Omg I just have to share this. I'm still shocked with my last dream. So it is a bit blur right now but i swear to god the dream last night shook me a bit. In the dream, I was somehow communicating again with my ex through a vid call. He was on a tr
Person had a dream being in her own house. She hers her mom calling her. She saw two doors. She went to one of the room. Hallway was dark but she ended up in a bright room. She saw somebody laying on the bed, a woman covered in white cloth. On her bedside
I had a weird ass dream a few nights ago, I still haven't figured it out. It was something about unlocking our true side or true power within, and the people who did unlock theirs would have solid blue eyes, with white specks throughout them as if the b
Last night when I was drifting about to fall asleep completely, I saw a woman or at least feminine figure get close to my face and blow on my face like blowing out a candle or flame. She wasn't in my bedroom another room with poorly lite yellowish hue lik
I’ve been married twice. I’m really not planning on doing it again. I have a serious boyfriend & can see living with him one day, but marriage? Yikes!! Last night I dreamed that I was planning a wedding & checking out reception venues with my Mom!! T
Began over five years ago, having to do with one person in particular. This person and I had no romance. We just talked a lot over the phone. I dreamed I'd be talking to him on the phone. During the talks, he would be angry. As time went on, he would g
could someone help me figure it out? I was apparently back at my high school or college graduation. Everyone was scurrying about getting ready for the ceremony that day. I was standing around and someone (I didn't see who it was), came up to me and too
Hey does anyone know what a 3 headed snake means in a dream?
Any interpretation is welcome. Yesterday I had a dream and in the dream I met him. An ex that I still am trying to let go of. First scene I remember is that I was in a clothes shop with my mum and there were lots of great clothes that fit me well,
so i was cleaning for like 6 hours straight when i fell asleep... possibly from exhaustion coz the countryside is dusty asf and i'm not going to live in filth lol my dream started off with me realizing i'm in the ocean on a speedboat and i look beside
I just woke up from a sleep paralysis nap. If anyone has experienced these before, then they know how terrifying they can be, your mind plays tricks on you and you start to see and hear things that aren’t there. So I had fallen asleep, well actually my bo
Up until a few weeks ago, I hadn't had/rememberd dreams since I was a child. I started seeing someone just over 2 months ago and I've dreamed twice and both times he was in it. In the first dream, i followed him into a VIP night club swimming pool and
...Since he left.This butter got me treetrunked up. Like I want to drop everything. Right. Now. And call him to come back. Screw you, subconscious!!!! :( :( :(
My boyfriend is in the military and he is deployed. We are currently in a LDR. We text back and forth every day until he suddenly disappeared. He has never disappeared for such a long and I got upset. I turned off my phone and used another phone to contac
I keep dreaming about this Aqua I only dated. Never was in a committed relationship or never had sex with him. Last night I kept making myself go back to sleep and in each dream he was there. He was at my work place and an event & I also use to work with
I had a dream about a huge frog. LOL In real life I don't like frogs but in this dream I wasn't afraid and the frog was HUGE.
Okay ever since me and my boyfriend broke up about two and a half months ago and I have dreamed about him every single night since and it’s driving me crazy because I want to forget about him. The only thing that’s hindering me stop thinking about him is
Seeing him in regular man shirt he never wears. Always with some lines coming up am down making squares like he is trapped in prison... He doesn’t wear this...
I remember having a dream where I was in a house. I'm it was not only me but a lil baby boy that not only looked like me but also acted like me when I was a child. I don't know the symbolism behind it. Is it rebirth for me or what?

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