• Psychic

    After a stressful day at work a lady came up to me and said she was a medium and made really goid predictions of me that all came true ! She said i will be making good money and fame too do you guys think it will come true ? Are all psychic readings real
  • I'm a manifester!

    Last night I dreamed I attended a reception at huge naturewise venue. Somehow my car broke down n I met a tall blond man with stubbled beard , who I thought was a worker in the property. He offered to give me a ride I accepted but then pursued me hard b
  • Been seeing recurring things in my dreams, anyone know what's up?

    While I find it rather difficult to decipher what I see, it usually follows a strange pattern. Over the time I feel like I have noticed a few things in my dreams which repeat. My dreams seem to consist of random imagery or some kind of a weird pattern,
  • Been having really cool dreams lately

    Two nights ago I dreamt I was grinding on an abandoned roller coaster with just my feet, It was taking me through beaches and it was overcast, all the colours looked sarurated though, the tracks dissappeared into rockpools and the green seaweeds looked re
  • Dreams

    Lately I've been having dreams about my ex idk why we don't talk I'm sure she hates me so why I try not to think about her or anything of that nature I feel stuck like get back with her or get over her I need help (she's a Pisces and I'm a Taurus
  • Ring dream meaning

    Had a dream that me & my ex was in a food court & out of nowhere he put a ring on my finger, I looked at him we kissed & he picked me up, then the food court turned into a dress store, where 2 girls I work with were looking for dresses but complaining abo
  • He left me....

    In my dream....we we watching a movie and all of a sudden he left me without saying anything, as in nothing! I tried to wait for him thinking he will come back but to my disappointment???. Can someone interprete it for me? Thanks
  • Yellow and white snake

    Had a dream I seen and yellow and white snake, it wasn't next too me, it didn't bite me I just seen it but it didn't see me, what does this mean? A couple of days before this I also had a dream that I was cleopatra and it was raining not sure if the two r
  • voodoo doll dream

    i had a dream earlier this week where i was in a black church and out of no where a voodoo doll appears in my hands and its wearing a black dress with really black hair. As i look up this lady dressed in all black comes to me and tells me that this doll h
  • Dream Last Night

    I had a weird dream last night. I was on an airplane, sitting right behind the captain and copilot. There was no barrio from the passengers to the captain. The Captain seemed annoyed. The plane couldn't take off so it had to drive down a road (a normal
  • Lucid Dreams

    What does it mean if you have one but you weren't trying to and your dead grandmother was in it which is how you figured out you were in a dream and then started flying in the clouds and then you went higher into space where it was all dark except for sta
  • I had a dream I fell off a bike

    Like P Diddy in his I'll Be Missing You video except there was no singing on top of a hill... What does it mean?
  • Meaning of Age in Dreams?

    I dreamt of two friends who are a year younger than me in real life but in my dream that were 50/49 but i was my current age. What is the meaning of this?
  • Can anyone interpret my dream?

    I dreamed that I was talking to someone (a guy) and they were someone I haven't seen before and they were sitting on my lap and we were talking as normal and they turned there head slightly to me while I was talking and a black slithery tongue starting mo
  • He appeared as a woman??

    Never had a dream where someone didn't look like them. My current bf appeared as a woman. He sounds like him& his energy felt like him. But he looks like a woman. I think I was trying to take his dress off (so weird) not sexually & the hook& eye got
  • Dying dreams

    Im not sure if theyre dreams but when I go to bed at night its like my heart has stopped and I wake up and it scares the treetrunk out of me.
  • I had a dream me and my ex-crush ran away together. What does that symbolize?

    Here is the back story... This guy we use to be friends with benefits CRAAAZY sexual chemistry, even until this day when we see each other the chemistry is crazy like butterfly type feeling, kryptonite. (How I know he feels the same? His body language).