• Aquas, what is your love language?

    Hey dear Aquas, I'm very interested in what your love language is. And please tell me why... There are 5: Words of Affirmation Acts of Service Receiving Gifts Quality Time Physical Touch If you don't know, and feel like doing a test (10 m
  • Aquarius Women appreciation thread

    Because it was about time somebody did this :D For all the sweet, funny, caring Aqua women here who make the effort to explain Aqua behavior to all those confused men. :P And all the other Aqua women that brighten up our lives. Thank you! https:
  • Taurus compatibilities

    Sun Taurus/Moon Aquarius vs. all Aquarian moons (virgo/aqua, aries/aqua, etc.,) been wondering how they would all work out with taurus/aqua.
  • Taurus compatibilities

    Sun Taurus/Moon Aquarius vs. all Aquarian moons (virgo/aqua, aries/aqua, etc.,) been wondering how they would all work out with taurus/aqua.
  • Depression/Anxiety

    Interested to see if there are other aquas out there who are either suffering from depression or anxiety or bit of both as I'm very fascinated at how our belief systems are formed especially how rooted and environmental they can be even if it appears to b
  • Waffle House Shooter

    The Waffle House shooter is an Aquarius, although it is just his Sun that he has in Aquarius. He is Capricorn dominant and is experiencing his Saturn return. Sun Aquarius 12°52' Moon Sagittarius 13°37' Mercury Capricorn 27°06' R Venus
  • A question to you aquas

    I met an aquarius man on dating website. We hit it off from our first conversation. A month later we had a little desagreement. He asked me for my instagram, at first, I was a little hesistant to give it to him, which he did not like, but I still sent hi
  • I Am Being Stalked

    I am currently being stalked by phone by a Taurus I met online born 5/15 and I had to get the police involved. We had a couple of phone conversations before deciding to meet one day. When I met him it was less than 5 minutes. I looked down at his hand and
  • Leo woman confused by aquarius man.. HELP PLEASE..

    He is very confusing to me. One day he says he wants me to be on his side and cares for me, says wants to meet me and when will i be available and then next day nothing unless i start a conversation. Says he is afraid that he dont want to lose the frien
  • Reconciling friendship vs ruining trust...

    Would you blame an ex if a mutual friend distanced themself from you when your relationship ended? My exAqua told me he hadn't heard from his godbrother since we broke up. He used to visit him about once a week at his workshop. But when we ended, he s
  • SO I met up with Aquarius again..

    Okay for anyone who has been following, thank you! your feedback helps. Long story short was messaging this Aquarius guy for a week and our conversations were flowing. Went on a first date with him and had sex on our first date, something I haven't don
  • Male Aquarian - Female Taurus

    Am Aquarian and my crush is Taurus...what do I do ?
  • I miss my aqua 😝

    Wtf kind of sorcery is this? I am fine all day and then night time comes and I need to tell him all my stuff and listen to him road raging with cars while he drives his truck. I need him to tell me his stupid stories so I can sleep. But we don't talk
  • alice-evey

    what happened to her? she got married to this businessman, financier, who was her childhood sweetheart. and then she got divorced? after a year or two? that's so fast. [IMG][/IMG] her chart. Aquarius sun, ca
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  • Multiple Regression

    @Squishy_Marshmallow can you help me interpret this into a paragraph? lol [img][/img]
  • why is no one ever upset with virgo women?

    i want complaints on our board
  • How many followers do you have?

    I will reveal mine after about ten replies.
  • DXPIL Season 3 Semi-Final #1 GENTLE SCORP IN UR-ANUS @ram416 @PhoenixRising VS GEMINI MERCURY DECEPTION @squishy_marshmallow
  • Sagittaire Amoureux

    How would you describe a Sagittarius man in Love?
  • Best Post of the Day

    I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
  • Music for Unrequited Love & Longing from Afar

    Sigh...what else is there to say? My favorites: When a man came at me like this, I was undone.
  • what placements do you have in Sagittarius?

    what qualities do you have of a Sagittarius and which placements?
  • I'm Virgo

    so I'm not self-absorbed. :)
  • Song of the moment.

    Post whatever you feel like. A song of the moment, the day, the month, the year. Figured i better stop spamming the front page all the time lol Came across this guy a few months back and just dig his music. https:/
  • Diorama as a romantic gesture?

    if a girl made you a diorama to commemorate how you guys met in a game called Left 4 Dead 2 set in the sewers when she saved you from an infected hunter... will you think this is romantic or creepy? just asking for a friend with her moon in the 8th and