LEAST sarcastic sign?

We could all talk about what might be the most sarcastic sign (maybe Gemini or Scorpio?) but I have been wondering what
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We could all talk about what might be the most sarcastic sign (maybe Gemini or Scorpio?) but I have been wondering what the LEAST sarcastic sign might be? The thing is that I have tried googling Aries sarcastic, Taurus sarcastic, Gemini sarcastic etc. (i.e. all zodiac signs) and according to that it seems that they all are or can be! So what would you say is generally the LEAST sarcastic sign?
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They all have variant forms of sarcasm? some more brutal, harsh and straight to the bone than others?
Most sarcastic: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio
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Meh my girlfriend is a very watery Cancer and she can be sarcastic at times lol

We are extremely sarcastic, lol. Our humor is so dry that people tend to think we're serious when we're completely joking.
I'd say Scorpio because they can be very intense with their thinking.
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Cap Mercs, we couldn't get more sarcastic if we tried
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They may be wry, at times-- but rarely sarcastic, imo.
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Totally didn't read that was "MOST sarcastic sign" eh... blame progressed Merc in pisces

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45 years old male
Pisces can be either very sarcastic or very candid.
Most of the time, fluctuate between the two extremes, depending on the situation or their mood.

Pisces have the sharpest brain for sarcasm but sometimes choose not to express it, or just get bored of sarcasm itself.

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