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  • Hello, I am a 22 leo woman who is a bit confused.. I did my natal chart and this is what I got Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0 Sun Leo 4°31' Ascendant Pisces 0°07' Moon Aries 4°23' II Aries 23°36' Mercury Cancer 17°58'
  • My sun and venus are in Gemini. Granted, Gems usually get along well with Leo and other Fiery types, but my longest and most successful relationships have ALWAYS been with fire signs (all three-including Saggs!). I'm wondering if my Leo moon and Leo Mars
  • Why? Why does it seem like every Leo I meet is basically a compulsive liar? The exaggerating, the white lies, the big lies, all of it. Is this rooted in the Leo's desire for attention? Is it all based in that horrific egocentric motivation? What the
  • I broke up with him 6 years ago. He traveled a long way to try to change my mind by showing up at my door unannounced. Great effort but the lack of respect of my decision and boundaries certainly wasn't appreciated. I agree to stay as friends afterwar
  • terrible texter. we r not official but seeing one another for a little. asks I see no one and him the same he says he is into me but wants not to rush. we text often and he works a great deal. problem is we never really see each other. we can't invite
  • So I read up that Leos like compliments. It adds to their ego and reaffirms their beliefs. But going by how Fire signs are. They like honesty and like being honest. So in terms of the Leo's ego. How would a Leo feel in terms of if someone gave them an hon
  • 6month with my Leo going really well we have so much I common get on so well and sexnis amazing!! We've been on a week holiday together went great and planning our next holiday on 6 months time so no problem with future planning etc but there has been no
  • and how to remove that? I'm tired of that my heart keep crushing whenever trust was broken, either it's from someone I just known/met or someone of my life. I ever try to dont take everything personally& dont trust people easily...but it instantly ends up
  • I started to see this Leo guy, say more or less 6 weeks ago. He's not mega passionate or anything, just slow and steady and I think enjoying us getting to know each other. Anyway (excuse the too much information) but we have tried to have sex twice and i
  • With great nobility, he brings us meaningful words to show that we are appreciated. For Dinner..........WE FEAST!!! IN THE NAME OF LEOS!! IN THE NAME OF SERAPH!! WHO BROUGHT UPON US THE INSPIRATION TO LIGHT THAT CELEBRATION IN US! http://i63.tiny
  • Been seeing this girl for the past few months long distance. We haven't seen each other in weeks she she told me she was going to be in my city this past weekend. I had a lot of work that I needed to finish before going out of the country (leaving tomorro
  • How do you guys act after you've been broken up with? (when the break up was your fault. And I know leos never think they're wrong lol so lets say…hypothetically it was your fault)
  • Hello everyone.. I'm a taurus woman who recently met a leo man and I don't know if theres a chance that maybe we could match and start an actual stable relationship So I need to know are there any Leo's who think it works and how they experience being
  • He is turning 28 and we have been dating 6months and I'm stuck on what to buy him?? I don't want to appear to full on but I really really like him so I want it to be right? He does do some night shifts and enjoys scuba diving also How much should I spe
  • Things have being going kinda nicely for me and a Leo :) But I have a question... I try hard to be a positive person and to surround myself only with positive people or things that boost my energy and vibe. But this guy seems to either be prone to mood
  • I've been seeing a Leo for a couple months now. We hit it off great, moved and get along wonderfully. A couple weeks in he told me he wasn't ready for any major commitments but enjoyed my company a lot. We agreed to go with the flow-I let him know FBs was
  • Leos what are you all's relationship like with Cancers? Because all the Cancer/Leo duos I know.. The Cancers end up using and manipulating the Leos.. So I'm curious to see what other's experienced..
  • Hey guys, I am new here and I need a couple of advice on my breakup with this libra. We met on Tinder and talked for a few weeks before meeting. On our first date we clicked and decided to keep on knowing each other. The next week, we started dating.
  • Yes, so it's been 10 months since I met my Leo at work. Right from the go get, we've been pretty much inseparable both at work and away from there, there are so many ways in which we get along, we share the same views on life, enjoy all the same things an
  • for a few months hes acting shady and not normal and i suspect things but i want him to be excited about me again and look at me the same way and rekindle our love life and get back to how it was i need him to be how he used to be so one day we c
  • Do you want/appreciate a helping hand, or you can't be fucked because you've got it all handled? I met a Leo interest a couple months ago. We get along really good and have even taking it slow. I'm not really rushing into any serious commitments becau
  • I know that leos love hard but it's so hard that they confuse people into thinking thar they romantically love them not a friendship kind of love . With my Leo friend it's gotten to that point and my question is why ?. He literally cares so much that I sw
  • Hi I'm a Cancer girl and I've been knowing this Leo for almost 2 years now. We met on social media and we dated for 3 months then we broke up because we couldn't see each other as often (I was living with my parents so I wasn't independant). The break up