In my dream I went and saw a psychic who draws your picture and blows it up into a huge portrait, (the type that rich vain people put up in their houses) the picture wasn't actually a drawn sketch but a photograph of me as a girl....I look at people and I
I woke up from a strange dream. I dream that I was a queen. I was wearing this floral print gown. It was white with pink roses on it. My mom brought me it when I was a teenager and I had a silver crown on my head. I was at the table with other kings and q
I woke up from a strange dream. I dream that I was a queen. I was wearing a
I have a repeated dream where I need to use a bathroom but the toilets are all out in the open (no stalls). The toilets are dirty and the floors are dirty and there are other people using the toilets too (no privacy). Last night, I dreamt that I had
It was very dreaming of someone's thoughts?? I was seeing myself through someone's eyes and my friends. I have had this dream of watching through someone's eyes many many times. Does it mean anything? Or reprocessing thoughts?
My dream last night has been haunting me all day. This woman was taunting me. I don't remember how but I know that I had an intense dislike for her. She kept saying "everyone thinks you're soooo sweet but I knew it was just an act". I wanted to kill her.
I used to have very vivid dreams. Now I have maybe twice a year. I really miss them. I have sleep apnea and I think it may be connected. I have a cpap now, but it didn't make a difference. I've also been in a divorce related depression for many year
I don't usually see dreams. If I saw my lover in my dream it was a second and I had always questioned - if I think of him 24/7 why can't I dream of him? Last night in 8 years I dreamed of him all night. Nothing sexual. At the end of it in my house he
Looking for a work from home position does anyone know of any hiring? Are any of you working from home how do you like it? Is email processing legit
I finally have a dream that I remember.. which is very rare for me. It was very basic and short, but I have difficulty interpreting my own dreams and cannot figure out the significance of this one.
Last night I had a dream I was lost in the city without hope to find my way home. A big lion appeared,people around were startled by his size, but I didn't fear him. almost as if he was looking for me and I sat on his back and patted him, giving him a s
I had an in-depth dream about my ex last night. I had been drinking with friends and he texted me to hang out in the dream. So somehow I ended up at his house. But it was different because he was trying really hard to charm me and love on me and I was jus
Greetings, I frequently have weird dreams and well... I'd say they are worth sharing. Hope it brings out a giggle or a few. This dream took me back to my highschool days and after picking up a Cordon Bleu from the cantina and making it into a sandwhic
Is anyone out there working from home? If so what do you do for a living and how can I become an virtual work from home mom?
My ex popped back up in my life after 4 mos to wish me happy bday. I met him this past week because he wanted to meet up. I had a dream last night that he was standing in front of me and said, "you're in danger." Anyone have thoughts on this. I'm real
Someone's unrelated thread made me remember. I dreamt about a snake last night. I'm not particularly afraid of them, and I don't remember ever dreaming about one before. At first I saw it coiled from the ceiling in my house, and I thought it was a copperh
For the past two nights, I've had dreams about two dead relatives. One was about my grandma. I dreamt that my cousin and I we're throwing her a bday party. Last night I dreamt that my cousin had a baby, and my uncle (his dad) busted in the door to
At first i was with my ex running and hiding from someone and left her in a place where she can be protected then suddenly im at the house with the person i like i didnt understand what it was this person i like was saying and suddenly approach me and kis
I just saw me applying mascara on one eye and i made it about 5 inches long. Anything behind it?
I have a lot of dreams about tidal waves in my dream bank, usually they are scary and traumatic but my last one wasn't a case. Well it kind of was and then it wasn't. I was in a shopping centre buying a free chicken at the counter then the lady said it
how? i've tried multiple times and have never succeeded, does anybody have any tips or tricks? i've also tried to keep a dream diary on lots of occasions but whenever i start to leave a book beside my bed, i stop having dreams, does this ever happen t

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Honestly, you guys are the best even if there are flaws that get under people's (not mine's though) skin. Why did I add that negative to a positive? Idk why, call me a Capricorn. But seriously, I couldn't live without my Pisces brother or without the Pisc
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