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  • How do I close this chapter of my life with Tauro Guy? I am so serious.I am so irritated. I have reasons to hate him, but it'd be a waste. I'm incredibly upset because my brain has engulf itself in him. I feel like a flaming idiot. It's been Thre
  • I mistakenly entered a six month relationship with a taurus because well....they are just so sweet, reliable and caring. He had great family values, I really saw a long term with him. Sex was incredible. Only issue was he is too in love with me. He would
  • yesterday I posted about this Taurus guy I am seeing. I got some reactions, everyone said he probably likes me. So Virgo as I am I decided to talk with him. I know , don't pressure a Taurus! Can't help myself. I fell for this guy harder then any guy I hav
  • yesterday I posted about this Taurus guy I am seeing. I got some reactions, everyone said he probably likes me. So Virgo as I am I decided to talk with him. I know , don't pressure a Taurus! Can't help myself. I fell for this guy harder then any guy I hav
  • I am a Taurus Sun Libra Rising and Capricorn Moon He is a Taurus Sun, Libra Rising, Cancer Moon Would we be compatible relationship-wise?
  • Please, this guy drives me nuts. I fell very hard for him but I have the feeling I am getting some mixed signals, but maybe I'm just being crazy. Pretty long post so sorry! The facts: ⁃I met a very good looking, successful Taurus ( I am Virgo and
  • Okay so I met this taurus guy around one month ago and we hit it off pretty well, he said that he finds me very beautiful and interesting. I'm capricorn girl so hearing so many compliments from the start kinda freaked me out, but he seemed sincere. We've
  • So I've been gone for a month out of the three that I'm going to be gone. I left my Taurus close friend something little and heartfelt to open each week I'm gone. let me start by saying she doesn't receive gifts well and gets embarrassed. Anyway, she's
  • Okay, this will be slightly long. There is this Taurus girl who was sort of dating a friend i knew. I got to know her through this friend of mine. As i got to know her more, she started telling me about her relationship. This friend and her would have fi
  • Okay there is a Taurus man I have been seeing..we are lovers but haven't had the exclusive conversation. I don't hear from him as much as I'd like to, I really like him a lot. But have never been good at chasing men. I think he is used to girls chasing
  • Hi all, I'm a Taurus sun, Aqua moon, Aries Venus, Leo Mars, Virgo rising female (23 years old) and I absolutely hate being alone but hate people clinging on too (probs my aqua moon) - so it's almost impossible to establish a good balance.. :( whoever r
  • Hey, I want to take up the cudgels fpr us Taurus people. MAny say, we are boring, because we dont go out everyday to events. I punked out my aries gf because she keeps telling that. 1. We are passive consumers of the good things in life. That m
  • Been seeing a Taurus man now for about 5 months. He's an awesome fellow! Extremely handsome too in a pretty boy type of way. We've taken trips, met each other's families, spent time and talk or see each other almost everyday. I give him his space and he g
  • Hi there, New to the forums but lurking for awhile. I hate that this is another one of those 'what does it mean' posts but it seems like that's the main topic of interest anyways. I'm an Aries and clearly impatient to resolve this and get a definitive
  • This intrigues me so much...how bulls/cows are the strong silent type but take everything in! Things you yourself forget/forgot they still remember like yesterday. For example, My ex bull and I have started talking again after 10 yrs of intermittent cat
  • Do you always text with your boy/girl? My girl have on the latest time not sent any goodnights or morning to me which we used to always do...can it mean something
  • Three years ago I met a "Typical Taurus" man on a chat site. Charming, persistent, generous, distant, and had a harem. Death, and bad financial decisions turned him into this cold blooded being. Most tauro people take the space, and time needed.
  • Hi everyone Posting in this forum since the person I'm referring to is a Taurus. Long story short a taurus and I met and we ended up parting ways before we moved forward to a date. I submitted an article about my experience, thoughts and feelings about
  • Will a Taurus man want to have 3somes with his woman on multiple occasions? Will a Taurus man want to watch his woman have sex with another woman while she is wearing a strap-on? Will a Taurus man want his woman to participate in these 3somes with
  • Okay I do this every time!! The obsession kicks in..I feel like he can feel this. I'm trying to stay calm but my passion is all fired up!! What does a Taurus man think of this? Does it scare him or does he like it? Really trying to be cool people my Ve
  • So...I freaked out and lashed out and I don't know how to fix this. He Taurus man me Taurus woman. Long story short. We met online about 1 and a half years ago (mutual FB friends) Our correspondence came and went, but it were always genuine about