This guy really confuses me. -He says he likes me to all of his friends. -All of his friends claim that he likes me. -He shows subtle body language signs of liking me. -He is CONSTANTLY STARING at me. -He is always at my rescue; he is constantly defe
I have been seeing this guy for 18 months. No one knows about our "relationship" and we are not calling each other boyfriend /girlfriend either (in other words - friends with benefits ). He trusts me and has admitted that I know more about him than anyon
Hi guys, this time I have an unusual question... It's almost Christmas here, so we decided to organize a "Secret Santa" event in our office. I drew the name of a co-worker, an Aquarius man of 30yo that is married and has a toddler girl. The budget is 15
My relationship with an Aquarius man is so confusing. It’s literally taking me on the biggest emotional roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. I need help to restore the relationship back to what it was. The thing is, I don’t know what went wrong. The
So I've heard from Sagittarius and Leo men that they say aquarius women are boring in bed they are not initiative and mostly very distant even in long Relationships. my best Leo friend that I've known for 9 years has been with an aquarius for 4 years onl
My aqua friend told me he's "testing" our other friend, they had an argument (she was annoyed he wasn't taking her seriously, because he's a joker). He said " now I'm only showing her my serious side, that's what she wanted.. I want to see how she act
Hey aquas! I have a question. How important is it for you to have similar interests with your partner? The reason I am asking is because my partner loves pugs and star wars. Trouble is i am allergic to dog fur and i like star wars but i am not a die hard
Hi everyone I been looking for a place like this for ages so i got some things i wanna get off my chest! as an Aquarian
...and an unhealthy amount of speculation? If so please consider this situation: (let's just hope the people in question don't go on dxp or my life's about to get real awkward) 》Aqua meets Leo 》Aqua and Leo do NOT hit it off (according to Aqua)
Hey Fellow Aquas (or actually whoever wants to respond), Monday my sister passed away. It was all of a sudden. She wasn’t sick.... she was still young (only 43). My mom and I were extremely close to my sister.... extremely... like the 3 musketeers...
Aquarius guy (Taurus Moon, Venus and Mars in Capricorn) had a crush on me for three years, but admitted to having abandonment issues due to childhood abuse - so when we got close he ran away. We've remained friends - however, he gets upset if another guy
I wrote here about a crush that I had over a Aqua woman, almost a year ago. In short, we are colleagues, mid 30s, both divorced, she has a girl. She started flirting with me after my breakup from my ex wife. Told me she had a crush on me for 1 year and a
not being able to thank someone because it feels awkward i'm not use to it, i want to but i just can't yeah i'm Aquarius sun maybe it doesn't have anything to do with being one or maybe it does who knows :P
Female and men I believe they can be different
My Aquarius came back last week after walking away from me 9 months ago. He told me he was sorry and gave me some lame excuse as to why he did it. Apparently, he left because we can't have kids. He also told me he missed me and wanted to make things righ
We’ve been friends for years but for this last year things became more serious. My insecurities lead to believe there was no way he’s be interested in me, he is a man of actions and not words. When he finally made his move months later I was really afraid
He feels happy that I have been reaching out to him more often and now he feels wanted. He said he was nervous last weekend coz he sees a future with me and I seem to be having my cold feet/panic attack. I went cold turkey last sunday. I was nervous t
Hi DXP, Finally decided to join you all in here although I've been lurking ever since I got into astrology earlier this year because of a...drum roll please...AQUA! 😁 I've already learned so much from your discussions and I have so much I want to sh
I can’t get over him.... I’m an Aquarius and I’m having a hard time getting over this man. Usually, especially if hurt, I can cut someone off and just move on with my life. However, it’s really something about this capricorn man that just won’t let m
"let it roll!....."
Sun Aqua Moon Aqua Merc Aqua Venus Cap Mars Cap Jupiter Virgo Saturn Aqua Uranus Cap Neptune Cap Pluto Scorp Just idk personality wise.
Wondering generally how you guys view the word 'love'. Now I know some people throw it out like it means nothing, and th
If so how do you push through the manipulation

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For example, earth ( Taurus, Virgo Capricorn) which one would you choose and why? And water , fire and air...
Hello folks. It's that time of the year when we all gather in one topic to show gratitude and shade towards our fellow dxpers and to hand them trophies that are worth gold in internet bragging. Topic will run until this Sunday, the 17th of December
I have been having dreams of this man. The first time I saw him I felt attracted to him. Still to this day I don’t know what type of attraction it is. But it’s like I knew him. His personality: seems like a loner, never really talks to anyone, always lo Don't mind this topic, I'm just gonna collect articles about ENTP. I'm gonna see if can start to be more ENFP than ENTP
My car broke down this morning(30 degrees outside), so I call my boyfriend (Virgo) who is very knowledgeable about cars, and I tell him I’m stranded and I ask if he can come give me a jump so I can get to a mechanic (bf was 4 miles away). He tells me ther
Fellow fishes. This is a lounge for Pisces. The Piscean Reef 🎋 Share your dreams, hobbies, anything! Daydreams ! When you need somewhere to escape. This is a judgement free zone 🚷 Be respectful to peoples feelings 😘 I noticed some other signs had
So I feel the need to inform all of you that I am essentially "going away". Not for good but probably for a significant amount of time. Firstly, I have mentioned before that I am buying a new gaming PC. In order to help fund this, I am selling my current
On December 19th, the end of this flawless year, I won't be receiving a dick in a box like I had hoped and prayed to Santa for, but I will be receiving the gift of Saturn leaving my flaw-free Moon sign. I will no longer have to deal with big, hard, mean,
So my dad called me yesterday telling me that he’s flying me out on Friday, to go spend some time with him. (AWKWARD) Anyways....he’s being abnormally clingy and nice, my intuition is telling me he has some kind of news for me. I feel like he’s goi
......or singing :) @WarAngel1 came up with this idea and asked me to create a thread Vocaroo a poem, passage from a book, a song, a quote, Christmas carols etc Everyone welcome ... Don't be shy :P. Will be back later to post something found my answer... omg.. so sad LOL ---- so conflicting... pfff
From movies, tv series etc. Post them here. Doesn't have to be a Virgo actor/actress, just the behavior or the scene itself has to have that certain je ne sais quoi qui dit Vierge.
If you want, @ somebody and serenade them with your flawless vocals. el oh el. Let's go guys.
Substitutional thread for : - do you - teena-ing -Jed jokes - place for us to mess around - place for us to meet up - place for us to drink.....tea or something stronger - and much more *wink* *wink* @SkiesAfire @Whiskey_in_a_bar
I made the Aries take the personality test and he turned out to be an ENTP, which is supposed to be one of my ideal matches according to this website He is the Debater and I, the Architect according
To the lovely ladies... At the beginning stages of the relationship/intimate or friend Which one would you prefer... A.) A man that, when you say something that is kind of offensive to him, he stays silent about it, stores it away in his mind
Scorpio vag is ≥ crystal meth I hear it's a black hole that takes away your soul. A void of kegels and leg clench locks True or nah