• I Killed his girlfriend

    I had a dream that I killed the girl whom my baby's father has a child with and chose to be with. Don't know what this could mean. Yes I have resentment towards both of them ... but to kill them?! I would never!!
  • Crazy Dream

    I had a dream that I killed my former best friend from childhood last night. Lately, he has been having a had time. He lost his job, he has a kid, a wife and she's pregnant. He is also my neighbor. However, this guy has pretty bad history. He is a drun
  • I've dreamt about my ex three nights in a row....

    Can someone please tell me what's going on here?? On a serious note, I've been dreaming about my ex Scorpio every night for three nights straight. I'm a bit confused and don't know why as during the day, I don't think about him at all. The first ni
  • Can you give feed back on dream (interpretation)

    I was in a truck 3-seater son was on the left and ex on the right, all I remember is that something was awesome so I gave my ex high five and we held hands. Can you interpret this dream
  • bye to my 16 hours naps

    I cant sleep for butter I think its bc I got into a car accident the other day i got bleeding lip, nothing major I didnt panic when it happened but once it was over I started panicing , Ive never panicked or felt like that before it was strange
  • 2 nightmare

    1: I was trying to saw piece of trunk in my house.. somehow I was stupid enough to saw half of it on my left food and I realized and freaked out. I feel half part of my foot is gone like its numb. I was crying that Im dying. 2. Im a participant of outd
  • Hugged from behind

    I dreamt my ex hugged me from behind with his right arm across my collar bone. He seemed happy and we went on a date. I’ve seen dream definitions but they just mean Hug like face to face. Any ideas?
  • I dreamt my Pisces boyfriend was cheating

    My gosh it was a horrible and painful dream,..............The setup of the dream was that me(Aquarius) and my boyfriend were on a vacation,so while there,he disappeared that's when I started looking for him ,only to find him kissing a young beautiful girl
  • Several nights on a row dream

    What ya heck is going on if I had begged to see someone in my dreams for years and only had it a few times and now when I went crazy and basically moved on - I see him in my dreams every night? Non sexual. But very sensual like...being very close not
  • Dreams effect the real realm

    Have u ever had a dream that you awoke feeling as you did I. Your dream n affected you the rest of the day?
  • The craziest dream ever

    Inspired by TheTinMan 's dream, what is the craziest dream u have ever had?
  • Lost

    Hi all any help interpreting is appreciated. 1. I dreamt I was going to different locations but I couldn’t remember how I got there each time. In my dream I was going to work at these different sites but each time what stuck out was that I couldn’t re
  • Phone dreams

    I dreamt I got a phone call from someone who said 'let's meet but in December'. I said okay, and he added that he would send me e-mails, too. Do you know any dream interpretation about phone calls?
  • Dreams!

    Where is @wiseblood? Who can interpret dreams?
  • Lucid dreaming

    Has anyone ever experienced lucid dreaming ? I have read about it and ways to induce it so I tried it out one time and it was so treetrunking weird, I could see myself for some reason, it did not last too long but I never tried it again after that.
  • Sound of Your Voice

    Have you thought of doing an asmr whisper video or mp3 for someone? Maybe for a friend or a lover? Do you think it could even help damaged relationships? These are so healing and I can think of a few friends and family members who may benefit f
  • Dream of a long forgotten project

    Recently, I read my daily horoscope and told me to pay attention to the dream. I dreamed about a project which I abandoned a year ago. The project is a business. Does that mean I should go back and try that business/project again?
  • Six cats

    Hiya. Was wondering if, anyone knows the significance of, dreaming of seeing six cats in my home please?. Cheers 😁🤗
  • Dream of someone blowing in your face

    Last night when I was drifting about to fall asleep completely, I saw a woman or at least feminine figure get close to my face and blow on my face like blowing out a candle or flame. She wasn't in my bedroom another room with poorly lite yellowish hue lik
  • Dream with a woman blowing in my face.

    The dream was a part of a series of interconnected continuous dreams or dreams within dreams. The first part I remember in part, I was in a store and I think I received a call from my Mother (she passed in the 1990's) and I left out an exit I was unfam
  • Dream of not remembering (2 dreams)

    Hi all any help interpreting is appreciated. 1. I dreamt I was going to different locations but I couldn’t remember how I got there each time. In my dream I was going to work at these different sites but each time what stuck out was that I couldn’t rem
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  • Dear Diary: I blew up on my Taurus.

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