you know you want it

we don't want that happening p.
taurus suns, always a hand on the kitty
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My half bro has hot girls with daddy issues watch him play video games in his room

He is pretty clueless or maybe he just doesn't care coz he has a gf anyway

you and your brother are from a wealthy family living in the philipines amirite?
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That is unless science progresses to a point humans make a way to actually become immortal.
This is probably the smartest thing you've ever said. However, you definitely exaggerate because while you did do a complete 180 flip. It wasn't until about 4/5ths of the way down. You wrote a huge ass paragraph, basically going over the exact opposite. So if I managed to stop 3/5ths of the way there thinking I got the gist of what you were going to say. Well... shrug.

Truth be told I though about it all day. Just trying to find a way to find an absolute truth. Then I thought about death. I started thinking about how death is an absolute truth because it's guaranteed.
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death may be a certainty from our point of view and this again for an incredibly long time, despite the greatest advancements of science, but
"That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die"
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he must be the absolute boss online
"yeah guys, after that game, I'm going to spend some time with my giiiiirlfriiiend, and I will, like, touch her boobs."

" Hello, my name is hydora. I am a very mature 45 years old man that loves to categorize all the gamers in the same box. These people are all doing the same thing, so they must be allllll the same... "

" What are you doing on the internet at 45 grandpa? Did your son open the computer for you? "

..I can put people in a box too...


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hello, I am 2moon, I am a little bit slow, I think I have invented the internet. I must be a gamer.
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Not true, most of the guys i have dated have been gamers and they were very involved in the relationship and life. They were not the sterotype live in a basement virgin and don't interact with people lol Gamers dudes get more dick than many people even realize.

Did you know some people date videogame characters?
he must be the absolute boss online
"yeah guys, after that game, I'm going to spend some time with my giiiiirlfriiiend, and I will, like, touch her boobs."
how does it work? do you ride him while he's playing fifa? asking for a firned
I did the subscription.
I sent my money to a guy called boris in kiev, as well as my SSN and IBAN.
My favorite subscriber option is the possibility to show the likes and the possibility to hide your posts from certain users (reverse block?)
mamma mia
there is a whole thread about that in the movies section BTW
two different takes on the same story. They are different but I like both.
Stepehen king's writing kinda blows, and the movie adaptations always transcend the original stories.

I hope you noticed that the new adaptation comes 27 years after the first one!
I'm at work rn and the pics aren't loading, I'll take a look in a few
what about those nightmares?
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There's a non emergency police number you can call in noise complaints. Usually after 11 on week days they will come out and give a warning/citation.

A few years ago I rented a house that sat on a lot with 3 other houses. The neighbors would smoke and drink right next to our bedroom windows and be super loud on week nights. It was unbearable.

Calling non emergency (meaning police I assume) is not only the punk way to go about it. People still gonna continue to party and get loud all throughout the night anyway. So why not take matters into your own hands? Is that what you do in situations, is contact the authorities?

He can't call! He is so high - they will take him first!

Gemitati why do you keep replying to all my posts that's not pertaining to you?

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imagine that you are in prison , and gemitati = biggest inmate and replying to your posts=grabbing your ass
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As soon as it becomes recursive it's worthless.
Why? Are you saying reality doesn't repeat patterns? You know... like Fractals? Even though scientifically speaking, there's evidence to outright suggest that reality is a fractal unto itself?
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I didn't read after this, but yes, recursivity is possible, I didn't say it was impossible, but it's worthless because there's no point speculating about a potentially infinite recursivity. It would in that case become necessary to constrain one's speculations to a local area of the fractal (maybe a couple recursive levels above and below) . Speculating about other levels would be fruitless in the end.
Unless you really love mental masturbation and imagine all those pointless theories as huge dicks going through you.