Yes, all the confidence in the world until it’s someone I’m really interested in... then I have trouble stringing two words together. Trying so hard to be interesting to them or finding common ground. Last time I felt like that was near 10 years ago!
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There are so many things that people say about Libras that just aren't true. Out of the Libras I know none of us are"

1. Never want to be alone but always want to be coupled. I love being alone, whether it's shopping, eating out,
movies or even just going to the park.

2. Indecisive. I know immediately what I want and what choice to make.

3. Flaky. If you mean change my mind and not want to be bothered seeing you (you're right)!

4. People Pleaser: So not true. I could care less if people like me or not. I can be very blunt sometimes
and definitely have never run from a fight.

5. Doormat: No one has ever been able to walk over me. When I've been in a bad relationship or marriage I've
ended it immediately and divorced.

oh, ffs, it's COULDN'T care less.
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Ahahahaha I get like this with Pronunciation and punctuation 😂😂😂 more anal with myself though
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you are happy with the money you make and where you are career wise

Or do you instead just feel like you're kind of going through the motions with your job and your life

And how old are you

Most of the people I know are just going through the motions.... it's uninspiring and sad. Makes me wonder if this is what life remains like for most middle aged + people or if it's more just in this little corner of the world I've (mostly) always lived in. Need some perspective.


Through the years in the beginning it was going through the motions and educating myself through practicle experience rather than education (schooling) then taking chances by investing, sometimes wisely and sometimes not so wisely. Now I’m at a point in my life where the kids are grown and I’m cashing up and reassessing. Number 1 is to travel more. I’m not spending the rest of my life working long hours in the hope of retirement. I’ve been smart and now I’m going to enjoy the fruits of my labour. I intend to go out fulfilled not wishing I hadn’t work all my life away!

You’re right it is a quiet nightmare, my step dad is 14 years younger and only 64.. geez doing the math he’s not had sex since he was around 45!!! I feel sorry for my dad but he just drinks himself to sleep. She really should have let him go but then again maybe he didn’t want to and was willing to sacrifice... I know one thing though my mum would never allow him to sleep with anyone let alone a prostitute!!!

You really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.
If you haven’t walked the walk and been in a monogamous relationship for more than 15 years you probably wouldn’t know the challenges that you face so a lot of you that say, could never would never are blindly advising.

It happens all the time so her allowing him to release himself with a prostitute is a big call. What if, he thought it was then ok to sleep with someone else which could lead to falling for someone else? They should address it with a therapist if they can’t talk about it together.

My mother and her partner sleep in separate beds and have done now for over 20 years, same as my in laws and I know a lot of others that do too. It’s sad to think that one of them might want and miss sex but the other has decided no more, in both these relationships it’s the woman that has drawn the line.
You wanted excitement and sounds like he was dangerously exciting to you, so you did everything for him I please him, you were boring to him too submissive he probably will fall for someone exciting and challenging to him... then you reversed the roles and found someone submissive which in turn bored you. He was your rescuer but that didn’t excite you.

They say opposites attract, personally I feel for just a short amount of time. Like loves like more imo.
What goes on in your head? Do you think at all or have you completely spaced out? Do you think of the other person and decide when you are going to contact them again, if maybe 1 or 2 weeks are too soon to initiate contact because of blah blah blah or do you just wake up one day and decide, right now I’ll call? Does the person cross your mind on a daily basis? Do you do this knowing they are confused and frozen or are you completely oblivious to anyone else but yourself?

Not attacking, wanting some insight because it’s definitely a trait as seen here.
I remember when P first answered one of my threads, I thought WTF who is this cookiemonster but the more she commented the more I realized it was a truth that I didn't want to hear and when I swallowed my pride and read through again it taught me. After that nothing but respect!

I'd sit there and read and follow her comments to others all the time, BEST entertainment ever on this site which has become more a flirty dating site, members getting all ansy because they didn't like her mannerisms or her truth. And the best thing of all is nothing anyone said, nothing effected her lol but boy you could see their blood boiling over

I'm only came back to see what happened with her as I knew she was battling cancer.
That’ll be it! My mother and I lived in different countries a while back and I frequently visited her for several weeks at a time. Guarantee you every time in the last week especially the last 2 days, I’d pick a fight with her and end up both of us in tears! I couldn’t stop myself until I realised that I was doing it. Then I changed.

Is she aware of what she is doing to you? Tell her and if things don’t change kick her to the curb! If it’s pointed out and she doesn’t change her ways, she’s not a friend you want around.
Yes there’s something big going on, aren’t you close enough to ask or for her to tell you? That’s why I think it’s something to do with you. Chores... not sure that would get the 0-100 buttertiness that you explain it the barrage of insults.

Personally if it were this bad, I’d tell myself to smoke a joint... or just treetrunk off!!! Not worth the friendship tbh

She’s treating you like a doormat!
If I’m like this, leave me alone to sort it through in my own head. Walk away and don’t look back, when I’ve calmed down then I’ll come lokkkng for you. If I’m like this a lot around you, you’ve done something to upset me and I haven’t figured out whether I’m going to tell you to sort it out or I’m about to cut you off completely.
As she said, she accepted her fate and she was ready to go to her next calling... be happy you learnt from her. I did too.
My first love didn't work out either, mainly too young, met when we were 13 and 15. So was I settling when I married the father of my children, 4 years later...possibly because every man in my life was always compared to my number 1.

19 years later and a whole lifetime of differences with my husband, I met up with my sweetheart again. It was all still there and I wanted to explore. I mentally cheated but left before I physically cheated. He was the nail in the coffin of a marriage that I knew I wasn't into for more than 7 years but stayed because of the children.

I think a lot of people have a weakness particularly for their first love, whether they act on it is morals not based on your star sign.
Condolences Smokey to you and your family, P was a favorite of mine and thank you for letting us know.
Quickest way to lose a friend... delete them off FB lmao 😂 once they see it they’ll hate you!

Other than that, distance yourself, don’t respond quickly to all her texts. Most of the time texts don’t really require answers. Don’t accept invitations to go out all the time. Wean her off you slowly or completely cut her like above! Another way is to go out with a fight!

All depends whether you care to have her as your distant friend or not at all.
why are you chatting to other people during a session? either your there to train or to pull. at least have the respect for your trainer to not cultivate a social life when you are supposed to be training. that's very disrespectful to their time.

I would think trying out the “jealousy card?”
When someone gives their undivided attention to another person it blows the ego of that person... if they are throwing it to everyone or even one or two others, it makes you feel territorial. It’s the cat mouse game.

If this guy is truely interested, there wouldn’t be “ loner” excuses he’d be the one chasing you up to get some alone time. We all want and Read way too much into situations To suit our wants... been doing that myself recently but truth is... they are really not that into us!
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Firstly, have you actually met? You say you talk for hours and you text and that leads to talking... texting is a form of communication but it’s NOT talking. Have you actually seen him in RL because he’s reluctant to hang out. Have you ever? Depending on your answer to these questions will actually change what I feel is happening here.

Well yes. He is my personal trainer so I see him every day in the gym.
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I own a gym. Firstly it does happen but mostly it’s a professional situation and maybe you are hoping for more. Our PT’s are treated like therapists. Their clients talk about all their problems and their personal lives all the time. My trainers clients call them regularly outside of hours and a lot of the times it’s personal not business. They accept this as their job in hope they gain clients or keep the money coming in, it’s a really tough line of job. Secondly if a trainer was getting involved personally with a client or member of my gym, I’d certainly pull them aside and have words, mainly to make sure they aren’t crossing lines with married folk and just because it’s crossing professional boundaries. Yes it happens all the time but most of those trainers are the puffed up jerks that are more in love with themselves and it’s a knotch on their belt.

Yours is holding back and I would bet for any of the professional reasons I have just stated.