• Dreamt about a tornado, hurricane and tsunami

    What does it mean Basically dreamt a turnado struck was told to go to A cottage were of be safe. Then it turned into a hurricane tearing down the wood of the house but I remained safe yet almost sucked out of the house the judge todle wave but was able to
  • 1 Sketch A Day

    Let's sketch (draw/paint) one piece a day and then share here :)
  • eh

    I had a dream I went shopping for clothes. Thn i met these people at a house and my old friend from school turned up and i asked did one of them want to date her and he said i would love to date 'Mary' and they get together. .They someone stole the cloth
  • Finished Sketches (The Gallery)

    Would you like to post Finished sketches here? I will post things I have finished from the '1 Sketch A Day ' thread here. that thread >>> https://www.dxpnet.com/opinion/dreams/1-sketch-a-day--11196520/ When they complete I will post there too
  • Dream to about a bingo game

    So I my dream was playing this wierd game kinda like bingo It seemed I was excelling but as soon I was to wind someone nicked my cards . But every time I picked up n put the prices together fast but I noticed I was thinking way out of the box to figure ou
  • I always dream about our old home/house

    but i'm completely fine with the new one... what do my dreams tell me?
  • What does this mean?

    So I've only had at most two dream interpretations but I can't really remember what they were like. I haven't had this dream interpreted yet. My Leo had it last night and told me about it today. This is what he wrote: "You were going into the elevator
  • Stung all over

    Took day off. Slept all day. About 3pm I see some huge insect on my cover and feeling something moving under my cover and while I am frigging out about what to do?...I get electricity going trough my body like I supposed of I was electrocuted if I stuck m
  • I sometimes see spiders

    Okay, sometimes when I wake up I see a spider in my room. Sometimes they are small like normal sized and sometimes they can be as huge as a kitten. Can someone please tell me what this is. Am I going insane or... Is it something else entirely...
  • A day with a person or 2

    If you could spend 2weeks with any person alive in this world right now, what person would that be? Or can be 2people, 1person per week, state a name and a reason why. Would be cool to see all different options and people people want to hang with.
  • Scary dream

    I awoke this morning, frantically searching for my child. My twins were in bed with me so I could see them clearly. I began running around the house starting to cry checking all the windows and doors for an intruder and calling out the name Leah, which at
  • Nightmare: Living with The Grudge/Ju-On

    Okay, I'm going to hurry and post this before I forget about it. I tend to lose memory of my dreams the longer I wait to record them. ...It's currently 04:27 before sun rise. I rarely have nightmares but for some reason when ever I over indulge in sw
  • Weird reoccuring dream

    I keep on having this dream where I'm in my dad's 2 story house he used to own. Its always me there alone trying to turn on lights. It starts either the upstairs bedroom or downstairs in the bathroom. The first light I try to turn on flashes and goes out.
  • Shadow thing watches me

    Since my teens I randomly see this black shadow thingy watching me in my dreams. The dream I'll be in would always be as if I'm awake. It just watches me then I'll wake out of it. Last year I would see it often and it would always move closer but just s

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