Why?? is this their way of saying they are done with you? My Aqua man just blocked me from his phone. I think he is mad at me for not 'being there' for him. He is so self-centered. While he was going through something, I was too. It was such a coi
I read a lot that its a great match, but I havent read many success stories? I do know that I mostly attract them, Ive recently been dealing with one.......with our paradox ways as an Aquarius I need some success stories, and if failure stories, why do yo
Yay, made a rush decisionto post on fb I'm in a relationship ( with the Leo man) well he asked for exclusivity so I did it. And he decided to help me financially a little bit his words. Not that I want his money but I think that's a nice move from him. Ma
I hope you guys here will give me some advice. I really confuse and don't know what to do. when an aqua man say you are to intensive, what shall I do?.. shall I ignore him?...and no contact for a while?
I really need help.. My aquarius man is a friendly man to anybody. That's the reason why everybody loves him. Especia
and you are in your head, what do you do? is this a spiritual healing experience? escape?
"let it roll!....." https://media.giphy.com/media/VvsiMcXscqoyQ/giphy.gif
i found this site when i was reading on sarah palin, and that this astrologer thinks Sarah Palin and Axl Rose should be kindred spirits cause they have a super stellium lol https://ohioastrology.com/2011/09/06/sarah-palin-and-axl-rose-have-the-same-pro
okeeehhhh ._. after 2 weeks of ignoring me ,being cold and detach to me.. He suddenly -comes off shy.. -couldn't even look me in the face .__. -avoided eye contact, act busy on his phone when we are alone together.. -act playful to the people arou
Last night, He yelled at me in the car that he wanted to be alone...So I hugged him ... he cooled down alittle bit, and
How emotional you are? Do you think you are a romantic? Are you considerate of your other half and be there for them when they need you? What are you like at break ups, do you try and fight for them or just find it easy to cut your losses and move on to s
Just a quick back story, I met an aqua online and we started chatting for 2 mos before we officially met during my trip to Australia. After we met and I went back to Japan, we continued to get in touch and sometimes he would tell me to come to Melbourne s
There are three Youtubers that I adore that have very different content but they are amazing and I was even more amazed when I found out they were Aquarian because I can see myself being good friends with these people so feel free to share any that I don'
LoL... as you all know, I have Taurus sun Aqua moon and once I dated a leo moon man ( Taurus sun) and his ego and his need for attention really annoyed me... then, now I'm entering myself to date a leo man.. and he's already showing similar traits of extr
A few days ago I deactivated my fb page. The next day I reactivated it and a few days later my aquarius blocked me! He said he went to look for me and thought I blocked him so when he saw my page back up he blocked me. Smh I told him he was wrong for blo
I have been dating an Aqua for a year now. The sex has been mind-blowing and to my surprise, it hasn't diminished in intensity. He awakens something in me and I seem to do the same in him, each time I feel ravenous. I know that our signs are not typic
What are your thoughts on them? He has cancer moon by the way, not sure her placements.
Is this a way to heal spiritually? is this a way to problem solve? is this a way to escape? Why do you like being in your heads?
theres aquarius guy i know, who hugs alot of people, hes definately a peoples type of person. We hugged once and after t
He’s a smart and intellectual guy, reads books, Good at studies while me on the other hand is a Gemini (feel more like pisces and a cancer) and is Popular, smart , creative, Artistic… We both are guys…I’m a Homosexual..(I looked as identical to a girl yo
Hey, i Hope i dont bother u but I've got this problem with an aqua male and in drives me crazy(I have no idea what his rising, moon and Venus are). But I'd be nice to hear a completely objective persons opinion. I'll try to make it short . I've known him
I've been in a long distance situationship with an Aqua man for almost a year. He talks about "what ifs" and "if we had a relationship in the future" the rare times he opens up to me about his feelings. I find these moments adorable between our convos abo
Ok. So Melb aqua is gone. For some reason he told me who he slept wih and when and I suddenly lost interest talking to him. I might not be fair because i mean i do the same thing to him but oh well... i got bored. Aqua ex and I are trying to reconnect but

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I've always been curious about which one is the most accurate or which one I should focus on when it comes to reading my general horoscope or generalized tarot card reading. For you, which one seems to be the most accurate... Sun, Moon, or Rising?
Oops, I did it again. Should’ve learned that relationships and me are somewhat like oil and water. Mhm. Or maybe more like fire and dynamite. Aaanyway.... Can’t stay quiet and collected even if my life depended on it. Somehow that last functioning part
So I have two male Leo friends and both are married and both constantly flirt with me! Is this normal and they're being just friendly? I haven't really dealt with many Leo's so I'm not sure how they really are, so maybe I'm just misunderstanding them?
How is July treating you dear Scorpios? I am sort of tired of dealing with your doom and gloom emotions. Is there break on the way???
Hi everyone! Just wanted to know about any of your experiences/insights with Libra moons?
http://astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/graphic?type=32&dformat=2&date=1962/9/25&lat=0.00&long=0.00&adjust=0.00&date2=1987/4/4&time2=14.51&lang=en&reverse=&nohouses=true Can someone interpret this chart.. we've been friends for several months.. desp
Well I've had the pleasure of catching an amazing Taurus man! He's the absolute best at everything! Better than I even knew a man could love a women. I'm deeper in love than I ever thought possible considering I'm a libra and I thought I had lived in the
Hi All, So question about Taurus... Do they get cold feet? Like for weeks that are excited about the thought (Theirs) of something, but then when that thought becomes reality, they get quiet...?
http://i.imgur.com/nhU7F0G.gif http://i.imgur.com/WwbSgiA.gif
Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, was an American serial killer and sex offender, who committed the rape, murder, and dismemberment of seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. His birth chart https://www.astrotheme.c
End it in a moment of fury but "not really mean it" I have personally experienced this with a Virgo. Boy did it chip away over and over until I lost all faith and wasnt gonna hang around for the time that he DID mean it. Plus I dont do threats. With me
I just broke up with an Aries man I was dating, he turned unexpectedly nasty on me and left me shocked like a slap in the face. Is this an Aries male thing? We'd been dating about three weeks and he was laying it on thick, like really thick with tal
In my left wrist and my pinky knuckle [img]http://i.imgur.com/FVcoUF7.gif[/img]
The 2 house systems change the sign and planet for a few of my houses, but it seems like both are correct in some way....like my 3RD HOUSE in Libra, or Scorpio, both make sense because l moved around so much, my neighborhood could be said to be my home
So I hooked up with an ex coworker a few months ago. He had just broken up with his gf. She worked with us too for a few months. I no longer work at the place he works at. Anyways it was a drunken, mdma type of hookup in a lesbian bar. I don't know wh
I'm a Leo guy with Virgo rising. I've been with a Aries woman for the last 10 years and we have 2 very young children together. In the last few years we've grown apart. Recently I have met a wonderful Capricorn woman who is extremely attractive, intellige
I don't know what is. This bull I know has an aqua moon. Anyway, he is sometimes quick tempered and jumps down my throat. Example; Him: only 36% of people love trump. These people are (various expletives) Me: I wouldn't trust those "polls." They
Yeah, like hiring from escort services.. Also known as hookers/call girls. I am a single guy from past four years now by choice and I do hire professionals from time to time. It just feels so easy and safe if you have the right contacts and also money.