There's definite interest there however we are both reserved for similar reasons... he's slow in acting, should I make the first few moves, I made the first by introducing myself and giving my number. How now? Hints, subtle, sexy?

His life is busy busy and mine just busy but when I'm with him we comfortably chat as if we've known each other for years.. is that good or bad? No hugh fireworks yet but it's only been 2 dates. He Never texts me but picks up the phone to call days apart and without reservation invites me to his home even though he has family visiting. Idk, quite baffled! Am I being sized up and checked out to see if I fit the bill or measure up? Do I wait for him to initiate or do it myself, don't want to impose on his me time either.
Allow??? I don't believe the definition of a relationship has anything to do with control or ownership.

You point out a lot of negatives which most don't, thanks for the insight.

No problem, and welcome back!

I wrote those 4 and a half years ago. I'd mostly re-write everything to emphasise the positive nowadays.

Mwah! Thanks, not back just here after seeing your article.

Why would you only write for the positives? Everyone else was writing the same but I want to see both sides...go figure Not looking for a crash, with incite I can do my best to prevent one!

So glad I popped in briefly and saw this...devastated, DON'T you go anywhere!!!

You have to stay positive and I really hope you have an open mind P, actually if anyone here has, it's you.

Please please please take a look at these. I'm missing the 8th but will get it to you's the cannabis one and how this helps

Looks like you need to subscribe, they only go up for 1 day (24 hours) but if you look into one of these links you'll find the subscription straight to your email. They go live in around 4 days.

The Truth About Cancer

Episode 1 https:// 3A KqJAzQe7_0g&h=xAQHXmjzD

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 9

Last week I started dating a Gemini man and I'm not sure if I'm attracted sexually yet, he's not my usual type however we have loads to talk about and I really enjoy his company. Last night I asked his star sign and googled and read a few articles, all very positive with this match. Then I read up on this article about libra woman and Gemini man and realised it was you! Lol

You point out a lot of negatives which most don't, thanks for the insight.
If you are in a relationship and your partner is flirting with would you feel and would you consider that a betrayal of your love? Whatever you would feel, think that should apply in the reverse.
Posted by djbuck1
Libra woman with a Leo moon.


Yes I am and I don't consider it a bad thing. I just want equally back what I put in.
That was horrific 11, I only read 1 account of a survivor and what he had gone through pretending to be dead so he was left as the gunman was shooting all the bodies around him making sure they were dead, sole survivor in his class. And against innocent children sends a strong HATEFUL message!

A mother killing her own children...god knows what she was thinking but it is always a crime where you want to know and understand why and how she could.

The minute I heard she was the only survivor, I knew it was her and the pictures told the story as NO ONE was at her side when they took her away.
Some pay 25 cents a text and only 160 characters per text before it is counted as 2 texts.

Depending on whether you have a plan or a pre-paid and can only afford to drop 1 text at a time, I can understand why a lot resort to abbreviation.
It was the mother of 7 of the children and her own niece. She has now been arrested having failed killing herself. Her older son of 20 found them all!

It always seems to happen right on the verge of Christmas when there is a lot of pressure and extra financial stress to provide. One rumour I heard was that she was struggling to be the sole keeper...

Can't imagine stabbing one of my children to death let alone 7, clearly her mind was in a mental state.
swipe right, you may have found your dream girl
You didn't respond to his message and I'm guessing this was the first time you forgot him. Not a nice feeling! He's now mirroring you and also second guessing what you are to him.
You now what they say..the ones that talk the talk don't normally walk the walk

Although with Exo, that could be wrong
There's was another with a tall can of vodka mix, yes I'm going to assume it was bought.

I raise funds for cancer every year, certainly not going to help give someone it! My choice.
Yes I heard that about Thailand Layla, I had a little boy pull on my dress at midnight once trying to sell me stuff!

So today I walked down the strip and I had a bundle of $ 1 bills, and gave them out. I kinda figured it was nothing big but may have helped. I got a lot of God bless you's and it did feel good One guy was sitting there smoking a cigarette and I made sure not to give to him, figured if he can afford to smoke it away, I didn't want to help pay for that.

My business helps to raise funds for organisations and I exert myself and staff raising money and I don't feel this type of gratitude, in fact the daffodil day fundraiser didn't even send any thank you for the money we raised in August.

I wish now that I had booked to go and stay somewhere else in the US like New York while I was here, Vegas is as you say not a great depiction of America and I hate the food here. Can't find anything healthy, I am use to a more Paleo type diet so it's been hard!

Nice, I like it Seraph, "it's also about who and what I am"
Tipping where I'm from is charitable, I'd like to decide that for myself but over here it is compulsory. Giving to the homeless feels more like charity. I abide by your rules because that's what you do, when in Rome do as the Roman's do but that doesn't change the way I was bought up and what I think. Giving to everyone is impossible unless I was a billionaire so making a choice on who to give to I would prefer.

The food here looks cheap and then all the taxes and tips on top make it not so, your government really should force the minimum wage up and your employers made to start paying a decent wage, then this wouldn't be a problem. The rich are just getting richer and making the poverty gap way larger.

Eleven. I'd feel the same about giving food, they have organisations back home that set up stands and feed homeless, no admin, just pure beautiful people that take their own time and resources to help out. I've also seen video's of like hearted people in the States. This is something, I'd rather give to. But then the way the world is, it would be run by an organisation which would eventually cream it!
Yes, right in the strip Yesterday flew in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, was the most amazing thing I have ever done. Will remember that for a lifetime.

Oh the pan handlers, I called them hustlers to an American colleague and she laughed so hard.

I just feel like I tip the waiters etc so much, but they don't need it like the ones on the street that look like they need real food and a bath and some understanding but when you speak to anyone about it they are all so negative and it's almost a crime.

The people selling water in the streets, now they got their smarts on. I'm sure they make a great turnover. $ 1 for a bottle as apposed to $ 3.50- $ 5.00 in the stores that I've paid.

One beggar yesterday had a tiny dog with spots on it like a dalmation...I've never seen a dog like this and wondered if he had painted the spots on lol It was adorable