• Broken ring dream

    I dreamed I was wearing a wooden ring which seemed to be my favorite (though IRL, I don't even own a wooden ring.) Someone I couldn't see clearly, suddenly appeared and hurled a hard object, like a ball, at me which I caught in one hand. The hand wearing
  • worm in my left eye

    I dreamed i was looking into the mirror and i notice something thick and moving just below the surface of my left eyeball. So i put my fingers into my eye and proceeded to grab a hold of the worm. I pulled and pulled and pulled and a thick wriggling grey
  • Random waking up

    Unfortunately, I don't dream often. Or maybe I do, I just don't remember. In the past week 2 dreams stand out to me that were strange. Both involve my family and they are just very random things. Anyway, last night I don't remember dreaming. I sudde
  • Could this mean something?

    So I had a dream where I noticed a tree/root was growing on top of my head. I noticed it, freaked out and eventually removed it. It was just a weird dream. But it was so intriguing and it all looked so real (my house looked exactly the same as in real
  • repeating dreams

    Ok.I have a dream that is repeating.I'm dreaming my ex,just seeing him in my dream.In the meantime I am feeling that I have somebody else,some other person,who loves me very much,and I love that person,but I can't remember who it is and how he looks like.
  • Lucid Dreaming

    What exactly is it? Anyone do it? What's it like? How does one become better at it? Are there any books or helpful reading that can lend insight into how to become a lucid dreamer?
  • I had an emotional dream

    Do you think it means I need to work on this lol I dreamt I was at family party n over heard my uncle( my age) holding his baby n the phone with another women. I flip! Pretty asked me not to tell his wife but I threatened to go. Then I see next to him
  • How to remember dreams again?

    Back then, I remember my dreams so clearly. They were so vivid and they have a plot like a movie. Nowadays I'm too busy to remember my dreams. I wake up and just go to work. I also noticed that I was less imaginative like I used to. Ideas would come mo