Vedic vs. Western Astrology

A friend of mine who is of Asian descent argued with me that Vedic Astrology was more accurate and was adopted by the We
A friend of mine who is of Asian descent argued with me that Vedic Astrology was more accurate and was adopted by the Western Astrology, but changes were made. And because of this your birth chart in Western astrology can be different than it is in Vedic astrology. I looked up Vedic Astrology and realized that my chart was a bit different.

Vedic Western

Ascendant Taurus. Ascendant Gemini
Sun Aries Sun Aries
Moon Capricorn. Moon Aquarius
Mars Gemini. Mars Gemini
Venus Aquarius. Venus Pisces

As for my Ascendant I can see both in me and when I was younger more Taurus but now I see more Gemini. My sun is still Aries. My moon is different but from reading about Capricorn moon really isn't that big of a difference I feel that my emotions are reserved other than with a anger and jealousy as my Aries sun and the mars in Gemini spitfire harsh words takes over. My Mars remains the same and is very true for me. Now my Venus is different and is where I struggle with. Venus in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces are total opposites from my understanding. I never liked that Venus Pisces didn't feel that it was really me but then again I am not feeling Venus in Aquarius either... so let's just say my Venus is cusps Aquarius-Pisces

Here is website for free chart

Website Vedic vs. Western

Please share the differences in your chart and if you agree!

Cancer Sun/Moon/Rising
I'm a Gemini with a Cancer moon/Gemini Rising/Cancer venus with Vedic but the description isn't accurate for me at all. With western I'm a Cancer with a Cancer moon/cancer rising/Leo venus. Considering I was born on a solar eclipse the western chart makes more sense. It also fits my personality.

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