aries and capricorn after breaking up

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me and my aries broke up because of the distance. we both moved to different states to study for college. My aries used to tell me he loved me deeply and even wanted to marry me. . after two weeks of being separated we broke it off. He now has a new girlfriend and says hes inlove wth her and happy with what he has. But his friends tell me hes still inlove with me and shes only because of the distance. IS an aries capable of not FULLY loving someone? and is it possible that he could still see something for us in the future when we can finally be together? Sometimes iwant to email him and let him know how much i stil care but i dont want to turn him off.
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"Follow Your Bliss" ~Joseph Campbell

i suppose anything is possible.

if he says he is in love with his new girlfriend - believe him. Aries say what they mean. If we thought there was going to be any hope in the future we most likely would not be sharing the above words with our loved one.

on a side truly does not know what the future holds. all u can do now is move on with your life finding things that you enjoy doing and having fun with that - allow what is to happen, happen. let it go and personally, i would not email him.
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Maybe he didnt love me, but its strange to me that he says he would stil be with me if we were both still in the same city. then acts like he didnt care.. When i ran into him he was all weird and quiet.. like nothing to say to me. I guess thats a sign, but how can a person say "im head over heels for you " then fall inlove with someone else the next week.. Maybe your right.. maybe he didnt ever really love me.
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On the outside I'm rather strong, resist

I'll be honest and it might hurt me by saying this but what the heck.

When my CAP and I broke up (I'm the Aries but female) the 1st time. I ignored him for the 1st while. I ignored him and I refused to speak to him and I thought he was border line stalking me. A clarification came when I was in bed one afternoon laying there thinking and I remembered what my 1st love was like and I began to understand him.
During this time where I tried to ignore him...he called...texted...e-mailed...icq, msn, yahoo. I mean any form of contact and he would contact me. I will admit that during that time I hurt him badly and I'm sure that he hasn't forgotten that time in our lives. I would tell him he's boring, that I've found someone fun, that I'm in love with someone else, that I can' stand the thought of him but honestly, all the while I was breaking inside because I was too much of a coward to tell someone that I loved them because I felt abandoned, pathetic etc. I wanted to tell him that I would wait for him and that I had been waiting for him but what use would it be?

We eventually ran in to eachother at this little place we used to go and still do. Since then it's been like a snowball on a skii hill...we've moved so fast.

TRY- Honestly, confrontation...etc. Aries like to know that they are wanted. All you can do is have a good talk with them, be forward and ask the questions that you WANT to hear an answer too.
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I actually saw him during our winter break.. we went to a cafe and talked about things... he was very quiet, seemed nervous and answered "i dont know" to everything... i honestly feel he does really still care for me but he also has a new girlfriend so maybe he was holding back on account of her. I havent "Stalked" him persay but i would call him every once in a while... he ALWAYS answers even if its at 4 in the morning. I just think if he were really over it he wouldnt answer at all.. either way i cant see him again in person because he is too far away from me Its hard to win someone back when they are so far away
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how is it possible for him to feeel abandoned by me? when he was the one that broke up with me... unlesss he felt abandoned cuz of the distance? i dont know

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well we BOTH left our homes.. but i guess he expected me to go with him. If this is the case though. does this mean he has fully moved on? I miss him like crazy and i know i meant something special to him. I feel like calling him all the time and never do because of his new girlfriend. I kno everyone says to just move on but its kinda hard to do that after separating cuz of the "distance"

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