Depressed Scorpio man broke up with me.. beloved scorpio man..who suffers from clinical depression and who's on medications broke up with me last night as

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Risking your life???
39 years old female
Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon Nuff said...
I'm worried about you, you know how to reach me! Please feel free to call.
"A Gemini's eyes never lie, even when their lips do. If you want to know if the
I hate it when people make posts and take it off. Im like if you don't want people to see it DONT POST IT. FFS.

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Just a pisces
Posted by Xin
I hate it when people make posts and take it off. Im like if you don't want people to see it DONT POST IT. FFS.

haha you did it once
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Yes i do and have ~ it is very difficult for the other person and i am trying to heal that in myself. We are so damned difficult at times

you guys are indeed very do you expect people to love you and show you support when you keep pushing them away so stubborn indeed.
Posted by starlover
You may try what my man did with me...although i wish you luck with this suggestion. Ive been going through a difficult one with my family dying and the subsequent overwhelming feelings of grief. My man asked me to get some bereavement counselling. I acted on it straight away and went yesterday and feel much better . My feeling is your man wont be so open....i guess men dont ask for help as easily? You could try though honey

thank you for your kind words . He broke up with me so it is wet hard to try an help him . He wants to do it all by himself without distraction (me) or help from anyone except for psychiatrist. He is getting help and is on strong medications . I'm not so sure if he goes to counseling or support group. Men is very hard . They don't ask for help and refused to drag me down in his dark hole. If only he knew I am in the dark space myself without him ... He would probably feel worse .. I really want to call him and ask if he is okay but I'm tol afraid that he will be mean to me and does not want to hear from me ..... everything was amazing before severe depression hit him and I'm trying to adapt to the big chance and it isn't easy

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