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young people should not get addicted to coffee
they tryna have egyptian pharaoh looking babies
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my crush looks like a treetruking GOD.

Greek god, or the judeo-christian version??

Egyptian god, you know Isis Ra, you do realize that other human beings on earth had better gods than the greeks right.


yeah I'm the idiot here

Last I checked isis ra isn't a celebrity.

you already were wrong on one critical historical fact so i don't take anything you say seriously

you're one of those people who talks with zero knowledge.

if you ever come to greece or somewhere near, i can introduce you to some white dicks if you want to. chill.
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you're from greece?

next week you'll be a lawyer
ands will still be living in his parents house
Damnata will still be criticizing everybody from romania


*Some sort of special snowflake thread where some people are complaining because other people give negative votes to the movies they like, or some old shop is being closed or sthg. Someone else said she feels special because sthg sthg. The bureau recommends no further monitoring -Ed*
visit seraphlight's cairn at midnight under the full moon at walpurgis
it's an old myth related by plato, but supposedly already very old when he was writing about it.
From this snippet, all the cray-crays and paranormal crooks built stories about this supposed continent.

There is nothing to know about, unless someone actually discovers something under the sea, but it's rather unlikely, this having supposedly happened ten thousand years ago.
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this should go into the legazpi opera.
I imagine a solo by elton john

then the part where the lagazpi citizen beat up the evil antagonist, Mister Shoes.
Then the grand finale.
this should go into the legazpi opera.
I imagine a solo by elton john
Elton John - I'm Still Standing

I don't know why but i sort of had a hunch seraph was into witchcraft
David Lee Roth - just a gigolo

ths videos spoofs several famous video of the time

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Egypt is in Africa.

Am I missing something here?

It's about who made the pyramids.

sexy Aliens
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It's probably cloudy anyway

someone told me ands came back with a backpack something accout, but he's invisible to me too, totally insignificant