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do taurus men like to chase the girl they like or do they like to be chased? please advise.
Well my Taurus pursued me long enough for him to get caught,lol so yes he got what he wanted because I am assertive.
And I was very open about my feelings from the start but all I knew for a long time was that he liked me. He almost fell over himself a number of times trying not to let me know how much he wanted to be with me and this was well before he told me he loved me in such glowing terms I kept the email, lol, because he hasn't been able to tell me out loud yet. And it's been over two years. He still teases me a lot and still does things to throw me off guard but I know he loves me and I know his heart is true. I wondered if I was doing the wrong thing by being so open but he was consistent in his behavior and I realized that I could trust him and he needed to be able to make up his mind in his own time. He tells me he is a very lucky man and I fit him perfectly. I have a buddy who drives me wild. What more could a girl ask?
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" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"

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" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"

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" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"

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Posted by Aphrodite Bull

Taurus men actually prefer to be pursued. During the initial stages, be prepared for many disappearing acts and non-verbal communication. When he is not calling you or texting you, he's probably observing you from a distance, assessing you, over-obsessing secretly, thinking about you, checking you on Facebook, your moves, actions, friends, and how you interact with other people. He is seeing if you are the perfect girl. I know the Taurus man sounds complex, but keep in mind, although this man may be kind, gentle, and romantic to a fault, he does not wear his heart on his sleeve. This man moves with caution, and he is fierecly protective of himself. When he is not initiating contact, trust me, for him, it's torture. What does this man want in a woman? LOYALTY, PERSEVERANCE, and CONSISTENCY. This man wants a woman to pursue him. This man is very old fashioned, he does not want a lover for the night...he wants a soul mate! A woman who is worthy of him, will be persistent, patient, flexible, loyal, nurturing and ALWAYS CARRIES HERSELF LIKE A LADY IN PUBLIC. If you're a drunken, loud, beligerent slut, good luck with that one! So if you're trying to win over a Taurus man, you better pursue him with a fierce determination, and learn to exercise a great deal of patience!

How does the woman know this man is worth it? He's playing disappearing acts, making plans for 3 weeks out, going days without speaking or calling. How is HE proving himself worthy for HER? Why should a woman pursue that? I would rather be dragged behind a car than chase a man who is not worth my time and attention.
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" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"

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Dumpy Old Fart
And may I add, the Lady Bulls can show a lot of what you are describing about your Guy Bull.
Dumpy Old Fart
Posted by helpplease
SADLY.. my Taurus disappeared on me because he was unsure. He left me in a shelf and did nothing (like a backburner/fallback girl) because he was building something on someone else.

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Posted by helpplease
We don't talk regularly. I only talk to him when he calls me and asks for something. It's really very casual. He doesn't know what I am feeling right now.

I've changed too and kept distant. I am keeping my word that I will be his friend and I will not abandon him as my friend. I always keep my word and I really care for him and hope he will be successful with his ventures.

I only hope my feelings for him will die soon and that I can also meet someone who will appreciate me and will honestly love me.

But I think it will take time for me to find that special guy (I also do not want to force myself to date other people because I know I am not ready) because right now, I still have feelings for him.

Maybe only time can let my feelings for him die.

Jesus, stop being an idiot. You will keep your word about being a friend to this dickhead when he lied to you?

You're being a doormat. This guy isn't YOUR friend, he's a liar and a knob-jockey. He's got a partner, yet he's calling you. I bet she doesn't know about you and why the hell do you not value yourself enough to tell him to get lost knowing this?

If he wanted a relationship with you would it really be a healthy one knowing that he calls other woman while having a partner, that he can lie and think nothing of it?

Wake up, smell the coffee, this guy is weak tea at best. Go and get yourself a man who has a set of bollocks and some scruples.

42 years old female from New Zealand
Conveniently you're missing the point: You're keeping this man in your life because you have feelings for him but he has a partner and disguising it by vowing to be his friends whether he wants it or not.

You may not be "showing him any drama" but you aren't being a great friend either because you're letting him believe you want him as a friend. In reality you only want him around because you have feelings for him, so you're lying to him anyway.

Seriously, you're inviting a pile of mess and making it fit. It's a messy situation. Get up, find your "I'm worth more than this" button and switch it on.

He has a partner. Keep your beak out.

How would you feel if you had a partner and discovered some woman on the sidelines was in the picture and then discovered she had feelings for him? Would you be okay with it? He's a cad, nothing more. But hey, you'll find a way of justifying it to make it all okay, tell yourself he must have feelings for you to risk his relationship and whatever. It's crap, he's just milking the help and wiping his feet on a human doormat. Sigh, do you not feel worth more than this?...
Posted by jamie75147514
do taurus men like to chase the girl they like or do they like to be chased? please advise.

wtf is there to copy and paste?
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" In the dead of night, it's the anti-sig.
LOL!!! ^
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Helpplease: Nope, my aim isn't to attack - it's to be blunt since i can't be arsed kitty-footing around.

Yep, friends with my ex husband of 14 years - still run a business together after three years divorced. No bitterness there.

As I said, you'll justify etc, make it all fit - that's what people do, seen it plenty.

At the end of the day you'll do exactly what you please and, to be honest, i don't give a butter really. But if you ask for opinions or advice you'll get some that doesn't fit with what you want to hear.

i DON'T think he'll risk his relationship for you - I think he'll be happy at the thrill of you being there at his beck and call.

See, men and women and the types of things they offer in a friendship - they differ. Women think they have to be there like a mother, wiping the arses of men. men think they can rock on up once every six months when they need something.

I love men, adore them in fact - but they're wired differently and what you see as being a good mate isn't always what they see. Like I said, don't be a doormat - he won't be - and don't lie about wanting to be a mate if what you really want is to be his partner. Which of course you want to be else you wouldn't be here yapping about him.

No offense meant, I;m just blunt, but you're loyalties to him and more than what they are to yourself by the sounds of it. Switch it round, feel the benefit.
42 years old female from New Zealand
Typos? It's 2am here - knackered.
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