces Sun signs. But would this Pisces Sun/Virgo moon man go better with a Pisces Sun/Aries Moon women? Or a Pisces Sun/Aquarius moon woman? I know that both Aries and Aquarius are not good with Virgo but if we had to choose
I'm curious. I'm going to visit my cousins in Oviedo and Barcelona.
Why y'all so petty....andddddd... why y'all allow lil ol me to hurt ya feelings so quick that revenge is a given πŸ€”
What are your guys' thoughts about this? Super interesting video! Basically, scorned wives who find out about women who their husbands cheated/are cheating with post the "mistresses" picture on this website an
Have you ever tried it? If so, how was it? Did it improve your relationship on a soulful/spiritual level? To those who haven't tried it, Would you try it? Why or Why Not?
I feel like men would be more open to dating a bisexual female then a woman dating a bisexual man. What are your thoughts on this? Would you date a bisexual person? I feel like it's a really complex topic.
Okay so I have this guy in my class who uI have a doubt that he likes me . I have been noticing him for weeks that he stares at me in the class or outside cafeteria and I hadn't reacted at all he sometimes passed a smile and I smiled back too. Tried to t
Not sure if it's just me, but I find myself more often than not just tuning out the emotions around me and being really apathetic... Like for example, today I had a friend tell me how awful her suitemates current situation was and all I could do was s
Who has done it? I have, definitely. Pretending I didnΒ΄t know, I was lying. When it was finally over, I felt such a big relief of not having to be that person. So weird!!!! And pathetic and desperate and all those negatives, I know. Have you?
Can anybody explain to me why it's warm in certain areas of Northern Europe such as Britain, Netherlands and even Denmark while it's super cold in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Oh Iceland is warm too. @_@
I got set up on a date with a Taurus man by a mutual friend a few days ago and it was the worst date I had ever gone to. Not only was he a massive douche, but a complete lunatic. She "claimed" he would be a good match for me since I'm really emotional an My birth chart!
Dont allow the mistakes from yesterday determine the joy you experience today, learn from your past and move on, choose to be happy, choose what makes you happy, choose who makes you happy -AlexBwakkaπŸ”πŸ’ŒπŸ—πŸ’”
Are you happy with them? Not happy? Do you have breast implants? All natural? Tell us about your ta-ta's. Inspired by MrEmptyBackpack's thread about his mom's melons ~