awww...another thing that I would like to know...if it is just me or every scorpio feels like me..
Is my feelings towards cancer...

I have a few girlfriends that are cancers which those are fine...but sometimes...I feel like they only think about themselves..and they can be very mean when they want, my friends never actedlike this towards me, but I hhave seen them acting this way.

And then with cancer guys...everytime I meet one..I think this could work and would be great...cuz i what most people say that we should match...but I dont see it...I am not attrected to their personality at all...they are ok....but kind like too shy mix with a boring style....and then they can talk w u normally, but then they will never get your jokes...and they are not very witty....they also seem to be good boys but they are always talking to 2..3..4 girls at a time..
I feel like they are just a selfish type of people that just think about themselves...and their families which is obvious, I guess there is nothing wrong with this..but my point is that..I just dont see the connection in there that everyone say that we should have

Cancers...I am sorry if I offended any of you...It is not my intention..and maybe this could be just my friends that act this way and not cancers in general...
but if anyone feels the same way that I feel about this...

please share it w me

thank you