My Scorpio man had a rep before me as a slut basically. It's almost a year later since we started messing around and he is obsessed with me. I'm an Aquarius so I like my space but he always touches me, alwayssssss on me it's so annoying. I been over him b
Why?? is this their way of saying they are done with you? My Aqua man just blocked me from his phone. I think he is mad at me for not 'being there' for him. He is so self-centered. While he was going through something, I was too. It was such a coi
Hi All, Virgo woman here talking to the most sweetest Aqua man. He has expressed how much he likes me, and also has already given me a pet-name (I find very cute). Our connection is wonderful - physically, mentally and emotionally! We're fairly new w
Any Taurus girls with an Aquarius man? Do they workout?
I was mentioning this man earlier, and his astrotheme chart is Aquarius Sun/Cap venus/Aries mars/Virgo moon. with Aquarius mercury. best selling author too. he has a lot of best sellers. so I was looking at his relationship status, and I reme
I'm a paradox, an enigma, a walking contradiction. I seek love and stability and then take off on a free-spirited adventure. I laugh at situations and then feel guilty/sad later for not demanding more respect. One day I'm un-stoppable and the
Share your thoughts on anything.
I keep reading around that AIR mars, in general, are sexless, or lack the sex drive. how true is this? anyone with AIR mars? I am putting it in the aquarius forum but this can go for Libra mars, Gemini mars too. I also read that mars in Ge
Sigh... Long story short: been friends with my aquarius friend for two years now. We liked each other in the beginning, kissed, tried causal dating, but later on decided to be friends. For the past few months, we've hung out many times with friends and
It's no secret that us Aquas have to have a connection with someone before we can enjoy sexual interaction. It's also pretty known that we can be portrayed as game-players- only because we naturally need a push-and-pull, we need our space at times to eval
What does it mean when an Aqua middle-aged man chases you for a year even after it is me who halts contact with him about 6 times now but he manages to crawl back but when it comes to coming up with an actual date he tries to escape it? So he likes me a l
Has anyone ever dated or been in a relationship with a Virgo? and if so, how did things work out? I've read that these s
Just wondering if other aqua moons find it hard to not only express feeling but work out exactly what they are feeling. I seem to either feel nothing or go completely crazy and can't hold back my emotions there doesn't seem to be a normal middle ground.
I stopped all contact with my aqua ex and started being ok and having fun with friends a lot. Last Saturday, out of nowhere, he sent me a link to Katy Perry's The One That Got Away and said he remembers me in Katy Perry. I knew he wasnt feeling ok because
I posted about my relationship with aquarius man here. I met an old lady while I walk on the park. she stop me and wanted to talk with me. she use tarot card and she said I have a commuted relationship but he seems just want to be casual at the moment as
Hi, everyone! My relationship with my aqua man has recently ended, 10 days ago. I'm a Gemini, if it has any importance. We have dated for almost 5 months, we had a really good time together, we had serious plans about our future together, we knew each ot
I have a general disdain when it comes to air signs. Many of them are funny initially, but become moody, and untrustworthy (quick to tell lies). I feel that air signs use fire signs for their lack of strength, similar to the way water signs use earths ea
I'm doing a survey for the %sign/members here and only have one Aqua sun here so far...pretty sure that's not the case :P It only takes about 5 seconds...I'm planning on closing this soon so any water bearers or anyone else who hasn't submitted results y
I'm an Aquarius and my Scorpio boyfriend and I have a crazy relationship. He's so intense and I'm really so detached, it's bad. It makes me upset because I can't control it and all I want to do is love him. I feel like I'm the beginning things have happen
Hello, I'm in need of some serious help. About six months ago me(virgo) and my wife who is an aquarius separated. We have been married for 2 years and together a little over 3. We are in the process of getting a divorce, but I'm totally against it an
So I've been with this Scorpio male 24 for about a year and I'm an aqua 20. Right now he's sitting next to me and he's treating me like a wife. The other day he called me his wife. He just got his own space but it's really like our space and it's crazy. I
for not sending him a sexy pic while I'm away.... lol.. so yes apparently he was very stressed out I think n really wanted to relax a bit at uni so he asked me for a sexy pic ! I told him I don't really send real sexy photos and told him to just check out
Hi As the title says, Im curious, just how badly do you have to hurt an aquarius woman for her to go back into her shell and completely ignore you and act like you don't exist? Is this a self protective thing Aqua's do? What sort of thi

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Guys, here it what's going on. There is this guy in my university who seems to like me. I figured out he payed attention on everything I've said in class since the first day there, he remember whatever i have asked the professor. He is a really nice g
I know that I should ask my doctor but she is not in again until Friday. 2 weeks ago I had a physical. It was more like a follow up to all the issues I had in 2015. I feel fine. Not 100% like I was presurgery but not terrible. They did blood work and
Between changes and emotions I feel I need to recenter. I'm thinking of trying Reiki, anyone had experience? For now I'm going to hit yoga again, that always helps!!! :)
Like Dear Abby. I'm here.
Thinking about my dream last night and several other dreams I've had in the past, I'm inspired to start a dream thread. I read that keeping a dream log is therapeutic so maybe this'll help make sense of things...
I don't just mean 'How was your day etc.' I mean, if something your girlfriend or wife said/did bothered you, would you speak up.and say something? Or would you sit in silence, and pretend your okay? Just wondered as my husband does this.
I am a virgo guy in love with a virgo girl. Last year I told her how I feel. She took a long time to think but I waited for her and she feels the same way me too. Sadly she told two of our common friends that she loves me but isn't opening up to me about
I lost be precise, I forgot how it feels. So I'm asking you (I should probably post it somewhere more appropriate) how do you know (physically, what happens to your body), when your gut feeling is telling you sth. vs. you're just being too nega
State moon sign! 5 questions: -how do u feel love -do u think u stable in regard of emotions -do u fall in love easy or not -what u think of people in general -do u care what people think of u My answers: -All consuming, overwhelming -50%5
But seriously how do I post a picture of myself in comments or what not? lol
What do you guys think about getting hitched in Vegas? Y'all know how we Leo women can be, all grandeur and regal-like and butter LOL. With that being said I wouldn't mind a nice, spendy wedding, but it definitely wouldn't be a necessity. I'd be more concer
For the past few days I've been feeling like I'm just stuck in a dream struggling to wake up. It's always a daily thing for the first hour or so when I wake up but lately it's been going on for hours sometimes even days. Is it from my sun , moon and Neptu
lmao this is a lame ass title, but whatever I can be corny sometimes. I'm making this board because I feel like I lost myself in my last relationship and I want to get back to finding what my interests, hobbies, and BS are again. Just recently I pinpoi
1) I used to get mad when i see african american men dating white women and leaving their women. I don't get mad no more, spread those gad damn genetics. 2) I used to be mad on behalf of white people in Bellevue to see the malls and movie theaters all
This goes for all your own sun signs. How do you show interest in someone and how do you express it? For being a Gemini we show interest when we start to touch you while flirting. We are big flirts but we never touch unless we are interested. How we ex
So, I had previously posted about the dude at my gym that I'm crushing on. He has been talking to me lately and yesterday he did everything BUT ask me out. He asked me what I like to do for fun. What I do on the weekends, Asked if I like movies.. And e
Now what I mean is the one sign that is the hardest to have a long term relationship with. For me it's Pisces. You gotta be extremely delicate.. even if they happen to be wrong.
Why?? is this their way of saying they are done with you? My Aqua man just blocked me from his phone. I think he is mad at me for not 'being there' for him. He is so self-centered. While he was going through something, I was too. It was such a coi