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Why are you boxing yourself in? Why not try doing everything you want? Focus on one thing at a time but you shouldn't feel tied to one career for the rest of your life.

That was always my problem too but that life just isn't for me. No job is ever really that secure anyway and i'm not worried about keeping up with the joneses. I've had to seriously re-evaluate my life and what really makes me happy and what makes me happy is living my life the way I want.

Employ your natural talents, infuse your passions, and do what makes you feel alive. I also think it's important to make a point to encourage the betterment of society through our work somehow no matter what line of work we choose.
Jeez, why do you even need an answer from us when you already seem to have it? You sound like you're just looking for a fight. Did some chick rile you up and challenge your manhood recently? Whatever it is you're trying to prove, you're right.
Looks like a roller coaster with all those hard aspects in the luminaries! Looks like love/hate to me. Big time.
Oh yeah. She's all fire and air. I fear she'll never truly see you as a real romantic interest. You're there for her while she's down, and she appreciates your company while she licks her wounds, but you're probably not her type when she's well. You'll probably bore her as she has a taste for drama in her relationships (hence the whole waiting for her ex whom she'd take back in a heart beat instead of moving on).

It's not your fault. It's just how both of you are wired. I'm a leo too but with strong virgo placements and some scorpio energy. I know how it is. If ever I am attracted to a fire or air sign, which is rare save for aries, they are pretty much always loaded with earth and/or water in the luminaries (especially moon!).
From what I gather, you 2 didn't actually get along as well as you keep saying. You contradict yourself.

I wouldn't hold my breath over this. I don't like that she's leading you on to think you guys would ever evolve into something more again but I think she's just trying to let you down easy. She let you sit for 2 weeks in torture for some space when she had already made up her mind. Not very nice. You do come off as kinda clingy and smothering though. Maybe she was onto something that you should look into.
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No Virgo in all existence has ever cheated

Sounds legit. I second this!
The red flag went up for me when he explained why he didn't want to love you because you would "fight a lot and get jealous". It's all summed up right in front of your face toward the end of your post. He seems to be aware that he's notorious for making his girl feel insecure. Sure, we all know that our SO's are gonna be attracted to other people but most don't wanna hear about it! I'd say to take him for his word and put him back in the "friend zone". He's not ready for you yet.
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Absolutely! 1000 times yes! I LOVE a passionate man who can speak intelligently about what drives him. This is by far the sexiest part of a man! He doesn't have to be rich or a super-nerd but SOMETHING has to drive him passionately.

Now that I have hit my 30's, most of my male friends have as well and a good portion are well into them. Many have openly admitted that they did not figure this part out about women until the 30's struck. Why do they get their panties in a twist over musicians? Sure, everyone says they love music but she won't necessarily dig the style /genre he plays. It's the driving force she sees in him that she loves. However, artists in general have an upper hand because art is typically an expression of emotion and chicks just LOVE when a man leaks his emotions
libra_sun, your libra and my old cancer guy are very similar in this area. I've tried so many different ways of asking him what he's into and he would drop me the same exact line. I thought cardinal signs wanted to lead! The only way I could discover what he liked was when I took the initiative and experimented. Found out a lot that way.

I was with a libra once whose chart was also marred with scorpio placements He was pretty kinky and dominant. He liked re-enacting porn material and was a huge fan of going down on a girl which was awesome. I never had doubts or questions about what he liked. He was very open.
That's why it will never work out between virgos and me, and my virgo moon affects me greatly. I don't like the concept of needing TONS of space. Why be in a relationship? Just be "friends" or fwb or whatever. I need time apart from my lover and I loathe clinginess but either extreme doesn't sound or feel healthy to me.

Virgos and sags, though square astrologically, are meant to be. Sags are usually really catty and virgos are gluttons for punishment. Works out well for both parties. It's such a turn-off it makes me not want to ever be attracted to virgos again but that's an exercise of futility.

I'm not in agreeance with the introverted, not good at socializing parts but the rest sounds about right. I'm a dog born at night... No wonder!
So I'd be a full on leo. My moon is still in virgo though and I relate more to that anyway. I do know a lot of fiery virgo suns though.
My involvement with local music/art. Getting the word out, promoting and assisting artists I believe in, creating, etc. I am on fire when I perform but I don't like too much spotlight. Networking. When I convince others to check out and invest in the artists I like, and they actually are moved by the experience, it's a feeling like no other. Sharing philosophies will also get me going.
I effing HATE cologne and perfumes. Makes me sick to my stomach. I prefer a fairly clean body but not necessarily freshly showered (though I won't complain!). Not too clean allows for the man's natural smell to come out and i'm not talking stank B.O.

What I hate with the younger generations these days is a total lack of bathing and/or use of deodorants whatsoever. I get we're all new wave hippies here but I use an all-natural deodorant/anti-perspirant and it works great! I'm loving my 30-something year old men!
I'm kinda like jynja except I don't require all the props. My headspace is similar though.

1.) I NEED mental stimulation first. I don't treetrunk people I don't like and witless stupidity is a huge turn-off. I have honestly turned down a gorgeous, godly-looking man because of what came out of his mouth. A couple of times. And I'd do it again.

2.) Don't disrespect me. This covers a lot.

3.) Be willing to mix things up. Sometimes I want to make out a little first, sometimes I want a quickie, sometimes I like different locations, etc. Don't be selfish about it either.

4.) Don't tell me no and give me sex often and regularly.

Um, I just realized this list could go on for a while. I won't lie... I'm damn picky but I know what I like when it comes along. I don't envy the men who pursue me but the rare one that can stick it out reaps the rewards big time.

Sun: Leo, Moon: Virgo, Mars: Scorpio
Sounds normal to me. You probably just have anxiety issues. How can one not living in this day and age? Try to focus on the solution rather than dwelling on the problem and you'll start to feel better.

You can't force others to change or bend to your will. You can be persuasive but in the end it is their choice. Real happiness starts within and it appears that you've been continuing the cycle of depending on others for it. You will always be disappointed. That doesn't mean that everyone sucks but most people just aren't right fits. That's just how it is. Once you accept that instead of fighting it, you'll relax more, you'll expect less, and you'll actually start to attract the people you want.

So work on alleviating your anxieties and gather the tools to help you relinquish your need to be in control. If it is a leo/virgo thing then I am typical.
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And Leo's laugh at every little thing because they have no personality

^ And that is the exact kind of response typical of a virgo male that drives a leo girl crazy. The smiley face at the end is icing on the cake. You give us a run for our money which, whether we care to admit it or not, we can't help but like. Whatever though, I'm not fooled. What I've personally experienced is that you are equally driven crazy because you want to hate us but are often drawn to us. Fascinated/repulsed, love/hate, whatever you call it, we spice up your life
You probably care too much about what your friends think. If they judge or reject you it would be a lot more painful than some random person. I know exactly where you're coming from. I am a performer and I feel much more comfortable in front of an audience full of strangers.