"Lambie!!! Posted by dofacc In consideration of your hard, though unfocused work here on DXP, and to recognize your ability to pop up everywhere on DXP with strange threads, comments, and ideas, and to let you know that we Aries appreciate your total l

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This is the 3rd (or 4th now I believe) straight game you have, or attempted to kill me.

Seeing as how we never converse with one another..

Which of these women have you wrapped around their little finger?

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He just can't deal with Virgos always knowing what's up with him
What it actually means: Honor, integrity, strength of conviction.

What people use it as: Coping mechanism, same as "I intimidate the opposite gender". No one is intimidated, everyone avoids quarrelsome people. Just too much to deal with when already life isn't a walk in the park at all times.

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No more Daggers.

It was a troll courtesy of yours truly.
Carry on

You're really getting aggravated with the reading comprehension in this topic.

Your poor Aries Mars ahahahaha.

Just waiting for you to go...*carves multiple daggers*

Everyone is dead! Goodnight all! Thanks for playing
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Aries Moons please answer the following when you can

3. Who will win the Daytime Emmy Award for OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIES?
A. Peter Bergman (Jack, The Young and the Restless)[Cancer Suns]
B. Scott Clifton (Liam, The Bold and the Beautiful)
C. Billy Flynn (Chad, Days of Our Lives)
D. Vincent Irizarry (Deimos, Days of Our Lives)
E. Kristoff St. John (Neil, The Young and the Restless)

4. Who will win the Daytime Emmy Award for OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES?
A. The Bold and the Beautiful
B. Days of Our Lives
C. General Hospital
D. The Young and the Restless [Cancer Suns]

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Well I mean u can sleep and answer later
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weve devolved into tripe talk

You aren't even talking. Why am I such a loudmouth Leeb moon? Halp

do u have any leo?

Negative ghost rider

we'll blame aries then
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treetrunk off.
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Mi gatita se seca cada vez que miro tu cara

I know that "cara" means "pricey."

Cara/caro has more than one meaning. Depends on how you use it.

In this case it didn't mean expensive.
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I dry up when I see some people too.
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I'm a Leo Moon. I think the most compatible moon to me is ARIES MOON.

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Yes, I am aware Leo Moon and Aries Moon go well together.

I would murder him though.
Actually I should edit that...

Pisces has no trouble saying Sorry. They just don't think they are wrong so it's pretty much meant to placate you.

Virgos don't say Sorry not out of a difficulty to apologize as in it hurts our ego to say sorry but because we'd rather fix it and explain what lead us to that wrong action.

So if we're talking how often you will hear Sorry...yeah, Virgos are up there.
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I'm a Sag and I know there have been special situations where I could not get myself to ask for apology.

Once I was doubting my integrity. But when I heard myself apologizing with my colleague, that gave me a little satisfaction.

wondering why nobody mentioned Sags.

GG mentioned Sags.

It's Pisces too based on sharing Jupiter.

Self-righteousness means you're never wrong.
I actually think that if you really DO care deeply about a person AND you know they don't reciprocate...then you wouldn't send any letters.

It's the equivalent of going into someone's home with muddy boots on. Mortifying to just intrude on their life.

You're putting them on the spot and that's not fair.

If I had an idea they might be into me, then I could say...ok Aries Moon woooo go for it. But if I know they don't and I have no clue how you STILL don't know this guy doesn't...then you're annoying him. I wouldn't want to annoy someone I had feelings for so I would deal with my feelings myself.
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Its time to start approaching guys youre attracted to like a mafia game. Which is how I thought all scorps approached relationships anyway which is why im confused.

Lmao, ikr?!

Her having an Aries Moon screws up that Scorpio Sun.
Some really good points brought in this topic hmm.

Others miss the mark entirely but people are still very open and straight forward with what they experience with Virgos.

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because of how my mind works.

You were remembering a coat being thrown and a Virgo and a "I am the Godfather" line...weren't you?
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Aw I love old photos, may as well share some of me bad quality, used my phone to take pics of the pics, whatevs lol.

The ENFP world.
Somehow I skipped the bowl look.
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Well whaddya know dxp has traces of the ands

longanisa arms

We clearly went to the same barber...

We all did, apparently...

Now that's one mysterious barber - if i do say so myself.

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Lmao eastern european "barbers".

Always one uncle or another or some neighbor who had time or some town butcher.
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People here are DEFINITELY more sane and likeable.

Sorry, I'm going turncoat and going there to make an account now.


Omg we're down to inspirational quotes.

This is sad meow.

Better get used to how the other side rolls
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The other side rolls with Fomalhaut aspects.