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  • Hi ,I just stubble upon here and was amaze at the kind of advice you all are giving .So I hope you could help me I'll appreciate your help thks^0^. I'm an aries ,18 yrs old&have been seeing an Aquarius man(17yrs old)for almost a year.You may think it's
  • Hello folks, We started dating about 2 months ago he is an Aquarius born on Feb 11th and Im a Pisces born March 12th , we got into our first argument last night. I was home getting ready to go out for a couple of drinks while he was at his house watc
  • so she was a friend of my cousins but never talked to her she made me feel nervous and shy it was a look in her eyes but anyway i found her on fb and we started msgin while we talking I started to like her and told her I think I like u a bit flirting and
  • I first wrote this on the leo page and am now posting this on the forums where I have placements I'm asking about: I recently started noticing some connections between astrology placements, and it seems like more than just a coincidence. I thought it
  • Which is ur Aquarius birthday & what is your decans mine is Aquarius decan #1
  • Well this is the 2nd question I ask here about this subject. I keep kind of a long distance relationship with an aqua... We met in a summer camp... Sparkling romance in just a few days... We fell madly for eachother. After 2-3 months of highs and lows a
  • So this bitch tells me a lie that I KNOW is a lie, but I took the bait! *shame face* I try to contain myself but can't. So I call my Aqua boyfriend about the said information hissy as fuck. While throwing it down, I hear myself and rein it in. I don't s
  • Aqua guy had a massive crush on me for a year. Very young, never had a girlfriend (I'm a lot older and divorced, but look very young - he knows my real age). At first I ignored him but he was always around, listening, laughing at my jokes, gazing into my
  • I heard the crash. A remote road. But I'm there. Walking my dog. So I see... A woman lies on the ground. A driver is pacing, agitated, on his cell. Approaching her, I kneel alongside. I see blood, under her head. I look into her eyes. The sa
  • Ok, just feaded this on the internet: Seems pretty much like the description of an aqua girl in the courtship stage, or am I wrong? Please explain me how this stuff works because if
  • I have been friends/colleagues with this Aquarius man for four years (I'm 41, he's 45), and he has been (respectfully) pursuing me from afar for three years. He lives in San Diego, I live in Florida, so it's a long distance thing. I was married until rece
  • *long distance relationship without give commitement because of her* She puted herself in a facebook relationship, I was annoyed and asked her what's up, but then changed my mind and told her that I dont care and keept talking to her like usualy, all thin
  • We talk about an aqua who have almost just guy friends... She likes me... I like her too a lot, but I dont feel confortable to know that she always hang out with guys and she had a past in wich she usually get high or drunk... I try my best not to be jeal
  • hello all..wished to ask a question for you cool people :) M a leo female..I have an aqua guy friend..our bond was strengthened during last year..but previous some months had been tough for my friend as his father died suffering from a long disease..i di
  • So I need some insight. Basically I met this guy and we have been friends for a while now. about a year ago I became like obsessed with him but I was too scared to ever say anything to him. I always knew he had the hots for me he would even tell other peo