This is happening more and more frequent. It kind of trips me out but I’ll fall asleep and then I’ll dream that I’m awake with my eyes open and I’ll look around the room fully awake not knowing I’m asleep and then my eyes will open and everything will
I had a dream about @tiziani last night, we were out some sort of outdoor festival. We were doing drugs, then Tiz started to have a bad trip, so we sat down on a bench to make him feel better, and his head turned into the head of a horse. The end.
I know I'm normally the one interpreting dreams.. but some alternate interpretations would be of use to me right now. I've done a lot of research on dreams about car accidents and much of it correlates with my current situation.. but I've been having car
I’m at this major turning point of my life. Every choice I make will have major impact on my future. I feel scared, I am emotionally drained and I have major trust issues about the intent of others. My dreams are reflecting this. They’re becoming more
Well I moved into my new pad and I’ve been having good dreams so far I even had a flying dream! But I also had a tsunami dream that had me a little concerned about perhaps there’s an internal struggle with my subconscious.. So In my dream I was at t
Well...being obsessed with a Scorpio for years and praying for dreams about him was fruitless. Like one and between... Last night I was waking up from a dream of being next to him and he had not noticed me though I was in his face - like I had not exis
I know its natural to dream about the person you desire but this one i've been doing a great job in moving on,i say im doing a great job since im not stalking her facebook anymore and constantly checking if she is online,its when she started ignoring me o
Had a weird/cool dream about a mountain last night but can’t find a good interpretation. I was somewhere like Afghanistan and found a beautiful mountain range I was admiring. The highest one had three peaks like a crown with a river running off it. Sud
I dreamt that I was I think back in time and I was a caretaker for someone. In the dream, I was running away with another caretaker because the person we were taking care of was apparently deranged and running after us. The other woman was not running fas
Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles. It's also sold as an over the counter sleep aid, and lots of users who take it experience very vivid, sometimes bizarre dreams
I had a dream last week that a kid that my mom and I were babysitting was possessed by the devil. We were in a pool at a hotel and she just started saying things in a demonic sounding voice. We tried to get her mom to come get her but she couldn't and we
Does this ever happen to you? I don't mean dreams that you thought were real when they were happening, that's pretty common. I mean dreams where days, months, or even years later you recall something happening thinking it happened in the real world when i
okay i had this dream recently but it's weird coz i don't remember it which almost always never happens coz my dreams are usually vivid but when i woke up, i felt this surge of frustration and irritation just in a terrible mood, so irrational...
I had a dream about Baron Samedi? He was talking to me through a window. It was nigh-time. It was a house in the country. I invited him in. We were drinking. He told me he had to hide some people ....from harm ..and i was going to help.
I dreamt she had gotten a lion, and I was petrified of it. She just laughed it off and couldn't understand it. I in return felt ridiculous/embarrassed from these fears. I would hide in my room where there was a baby gate up and it was the size such that i
Omg I just have to share this. I'm still shocked with my last dream. So it is a bit blur right now but i swear to god the dream last night shook me a bit. In the dream, I was somehow communicating again with my ex through a vid call. He was on a tr
I had a weird ass dream a few nights ago, I still haven't figured it out. It was something about unlocking our true side or true power within, and the people who did unlock theirs would have solid blue eyes, with white specks throughout them as if the b
Last night when I was drifting about to fall asleep completely, I saw a woman or at least feminine figure get close to my face and blow on my face like blowing out a candle or flame. She wasn't in my bedroom another room with poorly lite yellowish hue lik

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What do you folks think i should do? It wasnt even that bad of a fall out, its just we had such a strong connection, and emotional investment that i thought we were ready to do adult stuff. She declined and I got angry one night so when she dropped me
Science has proven it. They proved it's a measure of how much of a arrogant, narcissistic, marker you are. If you take
When you have no job? Even if it means you have to live on the street? Like let's say there are circumstances with your living situation that you just literally cannot tolerate but have nowhere else to go? What else can a person do? Where do you go, wh
Im a virgo that invested the past 4 years loving an un-attached Aries guy. I know him for about 6 years, and got to live with him for almost 3. I been into him for 4 years, and I found it very hard to feel attracted to anyone else since I started seeying
I love being a Taurus & it is bout fuuckin goals, I don't give a fuuuck if I have to be ignorin everyone to get where or what I want pshhh
Do you ride? If yes how often do you ride? What do you ride? How much would you pay to ride something great?
Thinking about joining the military at the ripe old age of 31. What do y’all think?
I met this guy and it’s only been 12 days but he has already committed to me wants to change for me and has planned some amazing dates we went on.. honestly I’m falling fast and hard.. but the cancer in me is like “hmm this is terrifying and going too fas
I have an uncle. He is a nice scorp man. He is with an aries lady. We all thought she is nice. However, we just found out from one of my aunt’s friends that she is chatting with him on facebook. Not just chatting but flirting!!! Basically not just that gu
Personality matters. Damn it took me this long to understand how important personality is. Being able to talk, laugh, have an understanding is so important. Im treetruking done chasing a man based on his looks. I'm going to ask myself. How comfort