I had an in-depth dream about my ex last night. I had been drinking with friends and he texted me to hang out in the dream. So somehow I ended up at his house. But it was different because he was trying really hard to charm me and love on me and I was jus
Greetings, I frequently have weird dreams and well... I'd say they are worth sharing. Hope it brings out a giggle or a few. This dream took me back to my highschool days and after picking up a Cordon Bleu from the cantina and making it into a sandwhic
Is anyone out there working from home? If so what do you do for a living and how can I become an virtual work from home mom?
I had a dream where I was in the living room of my uncles house. There were other people but I couldn't make out who they were. The door to the living room was open. I saw a big anaconda or Python on the ceiling. I was getting ready to protect myself but
My ex popped back up in my life after 4 mos to wish me happy bday. I met him this past week because he wanted to meet up. I had a dream last night that he was standing in front of me and said, "you're in danger." Anyone have thoughts on this. I'm real
Someone's unrelated thread made me remember. I dreamt about a snake last night. I'm not particularly afraid of them, and I don't remember ever dreaming about one before. At first I saw it coiled from the ceiling in my house, and I thought it was a copperh
For the past two nights, I've had dreams about two dead relatives. One was about my grandma. I dreamt that my cousin and I we're throwing her a bday party. Last night I dreamt that my cousin had a baby, and my uncle (his dad) busted in the door to
At first i was with my ex running and hiding from someone and left her in a place where she can be protected then suddenly im at the house with the person i like i didnt understand what it was this person i like was saying and suddenly approach me and kis
I just saw me applying mascara on one eye and i made it about 5 inches long. Anything behind it?
I have a lot of dreams about tidal waves in my dream bank, usually they are scary and traumatic but my last one wasn't a case. Well it kind of was and then it wasn't. I was in a shopping centre buying a free chicken at the counter then the lady said it
how? i've tried multiple times and have never succeeded, does anybody have any tips or tricks? i've also tried to keep a dream diary on lots of occasions but whenever i start to leave a book beside my bed, i stop having dreams, does this ever happen t
Just had a dream I owned a space ship that had a crew of robots on it that looked like people and I had some guests that were actually human, one of the robots was Jared butler and swapped one one of my guests for someone else thinking I wouldn't notice,
Okay first thing first....shout out to all my water sun/mars signs I swear if we can relate about nothing else we all had premonition dreams. I love all the stories. Okay so when it comes to dreams have you ever dreamed of something....love, loss, or
Don't judge dream me, she's fiesty In the dream I'm talking face to face with a guy, then I can tell someone else is coming from behind, I couldnt see his face but the guy in front of me made it a point to make sure that I knew it was a certain guy (gu
I had this weird dream where there was a big yellow floating bridge over a big city, almost what appeared to be New York, and a bunch of different people were sliding down it. It was very full. I nearly fell off of it but I managed to grab the sides of it
Had a dream that my little brother was driving me home, the weird part is that he's only 16 & we were in the car but in the back seat Driving ( nobody was in the front ) & he was driving from one of those video game steering wheels. He's driving and we we
http://www.unusualfocus.com/wp-content/gallery/landscapes/Icelandic%20coast.JPG http://www.esjatravel.is/static/gallery/riding-tours-heydalur/.large/4a.jpg http://www.azfirescape.org/sites/azfirescape.org/files/semidesert4.jpg http://medias.pho
like i was begin "read" by an insect and its antennae and i kept trying to push the antennae off of me. It wasnt a nightmare or anything, I was just annoyed at the time. The images in my dream were very similar to this: http://i63.tinypic.com/6egeie.jpg
I went to bed at a reasonable time but before I went to bed I was paranoid I guess because I sensed there was a ghost in my room (long story) but whenever I think there is a ghost in my room I hear the walls crack at really particular times or I hear taps
So I'm semi freaking out because I had a dream about a guy I've never even met before. Nothing really happened between us. But I lived upstairs of an apartment building and he lived downstairs. And for some reason I felt like he was pursuing me a little b
I think about my ex day and night, whom Im still in love with, so if I think about him often, why dont I dream about him?
There's this dream I've had which kinda still makes me pause and wonder what it is all about...anyhoo, here I go I was in the middle of a wealthy looking subdivision, walking uphill or where ever, until I entered this house. It looked very modern in t

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I want you to put all your astrology knowledge into this! I don't know his hour of birth, so in the best case scenario his moon is at 25 conjunct my stelliumand in the worst it's at 6 degrees making no aspects to my personal planets. I know I already m
Life is weird enough without having to worry about the earth giving away below you. You never know how fate will tell you to go treetrunk yourself. I always knew they existed, but not much on how common they are. https://youtu.be/wUvlgMheXTI
As a newbie I didn't realise how clicky it was on here! I thought Twitter was bad, at least back there I knew who the trolls, attention seekers, arseholes were. I feel like the new girl in high school.
Every degree of the zodiac is allocated a very specific symbol, called a Sabian symbol (total of 360 Sabian symbols) From what I read, each planet in your natal chart is connected to a specific Sabian symbol including the four angles: the Midheaven or
Does anybody else here enjoy this with their partner? Also, does anybody have a good knowledge on how to properly shibari?
The Sun still semi-square Venus. There seems to be a minor tension between our activities and our cooperation, love energy. Maybe what we do daily is not in harmony with our individual values. Or perhaps there may be minor obstacles in achieving the type
Gems always come back .. Whether it's a friendship or relationship .. It never fails .. At least not with me
Hey kitties, I have a huge crush on this older Leo fellow. So handsome, he makes my heart melt *sighs The thing is that he is now lovelorn over a Taurus Sun, Scorpio moon woman who kinda broke his heart. I feel bad for him and I wish I were closer to
I have a boyfriend who is a virgo. Handsome careing loves me and jas a good job. Only issues are lack of attention, he is workaholic, and brings up off tge wall topics that cause little arguments intentionally. At work i have co worker who so happens
Yes before you ask. I have an accredited degree. I want to contribute something of value. I read over 40% of adults in my country have poor literacy skills. I wasn't surprised to be honest. But culture is full of honey boo boos and shameless thin
AUDREY HEPBURN https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/ac/df/40/acdf4014f94117f35fbeb33ab8db8002.jpg Rising Aquarius Sun 13°07' Taurus Moon 6°27' Pisces Mercury 0°19' Gemini Venus 22°47' Я Aries Mars 25°09' Cancer Jupi
Are you one or do you know anyone who is vegan?
Or take it easy... How do you think positive when you can't even think straight? Who came up with this phrase? And what does it mean? When shrinks tell you that I am wondering if you just got a picture of your wife screwing your friend - would
Cmon guys, this is 2017... Someone should add a search bar in each forum. One search bar above Aries, one for Taurus, one for Gemini.... basically one advanced search bar for each sign, section of the website. you get the picture.. I would love t
It seems to control my actions in life. It even at some point always seems to make me cut someone off. I finally cut someone off awhile ago that I'd accually would want back in life the matter what the relationship was but I can't ever feel like the cookiemonster
Hello guys, A while ago I had a problem with a Virgo man. I decided to keep it cool between us, we are not together anymore but last week we went for a coffee through mutual friends. It looks like they need my help because I show up to uni more often
does anyone use them? i get it, they don't do butter for you if you don't do butter to begin with. but i think they can be useful, for me at least, when i get my butt moving i'm not ragging on fitbits..... but mine sucks. it's the chargehr, i didn't spri