Have you ever felt like you will end up alone? How do you deal with being "lonely" or just simply alone?
I met Aqua who has a Cappy Moon; Venus in Pisces; Mars in late degree Libra (28 degrees I think). Also, he has the dreaded Saturn in 5th tightly conj Chiron there in Pisces while that Saturn is square his Moon by 7 degrees. His Uranus in 11th is opposite
Got a new bedframe delivered to me this morning. The best things that came to my mind, ok let's jump on this thing and see if it makes any noise... and it did !!! Arghhhh super dissapointed then the Aqua picture came to mind n i was like..: why am I even
This is a long read... I began seeing my Aquarius back in November. He's A LOT older than I am. When I first began seeing him, I was told by many people that he was a player and to be careful. Well, in the beginning, we were just having fun together,
Have you ever had that moment when you feel like you just don't give a treetrunk about some and/or most people in your life that makes you just cut off all the contacts with them whatsoever? Why and what caused it / whats the trigger?
we are in a commited relationship for 11 months. at the moment he feels upset and just want to be alone as his father soon or later will died as he is 80 years old. he chooses to stay at home alone instead visiting his father which makes me sad that he di
aquarians are so damn cold and communicate naturally with everybody, so how can i know if I'm special somehow to them?
It's "hey I think I'm hanging with Wilson today." Meaning Wilson from the movie Cast Away hehe. He was saying how he gets extremely irritable when he doesn't have enough alone time but he can also be very needy (Libra moon). But we both agreed that were
Share your thoughts on anything.
Im curious about the magnetism (unless Im the only poor sucker feeling it--aqua venus after all) and some other similarities in the dynamic and am looking for experiences by other Caps or Aquas. Im mainly interested in romantic relationships, but it could
Aquarius & Taurus Two fixed signs. The bull and the water bearer. An earth and an air sign. In my series on compatibility across the zodiac, I believe that any two signs can come together for a match, but it's a matter of understanding how that pai
Because everytime I talk about Manchester United, he says he has 0 care and 0 interest. But... i try to be interested in North Melbourne Kangaroos games. I kinda see this as a red flag. Not only because of Manchester United (and they won the finals of Eur
Aquarius & Scorpio If you are a Scorpio or Aquarius, or even a rookie in astrology, you've probably heard some of the rumors about this water sign meets wind sign pairing. A lot of astrologers will go on autopilot and tell you the best compatibility is
Hey, I'm a Leo girl and I've dated an Aquarius man for 4 months and an half, he's my university colleague. We were really attracted to each other so one month after we first met he asked me to go out with him and we decided to be together. Everything was
Aquarius & Cancer My initial thoughts on a Cancer and Aquarius pairing is it comes off with a lot of yin. Cancer is moody and fits a lot of the spiritual metaphors found in looking at the moon. Aquarius is full of energy that it hides, it is highly
Both my mom and my oldest sister are aquarists abd both barely socialize outside of our family. My sister more so than my mother, but even her barely. The problem isn't making friends. They are both very sophisticated and charming and people actually are
Is this a good idea to do?? Yes, he did something that made me so darn mad at him earlier today. We've been together as friends for almost a year and just recently became exclusive :-) Because he has made me mad and I don't voice my madness to him, Now I
okay so I met this Aquarius guy through my best friend on February 2016. As soon as he saw me he couldn't take his eyes off me. We were all hanging out at his apartment and he would leave the kitchen to go sit with me on the couch and he would just talk a
Aquarius & Leo Two fixed signs, the heart of winter and the heart of summer. A union of opposites and a union of surprising similarities. One is the sun, one is the moon. Perfect masculine energy with perfect feminine energy. A burst of creativity, stu
Ask away! Nothing is taboo here. I'll respond as fast as I'll be able to. Aqua board needs some competition.
How to attract an aqua guy? (high school) conversation starters, things to avoid and how to get them to open up? I think he has a taurus moon
So, just like most Aquas I'm confused about my feelings. I don't know if any other placement affects this as well but I just have trouble expressing my feelings when I like someone but I'm like a butterfly around him, this clearly shows that I like him be

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so last night was the first time I've seen my bf this drunk. to be fair I'm truly disgusted.happened to me before with another ex scorp. now I know i gotta be supportive but all I'm able to do right now is be critical and think about all the butter he told
What should a Pisces learn from an Aries? To slow down?
I love having reasonably long nails but can't keep the length all even.. at some point or another one would break and I will cut it all off and start again.. I recently went back to having SNS on them after a year's hiatus to keep the nails from breaki
https://www.popsugar.com/career/What-Generation-Z-40064775 what do you think of all the 8-22 year olds you know?
So I made a post yesterday about the radio guy... first let me say it's been 3 weeks, of Talking everyday, so this is not even a "relationship" but he never said friends either which at this point it's about to be that... we text or call, and skype (video
Um... WOW. 🎇 🎆 🎇 🎆 Sensual, lustful, touchy, pillowtalk on point... They even demand cuddling after sex lol. By far the best, even beats out the sensitive Crab! Love, Virgal in Lust
Has anyone found it hard to get into a relationship after dealing with a Scorpio man?
Pretty sure I've tried them ALL.... Zero positive results.... Tell me which ones you honestly clicked with!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2oaXxvP7M8 COCONUT COUNT @sakuraflowers-5 @CaramelizedCoffee-4 @Effervescent-6 @starwars-6 @FknNerd-2
My man is turning 24 on the 28th of June and I was wondering what are some great ideas for a cancer man!? Thank you!!
Time ago I met a pisces. I liked him much. We started dating. I'm cancer lady. There was a good connection. He told me he wanted to be with me, but I should wait and give him some time because he was supporting his ex girlfriend and he still had feelings
So I got a new friend request today on Facebook and it's a girl I had problems with like literally 20 years ago Part of me is like "it was 20 years ago" The other part is like "why though ?" Do I just ignore her request? Decline? Or send her a me
when i was crushing a girls hardly, i search for every damn planet and aspect on her to see if we were compatible, she was a gemini...
Head is off the ground For a long time I was so weary I found sound" How do you interpret this? "I was broken" r.p. Sags dig in Everything crazy
My best friend has feelings for my room mates son, he is 12 years younger than her. She described her feelings as very loving and caring, that if he was older she would date him. I can tell he feels the same but he is not 18 yet. Has anyone gone through
That has completely nothing to do with them and they're wrong the entire time... We just found out some huge news that could have been resolved had this woman listen in the first place. And instead of making her responsible for how everything went do
Witnessed an argument today. Basically a woman, when she was younger, got put out by her mom. Went to stay with a friend and the entire two months there, her friend and the people that lived there treated her like complete crap. This young lady gets
Damn I hate saying this but it's the reality of the situation.. I'm watching my cousins little girl who is second cousins to my daughter (they adore each other). The parents are straight up butter. This baby calls everyone mommy. She can't distinguish