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  • So my Taurus best friend (also huge crush) is being taken advantage of and is feeling under appreciated because of her generous and kind nature. She told me tonight that the only alone time she gets is in her car. I know this is very important for Taurus
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  • Ok. So ive posted here before about my ex (im sure most of you would remember it if i started talking about it) but at the beginning of the year she left me, asked me to come comfort her and it sent my mind into an overdrive "omg come back to me!!!" strea
  • I'm 22 i live parents I don't have a job I'm looking though Im confused about where I want to go next in life I feel so rushed by the world to do something I feel like everyone thinks I'm a loser and drives me nuts I want kick these assholes in the teeth
  • I met this Taurus man about two years ago. He has a traveling job which caused us to lose touch. In July, we reconnected on social media. He was living in Brazil at the time and we spoke on the phone/facetime non-stop everyday. He made all kinds of promis
  • I hurt my tauraus man with emotional and physical abuse due to a mental side effect that occured when i was given the wrong medication and it created a traumatic chemical imbalance for a couple weeks. He broke up with me because of it 3weeks ago. Last wee
  • I met Taurus man (Taurus sun & Venus) a few months ago online. I was very clear from the Begining about what I was looking for. Not interested in casual dating, hookups etc. I was clear I was interested in getting to know someone to lead to a LDR. He
  • Hello, I have a question about a taurus girl. We know each other since two years when she came at my workplace. The problem is we were both in relationships. My relationship had lots of problems and she also said that hers is not ok and that in the past s
  • Can someone help me interpret this chart? These are the aspects between the person that I am currently seeing. I am seeing that we have SO many oppositions that its rather daunting. When we first met it felt as if we had instantly clicked and we were ta
  • OK, so I've been "seeing" this Taurus/Gemini cusp guy for about 9 months now. His birthday is May 20. I'm an Aquarius, btw. Let me also add that we've never met in person. We live in different countries. Our "relationship" is mainly online (Skype etc) & t
  • Some of you may remember my first post in the forum where I received some much needed advice on my Bull needing some space to resolve some issues with his previous relationship. I will falling apart and you guys talked some sense into me. Some were negati
  • Do you have a hard time expressing your feelings to people? My boyfriend has a really hard time expressing himself emotionally. The only time he tells me how he feels about me is when he's drunk or a little buzzed. I think it makes him more comfortable. H
  • Taurus girl here and tired of loving the wrong man for so long..i think I am finally ready and actually want my relationship to last..ready for a happy and a healthy relationship...so which placement shud i look for based on my chart??? :) Taurus sun..
  • I'm Taurus myself. It has been a long time since I dated a taurus man. Recently I met a guy, born on April 23. I thout he might be Aries...but NOOO! He's Taurus.... He seems to be interested, but I'm quite prejudiced against Taurus guys. Tell me plea
  • I've come to find myself locked in a battle of wills with an Aries over the silliest thing. My brothers girlfriend (Aries) gave birth to my niece 2 months ago. I haven't been able to see her for the past month. She refuses to reply to my texts or answe
  • I just don't know what to do. He's 33 and I'm a 27 year old Aqua woman and we get along great. He calls me everyday and when we aren't on the phone we are texting or messaging through fb. Once and a while I will message him first, but 98% of the time he i
  • I realized (since a very long time) that I do not easily make good or worthwhile friendships.. Not that I am not trying, I do try. But the problem is that I find myself ending up being lied to, betrayed, ignored, used by ppl whom I thought are close frien
  • ??? What do they look for. What tickles them about someone else? Maybe an obvious answer is : one they are attracted to. Basically, someone they can fuck! Ha. Um but would you rather this girl (or guy) be sweet or assertive, demure or bold. Quiet or
  • I'm Cancer woman and i falling in love for a Taurus woman, and make two years i not talk to her. I said hurtful things to her an she blocked me on Facebook and never answered me. I left her alone for a long time and the last letter I sent was in N
  • I know it's an odd pair but what about when I'm a Taurus sun and a Sagittarius moon does it have a better chance of working out?