should one be scared of a quiet scorpio or a loud

scorpio? this scorpio i'm observing is unique because she's very quiet. she's very nice when one approaches her, and
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this scorpio i'm observing is unique because she's very quiet. she's very nice when one approaches her, and very soft spoken. she doesn't have a lot of friends. at work, she is just focus, comes in and leaves. she's not one to gossip like i observed in most people at work. though she stares at me a lot, and that's how i noticed her. i searched her on fb, found out she has an account, but she doesn't use it. she has few friends and mostly her family because the same last name, and she doesn't have a photo up.

this isn't much information i'm giving, but what to expect from this kind of scorpio? is this one to be scared of, or one to keep?
I'd be scared of the things you can't see... very very scared o.o

She could be a nympho and you don't even know it. My scorpio girl friends a nympho... maybe that's why she never gets on facebook so she can cover her tracks. The silent killer
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life is like a box of choclates, you never know what your going to get.
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I'd be more scared of a quiet one than a loud one, but Exo's right about getting to know us. We aren't that scary... just go say hello.
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You shouldnt be scared of them at all lol. .
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if you rape her she probably wont say anything either. haha just kidding.
It's not rape if she wants it
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Posted by QuietSt0rm
I wouldn't be scared of either.

The loud ones are usually just all bark, no bite and if she's quiet, it's probably just because you don't know her very well. Get to know her better and I'm sure she'll have lots to talk about.

I think I'm the more quiet type when you first meet me, but then it's hard to shut me up once you've brought me out of my shell.

I'm exactly the same haha. I'm also a lot like the person who the OP was talking about except it's not work. In those times I'm too shy to approach anyone but secretly like it when others approach OP..maybe you should go talk to her.
I wouldn't be scare when people first get to know me they think of me as the same way quiet and very much to myself but thats only at work you must be professional at work. People think I am so innocent but only if they REALLY knew me, but that's one thing about scorp we will always surprise you we are like a box of chocolates you never what you are going to get. Also about being raped that is one of my fantasy and I know that kinda sound sick but when I sent my man a pic of in this tight dress I wore for my birthday and he told me he wanna to raped me and he is a sagg by the way that really turn me on.
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I'd do that. I'd approach her and be friends with her. Thanks all
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i like quite people who are truly quite who wants to be around loud people all the time lol.
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Posted by exoskeleton
good to know i'm not the only scorp with a rape fantasy, lol.

nope, your not

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