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  • How long should you wait before you let a Leo devour you?

    Things are going good, we talk everyday and usually he initiates every conversation. Wants to know everything about me, conversations are vey natural and fun. Being a Sagitarius I can be impulsive and have taken risks in relationships but that never seems
  • My Leo doesn't trust me ! Is it over for forever ?!

    I was with a Leo guy for about 4 years . Just recently I did something that cause him to not trust me and he broke up with me !! I am devastated from that and I know what I did was wrong but I want him back in my life ! Is there no chance at all ? Are we
  • Leo man changes his mind easily?

    I have been dating a Leo man for a month and he just went back to other country for graduation.. he would find a job there as he got 3 years visa free there after graduation and it also one of his plans but right before he left he once said "hopefully wil
  • Leo Guy loses interests

    Hi Guys! Just wanna know if a Leo guy loses interests and not into you anymore, are there any chances of winning him back? if so, how to? I really like this Leo Guy. And is it true that by ignoring a Leo guy, he might come back to you after a while?
  • Is there a chance?

    So I'm trying to step out my comfort zone a bit here, my best friend is a Leo woman and we have been friends for 2 years now. When we first met I was with my ex girlfriend which I just got over her recently. So my Leo friend and I started hooking up for a
  • Leo Advice

    So background; I am a Virgo technically with my birthday being at the end of September but I swear most of the time I am more of a Libra. I had a really crazy painful ending to a previous relationship a couple of years ago. After that I swore off dating
  • Not really sure if he's still interested

    The boy next door is a Leo/Taurus... I recently met him and we decided to be fwbs. We crossed lines new years. Then I hit him up for round two & he told me he had to get his wisdom tooth pulled. I hit him up to ask him if how he was & sent him a sexy pic
  • Hello Leos:) Hoping you can maybe help me out here

    I was posting on the relationship board but thought I'd come directly to you Leo experts :) (I'm a third decan Aries, Gemini moon, mars in Leo, Venus in Taurus, 5th house Aquarius, 7th house Aires) I'm with a Capricorn now. Very fast love at first. Li
  • Sun/Moon

    Hello Leos *pets all of them with equal ardor* Sun/Moon combos. Female differs from male. *Couldn't find all of th
  • So Leo Man cut me off..

    Leo Sun, Aries Mars, Cancer Venus Background information: know the guy for three months, haven't met him, was supposed to travel to see him next week, he started acting up two weeks ago because (according to him) I acted as if I was too good for him, n
  • Update!!! He Texted Me This!

    No matter where I am u will always be my baby and I think of u everyday we will be together in the future god willing if u still want it love an kisses boo.. Is he falling in love..? Or should I stay on gaurd?
  • Leo playing games

    I have been seeing a Leo man (moon in either libra or Scorpio, Venus gem, Mars Cancer) for a a few months. Wasn't sure if I was feeling him initially but I eventually started to like him. We had sex once and he would contact me everyday but he has also
  • Addiction

    I was recently involved with a Leo man, Taurus moon and Scorpio ascendant. A vivacious, loving/possessive, charming man. And I just discovered the extent of his lying, his drug addiction and secret side of his life. I'm distraught obviously, as well as hu
  • Quiet/Shy Leos

    What's up with that? Where's their huge ego?
  • Need advice.

    I'm an Aquarius, my boyfriend is a Leo. Everything. Between us has been completely perfect, he told me he loved me for the first time on Christmas. Then New Year's Eve I started to doubt if he was telling me the truth that night about something, so I ask
  • Is there a chance to get the old flame back?

    So I have an ex who's a leo woman, we've been in a relationship for almost 2 yrs and 5 mos. We broke up like 12 yrs ago because of me; I was so immature that time, our relationship was on the rocks then everything got emotional esp. me so I broke up with