I hope the islamic state takes over the philipines and takes you both ciggots as islamic spouses, and you'll both be married to the same guy
so this thread is nothing but the old clique trying to be relevant again (and failing) and flocking to ands because you can count on that stagnant bytch for being there when you come back after 5 years, still talking about tiers and butter
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They guys I worked with would take turns trying to flirt with me or offer their "services". I never found it a turn on. Even in the darkest most lonely days of my vagina......the most lonely winter months, it wasn't worth my professionalism.

I'm tearing up. You're treetrunking hilarious, bud. Can we be friends? Please? Please? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?!

I already have a dildo and Netflix. I don't need friends. 🙏😎 namaste

Eddie vanjovi so thirsty he started hitting on Rom 😂😂😂😂😂

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he'll never have the cash to buy rom from richard quest though
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Venus for me too.

Why do you prefer it?

I'd love for someone with better astrology knowledge to explain their opinion on it. Yes I've read CafeAstra etc. but it's good to hear it from someone, sometimes I feel like what I'm reading is a cut and paste job with some of the astrology sites.
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he's just trying to shade ands, don't waste your time with this
it's a bit too busy

looks like a mix of pisces, sag, aquarius, cap, ...well looks like there is a little bit of every sign in this statue
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i miss the old dxpnet when @starwars wasn't a lame

@starwars was always special edition

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Ands you look like a lesbian who's getting triggered over some bullbutter. You look like someone just assumed your gender and you're about to flip butter. You look like you really angry and about to kill someone by putting some bleach in their coffee.

you're suposed to exagerate, not make a realistic description
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i miss the old dxpnet when @starwars wasn't a lame

@starwars was always special edition
I don't think it's possible. First you'd have to go to a woman hairdresser because male salons will not care, even then most of the hairdressers were probably not born in the 80s and don't know how to do it or don't have the experience, or will just want to adapt it to their modern views.
Best bet would be to find a specialist in rockstar haircuts
shh just one word alienusedourbogroll
I have a better idea : DXP writes the acceptance speech for you, one word at a time.
I'll start :
seraphlight has the most impressive thigh gap on all of dxp
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I don't know if I know what that exactly is. I picture a bunch of nerds going to the park dressed as Harry Potter characters or something.

treetrunk Harry Potter

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is it me or did uvd get rounder?
oh butter where's my popcorn