OK so i need help with this weird 50-year-old Aqua. I'll give a brief explanation of the past. We met nearly a year ago, he seemed to smitten by me as he always complimented me saying how pretty, sexy, beautiful, intelligent, sensual and sweet I was. I am
Here's one for you, fellow space cadet! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/39/d5/89/39d589ef4e5a6ca8bd17fc4bfd12fec6.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOjAzI5zALo
Pertaining to quotes you resonate with or quotes that describe the Aqua kind. Happy Aquarius seasonπŸ™ƒβ™’οΈβ€οΈ
Do they make promises that they forget to keep? Like if they say that they will call you? and they don't?
Happy birthday Snozzie(H) May your day be filled with love!! http://bestanimations.com/Holidays/Birthday/funnybithdaygifs/funny-cat-party-happy-birthday-gif.gif http://bestanimations.com/Holidays/Birthday/funnybithdaygifs/funny-leonardo-decaprio
Hi guys. I am writing to hopefully get some advice from some fellow Aquarians or people who have been with Aquarian women who can possibly explain their behaviour. I was seeing a girl who I work with who is an Aquarian and there is significant age d
Apparently Aquarians are supposed to be extreme sjw liberals. Explain to me why someone like me is a hardcore conservative. Aquarius is even my dominant sign, while Uranus is my dominant planet. Shouldn't I be an extreme liberal?
Confused and lost cancer here. So, I've been in a relationship with aqua/pisces cusp for a year. butterstorm happened on Christmas day. I gave him a gift that wasn't expensive but thoughtful. He was very excited about it and reacted the same way I imagined
Hello everyone! I met this Aquarius online and we flirted a lot through text before meeting. We planned to meet last Saturday but he cancelled and told me to reschedule. I didn't so he asked me out for Monday (6 days ago). When we met up he was not as
Share your thoughts on anything.
O.k here is my issue. I love my boyfriend.BUT i feel he takes me for granted sometimes. He is amazing man, sexy, handsome, he is hard worker and he has a good paying job. The only thing is he gets so cought up with work thst i feel invisible sometimes. Fo
I'm a Leo woman on the casp with Cancer! I'vr been dating my Aqua for three months. He has been good to me, always make an effort to ensure I'm happy, in turn I give him his space... he recently took me away and introduced me to his long time friend and a
The one song that truly describes me perfectly... Post one thing (pic, video etc) that sums you up as an Aquarius https://youtu.be/5cDLZqe735k
I dated this aquarius man almost 7 months now. We don't have sexy at all. We both are not younger anymore. We both have kids. Now he said to me I can tell to my kids that he is his boyfriend and he would like to come to my place to meet my kids. Is it s
I don't necessarily need anyone to explain my chart to me because I've done enough research, but I want do see if any of you can get close to what I've learned or know from personal experiences by taking a look at my chart below lol. Zodiac : Tropical
I have been dating an Aquarius guy for three months now on and off. Sun Aquarius Mercury Aquarius Venus Sagittarius Mars Gemini Not sure of his moon...I guess either Libra or Scorp. I am a Scorpio with a water / air mixed chart so I am defini
You gather from rivers of invention Shaping the future With your own unique signature. Cyber hugs to Aqua from Season
Triple-Aqua here! (Sun, Venus, Mars) Libra moon, Pisces Merc... This cabin fever is making me crazy. Feel free to ask me anything about my paradoxical kind. I'm happy to help and I'm sure my fellow Aquas-ladies will chime in! Open-book so noth
Sorry, I'm new to Astrology but I've been very interested in the couple of years because of how relatable everything was . What info do you need from me to find what my moons are? Thanks in advance!
I love me some Aquarius. :D One of my besties is a Aqua Sun/Moon and I could just not love this girl more. Her birthday is coming up and I want to do something nice for her. Two ideas. 1) Brunch festival - We are each other's official brunch buddi
I'm a Leo woman on the casp with Cancer! I'vr been dating my Aqua for three months. He has been good to me, always make an effort to ensure I'm happy, in turn I give him his space... he recently took me away and introduced me to his long time friend and a

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Go on I need something silly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaLdLlOfnLQ She is Taurus he is Capricorn. :-)
'Jupiter in Libra finds the most luck when they are fair and treat others equally. Their natural graciousness and talents at promoting and mediating can often bring them many opportunities.' I have this.
This taurus girl i know and has a crush on keeps ignoring my message since new year i dont know why and i dont want to judge her either,she just see my message then doesnt write back,when i go online she goes offline in a matter of minutes i dont know wha
So last night I text him about 3am then I fell asleep didn't reply until 10am by then I had missed 4 of his messages then he decided not to reply. You would think a libra wouldn't get so butt hurt and play little games !! Are all you libras like
I'd like to mention first this is very personal and I was contemplating posting this. I would really appreciate kindness and seriousness in your replies. I haven't opened up to anyone but I figured some unbiased and anonymity could be helpful. Anyways
Hi! So as of a few days ago, a Libra male messages me and is intrigued in wanting to get to know me. After a day or two of talking through private messages, he gives me his number and then gave him mine. He messages me a few hours later and we have be
Like these dudes. I mean at the very least, any woman can get laid whenever she wants right? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DUolvNpU-tk
After several months, ive gotten to know a very lovely aries girl. She is so composed and sweet. She is very straightforward but not harsh on people like i've seen with other Aries before. We laugh, we jokea and goof around at work. Never a dull momen
Do you think it's sexy? skanky? romantic? What? And why does it have to be Versace? @_@
It's nuts! I do not remove my topics! It's mistake and we can continue... Or mods please un-tight it! Tjanks
I have Fortune, Lilith, Uranus, Neptune, Juno and North Node in this house.
and why does ands block her every time he signs in? i'm quite perplexed. @_@
Just finiahed, Cinder. Like a mis of terminator meets Cinderella. Loving it!