Only people who go through this need respond or people who at least know someone who goes through this When is the last time you had one? Did the even occur ? And did it play out exactly the way you saw it ?
Anyone have really in depth super accurate, dejavu, or clairvoyant dreams before period or during? Or just a heightened spiritual awareness overall during these times?
Had a dream that I was going to see my grandma I hadn't seen in years with some friends driving my new car. When I got there, she called and said she had moved. So as I'm figuring out directions, my new car starts driving itself. I try to stop it, but it
I had a dream the other night that someone from my past took me away from my family. The dream felt very real and I've been feeling uneasy about it since I had the dream.
a positive reading but the lines were purple. thats all there was to the dream. purple is said to be a spiritual color, yes? does that mean some kind of impending spiritual growth? ...
A few years ago, my grandpa died. I was very close to him, he was basically a second father figure to me growing up. Anyway I had a very vivid dream shortly after he died (the most vivid dream Iโ€™ve ever had) where he was sitting with my dad (his son) on t
I had a dream that i was in my house. And I was told by my sister ( I don't have a sister) I had received a letter. I opened it and it had doodles along with the writing. It was kind of strange. I started to read it and it was in my mind in the dream
I had a dream last night that my car was parked on the side of a road with about 6 other cars. Then suddenly another car came and ran into all of them from behind and crushed all of the cars. That is all I remember
My father passed away a while ago and I dreamt of him. well a version of him. the man looked exactly as my father did but he didnt know he was my father. he recognized me, he had a twisted leg in my dream and wore the shirt I bought him. he told me he wa
Ok so I dreamed I purchased a large home only to find needed tons of work Foundation issues Pipe issue But on both dreams I had people breaking in At first homeless people turned out home was a squatter place. Had to put new window fast n try to
after years of not having anything intimate with key ex (we have a child) we slept together. that night after I slept with him i had a dream of him. i was being affectionate and teasing him, he suddenly snapped and told me "you dont want me like that..
I dreamed last night that I walked pass a room in my house or maybe the family members home and seen my family members boyfriend in the bed with several men when I passed by the first time I was like am I tripping is he in the bed layed up with men and th
What it means to dream of seeing the aligned, moving and huge planets
I had a dream last night that my Virgo decided he wanted to move to an island near S. America to make bread. He was selling his townhouse and pulled out a huge table map to show me his trip, stating it would only be for a few years. Then he suggested I sh
Last night I dreamt I was with my friend and her younger brother. I was talking to her brother, and he mentioned that my bf was married to his ex. This was the first time I heard about it and he freaked out because he wasn't supposed to tell me. I fli
I had a dream it was long, but I ended up at the back of a clothing store that transformed into a restaurant. A Sikh man was asking me for help at the back of the store because he wanted to use the bathroom, but didn't know where, so I pointed it out. Sho
Not talking about deja-vu moments. While I was in a serious happy relationship with a Gemini man for a year I had a dream that felt so real. In my dream, I was in the back of a taxi cab at night with a stranger leaning into my arm. I felt comfortab
This was a few nights ago, I can't remember if they were 3 or 4 Butterflies but I think there were 2 orangish ones, 1 blue and 1 teal. They weren't flying, they were just chilling on beautiful sunflowers. What does mean? I read it's probably good, but I d
I hope anyone could interpret this dream, I was on vacation somewhere and I was walking on a road and saw on the corner a fountain of water with a statue of virgin Mary, it was like I felt this water is blessed so I went there touched the water with my h
I had a dream where i was standing in a pond about thigh high in water. There was a fish that i caught and ate (i dont remember much about this part). Moments later a bigger fish about 1 and half feet in length was floating near the surface where i was
I mean ALL the details were jumbled up and just wrong. Anyway, just wanted to share. Got that out my system. Cheers.
A friend told me he had a dream with me and my girls. He said we were in a hotel and I went into room 225. and when he was going to go, he couldn't find it. He kept searching for 225, and he said that number repeteadly showed in his dream. He is a Cap
Ok so I had a super weird dream last night that I found an iguana fossil (wtf) I collect fossils so this is not the weird part... I'm showing everyone cuz I thought it was cool as you could clearly tell what it was. Well this is where it gets weird. So it
I had to get this out of my chest. If someone knows how to interpret dreams that would be cool For many years now i keep dreaming of a man but, before i couldn't see his face and i was not able to remember what he said to me, nothing. And i can tell y

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