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Posted by Leoqueen21Just thought I would update you on this, do you have a hard time giving a person compliments.

Nope. But I will say after the first 3 months, I have usually exhausted my vocabulary; I hate repeating myself and being unoriginal.

But it seems, these compliments are the oxygen needed to fuel the fire.
I will take note of this, thanks.
Posted by Damnata

Anyway, that's my parents' combo. No words on that other than it had to be passionate since they married twice and divorced twice and it's a combo prone to give birth to FANTASTIC peeps lol.

Haha, you have not changed!
Posted by Damnata

Hello dude!!

Howdy how

Have you been holding down the forte?
Posted by Mimi24
Wow you are back after a year. Glad to see u!

I don't believe we have been introduced

Posted by MoonshineLeo
if my virgo doesn't respond im still going to tell you good morning
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You are querying him based on this topic?
Posted by Leoqueen21
I don't get enough compliments from my Virgo, but for some reason I'm okay with it because I know that whenever he does compliment me, it's genuine and from the heart.

How often do you compliment him?
Does he know this is how you feel?

Posted by HeavyEntertainmentShow
Not enough spontaneity I gather. Leos are more impulsive, Virgos are not.

A typical Fire-Earth combination dilemma. Nothing too relationship breaking.

Posted by SMC
the emotional distancing is difficult sometimes
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This is a tricky one. Usually it is life at work or with the family taking the toll on one's happiness. This is where you become the sunshine and support.
Leo ladies,

Kindly enlighten me on where Virgo men have fallen short in your lives.

I have a Leo moon and Venus, with Libra mercury.

Humbly seeking the opinions of my fellow Virgos.

I have been messaging a lovely Leo lady for the past 5 months and within the last 2 our interest and connection has grown.

We do not live on the same island but are making plans to meet up.

I am finding it hard to believe she is real, as she is excelling in communication and the values she claims to possess just fit in so well with mine.

Tell me Virgos, what are and have been your chief challenges with Leos?

My past experiences have not been very conclusive. Generally I find the women to have very sharp changes in mood and thoughts, you can even see it on their faces. Often time their strong will presents a different kind of stubborness. One thing I always disliked was having to initiate communication with them 1st, but this one isn't afraid to message me first which is shocking for a woman in this day and age.
Posted by Coucou

Layna, here.
Hey heeeey!

I won't speak for all Virgirls, but, if I am interested, I will ask questions and keep conversations going. Virgos are ruled by Mercury... we want to exchange information. To me it's not a good sign that the two girls aren't giving you much.
Yeah... 1st Decan was all pumped when we first started chatting. Then I took her to lunch, was my calm, reserved but friendly self. I have not seen the enthusiasm since.

Posted by VirgowScorpiMoon

Agree that is a good assessment of the situation.
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Makes me sad, because V girls have never given me a chance.

2nd Decan confided to a mutual friend that at a social dance she could not read me on the dance floor, so she won't be able to read me in a relationship.

What is it with women and reading?
Why isn't proper communication the preference?
So ladies, here is my venting.

The first decan Aug 25th recently had a horrible breakup with a Taurus after several years of dating. She seems to be trying to convince herself daily with posts on the social media but alas, she remains broken. I gather she will need some time to heal, but I have put forward my intentions clear as daylight.

The 3rd decan Sep 22nd has serious self confidence issues and some family matters as well. She walks with great confidence but when engaged personally harbors so much doubt it is saddening.

My issue with the two of them is nearly the same. They give me NOTHING to work with.
No personal thoughts, no sharing of feelings when I approach directly, very limited details about their day.

I have to initiate 95% of conversation and drum up whatever I can with the scraps they present. They show 0 interest in learning about me. It's all about them lol. I take the default position of not telling people things about myself unless asked, but I have made the exception for them trying to help foster some form of relation.

By my stick of measure, I believe they probably just tolerate me for being positive towards them , reassuring when in doubt, frequent compliments, showing concern for their well being, but they do not seem to have real interest in me as I cannot be "read" nor controlled. I am probably just mild entertainment when they are mired in boredom, hahahaa.
Posted by penelope_
1. As a Virgo myself, I find that Virgo men are generally quite open to the people they are familiar with, but super shy from people they are not, which can be quite frustrating.
Probably similar souls, our thought process or thinking are very similar. We can connect and understand each other well.
Else, they are neat and tidy. Witty yet humble. Bunch of down-to-earth and determined warriors!

2. i) Activeness: Homegirl needs someone to motivate me too! I hate being stuck in the same routine (surprise, surprise!), and many of my Virgo friends loooove routine because they prefer to stick to the safer route.
ii) Flexibility: I find that most Virgo men are quite rigid. It's always dem ways, and dem ways, and no other ways.

I will assume this is a general question, not just on Virgos. Well, I will go 50/50 on this.
Yes: I can't read minds. If you can't read mine, don't expect me to do the same for you. Speak up! Don't give me the silent treatment or passive aggressiveness.
No: I guess most of it came from social media. NOBODY CARES!

4. Why are y'all so damn cute?
Excuse me? Do I need a reason why?
1. What makes it frustrating?
2. Here I thought I was the run of the mill Virguy, I enjoy my routine but I do shake it up every now and again.
3. Like I said, it seems most women like men who they can "read", who telegraph their feelings and thoughts so they get to be the psychic mind readers they think they are

Posted by lolmeng
1. I only know one virgo guy. I hated him. He is so rude and aggressive and sensitive. No idea what sign in his chart made him aggressive but its not his virgo sun.
2. Never got pursued by one. Im on the cusp with libra so I dont really like virgo guys. Too serious... I'd prefer pisces taurus cancer gemini or even leo over them.
3. I dont have a preference for that. As long as he isnt too too secretive or too easy to read its fine. Theres far more important things I want in men. Though if you are hiding something unpleasant etc if you cheat on me I can see through your BS...
4. I am attractive by society standards but Im unsure completely where that came from. From virgo? Libra? The influence of venus as a 3rd decan virgo? Or maybe my Taurus rising? I guess I can act cute because when a guy compliments me if hes a stranger Id just go speechless and blush lol. Poke fun of me if you want but its not pleasant.
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2. Interesting, would love to know how a pursuer would affect your mentality.
3. How can you discover these more important things if you never give him a chance?
4. Huzzah for blushies!
Posted by CrosstownTraffic

they are more outgoing in general. friendly with everyone. sometimes to friendly.
"Hell on wheels"seems to clamour for a little more expose' than that, haha
Posted by CrosstownTraffic
that third decan girl she will be that hell on wheels virgo...

i have always seen lots of similarity with that decan for guys and females...especialy the same birth dates.
Kindly elaborate more, I am curious.
Posted by Amandus
Oh my gosh. Haven't seen you in ages!

Posted by Vixen2
> No way! Cajun...it's Seavixen from waaaay back in the day

Long time, nice to see people still hanging around!


Posted by starwars

1) I'm usually attracted by the first glance, they are witty, get me. but things usually turn into friendship since we are too similar.

2) they are good, the only thing ive noticed in few and I didn't like was the ego issue lol

3) hiding emotions or not is no biggie. I think its more about men being sensitive or not.
I think i like sensitive men cause im aggressive myself and no one will put up with me other than them lol, also they help the virgos to learn how to deal with emotions and let loose in that aspect. because water men are crazy themselves and usually dramatic, so a virgo wont feel awkward for being crazy too aka emotional.

4) the jawline
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1. I too have always been attracted to V women. Why does it turn to friendship? Have they ever pursued you and you decided it better as friendship?
2. Big ego, low self esteem
3. I like aggressive, *cat paw gesture* Hence why fire girls always appealed to me, the directness.
4. Cutie patooties

Is it with earth girls that you have to invest a lot of time, being patient and hoping for the best?
Posted by Damnata
Hahaha, just really frustrated by these 2 chicks. A 1st Decan and 3rd.

Posted by Damnata
1. I like them generally. But I am biased because I am a huge fan of my Virgo dad. Some I met were shady. Others are wholesome and display more integrity than Virgo Women so..they're really cool.

2. No, it was a problem with timing. He was forth coming with his feelings and assertive. Generally Virgo Men are almost like Aries Men with me..very direct.

3. I prefer communication. The question seems..somewhat leading to me. If there are emotions and they are hidden...that is not productive for the possibility of there being a "we". Caring and affection are welcome...volatile behavior and over the top mushiness are not. I don't need massive displays of emotions but emotions should be displayed.

4. "Insufferable" sounds like a better choice of word.
1. I share the sentiment
2. I am exactly that, very direct.
3. It seems to me, women on the whole prefer men who showcase how they feel and dramatise it, leaving little doubt for what is going on in their minds. Not the subtlety of a Virgo man, who is usually in control.
4. You too sweet, hahahaha

Posted by VirgowScorpiMoon
1. I'm a Virgo and personally I'm not attracted to the majority of Virgo men. If I have to sum it up, it's trying too hard/narcissistic although try to hide it, however the rare ones that are good, are insanelyyyy amazingly giving people ))
2. All of the above I just listed in #1
3. Yes, I like a Strong Man. Aquariuses are my favourite followed by Sagittarius.
4. I don't know about everyone else but whenever I go out on a date, I am ALL dolled up.(hair, makeup, skin, nails, clothes, shoes, perfume)
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Bingo! We have a winner.
This is how I imagine most Virgo women see us V men.

1. What's wrong with trying hard?
Don't you want a man to take you seriously?
You prefer feigned apathy, so he has you wondering if he is serious?
2. Try hards are lacking?
3. Could be 2 things. Both are gifted with yapping and I guess we Virgos prefer to listen. Secondly, they put on a very aggressive persona, so they come off as manly men.
4. You probably do not even need to try
Howdy lady Virgins,

Just a few questions I am curious about. Naturally, I have been perplexed by Virgo women seeing as they do not share their thoughts or feelings... and frustrated by their giving 1st picks to Cancers, Leos, Sagittarius men.

1. What do you think of the Virgo guys you have met?
2. Those who pursued you, did you find them lacking?
3. Do you prefer men who can not hide their emotions? Why?
4. Why are y'all so damn cute?
Libra minded women seem to desire to feel special above all else.
They need to be set apart from the crowd.

Terrible match I would say, I don't think the average Virman is capable of giving them the emotional responses they need. They are also prone to cheating, drifting and pursuing passion. Air signs blow like the wind.

Relationships are not about who's right or wrong, but who's willing to work and compromise towards building a life together.
Shift worker now, with a lot less time.
The topics on here are awfully repetitive.
She is here for the shetzengigguls, though I must say often time the truth is embedded in her remarks.